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A paranormal engineer captures a girl to power his machine.

He couldn't tell if she was looking or not, she was very good at disguising her glances under the large set of matching white sunglasses.

After a brief moment, a smile formed and using two fingers from her right hand, rubbed her left wrist. She turned and walked off. Jim watched her ass and smooth back as she walked away not knowing what to do. He pulled off his towel and folded it, placing it on the chair next to him.

He didn't remember seeing anything about that in the guide. Would she return in two minutes or was he to follow her in two minutes. Or did the two fingers mean something completely different. He swore to himself at not reading all of the document, at least he would have had an idea. But he didn't have to worry, after a few minutes of swearing to himself, he saw the lady in white walking back towards him with two beers.

She sat down on the chair next to his and leaned over for a cheek kiss, which Jim obliged, having seen it done earlier that day.

"My name's Mary," she said handing him a beer.

"Jim," taking the beer.

"Nice to meet you Jim." There are no handshakes in the code, nothing to broadcast that you don't know each other. "You're new to this?"

"First time. First cruise, in fact."

"Mmm, how delectable. It's like you're a virgin again."

Jim smiled at that. "Maybe you can teach me," he played along.

"Maybe a few things. What cabin?"


"10 minutes?"

Jim nodded. Mary leaned in and gave him another cheek kiss. Before she pulled away, she whispered to him, "You might want to wear your towel to cover that up." Her hand slid down his chest and patted his erect cock, tenting his swimming suit. "I like an eager man and you don't look like you'll disappoint."

She left the way she came and Jim stood up, wrapping his towel around his waist and headed off to this room.


Jim paced the room waiting.

Finally, a knock. He opened the door to see Mary standing there, still in her bikini but now with sheer white pants on. She stepped in, smiling to Jim as he closed the door.

When he turned, she stepped up to him and kissed him firmly on the lips, pushing him back against the door. He felt her first breasts push against his chest, her thigh slide up the side of his leg.

Her eyes were closed, her hands gripped each side of Jim's head, fingers entwined in his hair. It was a long, intense kiss. He reached his hands around and held her ass in his hands and pulled her closer to him. She moaned through the kiss, giving him small vibrations he felt down through his chest and into his cock, which was now fully erect.

Mary slide her hands down his chest and roughly pinched his nipples, surprising Jim. She smiled, "Like that?" Jim nodded.

"Oh my, I can tell it's been awhile since you fucked someone, hasn't it?"


"That's a shame, so much wasted time. I can feel your eager cock twitch every time I touch you. Enough chat, I need a good fuck and I'll bet you've got one just bursting to get out."

She turned and walked towards the bed, stripping off her bikini top and sliding off the bottoms, leaving them on the floor. She stopped and turned back to Jim. Naked with just the blue sea behind her. Her eyes scanned Jim from his eyes slowly, every so slowly down to his feet.

"No time like the present." She said. Jim slipped his suit off. His cock seemed as large and engorged as he's ever seen it. He wrapped his arms around her and they kissed more, his cock rubbed against the small patch of pubic hair she had nicely trimmed.

She turned and pushed him back to where he fell on the bed, laying back. She crawled over him, turned around and lowered her moist pussy to his mouth. He eagerly started licking and sucking on the lips of her cunt. She moaned, helping him by grinding her pussy back and forth.

Jim slide is tongue along the folders of Mary's pussy several times before pushing it in and getting a good taste of her.

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