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Anne's tit fuck was incredible.

She was exquisite looking, her neck-line, her gorgeous legs visible, her cleavage showing.

"What the hell, Myriam?" he inquired.

"Hi Tom... I was missing you."

"Bullshit!" he called her out. "You were stalking me."

"I didn't plan to. But then again, you haven't been fully sharing about what's been happening on your end - whereas I was very transparent."

He stared her down, confused, angry and aroused at the same time; his heart was racing in his chest as his eyes plunged into hers.

"Relax," she continued. "I'm not here to spoil your date. She's pretty."

"She is amazing, yes."

"Though you can see how I could think she'd be a challenge to me."

Tom almost laughed.

"To you? Why is that? You made it clear it's just about the sex."

"It is, and it is. Are you two dating? Does she know about your arrangement with me and my friends?"

"One, maybe we are. Two, it's none of your concern.

This time, Myriam laughed.

"It is my concern, Tom... if you're two-timing us with her, or her with us. You're chasing after two preys?"

"That's not what's happening!" he countered. "You made it plain all we have is sexual - I'm okay with that."

"But with her, it's more thinking long-term, right?"

"Maybe," he confessed.

Myriam stared him down as if casting judgement on his actions.

"I was curious about your reaction last night," she told him. "I asked myself: how come a guy who had just been served five gorgeous sex bombs on a platter jumps right to his phone? What's on his phone?"

"Did you check my phone?"

"Only the last entry that was visible on the screen."

It had been from Dana. Tom remembered. It read: 'Can't wait for tomorrow'. Tom had forgotten to turn off the messaging screen.

"From a girl named Dana. The teacher in your office is also called Dana, right? That's her at the table. You're dating a colleague."

"And? Is there any harm to this?"

"There isn't. Believe me, Tom, I think it's nice. But you're playing with fire, and I thought you should know."

A staring contest was being held since the beginning of the conversation; Tom was the first to look away.

"Have you told her about me?" Myriam asked.

"After a fashion."

"Go on."

"Well," Tom started explaining, "this is new between us. Happened about a week after you and me. Quite unexpectedly, in fact. When we decided to start - I guess dating is the best word for it - I told her I'd been having sex with someone before. Never told her who."
"Well, that's one thing you did right."

Tom felt angry at himself now. He had completely misconstrued the reason behind Myriam's sudden appearance. He had believed she was out there to manipulate him. It turned out she was actually looking out for Dana, to some extent. Girls sticking together. It made Tom feel small.

"Should I tell her?" he asked.

"No. Not in detail, anyway. You know why."

He smiled at her; she smiled back. Suddenly, she bit her lower lip.

"Look at you," she stated, "all tense from this. Let me help."

She moved closer to him and grabbed his waistline, starting to undo his pants.



He froze. She managed to go as far as dropping his trousers without him putting up another moment of reluctance to her overture.

"We shouldn't," he told her.

Her hands went to his underwear and she pulled it down, ignoring him for the moment. She exposed a burgeoning erection; Tom had been turned on from the moment he had spotted Myriam at the entrance to the restaurant. She stared at his manhood which hardened before her.

"...Myri..." he mumbled.

"Tell me to stop and I'll stop," she called, moments before wrapping her lips around his shaft.

Her warm mouth around his shaft sent a jolt of greater desire into his loins; Tom's hand naturally wandered to the top of her head to hold her steady as she blew him.

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