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Vesper heads to Vorhees...and she's not impressed.

She could almost see a woman in Victorian dress gazing out the window at her garden as a sad song played through her fingers.

"It's beautiful," she said turning around to find herself alone in the room. Without him there, she froze in fear of the strange house. "H-h-hello?" creaked from her throat as a small panic set in.

Turning once more, she approached the door and her hand froze on the knob. "Shh..." filled her ears and she could feel the breath of his voice on her skin. Looking behind her, he was gone again. Adeline was getting too scared to pursue him any longer so she went for the door to leave, but found it locked.

"The door is locked, the door is locked," Chanted in her head as if her prayer would open the door. Logic left her mind and she saw herself barreling through the door with her skin pricked with splinters of freedom. Before she could escape, hands gripped her shoulders pulling a scream from her. He held her to his body and she heard his voice again.

"Shh... don't be afraid, I won't hurt you." His voice soothed her mind and made her feel safe while it tightened other things and made her feel hot.

"Where did you go? I thought you left me."

Her hands slowly rose to grip his hands and feel them closer but he slid them down her back and held her hips, his touch nothing more than the whisper of a caress. She wanted more, she needed feel more of him to feel safer; but when she leaned into him she met air. He was gone once more. But she still felt like he was holding her in his embrace.

With her eyes closed she turned to face him and felt his kiss on her trembling lips, coaxing them apart to taste her deeper. This was solid; he felt solid now, holding her and kissing her roughly. His kiss gave her the open window she needed to throw all of her trust and fear into him, letting her just feel.

He pushed her gently back until she felt the fabric of the couch meet her calves. He laid her down and covered her with his body, pressing her into the couch with a new force that took Adeline by surprise. With a little cry, she sank into the cushions and finally met the frozen gaze of her rock star as her baby bird eyes opened to him looming above her.

"What is your name?" she asked when he moved his lips away.

"Why do you want to know?"

She smiled when his hand slithered from her hip to cup her chin. "I guess you could say that I want to have something to scream later."

Her bold statement brought a new flash of desire into his eyes which she could see burn before her. He dipped his head to her ear and sucked on the lobe, teasing the skin harshly before saying, "Chris. My name is Chris."

With that, he moved his hand from her chin and slid his fingers under the waist of her jeans to dip into her. He whispered, "Now scream," before pressing two fingers into her hole and pressing as deep as his hand can take them. As her silky cry crawls out of her throat, Adeline's fingers curled into Chris's shoulders when his name echoed off the walls.

Without feeling his body move off of her, she feels the zipper of her pants pulled and almost felt her jeans... disappear, along with the rest of her clothes. She tossed her head back and forth over the pillow on the sofa as her body moved in time with his fingers.

She opened her eyes and didn't see him in front of her, but she could still feel his hands touching her, his mouth kissing all over her skin. As Adeline's body erupted from the inside, she screamed in time with the ripples- in both pleasure and fear.

He was gone. But he was there.

The motions and sensations stopped on her body and she lay out of breath, sweat falling down her temples and running through the soft valley between her breasts. But Chris was nowhere in sight. After a moment, Adeline stood naked in the dark room feeling vulnerable and used, but still wanting Chris as she began to look for her clothes. They sat on the piano bench, folded neatly.

She padded over on bare feet and bent down to retrieve her clothes and felt warm

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