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The next reply was a close up picture of a guy's penis in his hand and it was huge! The only ones I'd ever seen were in health class and then Nick's. Nick's penis seemed large to me, as I couldn't fit the whole thing in my mouth and when I held it in my hand a few inches stuck out on the top. But this one, wow! The guy could barely fit his hand around it and it looked like he could wrap two hands around it and still have some sticking out the top. The girl in the pictures responded with "yummy!" I couldn't believe she was happy to receive a picture of some strangers penis. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the guy's large tool, and I noticed it was getting a little warm.

"That's a nice big one isn't it?" Nick asked. The sudden breaking of the silence startled me and I felt myself blushing for staring at the erection. I giggled nervously then scrolled down through the rest of the comments. After her positive reaction to the first penis picture, lots of guys posted theirs. I had never seen so many differently shaped penises. There were a few ones that looked smaller than Nick's, but for the most part they were all similarly sized or larger. I guess the guys with small penises are shyer about posting them. The girl didn't respond to most of them, only the really impressive one. I gasped out loud when I scrolled down to reveal the mostly naked body of a muscular black man. His penis was huge and it wasn't even hard! I heard nick softly chuckle behind me as he massaged my lower back and I quickly scrolled down. The girl posted a picture with her labia spread showing how wet she was and asked if he was willing to show more. The guy replied with "PM sent."

Confused I asked Nick what "PM sent" means.

"It means private message sent. He is probably sending private pictures to her and hopes she will reciprocate. He's probably hoping she will show her face to him since the pictures won't be posted publicly."

"Oh." I couldn't imagine sending naked pictures of myself to some stranger. Nick had been trying for months to get me to take and send him some naked or scantily clad pictures, but I never had the courage for it.

I quickly scrolled through the rest of the pictures. When I reached the bottom Nick quickly grabbed the laptop and then handed it back, this time with the page showing small previews of many different girls. He hopped off me and headed towards the door.

"Choose another one to look at. I am going to go make us some drinks."

Nervously I turned back to the laptop and began looking at the previews. Most of them were generic shots of headless bodies or close-ups of body parts. I did see one that caught my eye. It showed a smiling girl with long brown hair and her large breasts. I looked around, and seeing that Nick wasn't back yet, clicked her picture.

Most of her pictures showed her face, and she had a pretty smile. Unlike the other two girls, this girl wasn't totally shaved. She had a small strip or dark short hair right above her slit and I think I liked this look over the totally bare one. The first pictures were rather classy, like something out of an art magazine, but further down she had ones with, with her face cropped out, where she obscenely spread herself and even used a dildo on herself. I knew about sex toys, but I had never used one, despite offers from my older sister to buy me one.

CLICK "EEEEK!" I jumped up and nearly knocked the laptop off the bed. I turned around and Nick was standing there with his camera and a goofy grin on his face.

"You ass! You almost made me drop your computer!"

"Sorry, you just looked so erotic laying there looking at naked girls on the internet. I wanted to memorialize this occasion!"

I glared at him. "You'd better delete those, you know I don't like you taking pictures of me."

"Yeah, yeah," he sighed.

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