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Britney pulled off Jamie's shirt, her boobs were huge, almost spilling out of her pink bra.

Jamie did her best stripper impression, gyrating on Britney's lap as she unhooked her bra, and tossed it at Britney. Britney reached up and felt up her sister this time. Jamie loved her sisters hands there, ever so gently playing with her nipples. Her boyfriend was too rough with her boobs. He saw Jamie with bigger pregnancy boobs and wanted to be all over them. But that was painful for Jamie, as they were so sensitive. Britney though was gentle and her soft touch felt oh sooooooooo good. Jamie let out soft moans at Brit's touch, as she reached down and played a bit rougher with Britney's jiggling tits. This went on for several minutes both women arousing the other. They had secretly been together many times when mama Spears back was turned, and they both knew what the other wanted.

After a while they moved on from feeling each others tits. Jamie's lap straddled Brit's face. Britney knew exactly what she wanted her to do. Her face disappeared under Jamie's skirt as she slid the crotch of the panties aside and began licking. Jamie braced herself on the arm of the couch as Britney's tongue pushed inside of her. She was all over her pink inner walls, as she licked and sucked not missing a single hot spot. Britney was turning her little sister into a loud moaner as the tongue inside her felt heavenly. She loved it when Britney ate her out, she never let Casey do it anymore, cause she knew his oral techniques were not nearly as good compared to her sweet sexy sister. So Casey going down on her would just leave her disappointed. Jamie would grind her pussy in Britney's face, then she would tease her sister. Pinning Britney's arms and pulling away from her. She would then make Britney work to get at her pussy and taunt her.

"What you want Brit?"

"You know what I want!"

"Say it!"

"I want your pussy."

"Really? What pussy?"

"I want your pussy Jamie!"

":Oh well, then here you go my little cuntlicker."

Jamie with a devilishly look on her face, lower her crotch down again making her sister's face disappear under her miniskirt and below her pregnant belly again. Britney had a new fascination it seemed. Jamie's big belly. Britney now understood why Jamie liked feeling on Britney's belly when she was pregnant. Something sexy about a big round belly on an attractive woman. Britney licked Jamie's pussy as she softly caressed her swollen tummy at the same time. In and out Britney pushed her tongue into Jamie. Jamie licked her lips at the pleasure she felt between her tan legs. It seemed to radiate from there to a tingling feeling up her spine. Britney was now making sexy sucking and slurping noises as she seemed to be desiring more than ever what Jamie would give her for her efforts!

Before long she got her wish, Jamie's back arched and her body released her girl cream all over Britney's face.

"Oh Britney yes oh sis yesssssss honey oHHHH fuck FUCK FUCK YESSSSSSSS."

Britney didn't miss a sweet drop. Britney had slept with other women, but for some reason, Jamie tasted sweeter than any woman she had ever been with. Maybe it was the taboo of it being her little sister. Maybe it was how long it had been since they had been together that made her seem so sweet. Or could it be that Jamie just plain had the sweetest tasting pussy there was? That was what Britney's vote would have been! The two siblings again met each other in a french kiss, even more passionate than the previous one. Britney's panties were already soaking wet with arousal, and her sister hadn't even touched her pussy yet!

When the kiss finally broke they got off the couch, and facing each other they kept kissing softly.

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