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The Headmistress, the teacher and a naughty schoolgirl.

My panties and the crotch of my jeans were soaking wet with my juices. I kept running my hands against my crotch, filling them with pussy juice and spreading it all over. Behind my ears, all over my breasts, across my belly, down my legs... I even filled my mouth with it, intending to French kiss him when I got back to the table. And all the while when I walked back to the table, I felt like I was some kind of sex siren, blasting out my need to cum. I wondered if others could smell my pussy juice.

I could tell by the look in his eyes that he could taste my juices as I kissed him. He also took his sweet time exploring other parts of my body with his lips, tongue and fingers. Just prior to my going into the bathroom, he had whispered for me to take off my bra and panties and put them in my purse. I was wearing a black gauze button down shirt and jeans but the denim was thin. He unzipped my jeans and partially unbuttoned my blouse, leaving me exposed and available for his pleasure. I was sitting towards the back of the booth. He was at the outside. I think perhaps the cocktail waitress saw that I was rather undressed, even though he leaned his body across me when he ordered our drinks. I did know her though and I knew that she wouldn't kick us out for lewd behavior or anything like that.

As the night wore on, he tormented me more and more. Squeezing and pinching my tits. Kissing and sucking my breasts all over. Fingering me gently, then more insistently and once even going down on me under the table. I will say that while I don't normally like getting oral sex, I did really like it from him. I wish I knew exactly what his technique was so I could tell the other guys to do it like that but to this day I remain clueless as to what he was doing down there.

Again and again, he cruelly brought me to the edge of orgasm, then stopped all stimulation. To make matters worse, he would have me touch his cock and a couple of times he even had me lie down to suck him. But he only allowed me limited contact with him.

One of my favorite things besides dancing is sucking cock and he knew it. This only added to my torment because he kept making me stop. I sat there in the booth practically shaking with the need to cum and fantasizing. Thoughts ran through my head of him taking me into the men's room and having me suck off every guy that was in there. That's how much I was craving the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth!

I began pleading with him to leave, but he just gave me his devilish smile and telling me that we were going to be the last ones out the door.

Finally it was getting close to closing time but I had the urge to pee. I figured I should just go there because once we got back to my place I had every intention of getting that orgasm as fast as I could. I even considered playing with myself in the restroom stall but quickly put that notion aside. I don't know how guys do that. Something about a toilet and masturbation just doesn't do it for me.

My pussy was running like a stream at that point! I thought it was just because I was so turned on, but I noticed tinges of pink on the toilet paper. My period had just started! I had a tampon in my purse. I figured I should put it in because I didn't want to be bleeding all over my jeans.

We got back to my place not long after that. But he was not about to give me relief just yet. Instead, he said he was feeling hungry and thirsty. He sat down at the dining room table. I got him a beer and some cheese and crackers. He smiled at me and told me to totally unbutton my blouse. As I did so, he opened the drapes as far as they would go.

I lived off of a very busy highway and I knew that anyone looking up could see right into my window with the drapes open like that.

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