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Two coworkers finally hook up after work.

Luxey could see through the windows that they were leaving the city and heading out past the suburbs. After about a twenty-minute drive, the van came to a stop. The side door was pulled open and there he stood. "Do you like golf?" He asked with a smile.

Luxey wanted to play along at this point and agree to anything. "Yes. I love golf." She said enthusiastically.

"I can't fucking stand golf myself." He snarled. "But I do like this golf course. It's secluded and no one will bother us."

He picked Luxey up and placed her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carried her out onto the golf course. He took her somewhere around the ninth hole. He gently placed her onto he ground so that she was in a sitting position. He left her ankles tied together and her hands were still bound behind her back.

He suddenly ripped off her shirt. Tearing it off from the front so that only her sleeves kept it from falling to the ground. Her massive bra encased boobs were exposed to him for the first tine. He smiled in approval. She had the most wonderfully full and natural tits he had ever seen.

He took out a knife from his back pocket and cut her bra open from the front. Luxey was scared out of her mind at first thinking that he was going to stab her! Finally the her incredible chest was exposed for him in all it's glory. She could tell by the movement in his crotch that her naked boobs were having an effect on him. He must really be packing some meat!

"You like em?" She asked. She was starting to get some of her stage swagger back; as it seemed that he wasn't going to kill her. In fact she was getting a tiny bit turned on knowing that he was probably going to use her with that large object in his pants.

He stood up and walked behind her and brought out a bottle of wine. He pulled off the cork with his teeth and took a big swig. He held it up before Luxey's full lips and she took a huge swig. She thought that she was going to need it. It wasn't long before they had finished the whole bottle with Luxey downing most of it.

"I told you it was going to be a nice romantic date!" He told her. Luxey just nodded her head. Yeah, if you're a cave man maybe.

With that, he stood up and kicked off his boots and pulled down his trousers. He was wearing black briefs that barely contained his massive cock. The head was poking up from the top of them. He pulled them off with one hand and presented his amazing cock to her with the other. "Here you go baby." He said as he walked close to her his cock touching Luxey on the lips.

This man was basically raping her and she was helpless to do anything. He just stood there looking down at her not moving or saying anything. Luxey was getting extremely turned on by her situation. She sat there for a minute and then decided that she was going to make the best of a bad situation.

Luxey parted her lips and engulfed his cock in her warm mouth. That was all the invitation the man needed and started to fuck into her mouth with hard thrusts. Luxey almost gagged on his cock with the first thrust, but she learned to relax a little bit and he would always pull his cock out enough for her to breath.

The man grabbed her head as he fucked her forcing his cock a little bit further into her mouth with each thrust. Luxey had a strong gag reflex and was unable to deep throat. The man kept fucking her mouth and forcing the tip of his cock into her throat. She was starting to not enjoy this and get a little bit scared. What if he shoved it all the way in and kept it there? What would she do?

"Oh fuck Deluxx!" The man yelled and pulled his cock head out of her throat. He held her head tight and kept just the head of his cock in her mouth. Luxey gave his cock a big, long suck and was rewarded with a mouthful of his cum. She started to swallow it as her mouth filled up. She swallowed first one load and then a second until he was done shooting.

What had she just done? She had swallowed the sperm of a complete stranger with out regard

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