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Lea removed a nipple teaser and a clit teaser from her bag. She placed a nipple teaser on each of Gloria's breast then parted her lips and put the clit teaser on her clitty.

Gloria began to feel the effects of the teasers. Lea sat back and watched her with her fingers scraping at her hot little clit. A moan escaped Gloria's lips as stared at Lea in dismay. The teaser on her tits were giving her small orgasms. She wanted desperately to pull them off to stop the stimulation. Her pelvis was bucking uncontrollably as she tried to dislodge the clit teaser. The constant stimulation to her clit was driving her crazy. She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on anything else . But it was hopeless. The ropes did not give her much to work with.

"Please . . . ohhh . . please . . .take them off . . .ahhggg . . . .please," begged Gloria. Her hips were totally out of control. She tried to clamp her legs together, but they were tied apart. Her orgasm burst out of her fueled by the teasers. Her head flayed from side to side and her back arched. She continued to tremble and moan as the teasers were still working.

Lea had to stop fingering herself before she made herself cum. The site of the helpless girl was overpowering. Gloria's engorged pussy lips were glistening with her cum juices and moans were coming from her parched lips. Her nipples were hard and sensitive. Lea reached over and took all the teasers off. The girl's body relaxed and she lay with her eyes closed.

"Wasn't that fun Gloria? You are so hot to watch. You tried like hell to fight that orgasm, but it got you. Ohhh, I just want to fuck you. I'd love to have a great big, bat sized dick to put in you. Your tight little pussy would be stretched wide trying to take all of my dick in," Lea whispered in Gloria's ear. She reached down and pinched a nipple and delighted in Gloria's moan.

"Now Gloria, I know you may not have ever done this. But I want you to eat my pussy and make me cum. If I don't cum, you'll get the titty clamps back and a few other unpleasant painful things in my little bag." For emphasis, she took out a sharp black- handled knife and laid it across Gloria's chest. "If you bite me, I'll use this on your beautiful titties." She placed the knife back in the bag and straddled Gloria again. Gloria was trying to master her fear. She thought if she just pleased her, she would release her unharmed.

"Come on baby, eat my pussy. I want to feel your tongue up in me," said Lea as she settled herself over Gloria's face. Gloria looked up into the first woman's pussy she had ever seen. Lea's was hairless and Gloria could see her plump pussy lips dripping with wetness. Her clit stood out prominently. Gloria had the fleeting thought that it was unnaturally large. The aroma of an aroused pussy titillated her nose.

Lea settled her pussy down on Gloria's face and begin to slowly rub her sopping pussy all over Gloria's face. She rubbed herself over Gloria's forehead, her eyebrows, her eyes, her cheeks leaving sticky wetness all over. Gloria mindful of what she needed to do stuck her tongue out trying to catch her target. Finally, Lea stopped over Gloria's mouth. Gloria found her mark and stabbed at Lea's pussy hole. She lapped at the juices that were running out and down onto her face. With effort she tried to regulate her breathing. Lea fucked Gloria's face with abandon. Gloria swirled her tongue and found the long clit. It was like sucking a little dick. Lea gyrated her hips as she rose often so the girl could breath. "Ooh, yeah, that's it Gloria . . .you got my pussy on firreee," she screamed out. Gloria used everything she had to bring Lea to the boiling point. She caught the clit lashing it over and over with her tongue. The ben wa balls were stimulating Lea's pussy muscles. With a scream that chilled Gloria to the bone, Lea erupted into a mind-boggling orgasm that flipped her backwards. Gloria sucked in much needed air as Lea lay across her shaking and moaning.

"Please let me go now," begged Gloria.

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