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Adrianna and Alexa arrange a foursome with my dad and me.

With all of the conversations and chats that we have had running through my mind all of my sexual frustrations are coming back. The mere thought has my member standing at attention already. I cup your breast from outside your shirt and massage it gently as you let out a groan and I feel a sense of tension from you as well.

After a few more minutes of caressing and kissing and massaging I get braver and decide to try my hand under your shirt. Meeting no resistance I place my hand on the soft silky fabric of your sheer bra. As I do this I feel your hand across my chest and back over my shoulder. Even braver yet I take my fingers and slide them under your bra and ease it over your breast so that I am now on your bare flesh. As soon as I cup your breast I feel you soft nipple harden, so I lightly tweak it. It begins to feel like a pencil eraser only larger as it hardens. I roll you nipple between my fingers as I break our kiss and move over to kiss your neck and ear lobe. You respond with a series of groans and gasps. I feel your hand start to drop from my chest and across my stomach as your hand comes to rest on my cock. You start to rub firmly squeezing gently through my dockers.

I pull away slightly and look into your eyes and I can see the heat of a passionate woman about to be driven wild. We look at the time and realize we have only been together a little over 15 minutes but you tell me that if we don't leave this parking lot that we are going to be providing some explicit entertainment for those who pass by. So reluctantly we break away further and I straighten myself to drive and then you lean over on me with your head resting on my shoulder. We pull off slowly as we chat about where to go. Fortunately I have an idea that just might work to we start that way and you slide your head down into my lap and I feel your hand massaging my cock through my pants. As we pull out on 29 I start to massage your side and breast as best as I can and I feel the tug at my zipper. In a moment I feel the soft feel of your hand find it's way through my boxers and onto my cock. Almost immediately my cock is at full attention and I feel you tugging at it trying to set it free. In just the same instant, you succeed. I feel the cool air ass you stroke your hand up and down my shaft. Your face, close enough I can feel your warm breath, intermittently. I let out an approving groan and with no warning at all you encase my entire cock in your mouth. Bringing my cock back out of your mouth with a pop you tell me that you have been wondering what my cock would feel like. You go back down on my cock, bobbing up and down while your hand caresses my balls.

Driving has become so much more difficult than I could possibly imagine. You have turned so that all I can reach is your back and the back of your head so that is what I do as I am so desperately trying to concentrate on driving I gently rub your back and the back of your head. I run my fingers through your hair and ride my hand there as you continue to bob up and down. My cock tingling with excitement we finally turn down the road to the park that I found. You come up and ask where we are. I tell you that we are at the park and you only respond with "perfect." As we pull up to the final spot you look up at me and your mouth is glistening with saliva as you grin and continue to pump my shaft with your hand.

I pull you up to me so that I can kiss you.

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