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Pain can be pleasure, pleasure can be pain.


I realized I hadn't thought of Megan at all since I got out of the car in Allentown. It had a noticeable effect.

"What's the matter?" Maureen asked her concern obvious on her face. "You... you've gotten smaller."

With my hardon vanishing, I poured my heart out to her. Maureen proved a good listener, hearing me out until the very end.

"My God, a nun, really! That's...oh, James, that's so romantic!" Her eyes filled with tears.

"I'm sorry. I don't usually...."

"Just lay here with me. I'll take care of you. Poor baby."

And she did. With my head against her breasts, she began to gently massage my forehead. Taking her time, Maureen moved her lips over my ears, neck and chest. As her tactile fingernails gently scratched my nipples I felt my hardon returning.


"Shhh, I know, just be patient a little longer." She moved down my torso at a snail's pace until she reached my balls, then she put those long fingernails to work again and I was pointing at the overhead light.

"Look James, you're ready again," she said with a huge smile and rolled back, spreading her legs. Her cunt glistened at me beckoning me towards it. She was actually drooling lubrication.

"Now, James! Put it in me now!"

Her tits were covered with goose bumps, the areola and nipples swollen with her arousal, poking out at me like bottle caps. I leaned forward and sucked one into my mouth, cupping her cunt with my hand.


I was very turned on and concerned that I'd come as soon as I felt her pussy close down on me.

I continued sucking on her, switching from tit to tit until Maureen's voice rose and demanded:

"Fuck me, James . . . now!"

A second later she added, "Fuck me HARD!"

Holding her hip with one hand, I mounted her. When the head of my cock grazed her pussy lips, she moaned, long and loud. Her hands dropped to her cunt and spread her labia apart and I drove it deeply into her.

"Jesus!" she exclaimed and bucking wildly started to come. Holding her by both hips, I demanded to know if she like this treatment.

"God, YES!" She panted and her fingernails scraped my back.

I started to fuck like crazy and inside of thirty seconds I was blasting my load into her. Then I collapsed on top of her. It was amazing. I was exhausted but my dick was still up, hard as stone and raring to go.

"Want some more?" I asked.

"Sure," she responded dreamily. "I'm not sure, but maybe I'm still coming."

"Get on top and sit on my pole."

Giggling, she said in the sexiest tone, "It is a fucking pole isn't it?" And she scrambled into position.

I eased into her as she came down and we were off to the races. Squishy noises filled the Caddy as her belly slapped against my upward thrusts.

Maureen leaned forward and I clamped my mouth down on a turgid nipple that had the good fortune to dangle in front of me. She moved like a well-oiled machine, up and down, up and down, grinding her pelvis into mine every other time. I believe she was coming all the while and when I began to come myself an eternity later, she let me know.

"You're coming!" She shouted in my ear. "And I'm coming! Jesus Christ! I can feel you spurting inside me! How delicious!"

After I'd finished coming and diminished in size, I withdrew and she gave a stifled whimper at the loss. My cock was covered with our juices, my pubic hair matted with her cream.

"That was great Maureen, my red headed slut," I grinned.

"It was, and I am such like a slut," she agreed, panting like a hard run racehorse. "I feel like I'm on fire. My thighs and pussy are burning. They're sore from all that fucking."

I looked at her. Her cunt lips were deep red and swollen, still oozing my sperm and her fluids.

"Can I clean you off?" She asked.

"That would be nice. Go on."

Maureen captured my shrunken dick between her lips and started to suck. I couldn't get it up any more and eventually she quit. We held each other close for a while and then she told me she had to go.

"Want me to go down on you first?"

"Thanks, but no thanks.

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