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A vampire meets a woman during a time of plague.

Being unfamiliar with him, I asked her to describe him. She said he's an inch shorter than her 5'9" height, that he was very attractive, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. I couldn't resist asking whether he was "bigger" than me. She laughed and said, "Only a man would ask that. His might be an inch or so longer and a bit larger in circumference. Honestly, I could've care less about that. Probably the biggest difference between you and him is that he's very confident when around other people, but I like you just the way you are."

We had hot sex as she told the details of their first coupling. He had kissed her after they had parked awhile. Her hand unzipped his slacks, pulled out his rigid penis and engulfed it with her mouth. He led her to the back of his van where they undressed. He kneeled between her legs and mounted her. Her heels kicked his buttocks as he plowed her hot furrow.

I asked whether he would mind me watching. She said she hadn't told him that she had my approval and that she would need to think about that for awhile. She finally got around to telling him a few weeks later. He had some trouble wrapping his head around it, but agreed to meeting her most of the time at our home rather than just at his apartment. Both agreed they would need to be alone at his place at least occasionally, meaning at his place. When she said that to me, I said I could understand that they could experience greater passion if I weren't around.

They were at his home the night she told him. She said to him that she particularly enjoyed giving him oral sex and couldn't understand why more men didn't do that to each other. He asked, "Is that something you want to watch?" She said yes, she would; and then, as the idea crossed her mind, she said, "What if I ask my husband to thank you for fucking me by sucking your dick?"

He laughed and said, "I'd rather not," but she persisted. She didn't get around to telling me about that before he had begun coming to our on his second visit. I sat in the bedroom's corner chair and watched as they undressed. He urged her back to the bed, pressed her long legs apart and licked her clitoris. She moaned in pleasure until she could not longer resist and cried, "Fuck me, please."

He rolled her to her knees and guided his dick into her pussy from behind. As he thrust into her, her head rolled madly, her hail thrashing the room's warm air. I masturbated as I observed them. He urged her to her back and entered her again. They fucked wildly, her groin rising to meet each of his thrusts, her fingers manipulating her clitoris. She wailed, "I'm gonna cum, soon." He muttered, "Me too," then groaned as his sperm rocketed through his dick and into her cuntal channel.

She led him to our shower. When they returned to the bed, she motioned for me to stand alongside the bed where they lay. She glanced up to me and said, "I want you to thank him for doing to me what you wanted." I grinned and turned my eyes to him and said, "Thank you."

She said, "No! Not like that. I want you to thank him by sucking his dick." I expressed resistance, but she said, "If you want to continue watching us, you'll do what I ask. I did what you ask. That's only fair. Take off your clothes."

I hesitated but began unbuttoning my shirt. I dropped my clothes onto the chair and kneeled alongside him as he lay on his back. She covered his mouth with hers in a deep kiss. His penis was semi-tumescent but began to grow as I held it in my hand. He lifted my wife until he could nurse a breast and she turned her head about to watch as my mouth covered his dickhead.

He lifted his hips in response and drove deep into my mouth. His dickhead struck the back of my throat. My lips clasped tightly around it. It wasn't as much of a problem as I had anticipated. My head bobbed as I sucked. My tongue lathered his stalk. His body vibrated. He groaned in pleasure. My wife, "That's so hot. Suck it good. I want you to be my perfect cuckyboy."

Their affair continued a

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