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Curiosity gets him a taste of the cat - o' nine tails!

Move into the office bedsit for the next week. If you are still here when I get home, I will leave you. I love you Joel but you owe me this and I am going to have it one way or another." Anna turned and walk away. Joel knew he was defeated and there was not going to be any negotiation.

Joel turns off the cold shower; the knowledge of what will be going on at home has been eating him up. He had booked one of his staff into a job in Japan but decides to go himself. He packs a light travel bag and leaves the office for the airport.


4 Days Later

For the first time that week Anna walks into the house, her young lover had left for the airport to return home to Spain. She had been true to her promise and kept her boy toy out of the house, but now he was gone and it was time to see if Joel could live with his old promise.

She had surprised herself just how much she had enjoyed her time with Emilio, but what surprised her most was how easy it had been too relax into the affair. The sex had been fantastic, wild and passionate, so unlike the sex she and Joel had been having, or not having, for a very long time. She had had some thoughts of regret that she had hurt Joel. But he had betrayed her at the most vulnerable time in her life; he would have to learn to deal with it as she had.

Anna picks up the phone and rings Joel's office. "Joel Masterson's Martial Arts Academy and Security Services," states the deep voice at the other end.

"Max, it's Anna can I speak to Joel?" her confidence fading, a quiver of nerves starting in her voice, would he reject her?

"Anna, he's in Japan. He told me he left you a note. Anna, when Joel told me he was taking the bodyguard job he looked sick, I have never seen sensei look like that," said Max.

"Did he leave a contact number?" she asks.

"No, he's at a health spa babysitting some pop-star; they won't allow any tech, no interruptions. I have a panic number but Joel told me to only use it in an absolute emergency. Anna, you two ok?"

"I don't know if we're ok Max." Tears begin to pool in her eyes. Joel, what have I done, she thinks.

Anna suddenly feels dirty. She goes upstairs to shower and as she walks into the bedroom she sees Joel's envelope on the bed. She opens the envelope and removes the letter, it is written in Joel's precise handwriting.


Dear Anna

Not a day has gone by that I have not regretted hurting you. I would give anything to be able to take back the pain I caused you. I will honour our agreement and allow your affair but I can't do it here in town.

I have taken a job in Japan and will be away for two or three weeks. Max has the panic number if you need me. I think the extra time will give us both time to think about our future. I love you and when this is over I hope we can forgive each other and spend the rest of our lives together. I know I brought this on myself and now I must pay the price.

Please take your time to decide if we have a future, when you are sure, call Max, he can give me the message. Tell him "leave" if you want me out of your life, tell him "stay" if you still love me.

Love Always



Anna falls onto the bed, curls up into the fetal position, and weeps. All her confidence is gone, the thrill of her affair has been replaced with emptiness and fear.


The babysitting job in Japan is the easiest job Joel has ever had. His job is to keep a spoilt little pop star safe from the Paparazzi. Joel could never understand how a talented good looking girl could get into such a drugged-out mess. The health spa was isolated and he has most of his time to himself, time to train, time to reflect, time to wait for Anna's reply.

When Joel received the "stay" message from Max, he was over the moon.

He immediately wrote and posted a letter to Anna.



I am very happy to receive your stay message and promise you, if I come home, I will do everything in my power to make you happy.

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