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I finally find a playmate who likes toys like I do.

"It will be a long cold day in hell before I take off even one fucking shoe," I said slowly but distinctly. "Your friends are going to have to put up with the fucking disappointment."

"Ah, your language. I did mention that I don't like it. Please don't slip up again. I don't want you to take your clothes off. Like I said, I prefer to unwrap my own presents."

"You wouldn't fucking dare," I said, my voice the merest whisper.

It turned out he would fucking dare. He was fast and he was strong. I'm not exactly slow and weak but he had hold of me before I could dodge and then he proceeded to undress me and there was nothing I could do to stop him. He just held me and undid everything that would undo, zips, buttons and catches, without taking a single item of clothing off me.

With everything undone he started to remove my clothes. With nothing to hold them in place he found it simple to push and tug and gently pull on the different things I wore and one by one they landed on the floor of the van. It was frustrating, but there was nothing I could do to stop him. Whatever I tried he countered almost casually, and another item of clothing would bite the dust.

It was not only frustrating, it was absolutely infuriating but, worse than that, it was also oddly exciting. I mentioned I like my men strong and he was showing his strength, both physical and mental. He had a very strong personality and it was hard to fight him.

Then I was naked and sitting on his knee, my hands held behind my back. I help my head high and back straight, defiant. I also, I must admit, held my head high and my back straight because that position prominently displayed my breasts, showing that they were young and shapely enough to stand out without support. (Bring on your pencil. I'd pass the test.) Mind you, I was slightly irritated to find that not only my breasts were standing out, but so were my nipples.

Gordon only needed one hand to hold my wrists. His other hand slipped between our bodies and he unzipped himself, pulling his erection out of his trousers. I refused to look at it but I could feel it there, pressing against my side. He then reached up and lightly touched each of my nipples, sending little thrills through me.

"Very nice," he said as he touched them, and it was his turn to speak very quietly. "Are you ready for some hot and steamy sexual activity?"

"No fucking way," I said, determined to be defiant until the end.

"OK, but be sure to let me know when you are. In the meantime, while we're waiting, let's address the problem of your language. You don't seem to take hints that I don't like it very seriously. Let me explain my preferences another way."

The van seemed to spin around me and I found myself face down across Gordon's knee. I could still feel his erection pressing against my side, but it was now pressing in a different direction. I didn't want it pressing in any direction.

"What do you think you're doing?" I demanded, and promptly wished I hadn't asked the question when his hand landed on my bottom.

It hurt. He had an enormous hand and it was as hard as a rock. It seemed to be covering my whole bottom and my whole bottom was stinging from the force of the spank.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I wailed, and wailed again as his hand landed again.

"I am trying to get through your thick skull that I do not approve of young ladies swearing," he said. "Six times you've have been gratuitously offensive with your language, and I did warn you several times."

His hand came down again.

"I trust you're counting these," he said. "Once for each time you swore."

I wasn't exactly counting the spanks but I knew how many had landed. Intuitive knowledge perhaps, but the number was branded onto my bottom.

"It doesn't matter how many," I squalled. "That's enough. I've learnt my lesson. No more swearing. I promise."

"It does matter," he contradicted, his hand coming down again. "Now that I've started I think I should follow through and do a proper job."

His hand came down for a fifth time.


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