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Student sleeps with school nurse.

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Keith became to jerk off at the site of her. Bending off to wash the hood of the truck. He saw her big ass sticking straight up in the air. He was wishing his cock could be between her delicious ass cheeks.

Brittany was spraying the truck off and saw her uncle in the kitchen window and waved furious at him, causing her big tits to jiggle and wobble like crazy under her wet tank top.

Keith really blow his load then on the wall in the kitchen.

"Oh fuck," said Keith, waving back and then cleaning up his cum off the wall.

Brittany had finished washing her truck and headed back into the house. She took a nice hot shower and did her hair, making it go straight down. Brittany decided to wear her favorite outfit. A long black shirt with a short shirt over it saying the band KISS stretched across her massive chest. Black hip hugging pants to match and to bring out her black girl like booty which her friends always made fun of. Then she was off for her meeting with Mr. Moore and Mrs. Keibler.

Brittany arrived at the hotel and told the front desk to reach Mr. Moore and Mrs. Keibler for her appointment.

Mrs. Keibler phoned back to the desk and told them, they were expecting her. As she made her way to the elevator, the people in the lobby were impressive with her amazing huge rack, bouncing as she walked.

She got off the elevator on the top off and headed to room 420. She knocked on the door and as it open, she saw Mrs. Keibler wearing a pink robe and bare footed.

"Hello Brittany. Glad you could make it," Mrs. Keibler said smiling.

"Yeah," Brittany said, feeling uncomfortable.

"Are you ok?" asked Mrs. Keibler.

"Yes. I'm fine," said Brittany. "Those the robe is a little bit intimidating."

"Oh. I'm sorry dear. I just got out of the shower," Mrs. Keibler said.

Just then, Mr. Moore comes out with his hair wet, wearing a towel.

"Mr. Moore!!!" said Mrs. Keibler. "Brittany is here. Go put some clothes on."

"OH!!. I'm sorry Brit. I ain't know you were here so soon. Most of our teens never arrive on time," Mr. Moore said.

"That's alright. I like being early in some cases," Brit said.

"Let me go get dress and I'll be right back," said Mr. Moore. "Mrs. Keibler, show Brit some photos and offer her a drink or something alright?"

"Come on in Brit. Have a seat. Do you want something to drink," Mrs. Keibler asked.

"Sure. I'll have some water if you don't mind," Brittany said.

"Ok. Well, you can look at the photos, while I'll get you some water," Mrs. Keibler said, handing Brit the photo book.

While Mrs. Keibler was getting Brit some water, Brit was amazed at all the large titted teens in the photo album. Wearing tight shirts or low cut shirts, bikinis, or some times, just using their hands to cover up what they can of their huge jugs.

Mrs. Keibler came back and gave Brittany her glass her water.

"You know what. I changed my mind," said Brittany. I don't think I can do pictures like these. The world ain't ready to see what I have yet. I'm sorry."

"It's ok Brittany. We get that a lot," Mrs. Keibler said. "But could you drink the water before you go. We don't really like wasting things around here."

"I'm thirsty n e ways. So thanks for the water," Brittany said.

"I'm going to go get dress and tell Mr. Moore that you declined. Because make sure the door is locked on your way out ok. Thank you and have a nice day," Mrs. Keibler said, grinning.

As Mrs. Keibler headed to the bedroom, she closed the door a little bit so it was cracked. She and Mr. Moore watched through the crack as Brittany drunk her water. As Brittany was getting up, she fell back down on the couch, looking like she was drunk. Just like the girls in the picture looked like.

"What the fuck," said Brittany, barely seeing anything.

Brittany had been drugged just like the girls in the photos she was looking at. She could barely move and was tripping out.

Mr. Moore and Mrs. Keibler came out of the bedroom with huge smiles on their faces.

"Lets get to work shall we," said Mr. Moore.

As Mrs.

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