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The feelings and thoughts of a sub being tested...

I watched my nipples harden as I slid a hand between my legs and rubbed. Squeezing four fingers tight together I pressed against the heat between my legs and rubbed hard in a circular motion. I instantly felt the wetness seeping out of my body and into my panties.

After a few minutes of this I stood up and slipped out of my pyjamas and underwear. I felt so naughty now, completely naked. This was better than the books I thought as I laid on my bed and ran the vibrator over my wet lips. The feeling inside was more intense than anything I had felt before.

"Oh yes!" I gasped loudly, moving the vibrating tip up to my clitoris. "God this feels good."

Unable to resist the throbbing sensation coming from inside me, I quickly submitted to the need and slipped the vibrator into my body.

"Oh, my god," I started moaning "... oh, oh, oh my god."

I closed my eyes and started moving it in and out. It was tight but it didn't hurt as my insides stretched to allow the vibrating object deeper access. I massaged my breasts with my free hand whilst continuing to slide the vibrator in and out of my soaking wet pussy. I was so wet I could feel it seeping out, sliding down through the crack of my bum and onto the bed sheets. I was leaking so much juice.

In no time at all I was having one almighty climax. The sensation started in my toes before shooting, what felt like a hundred miles an hour, up through my body. I tingled all over and my clit became super sensitive before I suddenly felt light headed, panting for breath. My body had never felt so good yet relaxed before as I removed the vibrator and closed my eyes, smiling as I cupped my breasts.

I finally found something to help me relieve all the stress from revising.

As time went by I became careless. I had a lot of time in the house alone and in between bouts or revision I would read a couple of chapters from the latest book I had dug out from the cupboard and play with myself.

One afternoon I was so engrossed in one particular book that I didn't hear my Uncle Geoff come home. Thankfully I wasn't touching myself, a few minutes later and my hand would have been up my skirt and inside my panties.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" I suddenly heard a familiar voice say. "Don't you know you're not supposed to be reading books like that? Those books belong to your Aunt Debbie." He sniggered. "I'm so sorry Uncle Geoff." I said, embarrassed. "I won't read them again."

"It's ok, Sophie." He said in a calm tone. "Do you like reading those books?"

"No." I answered without a seconds thought. Thinking it was the answer I was supposed to give.

"No?" He quizzed, walking towards me.

"I have to go meet my mum ... for dinner." I stammered, placing the book on my bedside table.

"Alright go." He smiled, sitting on my bed next to me.

"Are you going to tell Aunt Debbie?" I asked, worried as I stood.

"No. No I'm not going tell your Aunt Debbie." He grinned. "Come here, I want talk to you." He said, patting the bed.

I had never felt so nervous before in my life as I watched him watching me. I was wearing my school uniform and I knew that lecherous grin, having put up with it from all sorts of men throughout my school years.

"You still want to go meet your mother?" He sighed, his breathing becoming a little deeper.

"Yes," I nodded, squeezing my feet together.

"Ok. Go. Go meet your mother," he said, sounding annoyed, "maybe I'll tell your Aunt Debbie after all?" he threatened whilst picking up the erotic book.

I shook my head and looked down at my feet. I didn't know what to say so I remained silent, waiting for him to speak again.

"Mmmmm, and what do we have here?" I heard him say.

I looked up and saw him holding my vibrator. Had he known all along that I kept it under my pillow inside the pillow case? It didn't matter as my embarrassment and shame reached its highest point.

"What would she say if she knew what her precious little niece was hiding in her bed?" He smirked.

I wanted to call him a hypocrite but then he would know I had been snoop

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