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A young wife explores her bisexuality with another couple.


Nicolao knew that whatever she had read was powerful if Breezy felt sorry for her boss. He was tempted to turn the screen and see for himself, but he trusted her. "So Dee was right," he said. We should talk to Jeremy."

"You both were right. Mylonas is a criminal, albeit a lovelorn criminal. He seems to have conflagrated what you saw as a potential relationship into The Relationship. He was changing his entire life for you."

Nicolao stared at her in wide-eyed disbelief. "But he never indicated anything like that."

"Maybe he didn't want you to know. I don't know. I think we're over thinking this. What say we go to lunch and leave Mylonas' private thoughts private? I have a friend I can send the files; he can definitely tell us what's in them."

"Lunch sounds good. Let's leave Jeremy's files alone as well." Nicolao was reeling. Is that why Jeremy only ever begged for time? "Thanks Saint."

"You're buying lunch again. That's thanks enough." Saint rose grabbing her purse.


The next four days were free of Jeremy. Saint would have a list of what she needed to do in her inbox, but there was no direct communication. Nicolao called but was forced to leave a voice message. Against his better judgment David did as well with the same result.

Sunday they invited Breezy and the kids for dinner. Nicolao insisted on buying a fire pit and patio set the day before. Although winter had not relinquished its grip, David loved to spend time outdoors.

David practically danced around the kitchen. He could still feel reminders of him and Nicolao's carnal activities, but it was truly a pleasurable ache. He belonged, he was home, he was happy, and now he was going to be happy with Breezy and the kids.

Nicolao found his mood infectious; it was the first time all five of them would spend time together. When Saint arrived with Able and Averie he understood why David was so excited. He knew Dee enjoyed the St. James family's company but seeing them together it struck him how much they genuinely loved him. David was easy to love.

The trio went out front to look at the car and Nicolao joined Saint in the kitchen. She had on jeans and a t-shirt. Her hair was down and she had adorned herself with wooden jewelry. She looked like the beatnik Dee spoke of.

"You need help?"

"Yeah, I need a pitcher for the tea." Nic reached in a cabinet too high for her to get to and pulled out the pitcher.

"How the hell is Davey supposed to reach that?"

"He doesn't make tea. Besides I like getting things for him."

She snorted, "That's love logic for you. Hey, I've got a decent Corvina Veronese, want to imbibe while the under aged are out of the room." She went to one of the bags she'd brought in and pulled out a bottle.

Nic opened the bottle and poured the red wine, watching as she swirled the liquid expertly and inhaled. "I didn't know you were a wine connoisseur."

"Hell man, ain't no such thing. Any wine you like is the best wine. I learned that in Napa Valley. My ex and I would go to the festivals and did a lot of the tours."

Nic sipped his wine, "Balloon rides?"

"Yeah, we did the whole romantic thing." Breezy's face took on the expression she had in Jeremy's office earlier that day. "I still have my love of wine, so the west coast wasn't all bad. Parasailing sucks, so does sky diving, basically anything I've done which requires me to lose contact with the ground is on my never gonna do that shit again list."

Nicolao was treated to Saint relating stories of her disastrous adventures; most of them involving alcohol or a dare. They were interrupted by the sound of loud hooting coming from outside. He followed her outside to find a scene that defied logic. Averie was cheering and doing cartwheels on the lawn while David eased the car back into the driveway.

Breezy laughed, "Okay Rie, why the ruckus?"

"David drove around the circle! Able did it two times before he convinced him he could do it, and he did!"

"Oh, good job! You'll get that license in no time." Breezy called.

David looked up, flashing the assembly a triumphant smile.

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