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Things are not what they seem.

I don't like ugly White guys with fetid breath who call me 'chopsticks' so I turned him down. He's been mad at me ever since.

After our big win, Jean-Joseph took me out to celebrate. We met at Saint Laurent Mall and grabbed a bite at East Side Mario's, this Italian restaurant located downstairs. While we ate some delicious food, Jean-Joseph and I chatted incessantly. He thanked me for helping him win, and I reminded him that his knowledge of Sudan helped the project as much as my civil engineering savvy. While Jean-Joseph talked, I looked at him. I mean really looked at him. He looked really good. Kind of reminds me of that Black actor from the television series The Famous Jett Jackson. I never thought I'd say this but this Black guy is seriously cute. So why didn't he have a girlfriend? Jean-Joseph grew silent after I asked him the question and I worried that I had pushed the wrong button. I apologized. Jean-Joseph smiled and told me he was okay. Then he explained something rather painful to me. His ex-girlfriend was none other than LaShonda, whom he knew in Montreal-Nord.

I didn't know what to say about that. It must really hurt Jean-Joseph to see LaShonda every day with Heinrich, the arrogant German guy. Now I knew why she was always showing off that White dude whenever Jean-Joseph was around. Hmm. Such a petty move. I looked at Jean-Joseph. He seemed so sad. I gently touched his arm and told him he could definitely do better than LaShonda. She's fat and ugly, I don't know what guys see in her. So what if she's got a big Black ass? I'm five-foot-ten, short-haired and slim but curvy where it counts, with a nicely rounded ass. I don't have a huge derriere but I think I'm okay. Too bad Jean-Joseph didn't seem to notice. Looks like his brilliance stops at academic matters. To get this sexy Black stud to notice me, I had to take matters into my own hands. I looked into his eyes and once again told him he could definitely do better than a piece of ghetto trash like LaShonda. Jean-Joseph looked at me and smiled. And that's when I kissed him.

They say the first kiss is the one you never forget. And this kiss was no different. Jean-Joseph seemed surprised when I pressed my lips against his, but didn't resist. Instead, he kissed me back passionately. And when all was said and done, we smiled at each other silently. Gosh he was beautiful. I told him I liked him, just in case he had any lingering doubts. My mother Ling told me that guys minds are kind of slow when it comes to deciphering romantic signs from women. You've got to be Captain Obvious with them sometimes. Otherwise they won't get it. Jean-Joseph smiled and told me he liked me too. We left the restaurant hand in hand. The folks walking around Saint Laurent Mall were kind of surprised to see a tall Black man walking with a tall Chinese gal but Jean-Joseph and I didn't care. We liked each other. We got more funny looks from White guys than from any other group, including Asian guys and Black women. I mean, White guys in Ottawa feel that Chinese women are their property. They always seem mad when they see us dating other races. What's up with that sense of entitlement? Must be a White thing. Whatever.

And that's how it all began. Jean-Joseph and I began dating. And you know what? It totally rocked! Jean-Joseph was an injection of life into my otherwise boring, academically driven but romantically lacking existence. And you had better believe that I did my best to help him get over LaShonda. Speaking of which, the short ugly Black chick had the nerve to give me a dirty look when she saw me arriving in class while holding Jean-Joseph's hand. Whatever. I think she's starting to regret her choice. She's got a tubby, balding White guy and I've got a tall, gorgeous young Black man who's ambitious, going places and treats me like a queen. Oh, yeah. I got it like that, as they say. My relationship with Jean-Joseph continued to progress. I was a bit nervous when he introduced me to his parents.

When I met the

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