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She receives her first taste of a hard spanking.

As I bend over to adjust my flats, smack! I look up to see Stephanie smiling at me mischievously. I smile back and dramatize rubbing my ass as if it really hurt.

Derrick makes his first appearance in the mirror, we crack up. He's wearing a white fake fur jacket with no undershirt and his bare chest is sporting several gold chains. His tight leather pants appear to be stuffed at the groin with socks so that his cock looks like a horses.

Derrick looks us both over, his eyes take in his wife and he chortles when he sees me. Looks me up and down and says, "Wow, not bad! Maybe after a six pack."

The party is a slight bust - many have already split; mostly couples remain. We throw back a few drinks and easily mix with a small group: Frankenstein and his Bride; a vampire and his blood bag and three young ladies dressed as Pirates.

It was a bit of a relief to see the Pirates dressed scantily (quite sexy)- at least Stephanie and I weren't the only ones.

After some brief polite chatter, Frankenstein comments on our costumes, "You two really went all the way on the Ho costumes, especially you," looking at me in disbelief. Then directing a goof at Derrick our pimp, "How much for the Hos?"

Getting into his role, Derrick replies, "Well, for dead monsters that will cost millions; but if any of you Pirates are into some lesbian action with Dan - ielle (laughing as he caught his slip), that will cost a fresh beer from the keg."

Now we're all laughing and one of the Pirates trying to cover her mouth from spraying beer cheekily says, "Lesbian? I think he, I mean she might have something under the hood."

Derrick, now really hamming it up, says, "What? This fine dame, check out the goods." And he quickly flashes the front of my skirt. To hoots and demands for more, Derrick continues, "Dan - ielle, bend over for the nice prospects."

I'm slightly inebriated and I'm enjoying the attention, surprising myself I bend over like I've seen so many strippers do - arched back and straight legs. My skirt rides up and Derrick helps it along by flipping it up. My ass is bare and I'm sure my puckered butt hole and tight balls aren't concealed by my sheer thong. Our little group whoops it up and Stephanie gives my ass another slap.

Derrick, using both hands grabs both of my cheeks and says, "This is a fine girly ass." He searches for more to say but just smirks. His grip, the attention, and my exposure stir my cock, rock hard in seconds.

While this is going on, one of the Pirates slides her hand under my skirt, feeling my hardened cock under the constraining satin. Giggling, she says, "He, um she has a huge clitoris!" She stumbles back and trips over her friends.

I've broken free from Derrick and I'm hopeful of hooking up with the Pirate. But it's clear she's had too much to drink and with the mood broken the party slowly breaks up.

We drive back to their house, talking about our antics. I'm a little bummed at the missed opportunity and I'm still horny as hell.

Back at their house, we enter the kitchen from the garage. Stephanie dolls out water and gives Derrick a look. Derrick fidgets a bit and then hits me with a question "Danny, you can go to the guest room and retire for the night or you can really be our Ho. But if you choose to be our slut, you have to do as we say. But we understand if you don't want to, it won't affect our ..."

I cut him off with, "OK." And it dawns on me that they planned this. Hell, I've thought of this with them, but not quite like this.

Derrick smiles, Stephanie winks knowingly. Derrick quickly drops his pants and the socks fall away. He stands with pants to his knees, his hard cock jutting out, his wife watching and says urgently, "All right, come suck my dick!" Perhaps worried I would change my mind.

I drop to my knees, scoot over to his cock, grab it with one hand and engulf it in my mouth.

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