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June indulges hubby's hair fetish in the Greek Islands.

She did not exactly know this guy, but he went out of his way to help her.

"And so the silence begins" he laughed at his own crummy joke, "I will be out in a minute Danni."

"Yeah, okay."

Dave gave her a wide grin as he looked at her, "That means you can close the door while I get dressed."

She closed the door immediately as-if she was three years old and had just saw Santa Claus. Danielle went over to the bed and sat down. There were so many questions running through her mind at this point. Her eyes searched the room for some semblance and peace of mind. The butterflies in her stomach were not the answer she was looking for though. Dave exited the bathroom a few minutes later as promised and hobbled over to the bed where she was sitting. The whole time she stared him down as he did so. She decided to be the first person to strike.

"I do not know what you want from me but you are not getting any."

He looked at her with his deep blue eyes and grabbed her arm to examine the makeshift gauze-enhanced band-aid that he had crafted for her self-inflicted wound. As most morning hangovers the delay in reaction time had caused her to take a few seconds to notice exactly what he was doing and a little longer to appreciate his first-aid job.

"I put some of this cream I had on it and it should heal up nicely."

Danielle looked at him with a blank face, "What do you want from me?"

"A 'Thank You' would be nice. I am not asking you for anything. You can leave if you wish" he pointed towards the door as he finished his sentence, "if you decide to stay I am going to be making breakfast."

He hobbled over towards the door and shut it abruptly. As the door closed Danielle looked up from her staring point in the middle of the carpet. She did not understand men at all which was mainly because of the childhood she had gone through. She was only three years old when her mother decided to leave her with her abusive father. It took the state a few years to intervene and place her into a foster home. Danielle did not get much better treatment at this place and ended up in and out of foster homes. The whole time she was being abused both mentally and physically. There was sexual abusive at her final foster home just before she entered high school.

At this point she started living with her various boyfriends that she had taken a liking to. The drug habits had formed starting early-on with cigarettes and alcohol. These habits which eventually malformed into marijuana and some over-the-counter medication. When one boyfriend started to abuse her too much she moved to another boyfriend. This continued on through much of the beginning of her high school years.

There is always one teacher in high school that everyone remembers. It could be twenty-seven and one half years since the date of your graduation and still remember George English's lecture on the proper punctuation of an English sentence. Not because of the subject matter that you eventually acquired because of the unorthodox teaching style, but because of the teaching style itself. George English was able to "get down to your level" and make the lecture both interesting and fun. Well, Danielle had the equivalent to George English except this person recognized that she was not only a very smart girl, but she had a very heap amount of problems herself. Most high school teachers look the other way, but this man had a general knack for helping out troubled youths. He had decided to make it a mission of his own to help out Danielle.

The final straw that made her turn around though can be attributed to that man.

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