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A family finds pleasure at home.

He moved back, His hand over her mouth and pressing down.

"Still anxious? You must learn patience."

His hand stayed there. She held her breath, thinking He would release her any moment. As the moments stretched out to seconds, then what seemed like minutes, her mind raced, fear looming large. With a laugh, He lifted His hand and she sucked life back in. And found she could do nothing to react to the burn of hot wax on her nipples and running down the curve of her bosom, from the candles now half melted there. She began to feel the heat from them, the small metal dishes warming as the wax melted and burned, points of heat on her tender flesh. Turning her face to the side, she saw her desire before her.

"Now. Take and eat."

Her lips parting, His shaft passed in down her open throat. Using her lips and tongue and cheeks, she tried to focus on pleasing Him and ignore the growing heat on her nipples.

"If you do well, you will not be burned. If you are lazy, you shall pay the price."

Redoubling her efforts, she moved her head along the length of his cock, her lips and tongue teasing around the head and along his shaft, now wet with saliva and the drippings of his arousal. She could taste it, wanted more, her guttural moans expressing both her need and fear. One light dimmed, and she felt a ring of cold around the heat of her right nipple. The light went out and the flesh pulled into the small glass inverted over the candle, tipping the candle and pooling the hot wax against the glass and concentrating the heat. Her cupped nipple burned and pointed hard, retained within the glass cage. Now the left, and her mouth continued to work as the cupping flooded the nipple with molten wax. She could feel Him growing in her mouth, knew that she was close to her goal, reached for Him and drew Him deep into her throat, her lips in the hair of His belly and along the top of His sack. Her dancing tongue was rewarded with the first spurt of His cum, then her mouth and throat filled with His sweet nectar, flowing and rolling in her cheeks, drinking Him as the remaining lights flickered out and the searing heat mapped the landscape of her breasts. In the darkness again, licking her lips now empty of His cock, she knew she would do whatever he asked of her body, that she would offer all she was for Him. Her belly was full and her thirst sated.

She felt no heat, but was not surprised by the flaring of the next match, lighting the trail of candles that led along her belly to the small semi-circle around her mound. Now she saw the bubbles of skin drawn into the glasses on her breasts, held by the vaccum formed from the death of the flames there.

"Well done, pet. No burns there. You just needed the right motivation, it seems. Now, how are we coming along here?"

One glass pulled off with a pop, the candle rolling over and down across her ribs. He examined her tender breast, noting with satisfaction that the glass had left a slight bruised ring.

"A little longer, I think. You must remember our time together."

As though she would soon forget, allowing Him to slip away from her and somehow escape her devotion. Not caught, she thought - I cannot be caught when I have surrendered myself.

He stood at the foot of the table, between her legs.

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