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Orgy in Vegas, bad news about Cherry, Mansion completed.

At one point my left nipple came out as if to have a look around. I let it stay exposed for a few minutes and Alex was almost incapable of walking, he was so bent over with his erection. We didn't see anyone and soon we were heading back to the car. I was quite glad really, I thought I had gone too far with this top. There was no mistaking what I was doing, and I was more scared of someone telling me off than being molested.

Then, just as we got near the carpark a couple emerged from it, walking towards us. I instinctively reached for my jacket to pull it on, but to my surprise Alex acted very swiftly and decisively, grabbing my hand and preventing me from doing so. He looked at me sternly and then smiled. I nodded acquiescence and let my hands fall to my sides. As they approached my heart rate increased, until I felt really quite dizzy. They were in their thirties, and looked quite friendly. He was a bit portly, wearing a blue fleece and walking trousers. He had a dark, olive complexion, which spoke of many days out rambling. The woman was slim, wearing a white T-shirt and green shorts. She had muscular legs and walking boots. The woman was very pretty, even from a distance I could see she had a wide smile and her teeth were almost always on show.

As we approached they looked up and noticed what I was wearing. The man made a concerted effort to look elsewhere. The woman stared rather openly, and her smile faded. I began to blush and feared she would reproach me. I thought about how quickly I could run to the car. As they came nearer they slowed up and I thought 'oh no, they're going to talk to us.' To my horror Alex slowed up too. The man was smiling at him.

"Afternoon," he said. "Lovely day for the time of year isn't it?" He kept his gaze fixed firmly on Alex, not daring to look toward me. His wife however was looking at my tits and top while the others spoke. She didn't look angry, more intrigued really, as if she was trying to read some slogan on my t-shirt.

Alex and the man were exchanging the usual pleasantries that walkers do, asking about the route, where they were from and so on.

Then the woman finally looked me in the face and her smile reappeared. "Excuse me," she said, a little nervously. She had a northern accent, but one that was dampened, as if she was trying to disguise it. The men stopped talking and waited for her to continue. "I hope you don't mind me asking, but do you always dress like that when you go out walking?"

I flushed a deeper red and stammered slightly, "I, err, no, we just thought...." I tried to pull the two halves of the top together, but this had the effect of squeezing my breasts, amplifying my cleavage and their size. The man had stopped looking elsewhere now.

"Oh, sorry," she said quickly, touching my arm. "I didn't mean to embarrass you. I was just curious as to what it felt like. You know, sort of exposing yourself like that. Isn't it scary?"

I relaxed and dropped my hands. "Yes, it is. When I saw you two coming I wanted to put my coat on, but Alex wouldn't let me. But being scary is half the fun really. I'm Dawn by the way," I offered my hand.

"I'm Paula and this is John." We shook hands, as if we were meeting at a dinner party.

Then Paula continued. "John keeps on wanting me to do stuff like that. But I haven't got the breasts for it. If I had tits like yours I might, but I've only got these," she thrust out her small chest.

"I keep telling her that's not the point," her husband was grinning. "Some men like small breasts. I do. She's slim, beautiful. She should show herself off a bit, that's all I'm saying. Don't you agree Alex?"

"Oh, yes. I like all sorts of breasts. Small ones seem to be like concentrated essence of breasts. If she is happy to, then she should definitely do it."

Paula was obviously enjoying this attention, although pretending not to as she was shaking her head.

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