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IT girl needs my fixing ability.

"I won't be rough," she said. "We'll have a nice, slow, comfortable fuck together."

She gently eased Phil's cock into her silky pussy. She sighed in contentment as she slid all the way down on him. The horrors of feeding the wargen fell to the back of his mind as her soft warmth enveloped his erection.

"Hey! Don't I get to join in?" Rosa, still tangled up in the vines, called out.

"Not this time," Verd__ said. "You can have some fun with the vines instead."

She turned back and smiled mischievously at Phil.

"Or rather they can have some fun with you."

"Oh you mmphf---"

Rosa was cut off, her cries muffled as something was forced into her mouth.

"Now it's just you and me," Verd__ said, "and a deliciously slow fuck."

She arched her back and slid her hips up and down with exquisite slowness. A mounting wave of pleasure built in Phil as her soft vaginal walls brushed against his cock.

Phil looked up at Verd__'s face as she sighed her pleasure. She looked radiant. Behind her the sky was a deep pink in colour. Lush, leafy branches filled the edges of his vision. Verd__ caressed her heaving breasts and smiled down at him as she finished another long, teasing stroke. The air was filled with gentle drifts of pollen. If he ignored the reality of his predicament, Phil could almost imagine he was back at high school and fucking the star cheerleader on a lovely summer's day.

Why not. It was a nice fantasy.

He sank deeper into the luxuriously soft petal and sighed as Verd__ slowly moved up and down on him. Her pussy was slick with her juices and he moaned as his cock slid deep into her tight warmth.

Verd__ raised her arms and sang some lilting words in an alien language. The foliage around them began to rustle and shake. Bright red blooms resembling full pouting lips pushed out of the undergrowth on stems that moved of their own volition.

"Whorelip," Verd__ explained.

She raised her head and sighed as the flowers wound around her body on slender green stalks. The red blooms, pouting like lips, planted kisses all over her naked flesh. The flowers fastened themselves to her nipples and began to suckle with a motion Phil found both bizarre and arousing.

Verd__ shuddered with pleasure and Phil's cock was buffeted with waves of pleasure. She ceased her movements and instead sat down on Phil with his cock buried deep inside her. She squeezed his erection with teasing little contractions.

The vines twined around Phil's arms and legs. He felt alarm at first, but that quickly faded as the flowers brushed his flesh. The vines weren't holding him too tightly and the attentions of the flowers as they softly kissed him were highly pleasurable. He closed his eyes, lay back and enjoyed the sensation. They wound up and down his body with light caresses. He closed his eyes and pictured himself lying on a giant bed while a multitude of beautiful women planted soft kisses all over his naked body.

He shivered as they latched onto his nipples and tickled them with what felt like tongues. And, rising above even that sensation, there was still the pleasure of Verd__'s vagina wrapped snugly around his cock.

The interlude over, she again resumed her slow, sumptuous movements. She started slow, but then began to pick up speed. Her increased motion whipped the flowers around them into a frenzy. Their kisses became more passionate and Phil writhed in helpless ecstasy.

"Yes, fledgling," Verd__ murmured. "Come into me."

Two of the blooms curled inside Phil's thighs and began to give full attention to his balls. He writhed and thrashed in pleasure as stiff little tongues tickled all over his scrotum. They gave him no pause or mercy as they sucked and tickled with mounting vigour. Above them, Verd__ bounced breezily up and down on his cock.


It was too much. Their kisses were electric, sending sparks of pleasure arcing through his flesh. He squirmed and contorted, but could not escape their ministrations.

"It's time for release, fledgling," Verd__ sighed.

Her wings unfurled behind her.

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