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Cameron and Tyler plan to fight. Jenifer and Sarah chat.

As we sat around talking, Laurie was really starting to slur her speech and sway in her chair, often losing focus of the conversation. At this point, Lisa got up and returned with our digicam, announcing that as drunk as we were, we should film it and watch it when we were sober. This got us all going again with all the typical drunk stuff that seems so funny when it's in front of a camera.

Finally Sarah noticed that Laurie was on the couch not moving, "Come on Laurie, wakey wakey." She said, but it quickly became apparent that, except for some weak movements and the barest of mumblings, that Laurie was down for the count. Since the rest of us were still somewhat functional, we kept on talking. Finally I decided that it was time to put Laurie in the bedroom.

As I went to pick her up, Lisa came over, announcing, "OK! Documenting the retirement of the first of the fallen!" as she zoomed in on Laurie with the camera.

Now Laurie had been wearing a short skirt and blouse, so when I picked her up, Sarah started singing, "I see London, I see France, I see Laurie's underpants!"

Amid the shrieks of laughter, Lisa came around and zoomed in on Laurie's behind, "I can't believe it!" she said, "I never would have figured Laurie for white cotton granny-panties!"

Getting into the spirit, I twirled her around for all to see before coming to her defense, "Hey, you don't know if they are granny panties, it's just the way you are getting the look at them." This was greeted with jeers and calls of, "Show us, then!" which I ignored, and proceeded tipsily into the bedroom with Laurie.

Sarah, then everyone, followed me in, with Sarah declaring, "We aren't leaving until we know for sure." I looked up into four very intense faces, showing varying degrees of drunkenness, excitement, and guilt.

"OK." I said, as I started to feel a bit of a thrill myself, and looked down at Laurie, still passed out and oblivious. She looked very good lying there, her skirt had ridden up a bit, showing off quite a bit of thigh and with her smaller breasts, she hardly ever wore a bra, which was quite evident with the form fitting blouse she had on.

After a moments hesitation, in which Lisa said, "OK, ready to roll!", as she readied the digicam, I reached down to lift Laurie's skirt.

All of a sudden Sarah shouted, "Stop!"

Startled, I looked up, to see a strange look on Sarah's face, and a suddenly very uncomfortable-looking John next to her.

"Wait a minute", she said, "Now, you all know how Laurie got me at the aerobics class." I nodded and Sarah continued, "and I know she has made remarks that hurt you Lisa", she said, looking at Lisa, "in fact," she continued, "at one point or another, Laurie has been rude to all of us, even you." She said, looking back at me. At this point everyone was dead silent, looking at Sarah.

Sarah paused for a minute, took a deep breath, and continued, "I was really embarrassed that day in the gym, but it was worse than you know," she swallowed, "well, you all know that the outfit Laurie had given me was thin enough to be see through after I got sweaty, but what you don't know, but Laurie did, was that, uh, well, John had talked me into shaving the day before, so, uhh, when the outfit became see through, well, it REALLY showed everything." Sarah blurted out these last words in a rush, as if eager to get it over with. "So," she continued, "I'd really like to pull a good practical joke on her and pay her back in spades, but with what I was thinking I need all of you, especially you" she said, looking at me, "to go along with it."

Well, I think you could have knocked any of us over with a feather. I know my mind was whirling, Robert's mouth was actually hanging open, John was looking at the ground, and Lisa was looking strangely at Sarah.

"OK." I said, "What did you have in mind?"

Sarah started as if I stung her, then, with many looks at John, said, "Well, I'd like to publicly humiliate her like she did me, so I want all of us to strip her, on camera, and we all get to take pictures with our ow

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