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Vee soon felt a fluttering sensation begin to seep into her bowels and before she recognized it, she was rocking back and forth in the seat as much as the restraints would allow as the dildo ploughed deep into her.

Her anus quivered and clutched at the big rubber cock as another orgasm ripped through her shuddering body and the machine directed cock plunged rapidly back and forth causing her orgasms to rise and crest and then rise again, seemingly becoming more intense as they continued to crest.

Everything became a blur before her eyes and her screams of ecstasy once again filled the room.

Before she could comprehend the degree of euphoria she was now experiencing, she felt a pulsing in her pussy and realized that the cock now in her ass was not the one originally in her pussy but another one, because the cock in her pussy began fucking her again and the tandem double fuck drove her so far into an ecstatic convulsive state that she lost all consciousness.

It was after this experience that she found herself laying on the small hard bed in her room being awakened by the old woman, with a leather collar fastened around her neck and chained to the bed.

After she had peed and eaten, the old lady began to minister to her. With a hot towel, she gently cleaned her pussy and asshole, holding the towel against her to allow the warmth to reduce the soreness and swelling.

Once she had dried her, she applied a soothing salve to her abused parts and when she was through, she placed her thighs into hooks that were suspended from the ceiling, on either side of the bed. Again, Vee found her legs spread open. As the salve soothed, it also seemed to infuse a warmth in her belly that made her yearn for the big dildo.

With one hand, the old lady spread her swollen labia apart and with the other she began to gently slap Vee's clitoris. She first slapped softly, slowly increasing the force until the clitoris had swollen so big that it projected through the swollen labia. Her clit was now on fire and Vee just moaned softly and lay in the bed with both eyes closed, visions of the giant dildo ramming into her body floating in her head.

After a half hour, the old lady left and Vee found that not only was her clitoris tingling and pulsing and was so big that the labia no longer contained it but she craved to have her pussy and ass filled again.

Every day for the next four days, Vee endured the cold showers followed by pussy and ass fucking and clitoris slapping, such that she actually began to look forward to the sessions! Her pussy and asshole were now loose and easily penetrable and she had never come so many times in her life.

Still worried about how her husband Andy was going to know what had happened to her when he arrived, she kept telling the old lady her story about flying on the airplane with the Prince's daughter Puzique, in the hope that she could somehow get her captors to release her. The old lady never spoke to her or even demonstrated that she understood what Vee was telling her and so Vee began to slowly lose hope.

Unbeknownst to Vee, the old lady's daughter worked in the Prince's palace. Occasionally, the daughter and Jellipuzette would meet and Jellipuzette would regale her with accounts of her trips abroad. While talking to her mother, the daughter had learned that there was a mature woman in the camp where her mother worked who kept saying that she had gotten a gold compact from someone called Puzique but no one knew of any such person.

Knowing that Jellipuzette came into contact with her she asked her if she knew anyone called Puzique. Jellipuzette smiled and asked her where she had heard that name. The young girl then recounted the story that her mother had told her about the woman who was imprisoned in the camp receiving a gold compact from such a person.

Jellipuzette screamed when she realized what had happened and ran to her father to tell him what she had done.

"Father, while on the plane coming home, I met this very nice lady and gave her my gold compact as a gift.

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