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A hypnotic holstaur faces a trio of suckling vampires.

"You're right! Jon is like mom and I'm like you and you two fell in love. Why is so strange that we did? Your personalities clicked. Why not ours? Fuck, maybe it's not just personalities maybe our fucking pheromones attract each other. Maybe what's weird is that this doesn't happen more often. Dad, what if it does? What if that's why the social prohibition is so strong, not because it's something that's so horrible but because it's something that is common?"

Before James can answer, she's swimming toward the shore.


Jess pays scant attention to the canvas. She keeps her hand on Jon's arm until he turns to her. His face is blank for a moment, then the smile she loves finds his face. She kisses him. "I love you. Now finish your painting."

James is slogging his way through the sand. He sees the kiss and tries not to let it bother him. Would it bother me if I saw her kiss another woman? A much older man? he wonders to himself and decides, that yes, it probably would, at first anyway. He stops at the shower and rinses off the salt water, then again at the foot rinse by Jon and Jess' patio to rinse the sand off his feet. Jess has disappeared inside. James sits by the table as quietly as he can and watches his son paint. He looks for a moment and then inhales sharply. He knows this. It's the club by the pool, where they have live music. And, he has no doubt that that is him, in the painting, looking across the mostly empty dance floor. He's amazed that the face, with very little detail, conveys such a sense of loss and longing. There is a relatively large section of canvas yet to be filled, though there are faint lines, marking the layout.

"That's you, dad, isn't it?"

He's unaware that Jess has returned until she speaks in that whispered voice saved for weddings or funerals. He nods. Travis, Caitlin, and Gloria join them. James sees Gloria jerk her head towards him and he meets her eyes with a shrug. The three women look at each other and without speaking, make their way through Jess' room and head off toward their day. James motions with his head for Travis to follow him and walks around the path to his own patio. He fetches three bottles of water, hands one to Travis who is sitting at the patio table, and then makes his way back to the kids' patio. He touches Jon on the arm. There's that same moment of hesitation, as Jon's mind switches tracks. He takes the water and drains it.

"Thanks, dad. I was thirstier than I realized."

James nods.

"I was watching you that night, when you and mom were fighting," Jon continues. "You hadn't spotted us yet and mom hadn't seen you. I remember the look on your face when you first saw us, mom really, not us. I dreamed about it." He points with the empty bottle at the blank area of canvas. "I don't know if I can make the perspective work, but mom was sitting here, looking in the wrong direction. She had a similar look." He looks at his father, worried. "Should I have asked? I'm sorry. It was a personal moment and I was spying. I'm sorry."

"It's perfectly alright, son. I'm taken aback at how you've capture the misery in my face. I know I felt that bad; I thought I was hiding it."

"You were, except to those of us who know you."

"You want to take a break, hang out with Travis and I, go for a swim, get some lunch?"

Jon glances at the canvas, then back to his father. "That sounds great, actually. If there's no cruise ship, Jess and I found a nice place, not too far from here. Give me a minute to clean my brushes and put stuff away."

James smiles at his son and nods.


If Jess is uncomfortable being nude around her mother, she hides it extremely well.

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