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Down the rabbit hole we go.

Her other hand was pumping Nick's prick, and he and Paul were sucking a nipple each. There was a whole mess of hands delving between her legs and I could tell that it probably wasn't doing anything for her. Gill likes a gentle touch to begin with. Just then she spat Steve's cock from her mouth and moaned "Somebody please lick my pussy."

The hands moved away and Martin bent his head to her crotch, which she was pushing up to meet whoever was going to respond to her request. He reached under her to support her buttocks and clamped his mouth over her lace covered mound. Gill loves to feel a tongue working in past the gusset of her panties. She often wears her panties to bed when she wants me to lick her out. That was obviously Martin's technique as she gave out a muffled exclamation of pleasure through the mouth fucking which she was getting from Steve.

Simon and Mick had a leg each and Mick had removed Gill's shoe and was licking her toes through her stockings. While Simon kissed and licked around her left knee. This was the situation for the next several minutes and then Simon moved up to join Martin in licking my Wife's cunt. They removed her panties by literally tearing them off, and then moved Gill onto her left side. This gave Martin access to lick her from the back while Simon licked her clit.

By now Gill had let go of Nick's cock and was pumping Steve's whilst alternating with sucking him off. When not sucking his cock she was voicing her approval of the oral attention she was receiving. I knew Gill would love the cunt licking so I joined in to relieve Simon from time to time. She let go of my cock as I was now out of reach. Paul now shuffled up to push his cock in her face, which she greedily grabbed and gobbled into her mouth. She was now wanking and sucking-off Steve and Paul simultaneously while me, Martin and Simon shared the job of licking her deliciously wet and dripping pussy.

Nick straddled Gill's upper body and squeezed her tits around his cock and began to steadily fuck her boobs. Around this time I noticed that Mick was fucking Gill's right foot through a hole he had made in her stocking. Weird!

Shortly after this Gill started humping her hips crazily and I could tell she was about to have her first come. She stopped sucking cock and began repeating "Yes, yes yes." Followed by a whimpered "Oh fuck" as her orgasm overcame her. As this first come subsided Gill pushed every one back and sat up. She looked incredibly sexy. Her bra was hanging off her right shoulder and the remains of her panties were clinging to her left thigh. Her right foot was peeping out of her torn stocking. She looked down at the remnants of her underwear and slowly removed her bra and the panties. She then unclipped her stockings and rolled them down her legs crossing them very sensuously. Gill then reached back and undid her suspender belt and tossed it over the heads of the men in front of her. She was now completely naked. Leaning back on her hands she demanded "I want a drink."

I disappeared to the kitchen and returned with an open bottle of wine and a glass. What happened next was the most erotic thing I have ever seen. Gill took the bottle from me and took a great swig of wine. Letting it dribble down her chin and onto her tits. "Ok, that wasn't a bad start but now I want you bastards to fuck me. Pump my cunt hole until I scream in ecstasy. You first", she said pointing at Martin and lying back on her elbows. "Get that big hard cock of yours into my pussy", she almost snarled at him while spreading legs to reveal her rouge coloured pussy.

Reaching down she guided his shaft into her and crossed her ankles behind his back. The muscles in her thighs clenched as she pulled him into her to the hilt, "Yess", She hissed. "Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me." she growled into his face in time with his pumping rhythm. I was amazed at my wife's wanton behaviour. I knew she could be dirty but I hadn't realised how far she would go.

Gill was now kissi

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