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A vampire meets a woman during a time of plague.

(Besides, she had hinted on giving me a proper bath and to teach me how to shave my arm pits as well as legs and pubic hair and a short sleeve dress would show off my lovely arm pits.) She purchased me a wrap just in case I might feel a bit exposed at times. I loved the dress's floor length and its concealed back zipper. With bare shoulders, it was impossible to find an off-the-shoulder-bra of equal color, but the dress was designed to be worn without one and since I was sporting 34A's, I really did not need the support except that provided by the dress. We found that the dress was designed to hide any protrusion of an excited nipple, anyway. Besides, I was flat ... who was I kidding?

As far shoes, we were lucky to find a pair which boasted a pretty hue with a vintage-inspired silhouette reminding me of glamorous garden parties of yesteryear. My aunt told me that no matter how pretty the shoes the others would wear, those girls would take them off to dance. "Elaina, you know how to dance and a proper girl keeps her shoes on." The ones we bought had 3 __ inch leather wrapped heels with a T-buckle closure. Handmade in Spain. "You hit that dance floor wearing these ... They will ... You will be noticed, Elaina. Make no mistake about that."

I could tell upon entering the dance that those at the front door, armed with yearbooks of yesteryears, were scrambling as to what year to look through to identify this unattended princess coming into the entrance. I produced my current year's ID card and handed it one of them. They simply stared at it and me back and forth in disbelief. Finally, the one with my ID made a motion for me to take it back. I simply said, "Keep it. I don't need it anymore."

I must tell you, dear reader, since you have come this far ... I must tell you that I'm holding something back that could have been mentioned earlier, but it is most imperative, that I must not fail to mention now. My aunt armed me with a secret weapon for the evening.

As my aunt prepared my bath earlier that day she added some expensive oils and a dab of exotic perfume just as I was leaving for the evening. I was expecting a bubble bath as such, but the only bubble she saw was my bubbled-butt as I step into the water. I soaked for a few minutes as she chatted how beautiful I looked now as well as how I will be such tonight. "Give me your arm," she said and gently washing it from the tips of my fingers to my arm pits. When she began to put it down, she did not have to ask for the other one. "Need a leg." The oils in the water magnified her touch as it neared my pelvis. I closed my eyes feeling so lucky I had another dirty leg to wash once she was through with this one.

She handed me a wash cloth and signal me to finish my vagina and my butt. "We will do your face later. Right now, let's take care of those nasty arm pits and that pussy hair has to go." My arms had never felt so smooth. The oils in the water proved effective as a moisturizer for my pubic hair. "Lift up your pussy a bit out of the water, Elaina. My, my, my my ... I cannot believe you are still a virgin. Can I touch it? " A silly question as she had done so often before, but I was 21 now and she treated me as a big girl now.

After doing my face, getting me dressed, and getting me a driver for the dance, she acted as if she forgot one last thing. My aunt brought forth from her purse, Passion de L'Amour from the House of Sillage. I don't expect you to know what that is as I did not either. If I merely told you a small 75mL bottle cost her 1028 Euros, would you not be impressed? She kidded my saying, "The postage was free."

Passion de L'Amour evokes an enticing aroma paired with hints of oud and aromatic bergamot.

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