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A new role for Bee.

Jake blushed at the compliment, and was at a loss for words.

He learned that his dance partner was Kathleen and that she was divorced and lived across the river in New Jersey. She and her friends had stopped in after dinner to celebrate one of the other's promotion.

"Lucky for me" Jake said, "or I never would have met such charming ladies."

Jake excused himself to use the rest room and when he returned, only Kathleen was still at the table. She explained that the others had to leave, but that she wanted to stay and at least have a few more dances with him.

They spent the next half hour out on the floor, enjoying the music and the companionship. When they finally sat down, Jake's eyes met hers and he could not resist leaning close and brushing her lips with his. She returned his kiss and he could feel his heart thumping in his chest as she leaned into him.

No words were spoken and none were needed as they rose from the table and walked hand and hand from the bar. Kathleen leaned against him as they walked slowly the block and a half to his hotel in the warm summer air.

As they entered the elevator, Jake took her in his arms and they kissed long and deeply, her curvy body seeming to melt into his. Jake was excited by this beautiful woman and knew that as they held together she could feel his arousal.

They kissed again once inside his hotel suite, just holding each other, lips together and swaying as if the music was still playing for them. It had been a long time since Jake had been with anyone, and his body was tingling with anticipation as their kiss deepened.

Kathleen seemed to take control then, pushing him back into a chair and telling him that she wanted to dance for him. His eyes fixed on her as she swayed before him, her fingertips deftly undoing the buttons of her blouse. As it parted he saw the sheer white bra with the tops of her full bosom spilling from it, a rose tattoo adorning the top of the left breast. He could see the hard tips straining at the thin material as she tossed her blouse aside.

She had kicked off her shoes and his breath caught as she quickly unzipped her slacks and sensuously wiggled them down over her hips. They fell to the floor and she kicked them aside, standing now in just bra and matching panties and sexy stockings that accentuated the curve of her legs.

He felt a momentary wave of panic. This was a real woman, he thought, not one of those giggly girls that he had dated. He wondered if he could be man enough for her, and fulfill her needs and desires.

She moved again, her hands reaching back to unclasp the bra. Her eyes were on his as she leaned forward and let the garment slip from her body. Her breasts were magnificent, full with pink tips and very hard nipples. As she straightened up her hands slid up to cup those beautiful globes of flesh. She pushed them upward and dipped her head. Her tongue flicked out to wet each erect nipple, and then she looked at Jake and gave him a playful smile.

She moved closer now, turning away from him and bending over as she slid down her panties, her sexy round bottom bared to his eyes. She wiggled it sensuously before turning again and moving to him.

Kathleen leaned forward, bringing her lips to his. As they kissed, her hands went to the material of his denim shirt, pulling it open, buttons flying as she bared his broad chest. Her lips moved to his body, showering kisses on his chest. She caressed each nipple with her lips, and nipped playfully at them with her teeth.

Jake's head was spinning. This was the most aroused he had ever felt in his entire life. He quivered as he felt Kathleen's lips slide to his belly, tongue swirling into his navel as her fingers moved to his belt.

She slid down on her knees between his legs.

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