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Sales manager gives a lift to a young receptionist.

The black color against her pale skin is stunning. She sees me looking, smiles and does a little twirl - spinning the cover up and showing her beautiful bikini covered body.

"I'm going out now, but I'll need your help to do my back again. You better do a better job this time...or you'll get more of what I gave you this morning." She shakes a fist holding her sunscreen at me. "You finish your sandwich, I'll call you in a minute." And she walks out the back, towel in hand. Damn she walks away fine.

OK, this isn't going to be that hard. Go out, put sunscreen on her without making a scene, then come back in and beat off thinking about her cute little body. Check.

"Unca Jay...I'm ready now." Right. No worries. Here we go.

When I get outside, I notice that Jenny is laying on her stomach, with her head towards the pool. Her little bikini bottoms only cover about half of each cheek, and ride a lot lower than her other suits. Her top was...well...undone. Both the ties at her neck and back had been untied, leaving her back fully nude. Holy Crap. Be cool, be cool.

As before, I start on her slim neck, moving her long hair out of the way. Shoulders, arms, straight down her back and sides without ties or straps to interfere. Reaching her bottoms, I smoothed the lotion up to and under her bikini, letting my fingertips smooth inside the cloth. Not going to have any zebras today.

Starting on her calves, I smooth more lotion up her legs, covering the back and outside of her thighs...then up to and a little under her bikini...all the way out to under the ties on her hips. By now, almost half of her ass has had sunscreen massaged into it, and I am hard as a rock. I pat her ass once (I just couldn't resist), and say "all done". I need a cold shower more than anything else, so I turn and jump in the pool. Now I can hide my hard on till it goes away...hopefully soon.

I come up to hang on the edge of the pool, facing Jenny who's about 20 feet away laying on her front. She lifts her head to look at me...almost lifting her breasts away from her bikini top which is laying on the towel. She doesn't have a cleavage from this angle so much as a couple of swells. Rounded soft curves of cream flattened out by the ground, which hid her nipples from view.

"It's nice you have a pool when it's as hot as it's been." She looks away, then looks back again...shifting her upper body a little.

"It's going to break soon. There's a storm front coming in, and after it passes, it'll be a lot cooler. You can see by the clouds that are forming...and over there you can see a kind of darker line."

Now, I swear I was not trying to creep on my niece. I had found I was willing to see something if it appeared, but I was not going to do anything to promote it, so to speak. Well, actually...I guess that IS trying to creep on my niece. In any case, I don't think I consciously set this up. Because, as I pointed out the cloud formation...she raised up on her elbows to look. And there, naked and exposed, were her two sweet little breasts. Smooth and pale, her little orange sized titties were tipped with half dollar sized areolas, and pretty pink nipples. She looked at the cloud, I looked at her breasts...and finally she relaxed back down on to her towel. By the time she looked at me, I was looking back at the sky.

OK...this isn't working. I've got a bigger hard on now than when I got in the pool. I could ask her to go get me a towel so I could cover it...but I'm worried she'll just stand up without her top and make all of this real. Nope, I'm just going to have to go to the other end of the pool, get out facing away from her...and shuffle my way to the door.

I don't know if she notices anything, but I get to my room and take off my wet clothes.

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