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Robert could only take this for a minute as he sat up and she leaned to kiss him on the lips. He took her hand and motioned her to lay on the bed. Ginny's turn for some oral treats had her squirming slowly on the bed.

*slam* My head spun around, who the hell was here I thought?. I'd locked the door before I came to the bedroom. "Heellllooooo", Crystal called out. Shit. I quickly put the binoculars under the bed with the lotion and went to the bedroom door. Then thought to myself ....perfect. I could get Crystal up here just in time.

"Up here hon " I called down. She came up stairs to find me sitting in the dark. "what's up you? ....were you waiting for me up here?", she giggled. "Well Crystal ", I started, "you're gonna have to look for yourself" And I held her hand and motioned in the darkness to the neighbors house. "Oh" she exclaimed loudly. Ginny had her legs up tight to her chest and Robert was giving her long licks between what looked like his index finger working it's way in and out of her pussy.

"Have they been at this for long?", Crystal asked. " Oh, since about 8:00", I whispered. Then we sat in silence , Crystal fixated on Roberts face and tongue.

"This isn't the first time I've seen them you know " , my wife hoarsely whispered. "I've seen them walk around naked very often.....and once ", Her voice lowered even more, "I watched Ginny suck Robert till he came in her mouth". Slightly giggling, I asked, " why didn't you tell me?". "Well , I didn't want you to think I'd been spying on them, cause I know you know that I .......uh....flirt with Robert ". Laughing quietly, "You shouldn't worry, Hon, cause I'm not". She kissed me , fully and longingly, and said " I love you".

Then we turned our attention back to the live sex show out our bedroom window.

Robert had moved onto the bed into a 69 with his sweet wife. His blond hair between her dark skinned thighs. Her lips back to giving him a slow torturous suckling.

Crystal breaths were getting shorter as we cuddled in the dark. My hand made it's way up her thigh to find her hand already kneading her cunt thru the fabric of her pants. I stopped her and said, " perhaps we should strip ". That's all it took and she was losing clothing , while not missing any of the sex in front of her eyes. Her hands went for my cock and she kept the rhythm that Ginny was giving her husbands cock. I glanced at the digital clock on the nightstand, 8: 43 it read. These two had been at it for three quarters of an hour just licking each others sex.

I wanted to give my wife the pleasure that Robert was giving Ginny, but I didn't want to miss anything either. Crystal sensing this moved to the window and motioned for me to fuck her from behind. I wasted no time and placed my cockhead to her pussy, and slowly pushed it in till our bodies met. My hands reached up to run my fingers through my wifes blond curls. Her head tipped back to kiss me. Then we picked up the pace, our bodies slapping as we met each time.

Ginny must have had an orgasm.

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