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Marte and her friends go on a sexual park adventure.

I found the key right where he said he would leave it when I asked if I could use his place while he was away. We made our way in, flicking lights on as we went for even at this hour his basement flat didn't get very much light. When we reached the kitchen I pulled back a chair and motioned her to sit. When she was seated I poured her a glass of wine while I went to the bedroom to unpack the bags. This done, we moved to the living room and finished the bottle of wine together, making out like teenagers between sips.

I could sense she was starting to get a little too giddy from the wine and her arousal was visibly growing by the second so I stood and took her hand and told her that it was time.

"Time for what?" She asked, a quizzical look upon her face.

"Time for your surprise." I replied.

"Oh! I thought this, us getting away together was my surprise!"

"No sweetheart this is just the beginning.

She rose from the sofa and followed me into the bedroom. I instructed her to remove her shoes and lay in the centre of the bed. When she had positioned herself I finished unpacking my bag.

I could see her eyes widen with every new item I placed on the bed beside her. The Velcro ties made her giggle, the clamps made her wince a little but the little groan that accompanied it gave away her true thoughts. It was when I removed the wand and the small velvet pouch that she really began to wonder what was in store as we had never used toys before, instead, I always insisted that it would be my fingers or tongue or cock that would make her come.

I instructed her to spread her arms and grasp the iron headboard and to spread her legs so her feet pointed to the corners. I had bound her before so she knew what was expected of her. I took four of the straps and took time to fasten her hands and feet, when I was satisfied that she was securely fastened, I went and retrieved the velvet bag.

Her wearing a plug for me was a relatively new thing for us and as always she set about her task with gusto, to the point where she was able to spend a whole day with her ass plugged. It fast became one of her favourite instructions and I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't one of mine. I could see her following my hands, I could practically hear her mental cogs working as she tried to figure out what the bag held.

"Do you want to know what's in here?" I asked.

"Yes, yes I do."

"Ok but first we have to remove your plug."

She sighed, I knew she was unhappy but as in everything, I knew she would do as I wanted. She arched her back upwards to give me access and I delicately removed the plug. Her body shivered as I did so, her ass being touched was one of her biggest triggers. Once the plug was removed I turned the bag upside down and the contents fell into the palm of my hand with an audible thud.

If you've never seen the eyes of an anal slut light up when she's presented with a bigger, newer, shinier version of her favourite plug, I swear you haven't lived. Her eyes lit up and she squealed with joy, only stopping to ask me to please please please insert it.

I duly obliged, making sure that I lubed it well enough that she would be able to take the larger plug. She gasped as I pushed it home and I stood back to admire the view, the white jewel on the end shone brilliantly in the light.

"Let's begin shall we?"

"Begin what?"

"Patience BabyDoll, all will be revealed soon enough."

I placed my hand between her thighs, my palm pressed against her cunt and gently pushed her until she was laying flat on the bed once more. I glanced at my watch and saw that time was getting away from me so I hurriedly moved to the side of the bed and began to undo the ties of her dress. Once undone, I spread it apart so that she was exposed to me, her body perfectly perfect in the warm light of the room, the dark thatch between her legs standing out like an oasis in the desert, yet another instruction of mine as I have always loved pubic hair.

Her bra was next, it fastened

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