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er to Doctor Harrison and asked, "One on one treatment?"

"Yes," he replied.

Steve winked to him and said, "Yes, she is a popular choice for one on one."

"Hopefully we are nearing a breakthrough."

"Okay, I'll make sure you aren't disturbed."

"Thank you," the doctor replied, watching to make sure the door closed completely behind the orderly. When the door closed he stood up and walked over to Mrs. Ericks.

"Mrs. Ericks," he said, pausing until she looked up at him. "I'm Doctor Harrison, will you please remove you clothes?"

The woman stood up, unbuttoned her gown, then neatly folded it, placing it in her chair. Feeling his cock stiffen, Doctor Harrison quickly undressed himself and then took Mrs. Ericks hand, leading her over to the small bed. She sat down on the bed and when he grabbed her hands and guided them to his cock, she immediately began stroking it.

"Wow, " he thought to himself, "this will be easier than I expected."

Watching the way her hands moved up and down his shaft despite the fact her eyes were completely glazed as if she was somewhere else disturbed him a bit. He took a half step backwards, but she didn't release him. Reaching down, he grabbed her hand and slowly pried her fingers from his cock and backed away.

Dr. Harrison quickly grabbed his clothes and got dressed feeling ashamed. He had taken an oath and right here he was about to break that oath, he was about to throw away everything he had worked for all these years in order for some quick sex with a nearly catatonic patient. Moving over to a nearby chair, he sat down and picked up her file. Leafing through it he noticed she had been involved in these "one on one" treatments nine times already. It appears each time she displayed reduced agitation after the session.

Reduced agitation? Reading further it appears she stopped responding after the sessions, which the doctors who gave the treatment noted was positive. He didn't agree, she...

His thoughts were interrupted as Mrs. Ericks kneeled down in front of him and reached up to unfasten his pants. Dr. Harrison put the file down on the floor next to the chair, stood up and walked her back to the bed saying, "Mrs. Ericks you can get dressed now."

Instead of turning to grab her clothes, she continued reaching for his pants, trying more and more forcefully as he tried to stop her. He finally had to shove her onto the bed to get her to stop. Moving toward the intercom he was about to call for assistance when he felt a sharp pain to the head and he fell to the floor.

Feeling dazed he rolled onto his back holding his hands up over his head, expecting her to hit him again with whatever she had hit him with, but instead she went for his pants. He reached down to try fighting her off but a wave of dizziness came over him. He put his hands flat on the floor and tried to sit up but the room suddenly went black.

It was just seconds before he could see again, but as he glanced down he saw her pulling his pants down below his knees. Suddenly he felt her hand on his cock again and he could see it harden. He tried to reach down and move her hands but he felt so weak, it was like trying to push her away using a feather.

He noticed the edges of his vision going black again, so he stopped trying to fight her off and simply placed his hands on the floor beside him. Through a misty veil of consciousness he watched as his cock disappeared into her mouth and although the pain in his head was pervasive, he felt a pleasurable tingling in his cock.

After a short while, Mrs. Ericks lifted her mouth from his cock, reached down and stroked it a few times and then crawled up beside him. Mark wanted to move his hands but he just didn't seem to have the strength. He opened his mouth and tried to speak, "No, plea..." he stopped when he realized no sound came out.

He watched helplessly as the naked woman straddled him, grabbed his cock and guided it as she lowered her body down on him.

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