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Starting "classes".

My cock was nearly ready to burst by now as I slid the entire length of it into my aunt and she began humping her torso at me.

Chrissy positioned herself next to Aunt Joan and was rubbing her own pussy for a minute before looking over and asking, "Hey, Danny, how about me?"

Much to my aunt's disappointment, I withdrew my rigid boner from her snatch and moved a step to the right. Chrissy held her slit open for me as I lined up my cockhead with her hole and plunged inside my sister's tight pussy. I fucked her slowly, pushing my cock all the way in before sliding it almost all the way out, as Aunt Joan looked over and fingered her own cunt. Moments later, she said, "Danny, please... I'm so close and want to feel you deep inside me when I cum."

There I was, fucking two women at the same time and feeling like my dick was going to explode at any minute. I pulled my rod from my sister's hole and saw it dripping now with the juice from two pussies. Moving back in front of Aunt Joan, I again shoved it deep inside her love canal. After only a few strokes, she said, "Oh, don't stop now, Danny... I'm so close. Yes... soon... oh, it feels so good..."

My aunt began humping her pelvis at me in quick, jerking motions. My cock was buried to the hilt and I couldn't hold off any longer. I said, "I'm gonna cum, Aunt Joan... I'm gonna cum inside you."

My aunt nodded her head and whispered, "Yes, Danny, cum inside me; fill your aunt up with your hot cream."

It felt like my entire body was inside of my aunt's; I felt her innermost vaginal muscles gripping the head of my cock as I started to shoot jet after jet of sperm deep within her womb. Her orgasm washed over her now and I watched her lips moving, softly saying, "Oh, yes, that's it... cum inside me... fuck me, Danny... oh my god... I'm cumming, baby... oh, I'm... cumming..."

I slowly stopped humping Aunt Joan as my balls emptied and my heart rate began to slow down. I pulled my limp rod out of her hole and saw my thick, creamy cum begin to ooze from between her gash. Chrissy moved closer to Aunt Joan and then-much to my surprise-kneeled in front of her aunt and began licking up my cream from the older woman's pussy. Aunt Joan leaned over to watch as Chrissy placed her mouth full over her aunt's cunt, sticking her tongue as far inside as she could, and sucking as much of my semen into her throat as possible. After taking all she could get, Chrissy cleaned off Aunt Joan's twat by licking all around her thick, swollen labia.

"Oh, my, Chrissy... you've become the proverbial cumslut, haven't you?" She quipped.

Chrissy grinned at her aunt, saying, "Mmmmmm... I've always wondered what it would be like to do that."

Aunt Joan realized Chrissy still hadn't cum yet herself. She guided her to sit on the top of the sofa back once again; now it was her chance to pay back her niece as she knelt down before Chrissy's spread-open legs. I started toying with my limp prick, watching my aunt wetting her finger tips before massaging Chrissy's clit. She held the cunt lips open with the other hand and then dove down on my sister's snatch to finish the job I had started earlier. She licked and sucked, taking the puffy labia between her lips and pulling gently on them, before resuming her assault on Chrissy's clit. By now, Chrissy's orgasm had been building for so long, I thought she would pass out if she didn't cum soon. I felt my cock start to stiffen again, after a few minutes of watching my aunt eating out my sister.

I moved along side Aunt Joan and began whacking off as my prick continued to gain new life.

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