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Last installment- things get interesting with the boss’ wife.

She loosened her belt, and lowered the top of her dress to her midriff, exposing her gorgeous and bare C cups. "You should close that door now."

"What about my brother?"

"Well, what if I tell you that I'll have something waiting for him when he gets back?" Carmela said, as she pushed her dress down and stepped out of it. She took a couple of seconds to set it atop the chair next to the desk, so it wouldn't get all wrinkled up.

"He wouldn't go for that." Derek said.

"Do you really think he'd turn me down?" Carmela asked, turning her back and showing off her root beer brown thong. She slid it down, past her hips, and allowed it do drop to her ankles. As she bent down to pick it up, she heard Derek finally closing the door.

She turned around and watched Derek undress. His lower abdomen and thighs were just as tanned and perfect as the rest of him. His cock was just a little longer and thicker than average. It had a certain symmetry to it that complemented the rest of his body well. Except for the mustache, he was a perfect match for a living, breathing Ken doll. By now, you might have guessed that this type of guy was Carmela's favorite type. Or better said, it was one of her favorite types.
Carmela stepped back toward the bed, where she noticed her Hobo handbag. She picked it up and took it over to the desk, standing it up prominently so that she would know exactly where it was. Then she walked over to stand before Derek. She noticed that he was taking in the pleasing curves of her body, even as she was taking in the sculpted, lean muscles of his.

He was more than a Ken doll, Carmela considered. He was an Adonis, and she was going to be his dark skinned Aphrodite.

"Kiss me like you mean it." The Latina dared. "Kiss me as if I was the only woman left on Earth."

"At this moment, you really are." Derek said.

A single bold step brought them to being inches apart. A quick and forceful snag from his arm jarred their flesh together.

His body felt as hot as it looked, Carmela thought, as Derek's lips plunged at hers and tried to smother her breath away. She responded with equal zeal. They became two Titans battling for control, for domination of their intimate universe.

All four of their hands were reaching out, caressing one another's backs and butts, grasping and clasping on shoulders, and squeezing anything they could grab a hold of. They both grunted lustily, with neither giving in so much as an inch to the other. They moved as if they were both hungry predators that refused to show any signs of weakness or vulnerability to the other.

Derek pushed Carmela toward the bed, only to have Carmela counter his move and slip around him. She pushed him toward the bed even harder. When Derek tried to reverse his spot a second time, Carmela toppled them both onto the mattress.

Carmela straddled him, and engulfed him as a storm would a fishing vessel. Her need was feverish, as she began grinding and mashing her hips on Derek's body. She found him matching her actions with his own, as he bucked his hips upward in a near perfect cadence. His hands didn't cup her breasts, instead they clasped the space directly underneath them, making them jut out further so he could watch them bounce better.

He was a professional fucker, even as she was, Carmela realized.

Derek gave her a few minutes on top, allowing Carmela to savor the feel of him. Suddenly, the surfer shoved her aside, so roughly that part of her back, and one shoulder ended up pressed against the wall. He scrambled onto his knees, and dragged her back to the center of the bed. The bottom of Carmela's feet ended up against Derek's chest, her knees folded and her thighs drawn on top of her breasts, when Derek penetrated again.

Derek kept himself rigid and steady. Out of professional courtesy, Carmela permitted his tactic, just as he'd given Carmela her chance a moment before. They both exhilarated in their lust for a short time, until she decided that another reversal was in order.

Carmela pushed Derek back, breaking their union and rolling her body off the bed.

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