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Caria's hindsight to submission.

Writing to a boyfriend? he wondered. She couldn't be working in the middle of the night could she? She had a cup of something on the table, and so were her binoculars. Odd.

He watched her as she sipped from her cup. She finished with whatever she was writing, then put her earbuds in again. Then, she put down her cup and toyed with the binoculars on the table. She picked them up, put them to her eyes and looked up in the direction of his window. Shit, he thought, pulling back into his room. Then he realized that she couldn't possibly see him. With no light on at all, he had to be invisible. Didn't he? He eased the one eyepiece between the curtains and she was still looking up at the window. What the hell?

He was sure she couldn't see him, but she kept looking up at where he'd be if she could see him. It was unnerving. Then she gave a wave in his direction. What the fuck? he thought. She couldn't see in the dark, could she? Was anybody's vision that good? What the hell was she up to?

He watched as she put down her binoculars, pulled out the earbuds and stood. Instead of just walking back inside her apartment, though, she stepped to the back of her patio and leaned against the wall. She waved up at where he was again; again making him wonder what she was doing and if she could actually see him, or was guessing he was there.

He continued watching through the one eyepiece. He simply couldn't look away. She was now just standing there, looking up toward his window. He was feeling that things were really not right at this point. Then, as he closely watched her face, she quit leaning against the window to stand, still looking up. Then, she amazed him by reaching behind her back and unclasping her bra. Still looking in his direction, she removed her bra. His cock sprang to life as he gazed at her full, well-rounded breasts. With the eyepiece pressed tight to his eye, she fondled her breasts with both hands and he reached down and began stroking as he watched her.

She rolled her nipples between her fingers, licked her lips and then cupped a breast in each hand, almost as if she was holding them out to him. Practically unblinking now as he watched and stroked, she bent and took her panties in hand. She then bent over slowly, pushing them down her legs and stepped out of them. She had no tan lines at all.

He moved his gaze up and down her body. Her pussy was bare and, as he watched, she moved her feet apart to spread her legs wide. His whole focus was between her legs, where the soft light barely illuminated the space. He gulped as she stood with her hands behind her back, facing his way and still looking up at his window. He felt sure he could see her lips, but it may have been his imagination, or just what he wanted to see.

Then, suddenly, she stepped to the table, picked up her iPod, binoculars, and writing paper and walked inside her apartment. Damn, he thought. That was un-fucking believable. He walked into his bathroom and, with her body in his mind, jerked off into the toilet once again, his cum flowing freely at the memory of what he'd just seen.

Now he didn't feel like such a weirdo. It was obvious she didn't mind him watching her. Maybe she was an exhibitionist? Or a nympho? He could only hope. He chuckled as he cleaned up again.

Yet another week passed, with no sign of her. He'd even walked down the sidewalk between buildings a couple of times, hoping to see her. He felt like asking around, to see if any neighbours knew her, but thought that'd be going too far. Besides, he didn't want to give anyone else any clue of what he'd been going through. Torture, sweet, sweet, torture. She was all he could think about; pretty much most of the time, and he found himself hoping like hell she'd make an appearance again. He'd thought of telling his buddy Steve what had happened, but he'd likely mess it up, or show up and scare her off by trying to get a look for himself. Steve was like that.

Another few days passed and h

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