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A naive girl is taken advantage of by her teacher.

He looked at her, and she noted the pain in his eyes, and pulled him into her embrace. Regardless of what his body did to her crotch, it was his mind and heart that she loved. The rest was just an added bonus.

Minnie felt April join in on the hug, as she professed her love as well. Minnie realized her cheeks were wet with tears, and didn't care as both woman cried with their man held between them. Minnie also noted that her own feelings for April were the same, and told her so. April laughed through her tears, telling the brunette that she already knew, but that she loved her too.

They likely would have stayed like that forever, if Carol hadn't cleared her throat.

"I'm not trying to tell you that what you're feeling, and I will admit that I feel the same, is not genuine, but I felt you should know everything. Especially considering the children you both bear."

Minnie placed her hand protectively over her abdomen. What did her child have to do with any of this? April must have had the same thought. "Our children? What about them?" There was no mistaking the fear in April's voice.

"Your father made his own pheromones, as does your brother... As do you." April made pheromones as well? Once again, Minnie found herself evaluating her feeling towards her dearest friend, only to find she didn't care. She still loved the beautiful blonde woman. It didn't matter what had brought them to this point, the important thing was that they were there now.

It was Adam that put the pieces together, and Minnie mentally kicked herself for not having seen it herself. "So you're saying that our children... My children will have the same... curse?"
"Most men your age wouldn't think of it as a curse," Carol told her son. "But yes, there is almost no doubt that the child April carries will have the same genes, and likely the one Minnie carries too."

"So you're telling me," April said, "that someday, our own children will likely seduce us with their own pheromones?" Minnie hadn't thought of that. She didn't know how she felt about the idea of sleeping with her own child. It was fine for her two lovers to be siblings and do it, and she could accept that Adam and Carol had been together, but up till this point, she hadn't committed any incest herself.

"It is a possibility, yes. But I am working on a counteragent at work; one that will hopefully either stop the production of the pheromones, or halt their effects on someone else." Carol swept her eyes along all of them before continuing. "There is more."

"More?" Minnie almost shouted. She wasn't sure how much more she could handle.

Carol gave her a pitying glance before continuing. "I know this is hard on all of you, but you need to know. There is a man that I work with. Well, not much of a man really, more like a complete douche bag asshole bastard, but you get the idea. He stole the pheromones I had synthesized in order to study, and has been using them for his own ends."

"Mom... Are you...?" Adam couldn't seem to finish the sentence.

"No, I seem to be immune to his advances, thankfully." Carol drew in a deep breath, and seemed to hesitate. What could be worse than she had already revealed? "April, Minnie... The man that is studying your babies is this same man." Minnie went numb. The nice man that was going to pay for the pregnancy was the same man that had stolen Carol's work and was using it for his own ends?

"What does he need to study us for, if he already has your work?" Minnie asked, as the thought occurred to her.

Carol explained how Harold's body seemed to become immune to the synthesized pheromones, and he wanted a way to make it permanent for himself, by studying their genes. Both younger women adamantly stated that they wouldn't go back, but Carol started to convince them otherwise. They were also helping with her research, and she needed to hurry. It would all come to a head on Wednesday if she hadn't found a counter-agent by that time.


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