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Old friend pays an unexpected visit.

She did the same, their warm stomachs making contact. They entered another long kiss, they both felt a heaviness that kept the tops on, which only wanted them to feel the molten heat of one-another's flesh more.

They broke again, things moving quicker now, the build up was too much for either of them, cups overflowing. Mari shot up onto her knees and helped Henry get that sweater off, he returned the favor with shirt. Her small hands were at his neck and she showed him her broad smile. He managed to get her bra off, only having to look behind her once, it only had a single clasp, a low-tier difficultly bra. They both giggled as they made full chest-to-chest contact. She pushed him back onto the bed, her tight legs squeezing his pelvis.

He pulled her up and swirled his tongue around one of her nipples, a small hard eraser-head, he wrapped his mouth around her small breast. She moaned and let out gentle giggles as he alternated between her breasts and alternated the suckling and licking. He easily rolled her on her back and kissed her flat tummy. His stubble tickled her her and she curled up and laughed as he moved down, not missing a beat.

He untied and tugged off her right boot, while she handled her left. He gently but firmly pushed her back to the pillow and unfastened her jeans. He pulled them down, slowly, one leg at a time, letting the cool air of the apartment hit her thighs, her calves, her ankles. He kissed her calf, and stared at her, his bright eyes meeting her's, anticipation overwhelming. He clawed under her butt, found the band of her panties and yanked them up and over her toes in a swift motion, the white fabric a blur, disappearing somewhere into his room.

Mari's heart was in her throat as Henry kissed his way down her thighs. She'd rarely found someone that wanted to do this to her, but Henry was more than willing. When his lips touched her inner thigh and she let out a sigh, closed her eyes and rolled her head back. The time between that peck and when she felt his tongue on her clit seemed like a stretch of forevers. When his tongue landed and moved up her lips and over her clit, her back arched and she inhaled deeply.

His tongue swirled slowly, moving around her nub, causing her to grab the sheets. His tongue picked up speed, swirling, darting, moving back-and-forth, up-and-down, flicking, building a tight knot up in her stomach. His lips would closed around her and the hard suck he produced shot up through her, rippling into her throat, producing a moan. One of his hands was on her breast, pinching her nipple. His other hand was cupping her butt, but was moving toward her pussy lips.

Henry licked his finger and slowly pushed it into Mari's pussy. She was tight, so tight he wondered if he'd even be able to get his finger past the first knuckle. Put he firmly soldiered on, sending his adventuring digit further into the little girl above him. He kept his tongue pummeling going. She was whimpering slightly, telling him to go slow. Her scent was all around him as he finally got his finger all the way inside. He slowly withdrew it. She gasped slightly and looked down at him with a grin. His finger went back in, much easier this time. He returned the grin.

She was quickly used to his intruding finger, he lined up a second. This went in easier as well, Henry's fingers looking larger than they really were with her small pussy lips around them, glistening in the glow of the room light. He fingered and licked her, she steamed towards an orgasm. He moved his fingers faster and faster, but not so fast or so hard to hurt her. His tongue and mouth being as random as possible, driving her upward-and-upward towards the ending she was hoping for. It happened! She came, her back arched and she screamed, the world blew away and she could think of nothing but a white glow. Henry's fingers slowed, and withdrew. He kissed her pussy and crawled up her body.

She didn't care that his breath tasted like her when they kissed. She wrapped her arms around him, writhing beneath him.

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