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Quadruple the fun.

"I think I'd like that very much."

She very carefully climbed into his lap, and slowly stretched herself out against him. "Is this better?" she asked as she snuggled up against him. Her face was just inches from his and soon their lips were pressed tightly together again.

His right hand quickly found it's way to her left breast. His left hand slid down her back to gently caress her butt. The material of her dress felt very silky, which he actually notice for just a minute, before his brain reminded him of the wonderful lady under the dress, and that she was in his arms.

Their kiss deepened, he felt her body pressing into his, and into the hand at her breast. He slowly worked her dress up in back, until he was able to caress her butt through only her panties. He felt her breath catch in their kiss, and her body press hard against his. One of her hands covered his as he caressed her breast. She squeezed his hand gently and then removed his hand from her breast.

She stooped kissing him and sat up a bit. The hand she has just taken from her breast she raised to her lips, kissing it. She looked deep into his eyes as she told him, "I want to make love with you. But, not here, this isn't comfortable. I have a blanket in the back, I want you to make love to me under the moonlight in the park."


He lay back against the blanket as she kissed her way down his bare chest. Kissing her way down across his abdomen, he shivered in pleasure at what she was making him feel.

She wasted little time undoing his belt and unsnapping his jeans. She sat up and he felt his jeans sliding down and off. She started kissing her way up the inside of his thighs, something he had often done for other but never really experienced for himself. Her warm lips and soft, wet tongue felt incredible as she worked her way slowly up his thighs. Then he felt her kissing him over his jockeys, her mouth wrapping around curves and mouthing him softly.

Then she was swiftly pulling off his jockeys, tossing them somewhere behind her.

"Oh my, it's so big," he heard her exclaim.

Half laughing he was quickly up on his elbows looking at her. "What did you just say?" he asked.

Her eyes found his and he saw the humor in them though her face remained completely serious. She had always said that her eyes could never hide her mood. "Isn't that what I'm supposed to say?"

He laughed. "In this case I'm afraid that would be a case of false advertising darling."

"No, no, no," she lost her composure, giggling. "It would only be false advertising if you said it, I'm allowed to make such claims aren't I?"

"Good point," he managed, just before he fell back and moaned loudly. She had just taken him slowly into her mouth, sliding far down his erect penis. She bobbed her head up and down on him several times before slowly releasing him from her mouth.

"Honey, I have to say you're not exactly small, and oh my do you taste good." The last she said with an exaggerated lick of her lips.

He blushed again. The second time for the evening and it left him speechless.

"What's the matter honey, having trouble speaking? Perhaps I should do that some more, you seemed to be able to moan just fine when I was doing that for you." She smiled sexily at him and lowered her mouth to him again, slowly taking him into her hot, wet mouth.

He did moan again. He also managed to find his voice.

"Oh darling, I can't deny that feels wonderful. However, I think at the moment I'd really love to have those incredible lips of yours up here kissing mine. Besides, you're still almost dressed and I think it's my turn to be the undresser. I've been looking forward to it all night now."

Once again she slowly released him from her mouth. She sucked rather hard just before he slid out, causing him to moan loudly again. "You've been undressing me with your eyes all night, is that what you are saying?"

"Pretty much, yep," he admitted.

She laughed. "No one can say you aren't honest," she said as she slid up to kiss him deeply.


He finished sliding her bra off as he gently sucked on her

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