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Roomates continue their mutual exploration.

As she has always done. Isn't she great?

For ages, I busied myself with school and work. There was rent to pay and I was also saving money for Bernard's college education. Back in the day, I attended the University of Notre Dame in Haiti. It was important to me that my son attended a good college and made something of himself. That's why I worked so hard. No matter how much I loved my family, I still had some needs they couldn't satisfy. Some manly needs, if you people reading this drivel catch my drift. Yeah, I mean it that way.

Brockton Community College was full of women. Half of the campus was women, in fact. We're talking about thousands upon thousands of females there. They were black, white, Asian, Latin, Middle-Eastern and everything in between. All races and body types. Tall, short, stocky, fat, thin, muscular, flabby, thick and everything in between. You'd think in a place filled with so many women, I wouldn't have a hard time meeting someone interesting. Yeah, that's what I thought. I thought there were a lot of women at Brockton Community College. I was wrong. The campus was filled with harpies, hussies and bitches. I'm not exaggerating, and I'm not bitter. I'm simply telling the truth.

Back in Haiti, I knew plenty of educated, intelligent and sophisticated black men and black women. These were the people who headed my country's businesses, schools, corporations, churches, etc. I thought the black men and black women of America would be the same way. I was terribly, horribly and terrifyingly wrong. America's black men and black women were for the most part lazy, uneducated, ill-mannered and bitter. I don't know what's wrong with them. Seriously. When I'm on the bus, I see young black women screaming at each other, calling one another by colorful names such as bitch, whore and chicken-head. I don't know too many young black men who are in college but I know plenty who have been to prison. Lots of young black women barely out of high school have multiple offspring by multiple fathers. These females can barely support themselves, yet that doesn't stop them from getting pregnant every time the wind blows. What could be in their minds? Have they heard of condoms? Or simply saying no? It's eerie!

I met many white men and white women who walk around with an air of superiority. They act like they're untouchable, as if the planet belongs to them. And black men and black women living in America are envious of them and deeply resentful at the same time. It's funny. Where I come from, the president is a black man. My doctor is a black woman. My son's pediatrician is a black man. The nicest restaurant in my town is owned by a black person. As is the biggest corporation on the island. Black men and black women can and do accomplish great things where I come from. We don't envy white people. We don't hate them. We know we're just as good. Black men and black women are genetically the same species as white men and white women. We have the same level of intelligence. We're just as good. That's what logic tells me. I wish it were so in America.

Too often I see black men and black women tearing each other to pieces. A prominent and accomplished black man who became a Supreme Court Judge was nearly brought down by an accusation made by a black woman. A black mayor lost his seat after having an affair with a black female member of his cabinet. See what I mean? In America, black women hate black men with a fiery passion. The black woman is always trying to tear down the black man. She doesn't want him to accomplish anything. She wants him down in the gutter. Way down in the hole. Right beside her. Why must it be that way? Black politicians have more to fear from their fellow blacks than from whites. Why? Black entertainers are often victimized by black fanatics. Why? Nothing in the world hates a black man like a black woman. Why?

I wish things were better.

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