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From lustfull Grandmom to naive daughter.

When he had seen the guard gate, Randi suddenly realized how important that fact was. In his mind, he had imagined driving near the house and watching who went in and out of the house and following them when the girls went out. Now, he realized that plan was not feasible. He had reservations at a nearby hotel and he considered calling it a night and sleeping on the problem.

Curiosity got the better of him. Randi parked his car in a nearby supermarket parking lot and got out. He walked over to the eight-foot high wall separating the parking lot form the golf course. Looking quickly to make sure nobody was coming, he hopped the fence. He thought about how awkward it would be if the security guards caught him.

H quickly ran across a fairway up to the road and began walking on the sidewalk. Most of the houses were dark so he was surprised when a car door opened and a middle-aged couple emerged. He almost ran away, fearing they would turn him in. Then he realized that he was dressed appropriately and didn't look out of place. They didn't know he wasn't supposed to be here and all he had to do was not act suspicious.

12:15 a.m. TUESDAY, APRIL 17
After getting disoriented several times, Randi finally found the house he was looking for and, a few minutes later, had taken up a position on the fairway backing up to the house. Randi realized that he now looked very suspicious, loitering next to unlighted houses in the middle of the night so he began creeping slowly up to the house.

He had seen the lights on and caught glimpses of the girls as he approached. Moving closer, he began to hear their voices and laughter. Eventually, he had taken up a position in some bushes about five feet from the sliding doors leading to the living room and, next to it, the master bedroom. Just around the corner, he could see a window opening into a bathroom.

His heart racing, Randi saw that all of the girls were still up and looked to have spent much of the time drinking. There were several beer bottles and empty margarita glasses around. Unfortunately, he was too far away to hear what the girls were saying. Instead, he simply watched as they sat around chatting, trying to imagine what they were talking about.

Suddenly, the lights came on in the master bedroom and Randi's heart stopped. He felt naked until he repositioned himself away from the new light source. It was Karen, one of the other teachers in Allison grade. He watched as she approached the sliding door and began closing the blinds. When she had finished, Randi realized he could still see in. He felt almost guilty as he watched her start to undress.

Randi had fantasized several times about having sex with Karen. On one or two occasions, they had harmlessly flirted at teacher parties. Watching her strip and realizing she was totally unaware that she was being watched quickly aroused Randi. He marveled at how she disrobed and then carefully folded all her clothes before putting on her sleeping attire. He also appreciated the extended nudity as well and reflected about how prudish Allison seemed to be about nudity in comparison.

While she was still putting her clothes away, another of the teachers, Beth, entered the room and began stripping. While there was nothing sexual in the act, Randi found it the most erotic thing he had ever seen; two women naked in the same room talking casually to each other. Looking around, he realized that the girls were all getting ready for bed and he wondered whether he should leave.

It was late and he was afraid that he might get caught if he tried to get back to his car. It was too cold to stay here and, besides, he would really look suspicious once the sun came up. Slowly, he began moving out of the bushes towards the house next door. On a whim, he tried the sliding door to see if it was locked. It wasn't. Hurriedly, he opened the door and moved inside past the closed drapes.

The room was lit from the side window facing the house where Alliso

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