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Jess has an unexpected visitor.

I said "Hmm it seems a bit too firm for me." and rolled on my back then sat up and slid to the edge letting my skirt slide up a bit. I saw Brian looking at my legs and before I stood up I looked to see how far up it had come. It inched up to within a few inches of showing my panties.

Bob said "Let's go over here to this one, it's softer and happens to be on sale!"

Bob led the way with Brian behind him and me in the rear. I looked around and saw no one looking so I reached down and half way undid the next two buttons of my skirt. There were still three buttons tight so if those two opened up no one would see anything unless I sat down. The two men walked around to the far side of the bed and I stopped across from them. I sat on the bed like before but with my back to them. I felt the bed and just bounced slightly. Then I turned and got on my knees on the bed facing them. I knew they could both see down my blouse and their eyes and jaws confirmed my belief. I crawled to the middle and lay down facing away from them like before.

Then I laid on my back for a few seconds and turned to Bob and said "I like it, I think I'll take it."

I sat up facing them and slid to the edge of the bed. Just as I had hoped the two buttons I half undid popped open and as I slid, my skirt went up to my ass showing my panties to the two sales men.

I said "oops, excuse me!" and straightened my skirt without trying to button it back up.

Bob said "That's ok, I didn't see anything." But I knew better.

We went to a computer station so he could write up my order and make a day for delivery. I sat my purse on a chair near them because I knew I'd have to bend over a few times to get my credit card info and they'd have a much closer look down my top.

When we finished Bob said "We're just about to close now, but would you consider having a drink with us when we get off?" "It'll only be a few minutes and there's a place right across the street."

I said "I don't know I do have a bit of a drive yet." I wasn't expecting this. I thought I'd do a little flashing and go home. Somewhere a voice said "but it has been a long week and I haven't had a drink for a while. What the hell, why not!" It was my voice, 'where did that come from?' I thought.

Brian said "We'll meet you by the front entrance, what kind of car do you have?"

I said "A blue Grand Am."

He said "Ok we'll be there."

I took my time walking back through the mall. I didn't bother to re-button my skirt, just went my way. I wasn't too disappointed there were far less people now, it was closing time for most stores. As I walked outside to my car I could feel the cool night air hitting my moist panties. The sensation stirred me up inside and stiffened my nipples, with the anticipation of what might happen later. I was wondering what I was getting myself into. I wasn't expecting this, my heart was beating a bit harder. I got in my car and drove to the front of the mall. Just a minute or two after I arrived they showed up.

Bob pulled up next to me and just said "Follow me!"

I followed them to the bar across the street and pulled up on Bob's driver side to park. I didn't even think about my bra sitting on the passenger seat or at least I don't think I did.

Bob looked inside and as I got out chuckled and said "I think you forgot something. Aren't you afraid you'll get cold?"

I just said "I'm good."

I could hear him tell Brian what was on the front seat as I started out in front of them to the door. We went inside and Bob ordered some beers for them and a Long Island iced tea for me. I asked what that was, I had never had one before. Bob said it was a tea with some alcohol in it. (I found out later it is almost all alcohol with a splash of soda for color)

We made our way towards the back where the tables were.

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