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Surprise at the Gym for two guys.

She was wearing tightly-bound waist-only corset from hips to just below her bust, her breasts left free and almost glowing in the dim light and wrists tied behind the back of the chair.

He had no idea if she was aware of his presence or not. He could see a collar around her neck and cuffs on her ankles, and a rope around her waist further preventing her movement.

A huge, hulking man in an executioner's mask entered the windowed-room from the right, carrying with him what looked like a thick, heavily-knobbled police baton, without the handle. He absently squeezed the woman's breast - despite his huge hands, Jay could see her breasts were more than a handful even for this beast - before shoving her knees wide apart, spreading the lips of her pussy with his right hand and nonchalantly thrusting the baton between her legs.

Jay heard an intake of breath from the woman and low moan escaped the ball gag. The masked man slowly withdrew the baton, almost the whole way out. Jay reflected what he now realised was a double-ended dildo had to be the width of his not-insubstantial wrist, and he was staggered at how far it had gone into her cunt. He could see glistening between her legs as the dildo came out, a rivulet of cum.

The Executioner thrust again, and again, hard and fast in then slowly out. With each entry, Jay could see the contracting of the executioner's bicep, veins protruding.

He eventually stopped, pushing the dildo in as far as it would go, and fastened it firmly embedded hard into the woman's cunt using leather straps to connect the silver eye-rings on the dildo to the corset.

The man walked out, leaving the woman in black prone, bound, penetrated and exposed to her one-man audience.

Seconds later the Executioner he returned, followed on a leash by a blonde on her knees crawling along the floor, also wearing a tight corset, collar and cuffs. The masked man took another leather strap from a tool-belt at his waist. Jay could see in the centre of the strap was what looked like the best part of a thick rubber cock. He watched as the blonde obediently opened her mouth and accepted the prosthetic and the man fastened the gag behind her head.

He led her on all fours on front of the chair, and forced her torso to the ground, leaving her arse exposed in the air. Jay watched as the man lined up her arse with the other end of the black dildo, which was still firmly embedded inside the cunt of the brunette.

The Executioner spat on his hand, and wiped it on the hole of the blonde's arse before pushing her back onto the end of the dildo, skewering her and ensuring it was firmly embedded inside both women - the cunt of the brunette, the arse of the blonde. He unclipped the leather straps holding the baton in place, lengthened them a little, then connected the corsets of the two women together, effectively trapping them on either side of the double-ended dildo.

Jay noticed he had unzipped and was stroking his own cock - he'd hardly noticed in the intervening minutes.

To his right he heard a faint click and a woman came into his room on her knees. Her hands were cuffed, and connected to her corset - this one was white, unlike the two in women on the stage in black - which meant she could not crawl. Her breasts swayed as she approached. She didn't look Jay in the eye. Instead, she did not allow her face to deviate from the direction of his cock and when she reached him, she took it in her mouth with enthusiasm.

She worked her mouth up and down Jay's shaft. For a moment Jay just sat back and enjoyed the sensation, listening to her suck and watching her head bob in front of him.

Then placed a hand on either side of her face and thrusted forward, fucking her mouth.

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