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As soon as he saw he swung open the door.

"Come on, quickly," he snapped. "You're awfully late. I have to be out of here for a meeting soon, but I still have time for you."

"Late?" thought Sandra indignantly. "I'm fifteen minutes early. Late, indeed." Politeness made her refrain from correcting her customer.

She entered the hall and closed the door behind her. Things immediately went all to hell.

"When I requested someone in a school costume, I envisaged a tartish version of one," the man told her. "That one actually looks real."

Before Sandra could comment on this strange remark the man had hold of her and was expertly kissing her. She tried to protest, but his mouth covered hers quite savagely, taking what he wanted from it.

Suddenly frantic, Sandra started to struggle, only to be stunned again when the man drew his head back and laughed.

"You do that well," he complimented her, before resuming his assault.

Sandra found her back was pressing against the wall as her supposed customer pressed hard against her. Still trying to struggle, Sandra gave a muffled shriek as she felt her panties descending. Hammering on his back made no difference. She could feel him entering her. God, he felt huge.

Thankful that she was no longer a virgin, Sandra felt this swine's cock eagerly ascending. She didn't think she could have borne it if she'd lost her virginity to a lout like this. What was happening was bad enough.

The assault on her mouth didn't stop, even while the assault on her pussy developed. Sandra could feel him withdrawing and tried to pull away, knowing what was coming next. It came. With another muffled scream Sandra felt that damned cock charging back into her.

Totally ignoring her attempts to struggle and yell, her assailant thrust forcefully into her, quickly building up a rhythm that Sandra found herself reacting to, even though it was against her wishes.

Sandra settled back to wait for the man to finish, feeling her hips thrusting energetically against him as he ravished her. She was startled when he suddenly reached down and seized the cheeks of her bottom, lifting her and holding her tight against him, his hips thrusting into her non-stop.

Moving swiftly, the man carried her through to the front room, where he set her back on her feet and then as suddenly as he'd entered her, he withdrew.

Sandra was in two minds by that stage. Or rather, her mind and her body were at odds with each other. Her mind was saying "thank god that's over", but she was annoyed to find her body saying "hey wait. I haven't finished".

She quickly found out that any relief her mind might have felt was short lived. She was spun round and bent over the end of the couch. To her shock she saw that the hiatus had been so that the man could don a condom, and now he was behind her and his cock was resuming its interrupted duties.

Sandra found that she was at least able to shriek her protest now, totally ignored though it might be. And she could swear that damn cock was growing in size as he pounded it into her.

Her hips were again moving to his beat, and in sheer frustration she gave a little twist to them as he drove in. She was startled to hear a groan, and curious, she gave the same little twist with the next thrust. She was rewarded with a curse, and at the same time felt some interesting sensation running through her own body.

Sandra discovered that she had a little vindictive streak in her make-up. She started adding those little twists at erratic intervals, relishing the feeling of power it gave her when she was rewarded with oaths and groans, as well as liking the thrills that ran through her body.

A climax was coming on, Sandra knew, probably for both of them. "Well," she thought, "if I have to put up with this I'm going to have my climax."

She started twisting almost constantly as she was being mercilessly drilled, feeling her excitements levels rising rapidly. Then she was squealing as her climax hit her and she lay bent over, shuddering as it swept through her.

Slowly she came to realise that

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