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The prof. tries to break her pet slave, but goes too far?

"Oh" said Anna, lifting her nearest leg up to hide her bush. She was shocked.

"Come on in guys" said Rachel without looking round.

Shit. This was too much. Jane reacted quickest and asked if they minded, she wasn't going to be seen to chicken out and strolled straight past me into the middle of the sauna. She slowly unhooked her towel and looked round for somewhere to place it giving all of us a full view of her magnificent body.

"Great ass" complimented Rachel who scanned Jane's tanned figure. "You're a lucky man John"

"Hell!" said Anna, "what I wouldn't give to look that good"

I quickly found somewhere to sit down. I sat with my back to a wall facing Jane and not facing Anna and Rachel who were over to my left. I could easily see both of them if I turned and I was dying to check them both out. My cock was swollen without being hard. I knew what was coming next before it happened.

"Come on John, towel off!" Rachel was the boldest.

"No fucking way" I said, "It stays on"

"It's nothing we haven't seen before," said Anna. I couldn't believe this confession thinking she was referring to the blowjob she had given me, but she soon qualified the statement. "You used to spend many a summers day as a young boy running round my garden in the paddling pool with James"

"Yeah come on," said Jane. "Give us all a view of that lovely body." That was it. Three against one! I stood on the bench that I had been sitting on and turned my back to the two older women and removed my towel. Jane was laughing as the others wolf whistled. They only got to see my butt. I placed my towel on the higher bench and lay on it, face down. I'm sure Anna and Rachel got a flash of cock as I positioned myself. We all proceeded to bullshit a little and relax.

I lay on my front with my head turned to the side facing the two older mothers but with my eyes closed. Jane was below me and couldn't see my face. The others could. As they talked between themselves they suggested I was asleep. I wiggled my eyebrows to indicate I wasn't but kept my eyes shut, as I was content to just listen. I could peep a little though when I squinted and could see Anna. She still had her leg bent up so it hid her pussy. Her tits looked ok though. Rachel moved from resting on her front and turned to face my side of the room leaning on her side. I could see her full on. Tits were great for a woman around the 40 mark and her lovely trimmed bush was giving me a hard on just looking at it. She was really beautiful but her face betrayed unease or some sort of troubled thought pattern.

Rachel started talking to Jane about how nice Jane's body was again. "John must really get turned on seeing that body," she said. I wiggled my eyebrows but kept my eyes shut. "Do you two get a lot of privacy?" asked Rachel. Jane purred a cool as you like answer about getting everything she wanted from me and she couldn't be happier. Jane then returned the complement saying Rachel was also very attractive.

Rachel went quiet for a moment and then she started to speak. She spoke with such emotion and honesty that in the next few minutes she would reveal herself completely to us. Not just her body but also the torment in her mind.

"Its not enough just to be attractive. You have to connect with a man and make it last. Look at me. God gave me a face that draws men to me. I'm physically blessed but its all bullshit. All my life men have been giving me attention. Friends of my husband would flirt and hit on me, friends of my son have always been tongue tied around me. I know they probably go home and jerk off. I'm just an object. When do I count as a person? When do my feelings mean anything? I bet John jerked off thinking about me a few times." Rachel was pouring her heart out now with emotion in her voice. Jane was silent and so was Anna. I raised my eyebrows without opening my eyes.

"You are beautiful Rachel," interrupted Anna.

"So are you Anna, I bet he jerked off to you as well.

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