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Brad & Rebecca discover why women always go naked.

This created a beautiful ambiance - I knew he'd like it. Last thing, outfit! I stripped down and looked at myself in the mirror. My nipples were already hard, begging to be licked and sucked. My pussy was getting wetter by the second, and I reached down and teased my clit ever-so-gently with my fingers. Mmm...that felt so good...I leaned my head back and closed my eyes...coming to my senses, I left it throbbing for more attention. I pulled on my lacy embroidered baby-blue thong and bra. This was his favorite. I heard the lock turn in the door - "He's back!" my heart sang!

I poked my head through the bathroom door. "Baby! I'm so happy you're back! But you can't come in through the French doors...enter the room from the bathroom!" I said.

He just smiled and shook his head, he's become accustomed to my shenanigans.

I shut the door, and ran back to the bed, laying provocatively across it. As he entered his smile grew. "What's all this baby, huh? For me?"

"Of Course, my love, I want to take care of you..." I got up on my knees and pulled him gently until he was in front of the bed. I unzipped his trousers as he unbuttoned his shirt, wondering what was going to happen next.

I lay him down when he was finally naked and straddled him. I leaned forward and kissed him gently. His hands were stoking up and down my sides, appreciating my body. He smiled happily. "Babe..."

"Shhh...just relax..." I said as I slowly unhooked my bra and flung it on the floor. I grabbed the massage oil and poured a generous amount into my palms. He watched me as I proceeded to glide my hands all over my upper body, paying special attention to oiling my breasts and nipples - he loves to watch me play. Soon I was gleaming bronze in the candlelight...his eyes trailed my hands down my body as I wiped the remnants of the oil on my inner thighs. He knew what was coming.

Slowly, I positioned myself lower on his body, and lazily dragged my body over his, spreading the oil from me to him. He groaned as he felt my oiled breasts skim over his balls and enlarged cock. I paid no heed, dragging myself all the way up him, until my nipples were at his mouth. I dragged down again...repeating this motion until he was satisfactorily hard. He gazed at me longingly, his eyes saying "Put me in your between your breasts, anywhere!"

Smiling, I ignored his look of longing and started to massage his chest and his arms, relieving the tension of the day. He shut his eyes for a few moments...until I was done with most of his upper body...I stroked his hips, waking him up...and lead my hands down to his ready and waiting cock and balls...I cupped them in my hands, massaging them slightly and then turned around on him so that my back was facing him. This way I could do his legs...

"Babe...take off your thong, I wanna see you properly." He commanded. He loves my ass. I got off him momentarily to slide the thong off me and then got right back on. Oh I was getting wet again...I could feel his smooth hard dick press against my warm wet lips. It was just begging for entry. But no! I wanted to massage him first! I slowly leaned over his legs, and started massaging his feet first, moving up to his calves and thighs...this of course left me bent over and my Brazilian waxed holes totally exposed to him. He LOVED it.

"Mmmmm..." he said as he brought his fingers up to me and started dragging them up and down the length of my crack and pussy. He played with my clit, making it wet from my juices, and brought his fingers back down to my hole...pushing two of them in, as his thumb gently stroked my asshole.


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