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Kate Upton surrenders completely to Romeo and he claims her.

Her superb body was still relaxed but she could feel herself gradually becoming aroused under Kouzaris' attentions, her shiny nipples beginning to lengthen into firm teats. Beneath her hooded lids, Melissa's pretty green eyes slowly became glassy with pleasure, and soon her unfocussed pupils began to enlarge steadily.

As Kouzaris expertly manipulated her, Melissa's breaths grew heavy with building excitement and her luxuriant hips began to move in tiny, rhythmic motions once more. As he felt Melissa begin to rotate her hips against him, his lengthening penis suddenly lifted away from his hairy thigh, growing until it stood erect and throbbing against his stomach. Smiling inwardly, the huge Greek allowed the hand playing with her bottom to ease the firm globes of her buttocks apart, sliding his fingers between her gorgeous cheeks. Melissa gasped as she felt the Greek's fingertips run over her puckered anus, moving to stroke her slippery perineum with his oiled fingers before returning and wetting the soft exit of her. Melissa's curvy hips were still responding to his excellent masturbation of her, but the slowly multiplying tendrils of pleasure which were once again beginning to take over her mind were joined now by just a tremor of apprehension.

Kouzaris ran his fingers across Melissa's glistening perineum all the way to her vulva, eliciting a murmur of pleasure from his beautiful captive as he slid another finger effortlessly into her peeled-open vagina. She was oiling profusely now as her excitement mounted, and when he withdrew the finger from her it was dripping with her aromatic lovejuice. Still ceaselessly working at her clit and G-spot, he traced the fingertip back upwards between her buttocks and began to stroke Melissa's soft anus, returning to dip his finger into her soaked, open pussy several times until Melissa's puckered exit was shining and slippery. Finding the cushioned star of her once more with his dripping finger, Kouzaris this time eased his hand forwards gently but firmly, and his fingertip disappeared inside her.

Melissa grunted as she felt Kouzaris' fingertip slide into her anus. Automatically her body tried to expel him, but then she hissed softly as his finger slid past her sphincter muscle and all the way into her hot fundament. Still her curvy hips squirmed gently against him as he flicked her crimson clitoris with his tongue and caressed her swollen G-spot with a dextrous fingertip, but now as she moved in tiny, thrusting motions against his face, his other index finger slid smoothly back and forth deep in Melissa's tight rectum.

Her sensuous mouth opened as Kouzaris expertly masturbated her, the sharpening excitement of it forcing her breaths into shallow gasps of pleasure. Her long fingernails dug into one of the bed's soft pillows as she felt the first faint tremor in her belly signalling the approach of another climax, and she ground her curvy hips eagerly into the Greek's face as he tortured her pulsing clit and bloated G-spot. Please don't stop, Melissa begged silently, her painted eyelids fluttering. I'm so close, I'm so close, please don't stop. Take me through all the way again. She was barely aware of the finger buried deep in her anus.

Kouzaris sensed that Melissa was on the brink of release... and also that her rectum seemed to have slackened around his probing finger. His hands were still slippery with oil and lovejuice, and as he dimly heard Melissa whimper with suddenly spiralling pleasure he drew his middle finger close to his plunging index finger and squeezed them both into Melissa's soft, hot bowels.

Melissa flinched slightly but the sensation hardly registered in her pleasure-fogged mind.

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