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Sales manager gives a lift to a young receptionist.

The hose makes a farting sound as it vibrates the flesh of your butt cheeks.

I trace the end of my hose along the cleft between your folds. I use the fingers of my free hand to spread your lips apart, exposing your clitoris to the hungry, metal mouth. A fast slurping sound and a shock of pleasure races up your spine as it takes its first bite. Your reflexes cause your whole body to spasm. I pull it away. A few seconds later, it bites again. Another spasm races through you. Two, three and four more times, I jolt your body with my hose. You squeal with delight each time. Finally, I press it there and hold it for a good long time. You feel your clit becoming engorged.

I tip the chrome plated attachment to let the air rush in. A vortex of air swirls around your swollen love button. It buzzes and squeals against the flaps of your flesh. I twist and turn the tool between your legs, adjusting the air flow for maximum effect.

You feel a tingling sensation between your legs. The spinning tornado of air makes your clitoris vibrate back and forth, sending you into space. You can't help but moan and cry out in pleasure as the vacuum repeatedly sucks orgasms out of your body.

It takes a while to recover from your experience. You lay there, staring up at the ceiling, partly smiling but partly laughing at the idea that a vacuum cleaner could make you feel so good.

I help you get up from the floor and finish drying you with a warm towel. I dry your hair with a warm blowdryer. Your warm smile shows that you want to feel the warm air all over your body. It feels hot against your sensitive nipples. I make sure your hair and your body are completely dry before leading you, still naked, out of the bathroom and down the hallway.

I lead you to the guest bedroom. Your eyes widen when you see the fur bedspread. It is red fox fur. It is very soft. You feel excited to sleep, naked, in a fur bed for the first time. The lure of soft fur draws you closer like a giant magnet. Your fingers tingle as they glide through the soft fur. You giggle with pleasure as you sink into my soft, fur bed.

I go to the bureau across the room and retrieve my fur massage mittens. You watch with eager anticipation as I put them on. Your mind runs wild with thoughts of those mittens sliding all over your naked body. No obligations. I just want you to feel fur on your body. You will enjoy it like nothing you've ever felt before. You will feel like you are in Heaven when I massage your boobs with soft fur.

Fur touches down on your shoulder. Your body jumps at the sudden burst of pleasure. I slide the fur along your collar bones and up the sides of your neck. You make quiet sighing sounds as it moves slowly over the rest of your body, short circuiting your pleasure centers as it goes. The fur teases your nipples and swirls around your breasts. It feels even better than you imagined. Tension drains out of your muscles as I ply your beautiful body with soft, sensuous pleasure. It takes me just an hour to reduce you to a gelatinous pool of contented goo.

You lay on my bed, with your eyes closed, relaxing in furry tranquility. You have nearly drifted off to sleep. Then, you feel something soft touching you down there. Your legs instinctively spread apart, allowing my fur to give you a long, slow massage to your most intimate place. You cry out in pleasure as you reach the crescendo. You lay back and relax and enjoy the afterglow of your first "furgasm."

You hear the sound of an electric motor advancing toward you. I am holding a rotating ball of fluffy, white rabbit fur on the end of a long handle. It looks like a modified "Hitachi Magic Wand." It started out as a Magic Wand but I have taken a few liberties with it that I think you'll enjoy.

It still vibrates, just the same as usual, but I have also installed a motor in the end that makes the ball of fur rotate at any speed.

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