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Dispatch supervisor gives herself to cop as peace offering.

My heart start racing hoping that no one would have to get a refill or go to the bathroom. I hear the toilet flush and then my bedroom door. I breathe a sigh of relief and ask the guys if anyone needs a refill or bathroom break. We all take a few minutes to stretch; meanwhile, I go in my room to see those tits. She has a great rack, 32 D's. I get in the room and she's lying on top of the covers looking very delicious. I sit on the bed and start rubbing her arms. I make my way over to her breast and she says in a devilish voice, "Don't start something you can't finish." Of course, me being a guy, that goes in one ear and out the other. I'm sucking her nipples when I hear a knock at my door and the guys yelling to come finish our game. Punkin tells me to go play with my boys and she'll be waiting. I go back to play.

I win the first game and I think I'm going to win the second when I hear my bedroom door open again but this time, I didn't hear the bathroom door open or close. I look up and see Punkin coming my way. My jaw drops and for the next few seconds, my heart stops! Punkin walks past everyone on her way to the kitchen. She opens the refrigerator to get a drink. The room is so quiet; you could hear a pin drop. I look at each one of my boys and their eyes are bigger than fifty cent pieces and fixated on Punkin. She's got on thongs but you can barely see the string. See, not only does Punkin have a great rack, but she has a nice round ass and great legs too. Because her legs are long, shapely and thick, I call her juicy. She is 5'10" 160 lbs with long blond hair. It's nothing for her to go to the mall and have at least 5 guys hit on her. She is a knock out!

Punkin gets her drink and goes back in the room. Everyone is shocked and speechless. We start to play again but my concentration isn't there. I lose the next 5 hands and I go all in on the 6th one with a full house. I would lose that hand to four aces. What are the odds of that? I'm shocked and pissed so I want to keep playing. I get some money out of my secret stash for the next hand. My first 3 cards are three aces and my next two is a 2 and the last ace. I go all in with my four aces and Derrick does too. However, I don't have enough to call his so I start to bargain. I offer my watch, a necklace, a ring but he rejects each offer. He looks at me and says, I want a blow job from Punkin. I grab my drink and I throw it in his face. He grabs me and puts me in the headlock. They guys finally break us up but we are still arguing. When I finally gain my composure, I realize I have to have the better hand. There are only four aces in the deck and I have all of them. There's only one hand that can beat me and it's a royal flush. Derrick isn't that good of a player and he changed for three cards. I agree on the blow job and I turn over my four aces. Derrick smiles, and then turns over a royal flush!!

Needless to say, I go to talk to Punkin. I creep in the room and she's rubbing on her clit. My dick gets hard as a rock immediately! I go over to sit on the bed by her. She grabs my hand and puts it on her breast. I start to squeeze when I hear a knock at the door. "Ricky, is everything a go? Come on man, you gotta pay up!"

Punkin asks, "What's going on? I need to feel you inside me. Come fuck me!"

"Babe, I can't yet but I need a favor. See, I lost a bet and I have to pay up. I bet you'd give Derrick a blow job." Punkin sharply sits up, slaps the hell out of me, and then tells me to get the hell out of the room! I walk out of the room with my tail between my legs. We all sit back and the table and Derrick is on me. We are all yelling and shouting when I hear my bedroom door open again. Punkin walks out wearing only the thong. She slowly walks past us on her way to the couch. She sits down, opens her legs and puts one foot up on the couch. She looks like a goddess sitting over there. The room is quiet with anticipation of what will happen next.

Her thong is red and soaked.

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