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n the greatest rating in the US Navy! I am on the greatest ship in the US Navy! I am in the best squadron in the US Navy! I am in the greatest Navy in the world! I am in the greatest Navy, of the greatest country in the world! I am an American! I will protect my buddies and defend all of the forgoing with my life!

If you doubt this consider Operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. You sat in your living room and watched the US Marines and various Army units advance, You watched them march across Iraq. You've watched them die in terrorist explosions.

I'm sure you wondered how they were able to keep going.

If you really want to know, re-read the above and learn!

Arriving back in Norfolk I had a week of nothing to do as my orders to report back to my ship also included a weeks leave in them, so I was foot loose and fancy free.

I went to the ships bar . . .

I have to make a request of you old Easy Main Commandos because I'm tired of calling it the ships bar.

The bus used to drop us off downtown across from a hotel. Just up the street from the bus stop was a White Tower burger joint and just around the corner several bars. Can anyone put a name to them?

I had a couple beers but no action as my ship was at sea, so I headed up to Easy Main and the Insane Pussy. I walked in and several of the bar maids gave me a wave and welcome home grin.

Suddenly I felt a familiar fur ball leap on my back and hug the hell out of me. Pat dropped off of me, spun me around, and proceeded to cover me with hugs and kisses. I guess I was forgiven.

Releasing me, she stepped back to look at me, saw my 3rd Class crow and hash mark for the first time, and went absolutely nuts with joy. She was hugging and slurping me all at the same time.

Having a week to kill Pat made damn sure that I spent my time well by fucking me almost into unconsciousness. She left me a shell of a sailor by the end of the week.

Several months went by and things had settled into a routine except I didn't get over to the Insane Pussy very often and it seemed that Pat was getting pretty cool in her attitude towards me.

I got a message one afternoon that Pat wanted to see me that night so I hit the bar about 10:00 and as I walked in, stopped to take in a sight I wasn't prepared for. Pat was in a booth with her back to me and next to her was a sailor running a fathom of tongue down her throat. She had set me up for this. I knew the sailor in question and I didn't like him one bit.

I rushed over to the booth intending to take him down. I brought a hay-maker up from the deck. Problem was he must have seen it coming because he moved his head and I missed. What I didn't miss was a steel pipe (Naval term: a stanchion) that helped to support the roof.

I'd just bought a Navy ring from one of those junk jewelers that exist in every military town. I'd put 170 pounds behind that punch and I hit that pipe head on with my ring and fist. You don't know what pain is until you try that.

My whole body exploded in pain. My hand and arm were totally useless as that sailor got up and proceeded to do a real number on me. There wasn't a thing I could do about it but try to protect whatever could be protected. Finally I was able to get clear of him and out of the door and harms way.

My hand was already swelling as I got on the bus to get back to the ship and Doc's ministrations. Doc patched me up and wrapped my hand and forearm, but not until he'd soaked my hand in ice water to reduce the swelling and poured enough oil on my ring finger to finally get that damned ring off.

Because of the fact that I'd been dinged up in a fight I should have been placed on report and gone to see The Man, but if you looked at my medical record you'd read that on that night I'd fallen off a ladder and the load I'd been carrying smashed my hand.

I LOVE Navy Corpsman!

It was about 10 days before Doc was able to give me a clean bill of health. It was 10 days of my planning pay-backs.

On the evening of my revenge a buddy that wasn't known in the Krazy Kat and I headed into town.

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