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Rider helps two girls in trouble.

She groaned and shuddered pressing harder on my hands. I stopped moving my hands when she seemed to freeze. When I resumed pressing up and over, she gasped, stood tall and then collapsed back into me.

"My god," she panted as I sat back awkwardly on the couch with her sprawled limply resting her head back high on my chest.

My hands had moved from her chest to her neck. I put my mouth close to her ear, "You're not finished. I'm not finished with you."

She stiffened but kept her head by my lips.

"Do you know what I want to do?" I asked.

"No...I mean probably. But you can't. I can't. It's too much," she replied.

"I want to kneel in front of you. Can I do that?"

"I guess."

She brought her knees together as I moved to the floor. She had remained reclined against the seat cushions, slouched down so that her head was uncomfortably pressed against the back of the sofa. She had made no attempt to cover her nakedness. Her breasts showed the effects of the attention they had been given. Her otherwise white chest contrasted with her reddened breasts and engorged swollen nipples. A slight sheen of perspiration completed the erotic vision before me. Her eyes never left mine as I faced her, kept at bay by her extended legs.

I took an ankle, moving it to one side and then likewise moved the other. I reached for a cushion wedging it behind her neck causing her to slip further down so that her buttocks rested at the very edge of the seat.


She stared, nodding in response as I gave her nipples a quick lick and then sucked on each breast, taking as much into my greedy mouth as I could. "Now I want to remove your skirt. Then I am going to massage you. Your suit will still be on. Will that be okay?"

She nodded trancelike.

"Say it!" I commanded her.

"Okay!" she said like a petulant child.

I slowly rolled up the denim skirt that extended down just below the crotch of her bathing suit, until it was up to her waist. She raised her butt to help. I oiled my hands again as she watched intently. She had made no motion to sit up and was squirming knowing what was to follow. I started to massage her thighs from knee to the front of her suit, carefully avoiding contact with the delectable vee of her spread thighs.

I lowered my head savoring the sight of her spread, open and inviting thighs. When my lips met the inside of one thigh and then the other, she moaned grasping my head in her hands, holding it in place. Without touching the gusset of the suit, I blew hot air over her mound. She trembled and slightly arched her pelvis. I repeated the kisses and breaths over her clothed vagina. She shuddered as I sat up and poured more lotion into one cupped hand. I completely covered her crotch cupping her and pressing much as I had done with her breasts.

Using the heel of my hand I could now feel the folds of her canal. Her juices mingled with the oil as I kneaded it in and around her center. With each pass her vagina rose up to meet my insistent pressure.

"Should I move your bathing suit? It's getting oily and very wet."

Her answer was a moan and a rise of her hips in anticipation of the suit being removed. "You have to tell me."

"I can't."

I stopped with my hands ready to start to pull her suit down.


"Please what?"

"You can only touch with your hands okay?"

"And with my mouth and lips and teeth...."

She was panting now with these words. She moaned as I removed first her bunched skirt, tugging till the buttons gave way and slid off her closed thighs. Next I held her suit, rolled it slithering over her raised ass and then, finally, allowed it to fall to the floor.

I sat facing her, feeling in control now of this beautiful woman who opened and closed her thighs slightly. The wetness of the oil and her own fluids matted her trimmed pubic hair exposing her glistening lips with each movement.

As my hand reached her knee, she moved in anticipation by placing each foot to one side exposing her core.

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