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Two strangers meet in a hotel bar and things get hot.

"Colin, sit down love, have a nice play, don't get carried away..."

So I did. I lay on my side supported by my elbow, rubbing my cock as mum slowly and then more quickly rubbed the length of her cunt and then began to play with her clitoris, making small circular motions before returning her stroke to the whole length of her vagina. I moved closer and to my surprise mum didn't back away -- soon our bodies were touching, and I moved my free hand to her outer thigh. She groaned and closed her eyes briefly, before moving her hand to my thigh, but this time to the inner thigh just below my balls.

"Oh fuck Colin, we shouldn't be doing this -- look just move your hand to my bum, that's right, now just rub between the cheeks a little, oh I love that, now can you just tough my bumhole, there that's right very gently, just rub your finger around the outside, it really turns me on..."

As I did this mum moved her hand up my inner thigh to my balls, letting it rest for a moment and then taking my balls in her hand and kneading them quite hard. I gasped.

"Can't you take a bit a ball squeezing Colin? What if I do it a bit harder?"

And she did, and I gasped louder, but at the same time I pushed my finger into her arse and it was mum's turn to gasp.

"Colin, that's very naughty, you shouldn't do that... but now you've started keep going, not too hard, just the tip inside me, yes oh that's the first time anything's gone up there, it's good, now let's see if I can cum..."

She rubbed harder and faster and I carefully moved my finger inside her bumhole, and then she came much harder and more loudly than the previous time, crying out and arching her back towards me, squeezing her legs together and trapping the hand I had between her legs. I saw a red flush on her throat and chest above her tits, and she looked really out of it all for a couple of minutes.

"Ohhh Colin, that was amazing, love, take your hand away now, I just need to get my breath back.... did you cum too?"

I told her no, and she smiled. "Good, I'm glad we've still got that pleasure to come... if you see what I mean. How would you like to cum, lover boy?"

Being called lover boy made me feel good, and I lay right back and asked mum to kneel next to me. I took mum's hand and placed it on my hard cock -- I half expected her to pull it away but she grinned and squeezed me hard --

"Shall I wank you then Colin -- would you like your old mum to make you cum? Hmmmm you're a dirty little sod aren't you, wanting me to do this? But you're quite sexy too and you did help give me a lovely time.... So how do you like it -- it's been a while since I've done this so I may be a little rusty..."

As she started to rub my cock I reached up and touched her tits -- again I thought this might piss her off but she gave me a sort of well we've gone this far I don't see I can stop you now look, and then she really surprised me by putting one leg across me and straddling me so my cock was only inches from her wet swollen love canal. I thought for one moment she might put me inside her but she didn't --

"There that's a bit more comfortable but don't get any ideas, I'm only going to masturbate you... you're my son and we shouldn't even be doing this..."
It was an exquisite few minutes -- mum was simply wonderful, and let me touch her tits and even half sit up to lick and kiss them. As I got to the point of no return I lay back, one hand on each of mum's thighs, and let her rub my cock faster and faster with one hand and squeeze my balls with the other until the inevitable long deep shuddering cum took hold of me and the grey juice spurted from my cock over my chest and neck and mum was climbing off and I saw one last glimpse of her swollen sex and then she was getting dressed, and then she did the think she'd done before of wiping up the cum with tissues, except this time she lingered on my cock and wiped me cleaner than strictly needed.

"Well Col what did you think of that?"

"It was absolutely fantastic mum -- thanks so much -- you were wonderful! I've never

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