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Steve adventures in submission continue.

Now a lot of New Englanders have a strong resistance to 'outsiders' but I wasn't that way. I welcomed anybody that would move to Carroll. After all, it was a pretty small town and, to my mind, it need some new blood in it! I just couldn't place his accent because basically, he didn't have one. At least, not to my ears.

"So how come you're moving here? You just getting out of school?" he asked.

"No, just out of a marriage." I answered.

"Oh, fuck! I'm sorry." he said. "Me and my big feet that always seem to end up in my big mouth!"

"Nah! Don't worry about it. I ain't broken up about it. It was a mistake from the beginning. I should have known it wouldn't work. I was too young and too stubborn to listen." I said. "You ain't married, I take it?"

"God, no! And don't want to be - ever!" Pete laughed.

"Smart man!" I laughed. "Well, it ain't gonna happen to me again - ever!"

"So when you movin' in?" Pete asked.

"Tomorrow. I got some friends movin' my stuff." I said.

"Say, why don't you come on in. I got some coffee just brewed. That is if you ain't busy."

"Nah! Ain't got a thing in the world to do." I said, realizing that it was true.

Besides, there was something about Pete that I just instantly liked. I don't know what it was. I mean, it wasn't his looks or nothin' - not that he wasn't quite a stud! He was just about what women called 'drop-dead gorgeous'. I mean, even as a guy, I could see that! But there was just something there - something so nice - that I just wanted to get to know him. Somehow I had the feeling that we were going to become really good friends.

God knows, I could use a friend about now. I'd lost all my friends when they moved away to college and then to jobs in the big cities. Small town life wasn't what they wanted. I don't know why, but I didn't have the same hankering to go chasing after money and living in smog-blanketed cities surrounded by millions of strangers. I'd grown up in this small town and it's where I wanted to stay. Close to my family, close to my roots. But it was lonely with nobody to really talk to. There was always the guys at work and sometimes I had gone out with them to get a beer after work but nothing seemed to 'click' with any of them. I don't know why.

But now with Pete, that was a whole different story. Something seemed to 'click' almost from the moment I met him. When he ushered me into his apartment, I was amazed at the place. It was a mirror image of the one that I'd just rented but configuration was where all similarities stopped. The living room was furnished with a long couch and what looked like two, deep comfortable chairs all upholstered in leather of a deep, rich reddish brown. The three leather clad pieces were grouped around a large coffee table in dark wood facing a wall on which hung a huge plasma screen and what looked like enough electronic sound equipment to outfit a good-sized Best Buy! A huge rack of CD's and DVD's also occupied space against the wall. I could see the pieces of what looked like (and which were) a very good home theatre sound system. The walls were stark white and the only color in the room came from two large modern paintings on the other walls adding slashes of color from deepest red to shocking blue. The floors had been stripped to their hard wood and polished to a high gloss with no rugs covering them to hide the beauty of the wood.
At the other end of the long room, rather than a dining room table, the entire dining area had been turned into a home office with a huge computer desk and what looked to be a rather extensive and powerful computer system. The one outstanding thing about these apartments were the kitchens. They were large by apartment standards - big enough to eat in with lots of cabinets for storage and fairly modern appliances. However, Pete's kitchen was very different from mine in that his cabinets were all dark wood and leaded glass so that the contents could be seen behind the small panes of glass and the counter-tops were all a deep red granite - as was the sink.

He motioned me o

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