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College guy develops and tests pheromone stimulants.

Only Kay and I remained.

The question master spoke to Kay "Ah shame, but you fought a good fight, now you have to pay the forfeit" Kay looked around nervously. She stood up and looked at me. I was stuck. No way I could escape. A couple of the guys took her hands and led her forward. She stepped up onto the stage. They led her around the bed and brought her to stand in front of me. There were hands all round her, unbuttoning the long galabeya she was wearing. It fell to the floor. They unhooked her bra, she tried to push them away, but they persisted and it fell away. She tried to cover her breasts, hands hooked into her panties and pulled them down to the floor. One of them tapped her ankle and automatically she stepped out of them. She tried to elbow them away but they held her and she fell backwards onto the bed.

I made eye contact with one of them. "What are you going to do?"

He just smiled. She was laying on the bed right in front of me. Hands were holding her and pinned her with her arms outstretched and legs wide open. The one guy I had been trying to talk to started to unbutton his shirt and remove his trousers. As he removed his underpants his cock sprang up. He knelt onto the bed in between my wife's spread legs and looked over his shoulder at me. He smiled again. Hands were all over her, massaging her, rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples. They pulled her up onto her knees and put her on all fours. One of them produced a tub on Vaseline and took a big slub of it. He rubbed it around her bum and pushed he finger into her. Pushing harder he slowly worked his finger round and round. She tried to turn and push him away, but many hands held her and she could do nothing. When he had probed and stretched her ass hole he pulled out his finger and stood her up on her knees near the end of the bed. He lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. "You are going to be an obedient slut tonight aren't you Kay?"

She pouted and looked up. "Yes" she said meekly.

I could only watch while they pushed her onto her back and the first one pushed his cock into her. He humped at her for ages and grunted with his orgasm and came inside her cunt. They picked her up and put her on her knees. Another man stood in front of her with his cock erect. She reached out and took his cock quickly into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as she deep throated him. She caressed his balls and he began to pant. Then he let out a loud groan and sprayed his seed inside my wife's mouth. Someone stood behind her and held her head. He was rubbing her throat and telling her "swallow - swallow - swallow it all Kay". I saw her swallow four times then he slipped from her mouth and gasped for breath.

In no time at all she was pushed onto her back again and another prepared to enter her. As he positioned himself I could tell that he was about the same size as me, but as I looked around there were by now about a dozen waiting and many of them were substantially larger. This at least answered the question of why all the men were there. Then suddenly someone called "hold it - turn her over, this one goes in the other way". They stood her up again and bent her over.

"No" she struggled but they were too strong and he was now positioned at the rear entrance.

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