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Very shy Cheyenne learns a few things at college.

David was worried that Sarah would go against his wishes and stop the wedding but thankfully she didn't and the moment passed in silence.

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride." David kissed Kim on the cheek as was decided by both of them since she didn't want him getting too attached to her now. Kim had a secret. Her doctor said he was wrong and that her time was shorter than he had thought, which meant she didn't have the three months.

::Later that night::

"Honey, I'm tired and I think I'll go to bed early, I'm sorry I can't give you a sexy honeymoon but at least you won't be left up late by yourself."

David felt a little guilty when she said that. He wished he had met Sarah first.

"It's OK sweetheart, you get your rest. Sarah and I will probably just watch a movie."

"OK, night baby," she said to Sarah.

"Night Mom. Love you."

And she went to bed.

After about twenty minutes Sarah stretched and yawned. She crawled across the couch as gracefully as a woman who was five months pregnant could. She leaned over and started kissing David. He reached around her and undid her bra. Her breasts had gotten larger due to her pregnancy if that was possible. She moaned when she felt him pull her nipples. He pushed her onto her back and pulled her dress over her head leaving her in her tiny little black lacy panties. He leaned down and started to suckle. She was in heaven and just kept holding his head in her abundant chest. She eventually had enough and rolled him to the floor and slowly undressed him while licking and sucking every inch of skin that was revealed. David wanted pussy and he wanted it NOW! He pulled her up his body and lifted her above him and dropped her on his massive tool. Before she even realized she was impaled he started bucking his hips and she had her first orgasm of the night. David reached between them and started to stroke her on his outward thrusts. Soon she was having orgasm after orgasm and David was right with her. They'd stop for an hour or so then start right back up. It was amazing how Kim slept through it all.

Night after night it kept on like this till one night, about two months after they'd been married, as David was crawling into bed with his wife he realized she was having trouble breathing in her sleep. He gently shook her awake and when she woke up she started to gasp about leaving her daughter and him all alone and how she was so sorry. David checked her pulse but it was too late. Kim was gone.

* The next week*

(Two figures are standing near an open coffin, one is slightly bowing his head as the other keeps running her fingers over her protruding pregnant tummy and silently praying)

"Sarah, honey, are you sure you're gonna be OK?"

"Yeah David, I'll be fine. Just give me a minute to say good-bye."

"OK, I'll be here when you need me."

They walk off feeling guilty about their lo but they were in love. So how could it be wrong? Sarah had graduated that past month and they had decided to move to a new town a month before the baby was due. She had kept her real father's name and they could get married right after they moved.


A week after her 19th birthday Sarah went into labor. She had a little boy. They had a little boy. They named him Jacob Green.

The night they got home from the hospital little Jake went right to sleep leaving his horny parents to do whatever they wanted.

Sarah was in the kitchen trying to put a can of formula on the counter when David came up behind her and grabbed her tits.

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