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Country living has never been so surprising.

Together they gathered up a large rug to lie on from the jeep a small bag of goodies for them to play with.

After finding a suitable grassy clearing in among the thick undergrowth of the wood, Zil slipped down her skirt and stepping out of it, pulled off her tee shirt so that she was totally naked apart from her shoes which she left on, just in case a quick retreat was needed, before lying down on the rug. It was a gorgeous hot day and the only thing to impede their total pleasure might be the flies that had a habit of soon finding the smell of sex on the wind, like a bee to a flower's nectar.

Zil pulled John's pants off too and taking his cock back into her luscious mouth, sucked on it as he lay back and started to read the latest filth he had written for her.

They both had exchanged hundreds of letters and stories over the years. Hidden secretly under stones on their dog walk routes, and later picked up like spies using a dead letter drop.

Wrapped in a small polythene bag to protect them from the damp or rain, the letters were secreted away like precious gems, to be admired over and over again. Only they knew where they were hidden, and the erotic contents were for their eyes only. Nothing was ever too dirty; nothing was taboo that they couldn't share with each other. And later at night over a secret phone call to each other, they would discuss the day's story and masturbate, making them feel just that little bit closer to each other.

"Are you still with me?" He asked her, pausing for a moment.

"Mmmm ..." she muttered letting go of his cock and adding,"I'm with you all the way, hanging on every word. Go on!"

He did that every time he read to her, and it always made him smile at her resentment of having to let go of his cock to tell him what he already knew.

Zil was now fingering herself wildly and slurping around and around in her horny hole as he came to the conclusion of the filthy tale.

As he closed with the words "The end." He rolled on to her and forcing her legs open wide, fucked her hard and fast to make her cum for him. To let all that sexed up tension escape from her cunt and make her cry out loud.

Zil clutched at him and a wanton wild look filled her eyes as she spluttered and shook uncontrollably letting her orgasm flood over her while her creamy cunt blew itself up like a balloon only to crash down hard around his cock while it twitched and pulsated several times over as they both came slowly down from the first big high of the day. She kissed him lovingly and told him "You've no idea how I needed that!"

"I thought you had it only a couple of days ago?"

"I did, but you know how much I need to keep me happy?"

John made Zil lie on her back now and relax while with the aid of a teaspoon he spooned some of the cool yogurt out of a carton he had taken from his goodie bag, into her quivering cunt.

It was very good for cunt's he had once told her, and he had loved to lick it out of her ever since.

Zil lay back and enjoyed the feeling of his tongue flicking in and out of her puss, and rolling over her hard little bud and that constant lapping at her drooling lips as he pulled them open wide so as to go even deeper with his tongue into her hot hungry hole.

When she was fully cleaned out and spotless from all dairy produce, John reached into his bag again and passed Zil their old faithful Rubber Dick.

She laughed at him and took it from him knowing full well what he wanted to see. Sitting up with her legs wide apart she started to rub the head of the large rubber dildo around and around on her hard swollen clitoris, with great determination to please both of them.

John lay back, softly playing with his cock, as he watched with interest the expression on Zil's face as she worked the rubber dick ever so slowly into her hole.

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