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A slut's journey to becoming owned.

Amanda was still dressed, partially. Her yellow baby-t was pulled up over her full breasts and her skirt was hiked up over her hips. The yellow thong she wore had just been yanked to one side revealing her hairless slit. "Come on Danny, I want it now." She smiled hooking her thumbs into the waist of her thong and pulling it down and off her long shapely legs before tossing them down onto the prone man. "Look everybody else started without us. I told you we should have came sooner!"

He looked up over his shoulder offering an embarrassed smile to the rest of the Rangers as he stood up. Amanda took him by the hand and moved over to the bed moving onto all fours and kissing James. As their tongues danced she brought her nails up and gently raked them down over his chest. "Mmmm, we didn't get here too late did we?"

"Not at all Amanda honey." He replied in a heated whisper. James thrust his hips up slightly pushing his cock into Kaylie's cunt. He moaned into Amanda's mouth as Kaylie's wet pussy slid over his shaft taking him in completely in the first stroke. With one hand on Amanda's cheek and the other on Kaylie's ass James moaned in utter rapture.

Amanda gasped around Bryan's dick spitting it out for a moment as she sank down onto James. It was wonderful feeling being completely full of dick, feeling it stretch her from the inside. She ground against him slightly letting his hairy sack rub against her clit. "No you got here just in time!" She grinned leaning down to slip her tongue into Amanda's ear for a brief moment while she stroked Bryan. "I think we should give the boy's a big finish today." She whispered into the black girl's ear before turning back to Bryan and slurping noisily on his cock.

Amanda felt her legs being forced apart little by little as Daniel knelt down behind her and started lapping at her cunt in long slow motions. Each time he started by circling her clit and ended by pushing the tip into her puckered anus, over and over again until her lower half glistened with saliva. Daniel pushed two fingers into her, steadily pumping against her now.

"Mmmphf!" Amanda gasped suddenly pushed farther into her kiss with the Red Ranger. Regaining her balance she tossed her hair over her shoulders and looked back. "I know you can do better than that." She purred turning back into her torrid twist of tongues with James. A third finger pushed its way into her followed quickly by a fourth as Daniel did his best to make the mocha princess moan in delight.

Both of the Yellow and Red Rangers moaned at the same time. Amanda as she felt Daniel start pushing even more of his hand into her pussy stretching her farther and the intense feeling of Daniel tongue fucking her ass. For James it was the feeling of Kaylie squeezing around his cock as her orgasm ripped through her body and slowly lifted herself up off his glistening cock.

Without even removing Bryan's cock from her puckered lips she spun around in place into the reverse cowgirl and guided his slick cock back into her womanhood slowly bouncing up and down on his shaft.

"Oh suck my dick you fucking slut. You know there is nothing in this world quite like an orgy." He moaned as he ran his fingers through her hair. "You know how great you look with my dick in your mouth bouncing on James's cock?" His eyes locked on hers as he spoke slowly starting to rock his hips against her face and throbbing with the beginning of his orgasm.

"Ah ah ah.

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