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Elune's Gnomish Priestess.

" As he speaks, he unlatches the trunk and eases the top open. "I suspect that after last week, you were curious about what might come next. Maybe you were thinking about your desire in a new way. Maybe you had particular fantasies. I want to talk to you about them-" my eyes fly to him in a panic - tell him my fantasies? - "-but we're not there yet," he says with a smile, and I relax slightly. Why can I beg him to lick my pussy, or hump his shoe, or edge for him in a supply closet, but I can't tell him what I've been dreaming about for the past week? It surprises me, but James seems unperturbed. "Tonight, I just want you to choose five objects out of this chest. Things that you'd like to experience. Things that you've thought about this week. We might not get to them all tonight, but we will get to some. Pick any five items you like, and lay them on the bed. I'm going to leave you for a few minutes to make your choice. Take your time. Do you understand?"

I nod. "Yes Sir."

"Good." He stands, kisses my head with real tenderness, and leaves the room, closing the door behind him. I'm left alone with the box.

I begin my exploration tentatively, taking out one object at a time and setting it on the bed beside me. Three dildos. Handcuffs. A butt plug. I turn the latter over in my hands, wondering whether I could take it into me, but the thought makes me queasy and I hastily set it aside and continue sifting through the contents of the trunk. Candles. Soft, red cotton ropes. I pause at the ropes, recalling images I had seen online of women with arms bound behind their backs, or bent over the back of a chair, unable to move no matter how much they struggled. My pulse quickens, and I set the rope apart from the other items, the first of my selections.

Nipple clamps. A ball gag. I want to be able to use my safe word, and my nipples still ache from the binder clip treatment earlier. A riding crop. The cool leather warms as I run my hands over it, and I imagine it leaving small red splotches on my pale skin. I quickly set it aside with the rope.

When James returns, I've added the remaining three items to the pile: a wooden hairbrush; a leash and collar; a small, silver vibe. James smirks at my items. "I see that last week's spanking made a real impression," he says, picking up the hairbrush, and I blush scarlet, looking at the floor. "That's good. I promised you a punishment earlier, and you've selected some perfect tools for me." His long fingers run over the rope, then the collar. "I'm delighted by your choices, pet. You've done well." He leans in abruptly, kissing me so passionately that I cry out before melting into his arms, spreading my legs to allow his groping hand under my skirt. He runs a finger down my sopping slit, but to my disappointment, he retreats as quickly as he began. "No panties. Good girl. And not lacking for arousal." He holds his wet finger out to me, and I realize he expects me to lick it clean. I comply, taking my juices into my mouth as our eyes lock. "I think we're ready to get started," he says. "Take off your clothes."

I hastily unbutton my blouse, wriggle out of my skirt, unhook my bra. He waits until my clothes pool on the floor beneath me, then leads me to the bed. "Position one, on your knees on the bed," he says, moving the trunk and beginning to unwind the rope with his back to me. I hesitate. What was position one again? I get onto my knees in the middle of the bed, spreading them as far apart as I can, but I can't remember what to do with my hands. Right before he turns back to me, I interlace my fingers behind my head, but I can tell by his expression I've guessed wrong.

"You can't even remember two positions from one week to the next, slut?" he barks, painfully grabbing a clump of my hair.

"I'm sorry Sir!" I whimper, ashamed. He lets go of my hair and steps away from me, and I feel his absence more acutely than I felt the pain he inflicted. There is a long pause. "Let's see if you've remembered anything at all. Position two."

I almost trip over myself as

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