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Hakim sighed, and then flashed Lily a little smile before taking the assignment sheet from her.

"Folks, today is February 17, and you have until March 5 to turn in this assignment, don't forget to do your bibliographies and proper citations, which I want done in the McGill style, this assignment is worth forty percent of your final grade," Professor Harding said, and Lily flinched. Several of her fellow students groaned in surprise and frustration. Hakim sat there quietly, and he began to steeple his fingers, a habit that Lily, who'd been sitting behind him since January, found quite annoying.

"I am so dead," Lily said, shaking her head. After graduating from the Police Foundations program at Nunavut Arctic College in her hometown of Iqaluit, Nunavut, Lily dreamed of attending one of Canada's major universities. That's why the young woman moved to the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Enrolling in the University of Winnipeg's Criminology programme, Lily Ashevak set her sights on completing her undergrad and getting into Law School.

Lily Ashevak closed her eyes, hard. If she didn't ace this class and the few that came after it, her dream of getting into Law School would evaporate like ice in the sun. The young woman thought about her old life in the City of Iqaluit, where she was surrounded by her people, the Inuit. Long dismissed as just another group of Eskimos by bigots and xenophobes, the Inuit of Nunavut were a unique social and ethnic group among Canada's Native population.

While a lot of Natives suffered greatly at the hands of European settlers over the centuries, the Inuit's relative isolation and natural hardiness proved to be to their benefit. Now, in the twenty-first century, the Inuit were thriving in Nunavut, and made great strides in places far beyond Canada's shores. Greenland had a thriving Inuit population, something most of the world knew little about.

Born in the City of Iqaluit to an Inuit father, Franklin Ashevak, and an Icelandic immigrant mother, Bridget Einarsson, Lily was the daughter of two incredibly different worlds. Although the average White person in Canada couldn't tell that Lily wasn't a full-blooded Inuit, the Inuit could tell. At five-foot-ten, the dark-haired, sturdy and athletic Lily was decidedly taller than the average Inuit woman, and although her features were a blend of Caucasian and Inuit, many still viewed her as 'other.'

In the City of Iqaluit, it was not uncommon to see Inuit women with White men, but in the late 1980s when Lily's parents met, Inuit men who married White women were a rarity. Something both Whites and certain Inuit had a problem with...and up in Nunavut, people expressed their likes and dislikes openly, rather than being passive-aggressive about it like other regions of Canada. Not an easy environment to grow up in, that's for sure.

Whether Lily Ashevak liked it or not, she was technically biracial, half Inuit and half White. For a time, the young woman experienced some grief at the hands of pureblood Inuit men and women while growing up. The Inuit people had endured hell at the hands of Europeans and were fiercely proud of their traditions and cultural ways. Many of them saw Lily's parents as transgressors and outsiders. This adversity made Lily stronger, for she learned to stand up to her bullies, and then some...

As a result of this difficult upbringing, Lily became a strong-minded, resilient and fearless young woman, out to show the world what Inuit women could do. Lily dreamed of getting into law school and becoming a kick-ass defense attorney. With so many First Nations, Metis and Inuit men in prison, and so many First Nations, Metis and Inuit women missing, it was clear to Lily that her people needed defending. That's how Lily wanted to make a difference. And now, with such an important, career-defining assignment resting on her shoulders, Lily was filled with doubts...

"Amiga, you look worried, don't worry, we got this," Hakim said, his deep voice rousing Lily Ashevak out of her

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