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Couple continues their torrid rendezvous.

She wasn't even sure she liked these people, but she found herself sucked into their world. Aria didn't know how to handle this, so she just kept drying Lindsay off, even though at this point it wasn't helping. Aria could feel the thumping of the muffled music through the floor, not registering Hannah's voice gossiping about the last time she or someone or whatever was in a fight. Lindsay shook.
"T-th-thank you." Lindsay squeaked out between chattering teeth. Aria was almost knocked back - shouldn't Aria be thanking Lindsay. She had jumped into a physical fight for her, against the girl who basically ran the school, against her own friend. But Lindsay was the one to say it.

"No, thank you. You didn't have to get involved. Really..." The girls looked into each other's eyes, sharing a mutual respect.

"You're gonna fucking freeze to death." Hannah interrupted. Aria jumped, tearing her gaze from Lindsay's brown eyes to Hannah, who suddenly seemed like she was willing to be helpful. The bottle must have run out. "Guys, take off your clothes. I'll go find some from Lauren's room." Hannah hopped up from the tub ledge and stumbled out of the room, slurring "I'll be back in a bit" on her way out.

Well, well, well, if the scene couldn't have gotten anymore convenient to deal with all this lesbian sexual tension. Aria stood up and helped Lindsay to her feet, handing her the towel. Lindsay began peeling off her top that stuck to her skin, and Aria turned around to allow her a modicum of modesty, under the pretense of getting another towel from the cupboard. The large mirror on the wall did not let Aria look away, however, from the reveal of Lindsay's glistening body.

As the top crested Lindsay's breasts, they lifted a bit with the tight shirt before bouncing free of their confines. As the top blocked Lindsay's vision for the few seconds she lifted the shirt over her head, Aria allowed herself to oggle at them. Lindsay was pale and her face had a light dusting of freckles which descended all the way to her bust, before the soft flesh paled out, leaving the only blemish to be the rosy nipples that stood hard and tight in the cold. Aria blushed and turned her full attention to selecting a towel from the cupboard.

It was a nice selection, as towel selections go. Half of the towels were fluffy classic white ones in varying sizes. The other towels where in shades of maroon and gold - which was a bold choice but fit well in the opulent house and subsequently opulent bathroom. Aria was thinking definitely a big towel, and leaning toward the maroon as white could be kind of boring. Of fuck it. Towels are boring. Aria didn't give a fuck about towels. She wanted to turn around and look at Lindsay.

Oh right, she had the power to stop time! You can't really blame her for forgetting. She had only had these powers for three days and was more used to not having them than she was having them. And furthermore, to be fair, she had been in a pretty stressful situation up till now and hadn't been thinking about her secret superpower, there was other shit to worry about. So, if you think about it, Aria didn't deserve the face-palm she gave herself. Damn, she could have saved herself so much trouble. Aria did the thing where she inhaled and exhaled in that exact same moment which made that familiar sort of implosion in her head. It had gotten significantly easier since when she had discovered this power days ago, and it almost only took a thought to execute the time stopping maneuver.

She turned around and beheld the buxom beauty who held the title of fourth most jerked-off to student in their school. And damn it if Lindsay didn't deserve first place. Lindsay was frozen while standing up after discarding her bottoms. Unfortunately, she had not decided to take her panties off. Sigh. What's a girl to do?

Lindsay was almost upright, but hunched over enough that Aria couldn't find a comfortable position to kneel or stand to admire those breasts with her tongue.

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