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Hold Me Tight!

He was tall and large, and his muscled torso was evident through his dirty, ripped shirt. Something in the set of his jaw and the glint of his eyes warned her that he was extremely dangerous, beyond his brute strength. The men who circled the boy were much thinner, emaciated even. They did not appear to have much fighting skill, relying more on their strength in numbers.

In just a minute she sized up the situation and came to a decision. She walked over to the man on the crate. As she approached and came to stand in front of him, he did not move from his relaxed slouch on the crate, but he did look away from the scene up to her eyes.

She took a breath and said, "Sir, you see that boy is in trouble. I would help him, but I know that I cannot win. I believe that you might be able to."

She paused here, but he said nothing, his black eyes unfathomable.

She continued, "If you would be willing to save him, I would be most grateful..." and she let her statement hang, unable to continue.

With slow deliberate motions he stood up in front of her. She was intimidated by his size and strength and could hear the taunting and scuffling continuing behind her, but she stood tall and looked straight into his eyes.

He said nothing but reached out his hand toward her, slowly, as if to give her time to back away. She remained. He pushed aside her cloak and cupped her breast through her tunic. He squeezed lightly and brushed his thumb across her nipple. He slightly tilted his head and she caught the question.

"Yes," she confirmed, despite her shaking voice. "I will bed you if you save the boy."

He continued looking into her eyes as he let his hand drop. Then he nodded and brushed past her towards the group.

She turned and hurried towards him, eager to help so that they might succeed. After all, he was still outnumbered and she had her knife. They didn't notice his approach and he grabbed one man unawares from behind, spun him around and punched him straight in the face. He went down. The man next to him yelled out and swung, but he was punched in the stomach and the kneed in the face, and fell beside his friend.

The last two men turned the full force of their fury on the black-eyed man. Her own courage faltered in the face of the crazed fury in their eyes. She stood only a half step behind the man, but he didn't even notice her. Instead, as the two men charged at him, he charged back and met them in a melee of fists and cracking bones.

When the fight was over, the black-eyed man stood in the center, feet apart, fists down, breathing harshly. His gaze flickered around the room and anyone who was still out either went inside a tent or looked away. The boy was cowering nearby and she went to comfort him. She knelt beside him and whispered, "Come with me and I will try to keep you safe." The boy looked into her eyes and nodded.

The man glanced at her and then walked back over to his dwelling, leaving the broken bodies on the ground. He didn't gesture for her to follow, but she did, pulling the boy along behind her. When he reached the flap he lifted it and she and the boy rushed inside.

Inside it was very dark and she could see partitions separating this room at the entrance from a darker space further in. The man gestured towards a bowl that contained dark pieces, of food, she supposed, and then ducked into the furthest room. She handed the bowl over to the boy, sitting him down in a corner and asking him to stay there, eat and rest.

She followed the man into the back room and found him lounging on some furs and blankets, fully dressed. She pulled the sheet divider across the rope to fully separate the rooms. She sucked in a deep breath and removed her cloak.

She could do this. She knew how to please a man, even if she had only done it with one man before. He had certainly earned it, taking on those men like that, and this was their bargain.

She felt his eyes on her as she removed unlaced her tunic and let it fall, baring her breasts, and then pushing it down over her waist and the floor.

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