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Suddenly your nervousness seemed to come back, and you looked at me, a bit unsure. Still feeling bold - was it the drinks? The thrill of anonymity? - I strode into the room and looked around. A beautiful big bed consumed most of the space, with a loveseat and coffee table at the far end, and a desk and chair against the adjacent wall.

"So, Michael," I said, turning to smile at you, "where do you want me?" I walked towards you slowly, holding your gaze. Your beautiful blue eyes. You didn't answer, so I reached out for your belt buckle. "Maybe on my knees, to start?" I said with a bit of a smirk, and again the red tinge appeared in your cheeks as you smiled at me. I slowly knelt, the carpet soft on my knees, and undid your belt. I slid it out from the belt loops slowly, teasingly, before undoing the button on your trousers and pulling down the zipper. I smiled up at you as you stood there, now against a wall, and I pulled your hard cock free - finally getting to see, to touch, this stiff member. It was about 7 inches long and fairly thick. You were well groomed, and your cock looked ready to burst, it was so hard.

I slowly spread my knees apart where I knelt and reached between my legs, letting my juices wet my fingers and run down my hand. Perfect lubrication. I took your stiff cock in hand and slowly ran my hand up and down the length of it, making you tilt your head back and moan. I lowered my head and, in one swift movement, took all 7 inches in my hot, wet mouth, and you gasped. The tip of your cock hit the back of my throat and I opened it up, taking you in deeper. I ran my tongue around your shaft, gently sucking, and I felt your hand on the back of my head apply gentle pressure. Bobbing slowly up and down on your beautiful thick cock, opening my throat to take you all the way in, I was in heaven. Your moaning and guiding my head told me that you, too, were enjoying this.

Finally, between moans, you said "if you keep... doing that... I won't last long..." so, reluctantly, I pulled away and smiled up at you.

"Okay," I said, standing and backing up against the bed, where I sat, knees slightly spread, leaning back on my hands. My intention was to get you to eat me out - I wanted to feel your hot tongue on my wet pussy, probing my opening - but when I looked at you, looking hungrily at me, your cheeks red from arousal, trousers undone, cock standing hard and proud, I knew I needed you inside me.

"Fuck me," I said, losing my teasing tone. "Please... I need your hard cock inside me, right now."

You paused for half a second before moving towards me, kicking off your shoes and stepping out of your trousers and boxers. You leaned down over me, kneeling on the bed, and I scooted back and laid down, reaching my arms up around your neck. You tugged my dress up over my hips and guided your cock to my pussy opening, and then stopped. I looked up at you and you braced yourself on the bed, one hand on either side of me, and met my gaze. "Ready?" you asked, and I nodded, and then it happened - you were filling me, your hot, throbbing cock stretching my pussy in the most satisfying way, and I cried out. You stopped, leaving your cock deep inside me, balls against my ass, and you were panting. I wrapped my legs around you, forcing your cock even deeper inside me.

I couldn't believe it - I had met you 20 minutes earlier and here we were, my dress hiked up to my waist and your cock buried as deep inside my dripping wet pussy as it could go. I moaned and clenched my muscles, tightening around your dick. You gasped, and started rocking your hips, moving inside of me, thrusting gently in, out, in, out while I panted, open-mouthed, beads of sweat gathering on my forehead, my heels clicking together as our bodies rocked in such a primal rhythm. I moaned your name.

"Fuck me, Michael," I said, and you moaned and thrust harder.

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