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Beth's lonely summer break takes a turn for the better.

And once the thief found her wallet inside her trousers, he called out her real name and where she lives, before explaining ever so casually how they'd be hanging onto her plastic cards, which she'd not be reporting missing till they said it was okay.

"At least, not if you know what's good for you, Sissy! Understand?"

Taking a deep gulp, Dee nodded.

"Good! Now let's see you play with yourself!"

With all five of those fearsome thugs crowded around her, Dee felt her own instinct for flight forcing her to sit and cower on the side of the bench. And just as they seemed to be closing in like a pack of hungry wolves, so she felt there was no option other than to do their bidding. And so, with enormous reluctance, she hitched up the hem of her dress. Next, trembling awkwardly, she tugged down her small, silky red panties and began to touch her boy bits, which she found surprisingly responsive, though that must have been down to primeval fear more than anything else.

Nevertheless, she soon had a respectably stiff portion of meat poking out of the top of her fine silky knickers and, by tugging gently with her cutely painted fingers, she had no trouble swiftly firing off a fast load of cum, that briefly splashed around her studded navel before dripping back slowly into her panties and settling round her neatly shaven groin.

As the last drops fell from her cherry, the camera came in for a close-up, while the goons hooted their collective excitement.

"Great work, Sissy! But don't waste that cream!"

"Yeah, you should scoop it up and drink it!"

"It'll be real good practice for what you'll be doing later!"

Gulping with a growing sense of foreboding, Dee reluctantly put her fingers into her panties and began feeding herself her own cum. And as she did so, the goons crept ever closer; so close, she began to be able to smell their predatory sweats and taste how their breathing was getting slowly but steadily warmer.

Long before she was anywhere close to fetching the last of her cream to her mouth, Dee froze, as one of those thugs began stroking her stockinged thigh...

"Mmm, that's nice and smooth!"

His comment served to encourage another, and soon both her legs were being caressed by guys whose touch could hardly be described as tender.

"Take your panties off!"

She did as she'd been told...

"Now stuff them in your mouth!"

Again, she obeyed...

"That's real good, Sissy - now nobody can hear you scream!"

The guy with the camera placed it high on a shelf between some stacked cases, where a blinking light showed Dee it was still filming then, while each of his mates took a firm grip on one of her limbs and held her splayed like a cartwheel, he stepped into the V between her legs while dropping his trousers.

"I hope you enjoy this, Sissy!" he said, and with the other guys snickering, he rubbed a few drops of liquid soap onto his throbbing manhood before poking his way forcefully into Dee's virgin anus.

Such was the shock and awe, she almost managed to scream; almost, but not quite. All that actually came out was a muted gurgle, before a couple of manly fingers forced her pretty red knickers even further down the back of her throat, while a wagging forefinger warned of stern consequences, should such disrespectful behaviour ever be repeated.

Wisely, Dee decided not to try any more acts of resistance, but just to lie back and accept her fate. And so, with tears streaming rapidly down both cheeks, she endured this he-man's heavy pounding, a baptism of fire for someone who had hoped her love life would begin with a much gentler act.

The alpha male among these goons was reasonably well-endowed and proved to have more than a little staying power, so by the time he offloaded his warm, creamy cum into the further recesses of Dee's ass, she was so close to exhaustion, she was struggling to stay awake.

But that was no bad thing, seeing as there were four more thugs waiting to have a go!

Once he'd withdrawn his rapidly deflating cock from inside her, the alpha pulled her knickers out of her mouth and used them t

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