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Shy young black intellectual meets Canadian beauty.

In front of us, the fielders shift in response to the batter at the plate, and I whisper "look hon, they want to see us better."

My cock slides slowly out of your wet hole, and then back in and I hear a catch in your voice as I whisper and thrust at the same time. Slowly but steadily, I keep pumping into you, feeling your body shake and quiver as I slide my cock deep into you, and then back out. Stretching your hot little cunt wide with my thick cock, in front of everyone in the stadium.

Suddenly we hear a roar...and out of the corner of my eye, I catch the view of the jumbotron. It's us. You on my lap, your skirt spread out, nobody having any clue that I'm fucking you right there, in the stadium, not just in plain view, but now, larger than life on the screen before us. Looking up I slowly thrust in and out of you, and force your head to watch the screen. The look of joy in both our faces is unmistakable, for us, for the rest it's a sweet young couple enjoying the day. "They're missing all the best stuff aren't they baby," I whisper to you.

The thought of all the witnesses sends a shiver down both our bodies, a rapid fire wiggle inside your wet pussy. And that thought is all it takes. Just as the camera shifts to another view, I can feel your cum soak my cock, dripping down onto my boxers and covering me. The spasms inside you drive me over the edge and I throw a load of cum deep inside your now soaked pussy.

I lean forward and kiss you on the cheek tenderly. Holding you down so that your pussy can still clench around my softening cock. The moment seems to last forever. Our love flowing between us, shared, and filled within us.

We spend the final innings of the game laughing and teasing each other. Playfully tossing beer and peanuts at the other and then licking each other clean. Couples around us nudge each other playfully, encouraging their partners to do the same, or at least to remember when they were that young and playful.

Little teasing jokes are tossed between our mouths, as are kisses, nibbles and deep tender expressions of love. The joy that we feel finally being together manifests itself in our happiness. Our shared love, and in our totally playful attitude. The total lack of caring in what anyone else thinks, says or does.

The game begins to wind down, and we're so into each other that we don't even notice. As the players clear the field we take our turns mobbing the field trying to get autographs from our favorite players. Even that is done halfheartedly though, because it means we are separated.

As we're filing out, our fingers intertwined, I lead you thru a semi hidden doorway to what looks like a closet. We duck in there, and I smile sweetly and say "not a sound baby, trust me."

It's now hours past when anyone should be inside the stadium, and we decide that the coast is clear. Ducking out of our little hiding spot with furtive glances across the hall to make sure we're not seen, we RUSH back to our seats to take a look around the empty ball park. Smiling at each other we run over to the dugout and hop over it onto the hallowed grounds of Camden Yards. Like two little kids, we run around the bases, teasing each other with little pinches and spanks, basically loving the moment, the company and each other.

The stars are shining down on us and there are no lights above save the moon, and the glow of our love, our joy and our pleasure. We sit down on the pitchers mound and begin kissing. Suddenly, we're drenched! "Oh shit, it's the auto sprinklers baby, run, to the dugout!"

We slip into the dugout together, and look around. Touching the walls that have surround greatness. Touching each other. We don't even bother pretending and just pull each other's wet clothes off. Standing totally naked before each other, we pull close in a warm embrace. Hugging each other tightly and warming each other with the fire burning between us.

I drop to my knees before you, slowly.

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