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He comes home to find a surprise.

In tears we begged them to believe us that it is not our fault. Finally they asked us to quit all social media platforms for the time being and that they will hold on to our phones in the night. Since Shilpi was not as strong willed as me, her parents requested my parents whether she could stay here for a few days with us. Our parents agreed to it and the next day morning Shilpi came with her bags packed with her clothes, required books and her laptop. She was given a small feature phone with her SIM card in it while her parents had her smartphone was locked away in a secure locker in her house. I was also given a feature phone with my SIM card in it and my smartphone was also safely locked away.

We started to go to college without any more incidents. Three days later I opened my eyes in the middle of the night. I was breathing heavily and surprisingly I was fully aroused. My pussy was very wet and I could feel my enlarged breasts and vulva. I was involuntarily biting my lips as I was unable to ignore the sensations building down there. This type of arousal was new to me. I had felt some level of arousal during the time I had read 50 Shades and watched porn during the beginning of my college days. But this was nothing like it. It was as if my vagina is going to explode and I couldn't help but moan. But I closed my mouth with my hand immediately when I realized that Shilpi was sleeping beside me. I looked at Shilpi and found that she was soundly asleep. I got up and went to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet seat to pee when it struck me that may be I could try masturbation.

I never played with my pussy before even though I had plenty of chance to try all these years. I knew that my arousal is not going to subside so easily. So after peeing I slowly split my vulva with my fingers and first gave a slight pinch on my urethra. It sent shivers through my body. Then I started rubbing my erect clitoris. The complex set of feelings running through my nervous system was an entirely new thing for me. I wondered why haven't I tried this before. But all of a sudden something struck my mind and I stopped rubbing myself. I thought may be I shouldn't try this and that I should be completely "pure" before I find my sexual partner.

If I masturbated, I would only be a "Relative Virgin". I wanted to be an "Absolute Virgin". So I somehow suppressed my urge to play with my cunt and returned to the bedroom. Shilpi was still asleep. And I drank some water and returned to bed. Soon I fell asleep. Next day morning while walking towards the metro station, I wanted to tell Shilpi what had happened but then decided otherwise. The college was pretty boring as my mind was occupied elsewhere. It appeared as if the perverted person responsible for insulting us had lost interest in us. That evening after dinner Shilpi and I finished our studies and were watching a movie on my laptop. It was a horror movie and we hugged each other in fear during certain scenes. After the movie we slept off.

I don't know whether it was past midnight but I was again woken up by the wet sensation in my twat and sure enough, I was aroused and was breathing heavily. I wondered what the hell was going on. And this time the arousal was so high that I was not even able to move. I just clutched the bedsheet with both hands, turned my head upwards and curled my toes to contain the bitter-sweet feelings building in my private parts. As some kind of involuntary action I bent my knees and parted my legs wide. Suddenly I realized something. I was blind! I couldn't see anything I looked around and found nothing. It was total blackness. And to my horror, I wasn't wearing my pajama bottoms. Someone had removed it!

Then suddenly a warm object touched my pussy.

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