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Life on politically unstable planet isn't what it seems.

Lucy and Jamie had the same exact shriek except Jamie's was an octave higher. Jamie dodged her mother's lunge at her so Lucy came after me. She was soon clambering on my body trying to get my water gun away from me. I held her tightly as I gave her a big kiss and said, "I have a gun for you too."

"You mean this one?" she said as her hand plunged into my suit and grabbed my cock.

I gave her a second or eight to abuse my cock then pulled the remaining gun out of the waistband in the back of my suit. She quickly grabbed it out of my hand and I knew I had to flee quickly.

The water gun war lasted about twenty minutes with sporadic skirmishes into the early evening. Reloading proved to be a slow and cumbersome project so after a while we just enjoyed floating, kissing, and watching the bats swirl over the pool.

We were still in the water when the first meteor streaked overhead. I explained to the girls that it sometimes takes Earth several days to go through a comet debris trail and that we may see more. Before we saw another one our long day caught up with us and we soon staggered to our room.

Our room at the San Solomon Lodge had two beds and Lucy went to bed with Jamie but as soon as her daughter was asleep she joined me in my bed and we had our second fuck.

Kids sleep very soundly. After they are completely settled they do not hear the TV, their parents arguing, or even smoke alarms. I knew Jamie would not hear us but we tried to be quiet anyway and I expected the drone from the air conditioner would drown out any noise we made.

This time we began on our sides facing each other, her upper leg draped over my hip. We had the covers up to our necks. Penetration and withdrawal is such a joyous thing especially when it can be done without breaking the kiss or releasing a tit. Soon Lucy rolled me over on my back without letting my cock slip out of her and I let her set the pace. I pulled the cover over us and we were in our own private tent.

There were several long pauses with no movement but with lots of kisses; we just enjoyed the feel of our complete union. Each pause ended with a complete withdrawal and a slow re-insertion. Lucy had an orgasm from one of those.

I pushed the blanket tent off my face and reached for my small camera then covered us back up. Lucy understood what I wanted to capture and raised her body and pussy until my cock was barely parting her pussy lips. I put my finger over the flash and snapped away. I asked Lucy to hold her pose and checked the image. There was still too much light so I put a corner of the sheet over the flash and took the shot. Perfect. I asked Lucy for a super slow motion descent and I had three more pictures before my cock disappeared from view. I handed the camera to Lucy so she could check the pictures but she immediately complained, "You can't see my face."

"That is for safety and privacy issues."

"Oh," she said. "How about one where you can see my tits?"

She handed me the camera, raised her body so I could get pussy and tits in the shot. I had her raise up a bit more so you could see that there was a cock inside her and I soon had what she wanted. I returned the camera to the night table and Lucy resumed the slow fuck.

Lust eventually overwhelmed lovemaking as Lucy pounded her hips into mine hard and fast until I could not hold on anymore. Lucy had apparently been waiting for a sign from me and immediately ground her pubic area into mine and burst into a spectacular cum that at least equaled mine in intensity. Her bite to my shoulder to muffle her moans intensified and extended my orgasm.

She pressed her hips to mine for a while longer but she was soon sound asleep. I woke up briefly in the middle of the night and found us spooning and wondered when I had fallen asleep and when she had slid down from me. I apparently decided it was not important so I put my hand on her ass and went back to sleep.

That morning we had time for lots of kisses and caresses.

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