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A boyfriend is cuckolded by his girlfriend and best-friend.

When she reached her knees, she stood up and shook them down. Playfully she took one leg then kicked them into the air with the other. She giggled as she caught them. Naked as the day she was born, Toni Lester was surprised, surprised this man, Sam Pettijohn, has made her perform acts, erotic acts, that she never before thought.

And she was happy he did this to her.

"What are you doing?" a shocked Sam asked as he returned, her blouse more or less cleaned. He dropped it on the blanket and stared at the vision in front. She lay on the blanket, her soft white body exposed to the sun and to his eyes.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked as she adjusted to give him a clear, unobstructed view of her smooth, shaven pussy. He stared more, a little drool coming to the right side of his mouth. "What's the matter, baby? Cat got your tongue?"

For a brief moment, Sam stood there, unable to speak. The blood was coursing through his body, excited by the sight of the naked woman before him. "I want my tongue to hold the cat," he devilishly answered as she slowly sank to his knees at her feet. She squirmed as he touched her thigh and crawled his way up her body.

Michelle finished her iced tea. She looked to her friend, and seeing Dawn had also finished, offered to refill hers as well. Dawn put her book down for a moment and smiled. She handed Michelle her glass and thanked her. Michelle smiled and turned with the two glasses. Slyly, Dawn watched Michelle walk to the cabin, her ass, so soft and naked, swaying with each step.

Dawn was not bisexual, though she did like to see other naked women. It was just their softness, she reminded herself each time she was excited seeing another woman strip, whether it was at the gym, in a dressing room, or like this, sunbathing. She could feel a wetness begin between her thighs, and she tried her best to ignore the feeling. She resumed her reading, but the romance novel made that almost impossible. She closed the book, closed her eyes, and relaxed. She let her hands softly, slowly fall down her body, over her hardening nipples, to her thighs. Dawn was just raising her hands her legs and spreading her thighs when the clanking of ice cubes against glass roused her.

"Good nap?" Michelle asked playfully as she watched her coworker jump to reality. Dawn blushed when she realized Michelle saw what she was doing. Speechless, all she could answer with was a quick nod of the head.

Turning her head slightly, Michelle thought she heard something. "Did you hear something?" she asked Dawn as she quickly placed the drinks on the tables and reached for her towel.

"Yes," Dawn answered as she stood and wrapped her towel around her body. "What is it?" the graphics designer asked as she looked to her friend for guidance.

"I'm not sure, sounds like someone is walking close," Michelle answered as they walked toward the house. Something in the back of her mind caused Dawn to stop and search the area for the source of the noise.

"Dawn, come here," Michelle said from the porch. "You don't know what is there," she added with more force. Dawn ignored her and walked cautiously to the beginning of a path. "Where does this go?" she asked Michelle as she pointed to the path.

"To an open meadow that we've used for picnics," Michelle answered.

"Hey, think someone is having one?" Dawn asked, tightening her towel and walking down the path.

"Maybe," Michelle answered as she quickly ran to join her friend. Her towel fell as she stepped onto the path, landing in some weeds.

"Come on," Dawn said as she turned to look for her friend. Noticing Michelle lost her towel, Dawn walked back to help her friend put the towel back around Michelle's 34-year-old body. Fighting the urge to feel a breast, Dawn suggested they walk quietly. "Never know what is ahead," she said as the two came close to the edge of the meadow.

"What are you doing?" Michelle asked as she walked Dawn, who had stopped just short of the meadow.

"Look," Dawn answered as she pointed to a blanket in the middle of the meadow.

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