Maledom High Quality XXX

Married couple embarks on their winter vacation (no sex yet).


Chapter 24

"The Mark - Part 1"


I can finally breath, relieved that she is no longer afraid of me... all of me. Last couple of days I could just enjoy relaxing and letting my wolf enjoy some time with her, and at last my wolf has stopped holding a grudge on me. Damn it is hard to live with your beast.

Today we are having some time alone at the woods, and I am going to talk to her about the things that still trouble her. Last night she asked me for answers, and I begged for time to put my thoughts in order. I can't postpone this any longer, and I had being avoiding discussing the subject to her. I need to reward Cara for having a talk with her. I sigh and take a deep breath, I am too rusty for these things, I've let myself go on other subjects and just assumed things will get in her system without explaining. Stupid of me, but I am planning to fix this.

After I made sure everything was in order, I took her with me to the forest towards the stream. I already made sure no one would come near us so she can feel comfortable. Tho I have to admit, she has been walking and talking around my people and fitted in perfectly. She has a charm, just simple and easy going, they like her.

When we reach the clearing she sighs, looking around the scenery. It is one of my favorite parts of my territory, the place I used to come to think. The waterfall and stream add to the magic.

"I really love this place." She says after a few seconds of silence.

"I love you in it." I reply and she blushes letting me hold her. I will never get tired of seeing her blush, I hope I never stop making her.



I think I've forgotten how many days I had been here, it just feels as if every day is perfect. I have to remind myself later to talk to Carter soon, and catch up on how things are going back at the office. I am thankful that Caleb gives me plenty of time to work on my project at the command center while he deals with his everyday routine, he added a desk for me right next to his. At first, it took time for me to concentrate as I was fascinated by his daily tasks; I honestly wasn't aware how much paper work would go by him, his security business, the town and the expenses, even calling other alphas to work on treaties and solve disputes. Luckily in the end I got my mind focused into my own work, and every afternoon we would go out on a walk. Much of each walk was with his wolf.

I was happy when he said he would take the day off and spend it with me completely, no work distractions. And now I find myself mesmerized by the beauty of his land under daylight. The last time I had a chance to see this area I was caught up in wisps magic and lost consciousness before I could enjoy it completely.

"Where is your mind wandering?" He asks me, and I turn around to see him lay a blanket in the grass and some comfortable pillows. I sigh and join him before he starts to take out food and drinks. "Hold on for a minute, let's enjoy this view." I tell him and he chuckles, pulling me in his arms as he rests sideways and I lay against his stomach almost sitting so I can get a view of his eyes.

"You have a place that came out of dreams here, inside an already fantastic world." I say as he puts his arm around mine and brushes it slowly up and down caressing me. "It is only magical to me because you are in it." He whispers as he leans to kiss my other arm.

We sit here in silence, and even though we are calm and enjoying the moment, I can sense there is something that has been troubling him for a while. I am not sure how long I will be holding quiet about this before I ask him what is wrong. Then he clears his throat and brings my attention to him.


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