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She then said, "Off to bed please Gran because in the morning we begin our work in earnest."

Milly was in the kitchen haven coffee when Katherine came in, looking slightly sheepish.


"Today I spoke to both men and explained why I was dumping them both, although I was much kinder in my wording than that. I have finished with both guys. They both seemed confused although Shane did say he had half-expected it, believing I'd cooled off on him so thought something might be in the wind."

"You gave him no chance to try to change?"

"No, he won't leave his parents and give himself a chance to toughen up. What would you have done?"

"The same as you; dumped them both. I think you should look for a charming young doctor, if they exist."

"They do, and that's what I plan to do. Can you read minds?"

"Want to sleep with me tonight?"

"I'm so grateful to you and had thought of asking that. I do feel a little shaky. I mean only to hug and fall asleep."

"Nonsense. Let mess around. Tomorrow you mom arrives home and we'll probably have difficulty getting together unless we go away. I want to taste you."

"Oh Milly. I've lacked the courage to ask to make love to you."

"It's not love; it's a girly fuck," Milly grinned and I can't think of a nicer person to do it with."

Katherine flushed in pleasure. "My bed or yours."

"Yours, it's farther away from Gran to hear you toes drumming on the headboard."

"Oh God," Katherine said, swamped in a huge blush.


The Cameron's arrived home in Larry's SUV that Katherine had driven up to Colorado Springs to meet them. At Gran's suggestion Milly waited in her room until Katherine came to fetch her to Gran's apartment.

"Mom is in such a good mood, glad to be home."

Jennifer looked Milly up and down rudely and without expression while Larry tugged at the side of his moustache and stared at her breasts. Milly though Jennifer was the ruder of the two.

"Hello Milly," Jennifer said. "I was annoyed you had been appointed without my authority but can see your have made things happen. You have secured a wonderful contract, mother looks ten years younger apart from her troublesome leg and under your influence my daughter appears to have blossomed and matured at last and my mother credits your influence."

"Thank you Mrs Cameron. Welcome home."

"Mother wants me to allow you to call me Jennifer."

Milly asked coolly, "And what do you wish me to call you?"

"You're sassy," Jennifer smiled. "Jennifer is fine and Larry can be Larry but please make sure that's as far as your intimacy with him goes."

"I don't understand?"

"Clever as well as sassy. Perhaps I might like you after all."

"I would be pleased if you did Jennifer. I had gotten your family in the habit of having an aperitif before dinner. Would you kindly join us at 5:00? Larry, please deal with the luggage."

Larry looked at Jennifer.

"Oh didn't I speak loud enough Larry?"

Larry shot at startled look at Milly and left the room.

"I hope you took all of that in Katherine," Jennifer said. "It's male tutelage at its best."

When Larry finished with the luggage he came to Milly and said, "We'll be struck by driving snow within hours and your beautiful car is out in the open. May I park it in the barn?"

Milly fetched the keys and smiling said, "I'm so grateful Larry." Larry almost panted like a wee lap dog.

Later there was a row between mother and daughter. Jennifer insisted everyone come to her dining table for the meal but Katherine dug in and said, "If you cook a meal and it's a special occasion Gran, Milly and I will eat with you. Otherwise if you wish to eat food I cook it will be served at Gran's table."

The standoff dissolved when Jennifer marched into Gran's room to request Gran to eat her meals in the main house.

"No thank you Jennifer, I'm happy eating here. Katherine and Milly of course may eat anywhere they wish."

"I want you all to eat at my table."

"I have told you Jennifer, the girls are free to eat where they wish. This is not the army."

"I demand you all eat at my table."

"Thank you for voicing yo

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