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Jason's obsession with his co-worker's wife goes too far.

I thought you were a little stuck-up and to be honest, a bit of a jerk."

"That's no secret, hon."

"And I'm sorry for that. That wasn't fair for me to judge you, not even having given you a chance."

"That's OK."

" these last few months, I've really started to get close to you, and I think..."


"Lucas...I think I may be starting to fall in love with you...I don't know..."

I looked back in her deep beautiful eyes, and said, "Sue, I've been holding back on telling you, but I feel the same way."



"Oh, Lucas." She turned herself to me, and we wrapped our arms around one another tightly. Now we both knew. It was out in the open. And we both were relieved.

She pulled back after a few seconds and looked into my eyes. That was all it took.

I pressed my lips to hers and began to kiss her softly. The sounds of our lips began to excite me, and I started to press longer and harder. Soon our lips parted, and my tongue slid between hers, just a little, touching her tongue. I felt her breath rush out of her as she moaned. My tongue went deeper into her mouth, and I could feel hers darting in and out, circling mine. Our hands became intertwined as our kisses became more passionate. Her tongue felt like soft velvet, not at all rough, and I was completely lost in her. I wanted all of her that she would give me, and although I would wait forever for it if necessary, I wanted it tonight.

We kissed for long minutes, breathing getting faster, stroking each other's hands, each other's back. I held her face in my hands and continued to hungrily devour her mouth. Her moans became louder. She pulled her face from mine and whispered breathlessly, "oh Lucas...I want you tonight...I want you now."

An electric thrill rushed through me as I replied, "yessss" and began to kiss her again. Soon, Suzanne had reached down and started to pull my shirt from my trousers. I moved my kisses to her neck, kissing and sucking. She threw her head back and moaned louder. Soon, I had taken her shirt and slid it over her head. She unbuttoned mine, and both shirts hit the floor. I reached behind her, undid her bra and slid it down her arms and off. I pulled her naked warm soft upper body against mine, kissing her again as deeply as I could, becoming more and more aroused. My cock was as hard as a brick, and I knew it was already dripping precum inside my trousers.

I moved my mouth down to her breasts; they were so beautiful, not too large but well-shaped. I placed one of her nipples in my mouth and began to softly tongue it. She gasped, moaned again, and began to run her fingers through my hair, pressing my head against her. I sucked one, then the other nipple, feeling her body start to grind a little. I looked up and saw her head move from side to side, almost uncontrollably; she kept moaning, calling my name, "oh's been so long...oh yes baby suck my tits..."

My lips moved back to hers and I gave her another long, deep soul-kiss. I reached down and undid her jeans, and I could feel her trembling fingers on the front of mine as she unbuttoned them as well. We both raised off the futon just enough to slide our jeans off and let them join the other discarded clothes on the floor. Simultaneously, I slid a hand against her crotch, through her panties, and rubbed it with the palm. She almost screamed and began to buck against it, thrusting. She reached forward and started to stroke me through my boxers. I began to moan and thrust, matching her moves. Our kisses had become so passionate I felt as if we could easily explode.

I could wait no longer to taste her.

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