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By the time they finished shopping it was lunch time and Frank said he would take her to lunch to make up for his nonsense in the grocery store. She kind of liked his nonsense but she was not about to tell him that. He took her to a sports bar and they had hamburgers and fries and draft beer. When Billie took her to lunch, which wasn't often it was to a restaurant not even licensed. Frank was making her feel like a college student again having a beer and a burger in a sports bar. On the way home Frank asked her again if they could stop at that lookout point and she said no you sleaze, but she still kind of liked that he asked. When they got home the two of them watched a couple of Amanda's favorite TV shows, with Frank teasing her about what a waste of time that was. "There are much better things you could be doing."

"And I know exactly what you think that is," she said giving him a playful punch. "But forget it because it's not going to happen." Then it was time to shower and get ready for dinner because Frank had told Billie this morning that he was taking them out to dinner to say thanks for their hospitality. Frank took his shower first and this time he came out wearing Billie's bathrobe. Amanda had her shower next and she came out of the bathroom wearing the same robe she wore that morning and headed toward their bedroom. She was at the door when Frank came out of the spare bedroom across the hall. He pushed her through the open bedroom door and onto her back on the bed; her robe coming open as he pushed. He got on top of her sucking her breasts and rubbing her pussy.

"Frank stop it," she said but other than keeping her legs close together to deny him access, she did little to stop him. His lips on her breasts and fingers in her pussy was making her wet. When he moved up to kiss her and his cock brushed her pussy, she gave up all pretense of resistance and let her legs open. He wasted no time and thrust into her deep. He stayed motionless deep in her pussy until he felt her pussy start to pulse on his cock. Now he started to fuck her; long deep strokes gradually getting faster as he felt her excitement build. When he felt her cresting he went deep and held still feeling her pussy tighten on him as she had her orgasm. That made him cum in her at almost the same time. He did not pull out but lay on top of her keeping some of his weight supported by his arms as they laid still joined together in post orgasmic bliss. After a short while he could feel her hips start to gently buck against him. That horny bitch, he thought, she wants it again. She might be ready to go again but he wasn't, so he gently pulled out and lay beside her, holding her in his arms. Suddenly she sat up in bed saying, "Frank get up and get dressed; Billie could be home any minute."

"No he won't; he told me this morning he would not be home until six tonight and asked me to make the dinner reservations for 6:30. He gently lay her back down and pulled a blanket over them. "Just relax and let me hold you tight." She did relax and soon fell asleep in contentment. He had to wake her at a quarter to six. He was tempted to let her sleep and let Billie find them both nude in his bed. He could just picture Billie angry and spluttering, yet getting a hard on gazing on his wife's nude body. He did not really like Billie, never did, and what better way to humiliate him than to fuck his wife in his bed and let him catch them.

The dinner Frank took them to was at The Veterans Association Club.

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