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Two couples develope more intimate relationship.

"I sat across from him during a private cookout Dale and I had with him, my legs spread on full display. He had to know I was showing off to him. I let my blouse hang open for him to gaze at my breasts and he did not disappoint me."

"You slut!" Karen giggled.

"It had the desired effect, because that night Dale took him aside and told him I had a wicked crush on him, and a powerful fantasy of having him and Dale take me away for a weekend of sex. The young man jumped at the idea. They made plans to take me to a nice resort on the coast two days later for a long four-day weekend of sex. It was the longest two days of anticipation I had ever experienced. But it was so worth it. We had the hottest, naughtiest sex you can imagine... and more sex than I ever thought possible. That is where some of our naughtiest videos came from."

"You have to show them to me," Karen coaxed as they climbed out of the shower. The three of them, each dressed only in t-shirt and their bare bottoms, made their way to the living room where they could slip the DVDs into the widescreen TV. Bev selected several from the back of the drawer. Dale seemed concerned over which ones she was selecting. Karen said she wanted to see the ones Dale was worried about. "Maybe later, Karen, maybe later. Some secrets are a bit too much to easily share, you know," Bev defended.

The TV lit up and the video ran. "Mark was so cooperative. He did whatever we suggested. I guess he realized that would assure him the best experience. Pay attention to that principle, young lady," Bev directed to Karen. The video camera was apparently set on a tripod as the scene was a steady view of a naked Bev face down on the bed and two men, also naked, kneeling on the bed on either side of her giving her a two-man massage. Mark, the young man, was obviously quite excited. He had a slim build and obviously young body, but a very large erection rather wildly bouncing about as he moved. All it took was a nod from Dale and the young man quickly mounted Bev from behind and carefully pushed his oversized cock into her. Karen heard Bev moaning loudly as the boy impaled her with a cock far bigger than she had ever before experienced.

"He's an impressive young man," Bev commented.

The scene showed that Dale obviously got up from the bed and took the camera from its perch and moved it closer for a better view of the young man fucking his wife. There was soon a close-up of the young man's cock, quite inflamed, shiny wet with her juices sliding in and out of her tightly-stretched pussy. Both were moaning loudly. It took the young man less than five minutes before he cried out he was going to come. The picture widened to show the young man contorting and spasming with a powerful orgasm. It was most impressive.

"That boy could really fuck," Bev said. "But you ain't seen nothin' yet, young lady," she added. "I had forgotten how a young man can fuck. Once he had come, he sat back , watched Dale fuck me, and got himself all hot to fuck me again. The guys got a bit competitive with their sexual performances, and I got all the benefits of that. They just could not stop making love to me. Watch." The camera appeared to be again anchored to the tripod. Dale knelt next to them to await his turn. As soon as the young man pulled out of Bev, Dale quickly took his place and resumed fucking Bev, still lying prone on the bed. He was obviously very excited and took very little time before he, too, had a powerful climax. The young man never left their side through this, anxiously awaiting his turn. Dale pulled out of Bev and she finally took the opportunity to turn onto her back. Mark immediately crawled between her legs. Bev wrapped her arms and legs around the young stud as he pushed into her.

"I tell you what, Karen, I was some sloppy by that point.

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