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Man encounters a TG and her friends for new experiences.

y'! 'Ass!'

Needless to say, he really came good...maybe it wasn't as tasty as your uncle's, and nowhere near as much, but it really turned him on, and me too.

Because when he went down on me, I tried the same thing, except I yelled out a man's anatomy: 'Your long dick'! 'Thick, creamy cum! I'll admit that it made me cum hard, too.

Not long after that I had a three-way with two lady friends at an after-work get-together...and, I yelled out 'pussy' and 'cunt', and it turned both of my friends on to the point where we drifted from one strong cum to another.

I think, between the three of us, I don't know as to just how many orgasms we had had, back to back. I just love it now, someone talkin' dirty to me. Why don't you do that?" she suggested to me.

"Okay...and you know, that's interestin' about your friend because I too have done the same thing. There's been occasions that I'd done likewise," I said.

Jan then giggled as she said, "Oh, and I heard you a few times...and it got me so horny that I went into the bedroom and got myself off too, just thinkin' of you. I love you, Unc."

"I love you too, baby," I sighed as we three got into position.

Ida laid down, spreading her big legs...Jan then mounted her, saying, "Honey, you got enough pussy for two women..."

Ida smiled, "Yeah, for you and me...and your Unc too."

Jan's head then disappeared between Ida's legs as the latter moaned...and started moving her tanned hips in response to Jan's tongue.

Jan's big butt was right in Ida's face, and Ida grabbed her cheeks, pulling them right to her waiting mouth and tongue as Jan groaned but kept on sucking and licking the other's pussy.

Ida motioned to me about inserting my hard dick deep into Jan's horny cunt. As I did so, Jan brought her head up long enough to say, "Ooooh,'re fantastic. All the way in, oooh, feels soooo good..."

Well, I completed my insertion all the way up to the hair, reveling in the warm snugness and wetness of my niece's vagina.

I then started to work it in and out, which made her moan, shudder and shake...I held on to Jan's hips, fondling both boobs.

And as for Ida, her thick tongue was working on both my long throbbing dick and Jan's pussy, we both were enjoying what she was doing.

Ida in turn was really getting off on what Jan was doing, the former had dipped her pretty head back down between Ida's big legs, licking and sucking.

Jan's hands couldn't keep still either, they were rubbing Ida's big asscheeks or parting them again to probe her tongue deeper into the west recesses.

Once, Ida took her tongue off of Jan's pussy to suck one of my balls, that too was very pleasurable and I cried out, "I LOVE IT, BOTH OF YOU HORNY LADIES...SUCK MY BALLS IDA! OOOOH JAN YOU HAVE SUCH A SNUG PUSSY!"

Ida did so, she took them both in her mouth and made loud sucking noises as she did, it was very hard to maintain control with the White woman's gnawing mouth sucking my balls, and looking at my long dick deep in my niece's Black pussy.

I then felt Ida's mouth releasing my cum-filled balls and she all of a sudden came first, as she gasped, "PUSSY! CUNT! SUCK IT ALL JAN! MAKE ME CUM PRECIOUS BLACK GIRL! OH! OH! OHHHH!" as she heaved violently, but Jan held on, still loudly sucking and slurping.

My turn was next, I couldn't hold back any longer as I gasped, "OOOH YOU TWO! PUSSY! FUCK! CUNT! PANTIES! OOOOOOH BABY!!!"

I shot off another thick load of creamy white "baby batter"...only this time, it was in Jan's horny Black pussy...after I'd came, Ida began deeply sucking and licking Jan's pussy.

Her tongue actually was somehow able to insert itself inside of Jan's cunt alongside my still-hard dick...Jan then came, hollering, "FUCK AND SUCK ME, YOU TWO! I GOTTA CUM HARD! WHITE PUSSY IS SO GOOD! LONG BLACK DICK! ASS! TITTIES!"

One of Jan's hands reached around to grasp one of Ida's huge titties as she came immensely.

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