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The four innocent women submit.

As we climb those stairs, my eyes are glued to your ass, those panties are working themselves up into the crack of your ass with each step. My cock is growing harder than it's been in a while.

As we reach the top, you turn towards me, arms outstretched, and grab me into a hug. Mmmm, god it feels good. I can feel your heart beating as you press against me. My hands travel down your body, it's only a moment before I reach the warmth of your thighs, then slowly glide them up again, but this time going under your skirt.

The heat from the sun and the energy from the stairclimbing have combined to give a fine sheen of sweat to your skin. It just adds to the smoothness, and my fingers are gliding along, just as I reach your panties, our lips collide.

To call it a kiss would be an injustice; this is so much more. Long-repressed hunger is unleashed. Our tongues duel, tangled in a web of sensuality, fueled by pure lust. Your lips circle my tongue, milking it like you'd milk a cock, your teeth nipping ever-so-slightly. Now my tongue traces your lips, trying to get yours to come out.

Our breathing has grown deeper, and our hands are wandering more and more. You gasp as you feel my fingers snaking under your lace, cupping your ass and pulling your body tightly against mine. You can feel just how big my cock has grown. Your own fingers fumble with my zipper, tugging it down and unbuttoning my jeans.

My lips make their way wetly down your neck, you face is turned up towards the sun and I can feel the moans in your throat. I let loose with a moan of my own when I feel your small fingers reach into my boxers and set free my cock. It feels so slick as your fingers spread the fluid already leaking from the tip.

"Oh John, your cock feels so good, so thick, hon, I think I like this."

And at just that moment my fingers are reaching between your legs, finding your syrupy dew...

You jump back at my touch. "Oh fuck, hon, that feels so good...but we can't. Really, we can't."

My cock is bouncing in the air; I stutter for a moment. "C'mon, Marie, what are you talking about. You see how I'm feeling, I felt how you're feeling, you can't deny what is so right."

"Yeah, I know I'm wet, I know I want you, and I felt just how much you want me; but that doesn't change what I said before. Look, John, tell you what....let's just sit down and I'll show you a treat, just like in that story you wrote. And as you're watching me, I want you to stroke yourself, I want to see you cum for me."

You sit down on the bench, your legs spread wide; our eyes are locked together as your hands glide up your thighs. You push aside your panties with one hand, and spread yourself open with the other. Your pussy glistens in the sunlight, your lips slightly puffy and pink. You start to moan again as your fingers trace your lips, parting your crease and circling your clit. Your hips are swaying as you strum, and your fingers begin to move even faster.

My cock is leaking copious amount of slickness; my hand a blur as I stroke. I can see that your own eyes are glazing over, and I want you even more than before.

I reach out and grab that long hair of yours, and in the same movement take the few steps to reach you. My cock is right next to your face. You look up at me, surprised that I'm so close.

"John! I told you, we can't....c'mon hon, I want to see you cum, I want to cum for you....go back over there and sit down. I'm so fucking close, I'll let you suck the juice off my fingers when I'm done."

I just shake my head, and my hand winds your hair in my fist, your head moving even closer to my body.

"You are going to see me cum, you're going to feel me cum, you're even going to TASTE me cum!" I growl, and my cock is right next to your face. I grab it, rubbing the head on your lips, smearing my slickness like a sexy lip gloss.

You try to pull away, but my grip on your hair doesn't allow it.

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