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The story of my transformation with my wife.

Aaron obviously hadn't drawn the curtains. Why would Brandon draw the curtains when...

"What happened?" Kyle asked, trying very hard to suppress the moan that was threatening to erupt from his throat. Aaron looked totally delicious in his disheveled state.

Aaron gave a slight shrug. "He's in love with you."

"Really?" Kyle asked with an incredulous look.

"Uh-huh." Aaron replied with a nod.

"Well, at least someone is." Kyle muttered and turned around to pick up a file on the table in the room.

Aaron's heart tightened at Kyle's words. Did Kyle think he didn't love him? Oh fuck! Aaron's heart started to pound. Would he be in Kyle's house wearing his heart on his sleeve if he didn't love Kyle? But then, no one would physically hurt someone they loved. And all the ugly, hurtful words he'd flung at Kyle were definitely bound to give Kyle the impression that he didn't love him anymore. Shit!

"I'll be in my office downstairs if you want to see me." Kyle said and turned to go.

"Kyle?" Aaron called out softly.

With his hand on the door handle, Kyle turned his head to look at Aaron. "Yes?"

Aaron swallowed hard. " you want me to go?" He asked in a small voice.

Kyle shrugged. "Suit yourself." With that, Kyle left the room.

Aaron couldn't help but gasp at the intensity of the pain that reeled through him. "Jesus." He breathed.

That didn't sound like his Kyle at all. He'd lost Kyle, Aaron thought. Shit! Of course he couldn't blame Kyle if he didn't want to be with him anymore. But Aaron felt he had to at least let Kyle know that he still loved him. If leaving Kyle alone was going to help Kyle handle what Aaron had done to him better, Aaron was prepared to do exactly that...but not before he made Kyle know just how much he loved him, Aaron thought. He hopped out of bed and dashed into the bathroom to brush his teeth and then go tell Kyle exactly how he felt about him.


"What the fuck was that all about, Brandon?" Kyle was leaning against his desk with his legs crossed at the ankles and his arms folded across his broad chest.

He'd decided to work from home since Aaron was around. But Kyle found himself checking up on Aaron every fifteen minutes, just to see whether Aaron was still sleeping or awake. Fuck, who was he kidding, Kyle groaned. He just wanted to look at Aaron, sleeping peacefully in his bed. It was on one of those trips to his bedroom that he'd heard Brandon call Aaron an asshole. Now Kyle really wanted to know from Brandon, what the problem was.

"He doesn't deserve you, Kyle." Brandon muttered.

"What?" What the fuck did Brandon mean by that, Kyle wondered.

"He doesn't love you. You don't need him in your life. He's a fucking porn star for fuck's sake..."

"Brandon..." Kyle growled warningly.

But Brandon was on a roll, speaking with so much passion. "What else is he after but money? You need someone who will not hurt you. Someone who will be there for you at all times, someone who will love you."

"And who's that someone?" Kyle drawled, suddenly realizing what was going on. "You?" Kyle asked quietly. Maybe he was wrong, Kyle stubbornly told himself. Maybe Brandon wasn't after him.

"And why not?" Brandon asked boldly.

"Seriously?" Kyle looked stunned.

And just like that, as though in a movie, Kyle started remembering all the weird encounters he'd had with Brandon in the past month. Catching Brandon swimming naked in the pool, Brandon wanking off where he knew Kyle would definitely be passing, Brandon talking to him in an intimate, that had been weird, Kyle frowned. And all that extra attention...How the fuck hadn't he realized what was going on, Kyle wondered. The guy had actually been dropping not too subtle hints and he hadn't even noticed. Kyle almost groaned. Just how far was Brandon prepared to go in his quest, Kyle mused. He willed himself to stay calm to see just how far Brandon would go.

"Give me a chance, Kyle.

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