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A guy's dreams come true with a vision from the sea.

He hoped they did.

"Kind daddy's need to be thanked properly. Do you remember how to do that?" he slurred as he planted a series of kisses down the side of her luscious, smooth face, licked her ear, then kissed her right on the lips and slipped her some tongue. Daddy kissed Nicky, putting his tongue in her mouth and practically making her swoon, then he put a hand up the front of her skirt and rubbed his panties, stroking the outline with his fingers.

A telltale heat crept into Nicky's cheeks and her lips curled back to show her teeth. For a moment she looked like a horse that was about to neigh, but in such a situation she knew how to respond properly and returned things with a squirmy lick while she unbuttoned the front of her father's trousers. A moment later she had managed to lever out his penis.

Nicky blushed. So did her daddy, but it was his own dick that showed stiff and drippy.

Stanley smiled contentedly. "Nice knob, eh! You don't mind giving it a bit of attention, do yer?" With no more ado he wrapped one of Nicky's hands around the thick shaft, and at once the girl started to pump it with the deft hand movements of a milkmaid, becoming flushed with delight when she detected the cock distending further, watching the dewy, porky tip bobbing up and down in the ring of her fist. Fitfully she awaited the first leap of cream from its flaring eye.

Their foregoing bit of intimacy had made Stanley's penis rigid to the extent that when Nicky used two fingers to bend it down like a lever, the length of anatomy twanged right up and smacked against his belly when released. He was one of those men whose hard-on pointed straight up at his chin, and Stanley loved that, believing that the angle of elevation was an indicator of horniness.

Nicky had suspected the reason for her father's visit the moment she'd been told he was waiting in the visitor's lounge, and sure enough daddy was now giving tongue-kisses and encouraging her to play with his swollen dickie. She lay back and accepted everything without complaint, and the way her light body squirmed around put the finishing touches to the erection that had been rising up in Stanley Carrington's trousers all morning.

"No need to rush things." he said. "We can use our time and imagination for something more than just a quick hand-job."

"Shall I get undressed?" she asked softly.

Stanley shivered with pleasure as he looked at the dress that was now little more than a cummerbund around her waist. "Er, no. No need for that. The clothes add a bit of extra sauce t'your appeal, darlin'. Just play with yer tits and keep the skirt up on your tummy."

Nicky leaned back and draped up the front of her skirt and opened her legs and her father smiled at the sight revealed. No tights or stockings today either, so just a short dive down the valley of her smooth white thighs would take him all the way to the gusset of her pants. Climbing down onto his knees he opened her legs until there was nothing between her oozing liquid heat and his own covetous eyes but a thin layer of nylon. He noticed at once the clench of muscle between her legs and the wet patch on the gusset. Gingerly he crept forward and extended just enough tongue to test the dampness.

Nicky brought her hands up to cuddle her breasts and found the nipples tense and aching and straining to push between her fingers. She gazed down into her fathers face, and holding in her excitement displayed the tiniest of grins at the corners of her mouth as she watched his head bobbing between her thighs. Lovely. She could feel his mouth working on her by then, feeding, churning as it reverently drew her sex juices through the micro-mesh of her pants.

Suddenly as if in a rush Stanley dragged the crotch of her underwear to one side.

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