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Sleeping bunny girl gets well used.

"Yeah we want the girl to like us!" Another one said.

Tony leads you out to the now packed dance floor where a popular quick R&B song is playing. You both start to dance swaying your bodies against each other and running hands lightly over each others waists and shoulders. At one point you feel his hand bush over your ass and give it a gentle squeeze.

"Bad boy," you look up at Tony and smile.

"Couldn't resist," he smiles back at you.

Soon a slow song comes on which you two stay dancing for. A one point you turn your back to him and start to grind your body against his. You feel his hands on your bare stomach as he rubs and kneads your soft skin. You deicide to be a little evil and start to push you ass against his waist as you dance. Hard enough so that he feels it but soft enough that he may think it's unintentional.

You start to feel your lower areas tingling again as you press against him. They really start to tingle as you feel a growing bulge in his pants press back. You smile and turn around so that you're facing him. He looks down at you with a smile, grabs both of your butt cheeks and gives them a nice hard squeeze.

"You are a little tease Christie," he says before letting go of your ass.

"Only just recently," you smile back knowing the statement was true.

As soon as the song comes to an end he gives you a kiss on the cheek and tells you happy birthday before going to find his sister. You walk back into the kitchen and decline the drink some guy offers you before grabbing a glass from the cabinet and filling it with water. You make your way back into the living room and start to talk with a few of your friends that you find standing next to the stereo.

After a few moments one of your friends point over to the couches and you turn opening your eyes wide in shock at what you see. One of your friends named Jenny is sitting sideways in Wes's lap. You smile as you decide to embarrass them and make a little scene.

"Jenny, what the hell are doing in my brother's lap?" You yell so that everyone can hear you. Everyone turns to them as they look right at you.

"Um... nothing," Wes stammers trying to look innocent but failing.

"Why don't two make out and get it over with already?" You ask sarcastically and pretending to be annoyed.

You see Wes starting to ask Jenny to get off of him but you are surprised when she looks at him and shrugs her shoulders before pressing her lips against his. Surprise turns into full shock a moment later when Wes pulls her against him and starts kissing back. You hear cheers and roars as the two make out in front of the crowd for several moments before stopping and looking at each other.

"Oh my fucking god, I was just fucking kidding!" You bellow to them and you brother cringes looking in your direction.

You're not mad at them just a little shocked and you smile and shake your head at them as they stare back at you. You follow some of your friends back into the kitchen looking at the two with a huge smile. After another drink you see Jenna walk into the kitchen and then right up to you.

"I really, really hope you're not mad at me for that," Jenny gives you a pleading sad look.

"It's ok, I was just a little shocked," you smile at her and then make a disgusted face. "I mean it's my brother, yuk!"

"In Jenna's defense Wes is a cutie!" Maia, your friend, says taking a shot.

"Nine point five out of ten!" Your friend Gloria yells.

"Ewe! If we're going to talk about my brother can we at least do it in my room?!" You ask walking out of the kitchen into the hall leading to your room.

"So you're not mad at me?" Jenny asks as you four enter the room.

"No," you shake your head as you hop on the bed. "If I was mad at you I would be being a hypocrite."

"What does that mean?" Gloria asks closing the door and you automatically regret saying it. She takes a seat at your desk.

"My secret," you say trying to get out of telling them. It fails.

"Oh no you don't," Maria says hopping on the bed next to you. "Come on, what did you mean?"

"I don't want you

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