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He makes friends in the steam room.

Emily bounded up from the diving board and came splashing down into the heated water of the pool. Letting her eyes drift away from her daughter as she walked, Mrs. Allister made her way over to the cabana. She stepped through the door and closed it behind her just as Morty was about to walk outside and join Emily for a noonday dip in the pool.

"Mrs. Allister," he said, surprised to see her standing there.

"Hello...Morty," she said in a snotty tone, letting her eyes roam over his body from the tip of his black matted hair, down to the swim trunks that he wore, to the floor, and back up again.

"Is there something I can do for you?" he said to her. She watched as he made a piss poor attempt to hide the fact that he was leering at her small, black, two piece bikini covered body.

"Yes," she answered him, taking a step in his direction. "You can do something for me. For starters, you can stop seeing my daughter."

"What?" he said, amazed at what she was saying to him.

"You heard me. I want you to stop seeing my daughter."

"Stop seeing Emily? I don't understand. Why would I want to do something like that?"

"Well, watching the pleasure you took in cumming up her ass the previous night, I can imagine why you'd be reluctant to simply pick and walk away." She looked him in the eye as the astonishment overwhelmed his face. "So I'll make you this offer. You lay off of Emily and I'll make sure that it's worth your while."

"Meaning..." Morty said, still unsure as to what her true motives were.

Mrs. Allister reached a hand up behind her and undid the string holding her top together. A bright wide smile stretched across Morty's face as he watched the black material concealing the two bulging globes atop her chest fall away to the floor. He was beside himself with disbelief. Both palms out in front of him, he lunged at the vision in front of him only to be halted by one of her rising palms.

"Not so fast," she said to him. "Do we have a deal?"

"I don't know. Emily's sure going to be some kind of upset."

Mrs. Allister could see by the way his eyes refused to leave her chest that Emily's feelings couldn't be further from his mind. She took hold of the elastic around the top of his shorts and jerked them down to the middle of his thighs. "Don't worry. I'm sure she'll get over it." She wrapped her palm around the thickening strip of flesh that she'd exposed and began to stroke her hand across it until it swelled to capacity. Lowering herself into a squat, Mrs. Allister wasted no time in stuffing every inch of the trembling mass into the warmth of her mouth and pulling it out again to the sound of Morty's overtly pleased moans.

Taking hold of her by the side of her head, he eagerly assumed control of the situation and began jutting his pelvis back and forth in front of her face. Mrs. Allister listened to him bellow out her name until his words finally melded into a low groan. Arching her neck back, she pulled his twitching rod out of her mouth and turned her eyes up to his. She pumped her fist over his erection and watched the expression on his face crinkle and straighten as he emptied out the contents of his balls across her chest. Suckling on his sagging meat once more, she considered their deal officially sealed.

Morty climbed out of bed the next morning leaving Emily where she silently lay as he sought out other areas of the home. He quickly found his way into the bedroom belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Allister. Mr. Allister had already left for the office by now, leaving the Mrs. to wallow alone in the large bed amidst the mass of twisted sheets.

Morty pulled back the covers concealing her body to reveal the red silk pee jays that Mrs.

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