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Laura divulges more.

I spread her cheeks and my thumbs find their way inside of her while I take as much of her as I can in my mouth, my tongue playing on her soft skin, circling around her button. She's extremely wet, and she knows I love to drink her love juice as much as she likes receiving mine on her lower back.

Tristie is still holding my shaft, with both hands end-to-end and she starts moving them in opposite directions, and at the same time changing the tightness of her grip. I feel like I've never felt before, it's like my dick has been inserted between the gears of a machine, one that would rub my knob with its thumb... My god this girl knows how to handle a dick. She knows exactly when to release the pressure, when to reapply, what to touch and how to touch it, what to press and what to rub. The movement of her hands starts to become harsher, and one hand is slapping my balls hard with each downward pull on the skin. How can she know how much I like that? Or maybe all guys do like it... Unexpectedly, a real total surprise even to me, I come in my pants for the first time of the night. The shock pushes me deeper against Krissie and now my tongue is in with my thumbs. I let out a muffled cry when Triste keeps rubbing my cock, because she knows how it hurts when she touches the knob, and I can see that she gets pleasure from the subtle pain she's inflicting me.

The girls clap as the first of the five orgasms they owe me for the night has been reached.

Still holding my penis in her hands, Tristie leads me to the ground where I lay down and the other girls stand around me. Raising one hand to her mouth, she sucks her own finger, covered with my cum, and says "Hmmm, I love your taste. It would be a shame to let it go to waste. Here, have some." And she proceeds to kiss me upside down, forcing some of my own juice into my mouth with her tongue, on which I suck greedily. She then makes a sign with her head to the others and they all come at me, removing my clothes and holding me down on the carpet. Maria sits on my right hand, and even though I can barely move my arm, I can still let my fingers play in her cunt. Flower goes to sit on the other hand and gets the same treatment. Camelia and Krissie each sit on one of my legs, and I'm pinned, unable to move, unwilling to move, by these four beautiful girls, all of them completely nude by now. The smell of sex is starting to mix with the candles' sweet perfumes as the room is getting warmer. I can feel Camelia's wetness dripping around my leg, where she's sitting. Both my hands are also in marvelously wet places. As I look up, I see Tristie still kneeling close to my head, and she has taken off her sweat shirt. Her tits are huge and look a bit fake, but I can't stop staring. She slowly presses them against my face, burying me in them. I can barely breathe but the feeling is wonderful and I really wouldn't mind dying like that. She gets up and moves to my right, kneels again and take my sperm-glazed dick in her mouth, proceeding to suck it clean and licking the whole length of it. Once she's done, she takes one of my balls in her mouth, and bites gently into it, just enough to make me scream, and quickly wraps it with her lips and pulls it away from me. She's a master torturer, and as she looks me in the eyes, she lets it go and tells me, "the girls have told me how much you like to be dominated and how much it excites you when you're inflicted a little pain. You're going to love this." She reaches for the sleeping mask on the night stand next to us and places it over my eyes. I am now blindfolded, naked, pinned to the four by four nude beauties, at the mercy of a girl I've never met before who's apparently bent on making me feel things I've never felt before. The simple realization gets my cock back to full attention. Trisite notices and comments on it pleasantly, before gently slapping it a couple of times. I'm in paradise, half-way through pleasure and pain.


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