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The saga of Vic and Bree continues.

"Anything you want, let me get it for you."

"But, that's just it," she states, "I will NOT be your princess."

"But, baby," he says, "Give me a chance."

She laughs derisively. Like any man that smells even the faint possibility of sex in the air, he makes promises lavishly and foolishly.

Foolish, because, during the intervening months since her training ended, she discovered something about herself. She is no longer satisfied to be the object of a Master's attention and desire. She wants to experience the thrill of having a man at her sexual mercy. She wants to be in control and to make the demands. Whether it was her pain or her growing anger toward men that determined this switch, she did not examine closely. She only knows that she wants to do this. She spent hours on the computer learning about submissive men and their Dommes. She learned to recognize the essence of a submissive nature. And, she dreamed of exploiting and shaping that nature. She wants to have a man at her command... have a man beg for release, beg for gratification, beg for mercy.

In this fickle lover, she recognizes the potential for a truly debauched submissive. Bill, a high-level corporate player, is a prime candidate... powerful, yet pushed to the limits of what he is inside. He pulls in over three-quarters of a million dollars a year - and earns every penny. Earns it in the time that he devotes to his job and the stress that he deals with daily. He has sold his soul and believes that sex can fill the hole that was left in the wake. He devotes no effort or thought to a relationship, he just expects his money to purchase it. He has little time for socializing and he arranges his infrequent sexual encounters the way he arranges corporate meetings... via his Blackberry.

This was about to change.

"Well," she continues the conversation, "If we do get together, and I do mean 'if,' I will not be your 'princess,' nor will I be your whore or slut. If we do this, I will be your 'Queen' and you will be my subject. And you will service me in any way that I deem fit," she says.

"Yes," he answers immediately.

"What if I told you that you would be required to do things that would make you ashamed, make you cringe in mortification and shake with fear? And that you would thank me for it later? You will be my sexual puppet. I will piss on you and I want you to crave that piss."

There was a long silence. Then the sound of a gasp. "Yes."

She starts to talk and spin a tale of seduction for him.

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