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A surburban wife and mother has her world turned upside down.

Unable to resist, he angled his hand, anchoring two fingers between her crevice molded behind her snug pants.

Jenna gasped at his bold touch, but held the pose maybe three seconds longer than she should have. She stumbled, releasing her leg at the back, almost falling on her face. Tyrone held her fast, though, and pulled her back. Before she realized it, she was leaning with her back pressed against his chest. She held onto his strong arm wrapped securely across her rib cage.

"I've got you," Tyrone said, his mouth at her ear.

Jenna hesitated. For a moment, she couldn't tell if he was just reassuring her or making a declaration. Feeling his other hand snake around her and then slide down to her crotch, it was suddenly obvious what was his intent.

"I've got you."

Ever the cutthroat opportunist, Tyrone seized the moment instinctively. He couldn't help himself. The woman had sharpened an edge in him he had thought he had been losing; he wasn't about to let it slip. His hand delved deep between her clenching thighs, relishing the warmth and softness his fingers found there.

In the long seconds it took Jenna to absorb what was happening, she found her body being touched and savored on multiple fronts. Along with the busy stiff fingers of one hand stroking against her lips through her yoga pants, his other hand palmed her breasts, fingers squeezing in and out, pulling at her shirt and thumbing the tips of her nipples. His chin shoved her head aside, allowing passage for his lips to clamp against the side of her neck. He kissed and licked her smooth flesh.

Jenna's head rolled back, a sudden, soft gasp escaping her lips, "Tyrone..."

Tyrone burned his scowling eyes on her in the mirror. It heightened the hit of the moment, seeing her melt against his touch as if he were a voyeur spying on his own explicit encounter. His desire was spiking to voracious levels and he was more than ready to unleash it on this winsome young woman. He felt alive and aware with a surge in every muscle, especially his twinging cock.

Jenna tilted her chin back down and gazed at him through the mirror, entranced by his potent, wicked look. So attuned to her spirit, she was shocked to realize how quickly it was succumbing to his lurid, virile venom. With each second she was falling further back against him. As he cinched her in tightly, she felt the lively flinch of his hot, stiffening shaft against the small of her back.

"Tyrone," she gasped again, breathless, "Wait..."

Her hands found his. At first she just held them, flowed with them as they continued their wanton indulgences along her body. She lingered there, feeling his fingers curl and knead into her flesh.

She swallowed hard and repeated, "Tyrone..."

His brows deepened as he continued to suckle upon her neck, darkening his eyes as if they were peeking through a shadow.

Finally she pulled at his hands, having to peel off his fingers while tearing away from her own unexpected temptation.

Tyrone let her go. As she stepped away, he felt his heart pounding within. The swell of kinetic energy within kept him moving, anticipating her, craving her.

Once out of his grasp, Jenna put some distance between herself and him, pulling away from the dark spell of Tyrone's dominant aura. As she readjusted her clothes and pushed back strands of hair, she turned her eyes away from him, away from the mirror, desperately searching for focus within herself.

Tyrone remained grounded, raising his chin and peering carefully at the back of Jenna's head. His broad nostrils flared as he took long, steady breaths, hearing Jenna's voice in his head reminding him to breathe and center himself. Her lessons were serving him well. His focus was a decisive pinpoint.

Without a word, Jenna collected her shoes and bag from the floor.

"Jenna, let me lay it out for you," he spoke to her as if he were brokering one of his lucrative deals, "You can go if you want. That's fine. But ask yourself, why did you come here today?"

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