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Horny women won't take no for an answer from new recruit.

I can take it off just fine on my own," he explained.

Nathan heard a chuckle from the other room and carefully took off his shoes and socks. He hung up his suit coat and turned around to find Monica behind him, her skin clean and glistening with water.

"It's not a matter of needing help to undress," she told him as she started untying his necktie. "It's simply more fun when someone else undresses you."

Monica's smooth, manicured hands deftly undid his Windsor knot, and she whipped it out of his shirt and tossed it on the floor. Pushing him against the wall, she kissed him greedily as she practically ripped his shirt open, getting the buttons loose as swiftly as she could. She stepped back and observed the tent in his pants.

"I thought so," she said. "This could be a long night." She felt his strong, young arms and shoulders, and ran her hands along his chest, feeling his lean, sculpted pecs and abs underneath his white t-shirt. Nathan crossed his arms and pulled the t-shirt over his head, while Monica, with swift, precise motions, had his belt unbuckled and his pants pooled at his feet. Nathan stepped out of them and removed his socks as gracefully as he could, leaving him clad in nothing but his shorts.

Monica led him by the waistband of his boxers to the bed, where she sat and had him stand before her. She looked at him with a broad smile that set his heart racing. Hooking her thumbs in the waistband, she slowly lowered them, allowing his erection to spring into view. She brought the band to mid-thigh and let them fall to the floor.

Nathan stepped out of his underwear, never taking his eyes of Monica, as she took his member in hand.

"This is a beautiful penis," she told him.

Nathan furrowed his brow. "You mean my 'cock?'"

Monica leaned forward until her face was right in front of it, as if she were speaking into a microphone. "There are many names." She gave it a quick lick, and Nathan jumped slightly in surprise. "Penis is the medical, the scientific name. It's also a dick," she took another lick, and Nathan sighed, "a Johnson," she took the tip into her mouth and Nathan moaned, "and a phallus," she told him, and took half his length in.

Nathan's face became a mask of lust, and he grabbed both sides of Monica's head and rammed himself down her throat, taking her by surprise and completely off guard. Her eyes bulged, but she quickly regained composure, swallowing and catching her breath through her nose.

After a brief pause he withdrew, caressing her cheek with his slick, throbbing manhood.

"I want to try something," he told her, feeling like something had just changed between them, though he wasn't sure what.

"Of course," she replied, and Nathan had Monica scoot onto the king-sized bed, where he joined her. She lay down on her back, he got on his knees, between her legs. Nathan leaned down and kissed Monica passionately on the lips, then let his kisses wander around her face. He wasted little time after that, kissing his way down her body, stopping and one nipple, then the other. Then down to her navel. For some reason it excited him that his... juice... had been all over this landscape.

A few more kisses, and here he was. Her place. She liked fingers in there. And since he liked being licked so much by her, it would only stand to reason that...

Monica gasped in surprise as Nathan licked her inner petals. The taste was not at all what he was expecting, but it wasn't unpleasant. Strong and tangy. It mingled well with the perfume she used elsewhere, on her hair and neck. With her legs spread as they were, it looked like a flower had opened up to him. He noticed that with the exception of the patch of fur above, everything was devoid of hair. He licked all around, from one outer lip to the other, and the all around the "flower," top to bottom.

Nathan tried to observe his lover's reaction to see what she liked.

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