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One thing leads to another on the beach.

She pulls a black matching bra out, lacing it around her big bust line, but it begins feeling uncomfortable so she tosses it aside letting her big titties flop loose.

She decides against panties also, after trying on 3 pair's of her sexiest, and begins searching her closet for an alluring cover. She brings out the white silk dress she'd worn the first time she'd given Bruce some, when I listened, while screwing his wife Alice in an adjoining bedroom.

After the soft white silk falls over her sensitive body she stands knowing more of her thick thighs are showing than not. Her dark patch of pubic hair shows from the lack of the recommended slip she, intentionally, failed to include in her revealing attire. Her juices began flowing as she felt the soft ankle length sheer white robe she'd selected to, temporarily, cover her surprise from her unsuspecting guest.

It was a mere 15 minutes before Richard was scheduled to arrive when Sandy surfaced from the bedroom. I sat in my recliner watching her sway toward the kitchen checking on the "enticing" meal. Whether it was because my wife was so sexily dressed trying to prove a point, or the way her buttocks shifted as she walked, I knew I had to have her right then and there. We were still having sex in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. I pulled out, leaving us both unsatisfied, as we scrambled to make ourselves presentable.

Richard stood in the doorway, while I couldn't help but be envious over what he'd be getting, thinking fried chicken was to be the entree.

We did the usual chit chat about how nice Sandy keeps the house neat, and all the closet space we have etc., before we sat down for dinner. My sexy wife leaned over, on more than one occasion, almost letting her breast fall across Richard's plate during dinner. He kept complimenting on how good the meal was and never, once, even acknowledged my $10,00.00 big investment.

My cock was throbbing just from seeing her bounce back and forth trying to excite her prey.

After the strawberry shortcake we settled in the living room for more idle talk. Sandy brought fresh coffee while bending over, "accidentally" letting her robe fall loose revealing all that was underneath for the taking. Richard seemed to have never noticed as he kept ranting about the plaques hanging on the wall from where I'd won the local charity golf tournament two years in a row. I heard Sandy's spiked heels hitting the linoleum as she walked across the kitchen floor with frustration. I saw her robe fall to the kitchen floor as she gulped a glass of wine trying to subside her feelings of being denied. Once again I hear the cork pop as she raises, yet, another full glass of wine only to have it emptied in less time than the first.

Richard was asking about my golf handicap when Sandy steps over her fallen robe yielding another glass of white wine. After seating herself in the chair opposite Richard, and myself, she crosses her legs while her white silky dress crawls above her thick thighs. She spreads just enough to where Richard had to notice she wasn't wearing panties above the silky stockings.

My cock was about to explode, while I sat there, knowing our young minister was eyeballing my wife's hairy pussy.

We had a mild dispute, afterwards, over which one of us saw Richard's crotch bulge first but our man of cloth's crotch did, indeed, bulge when Sandy spread even wider.

She had him exactly where she wanted him.

After sipping the last drop of wine Sandy moved over between us as we sat on the couch admiring her luscious body. First she began squeezing Richard's fat crotch while he pretended to be still admiring my trophies but I knew which trophy he wanted now. I felt her hand squeezing my hard cock as she squeezed his even harder.

Richard hesitated for a second, until I winked, then ran a hand up my lovely wife's silky dress feeling what was soon to be his.

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