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Cathy is fitted with a Strophoid by Jan

Your body betrays how much you enjoy my mouth there as the small of your back lifts off the bed, your legs part in that inviting way, you are being penetrated in your mind, you are inviting - you are offering - you have become mine, with that intake of breath and the feeling of your nipple being swallowed.

My hand roams back over familiar territory back down to your womanly mound - as my fingers invade you. But again I chose my words badly because the do not invade - they are welcomed - your body has made the entrance not only easier with your wetness, but it almost beckons me on - to drive my fingers deeper. Your hand also comes up to the breast I am suckling on to massage it more - to caress it into my mouth to stimulate, I know that your breasts are becoming more full, more engorged with blood as the manipulations of my hand and mouth treat your body to this erotic awakening.

My fingers come out a little - circling around your bud of electric wild fire - teasing that switch that would rock you with orgasmic waves of raw feelings - your hand covers my hand making sure that I am slow and teasing in my touch, and I move my hand down - deferring your magic button to your touch as my fingers sink once again into the mysterious cavern that is your womanhood. My fingers simulating what my cock wants to do by sliding in and out - I feel your lips moving around my fingers a they are being stretched by the quickening circular motion of your fingers buzzing over your clit in that attempt to crest that wave that you are riding now. My hand inside you - filing you, your fingers on your clit and with my mouth firmly latched on and pulling your nipple deeply into my mouth your body is stimulated to the point that it all becomes a blur. I imagine that your eyes are still closed - but instead of seeing blackness, you see the shimmering colors moving as a kaleidoscope in front of you but that turning of those shapes and colors are increasing as your fingers increase the tempo that you are administering to yourself, aghhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh your mouth releases a noise that is not a word - not a communication but just part of that release of your body as your crest over that wave and feel your body almost spastic ally convulsing around my fingers that are inside of you - (I hold my fingers still, but deeply in you) your body is abandoned now - it is left to the feelings that are primal, that are not all together human, but animal. They are the lust released.

Your racing heart begins it's decline to a normal pace, but I can tell that your body still flushed is not nearly ready to let go and stop from this sensual sexual delight.

You reach over to fill your hand with my manly scepter and gently stroke it. Your palm slightly wet with the glow of your excitement, as I am sure it was clenched tightly in the moment of your release. You rise up and push your tongue into my mouth with a kiss that says thank you. Assured by the hardness of my member and how I reacted with strength to your kiss you climb up onto my body and straddle my frame. You reach in-between your legs as you sit back and slide yourself onto me as I feel myself dipping deeper into your pool of intoxicating love. Your hands reach forward and your palms on my chest your arch your back and point your chin to the stars feeling the width of me stretch you and fill you and complete the union of the two individuals and make us one.

I pull you down a little - betting the other nipple inside my mouth, I hunger for more then just being inside of you, I hunger for your spirit - for your soul I have to tease it out of you, suck it out, nurse it out.

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