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Young man is given a supernatural gift.

It did not take much more than three more thrusts, but I had paused, I had consciously made the decision, I had taken time out to think it over, and I was boldly undoing all the time put into keeping me this frustrated. It was amazing, it lasted for quite some time as it first started dribbling out, like pent up pressure in a teapot starting with a low whistle and gradually building up into a crescendo of screaming. I realized this analogy fit when my ears adjusted past the blood rushing in them and to the loud moans of pleasure I was making as the dribbling turned into cannon ball blasts of lubricating diaper boy juice on the already piss warm insides of my diaper.

As the warm feelings of pleasure ebbed off of me and backed away, I opened my eyes to greet the warm rays of light shining through the window blinds and to my horror, shock, and utter dismay, James was standing over me with an utter look of disappointment. The look was so purely genuine that it hurt to see it. David made a tisking sound with his tongue and shook his head at me. My cock deflated completely before I could notice it and I felt ashamed of myself. David reached in his pocket without taking his eyes off of me and retrieved his cell phone. While staring me down he did something I had not anticipated, he called David. I had never spoken to David on the phone; it had not occurred to me that James would.

"David? This is James; I just caught the diaper boy being naughty." The fact that I could not hear David's response made me more nervous then I already was. My mind was racing and confused, so I sat there, slowly feeling worse and worse, feeling tears begin to well up in my eyes as James starred at me. His large frame filling the doorway, my only escape route from his gaze, his reddish beard framing the frown his lips held even as he talked. One big beefy hairy fore arm crossed over his belly, the other held to his ear with the phone. The conversation continued from James's end.

"Well you see, he managed to avoid breaking too many rules while breaking one of the top two on your list." there was a pause "No surprisingly it's the other one. I thought he was doing really well too, his progress was mapping out well and everything." another pause" Right, then I'll fallow the procedure and talk to you latter tonight. I will make the proper arrangements and call his boss. Thank you David, look forward to seeing you" James hung up.

By now I was completely frozen, completely cornered, afraid, embarrassed and mostly ashamed. Tears had begun falling from my eyes but I still made no sound, I sat there and watched James as he reached into the closet to pull out my toy bag. I watched him unzip it and pull out the duct tape, the rope, the wrist and ankle restraints, a couple of fresh diapers, and my head harness with ball gag and blindfold. I watched him as he walked over to me still on my belly, still staring up at him, still laying in my wet cum filled diaper, still crying. He Soothed me then and said "Don't worry Daniel, it'll all be fine. You are going to be punished, what I am about to do is in preparation of your punishment. What you did was bad, severely bad, and Daddy David and I have decided you need severe punishment and further training." As he spoke, he had begun putting the restraints on my ankles and wrists and had already moved on to rolling me over and changing my diaper. He cleaned me off, removing my spunk from my flesh, and wiping me down, then he lifted up one diaper and a small pick and began poking holes in the diaper, then he lifted my bottom up and placed this diaper under me, and began removing the butt plug

"Now, I had to poke those holes in the first diaper" he said as he turned the plug around slowly inside me.

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