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Brittany helps Heather, as a French maid, seduce a guy.

..." Bloody hell! That really was a shock. Steve felt himself go red -- a rare thing, as he re-read the message. He'd never received a message quite like that! Was Tina really up for it or was she just a real prick tease?


Dressed smartly, Steve stood waiting by the ticket barrier, dying for a nervous cigarette (but unable to have one as he stood on the platform). Tina sneaked up and suddenly slipped her arm around him and, with a cheeky grin, set off, guiding Steve towards the waiting train. She too was dressed for business and looked good, Steve reflected.

Fortunately they had a double seat facing forward, with no-one in the seat opposite, giving plenty of legroom for them both. Tina unshipped her laptop and opened up a couple of files, pretending to work. Steve looked over her shoulder and saw they were in fact playlists for I-tunes. Tina passed him a spare pair of headphones and they were soon swapping tracks back and forth. The journey was only interrupted by the trolley buffet, from which they had a couple of small bottles of red wine and a sandwich.

At last the train pulled into their destination and Steve chivalrously helped Tina down from the train and grabbed her bag. He was rewarded with a solid kiss.

"And that's just for starters, if you play your cards right!" she threw over her shoulder as they set off on the short walk to the hotel.

Steve followed, properly noticing her walk for the first time -- mmm, rather nice, he thought.

Reception at the hotel didn't bat an eyelid as

the two of them checked in and headed upstairs.

The room was ok -- a little faded, but perfectly serviceable. And only one big bed.

Both of them paused, just over the threshold of the room, the door propped open slightly by their bags. Steve's mind was partly on pause, partly running flat out, paused with the shock of actually being there, but running on apace with the possibilities...

The door swung closed and they stood for a moment, not speaking.

"Well here we are, then...." Steve ventured

"Yes, we are," Tina had never sounded so unsure.

"Let's unpack then," and Steve made a start.

Within five minutes they had both put their clothes away and were stood, slightly self-consciously between the bed and the dressing table. Tina turned towards Steve and, almost at an unspoken command, they were kissing.

The kiss grew in intensity -- their tongues probing and wrapping around each other. They made eye contact and broke off -- reluctantly. Steve spoke first.

"We don't have to do anything -- you can stop at any time."

"Uh huh..."

"No -- I mean it.... you can call halt at any time."

Tina's reaction was to grab Steve by his tie and thrust her tongue down Steve's throat.

Steve reached up and slipped his hand behind her neck, pulling her closer to him.

As they pulled apart, Steve's hand came up between them, gently running his fingers over the buttons of Tina's top. He undid the first, nearest her neck, noticing the pulse in her neck as he did so. It quickened noticeably as he began to undo the buttons down her blouse, his hands pausing briefly as he passed between her breasts.

Her blouse slipped easily from her slender shoulders, leaving Tina with her breasts only hidden by her plain black bra. Steve paused again, before slipping the strap from one shoulder. Tina bit her lip and closed her eyes as the slightly padded cup of her bra slipped down.

She swallowed hard, as did Steve, as her smooth flesh was revealed.

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