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"He's taking you somewhere," a little voice whispered to me, "and you know what's going to happen when he gets you there."

I denied it, of course. He might be coaxing me into another room but it would only be for a bit of touchy-feely, and I'd at least know who it was. Not knowing might have added a touch of wicked excitement, but knowing would let me decide just how far to let him go. Sex was not on, but the way I was feeling a bit of petting wouldn't go astray.

"You're lying to yourself," said that little voice. "I bet that once he's got you alone he's going to strip you naked and ravish your helpless little body, relishing your feeble struggles and screams while he plunders all your treasures."

Now that was going a bit too far. Even if that was his intention, a single scream would bring help running.

"If he lets you scream," came the reply.

I suppose the gist of my little internal argument was whether to take the chance and go with the man, the unknown man, and find out more about him, or whether to cut and run. I didn't seriously expect him to try and have sex with me, although he'd almost certainly chance his arm. But was I going to find myself in a position where I'd have to yell or fight him off?

It seems I really have to learn to argue faster with myself. I hadn't even come to a decision when I heard a door closing behind me and I was in another room. The light was out, but there was enough moonlight coming through the open window for me to know I was in a bedroom.

I reached for a light switch so I could see who I was with, but hadn't connected before I was propelled towards the bed and found myself bending over it. Then that blasted hand was stroking me again.

I squirmed slightly under the touch, still wanting to know who was there.

"Who are you?" I asked. "Turn on the light and let me see, or I'm out of here."

My question was ignored. Instead, my panties came down, and I was having even more attention paid to my most sensitive areas. I managed to turn my head to look at my new-found friend but there just wasn't enough light to see who. I had the impression of size, but a number of the guys were quite big, so that didn't really help.

One hand slid up my back and unhooked my bra and then it moved around to fondle my breast. My hand was directed back to his erection and this time it wasn't hiding inside his trousers. OK. Maybe this time I did take the time to kind of familiarise myself with it. I didn't really mean to, but when a man had his hand wandering all over your privates it's only reasonable and polite to at least touch his. I mean, it was only touching. I wasn't exactly agreeing to anything else and if he suggested it I'd turn him down flat.

He didn't suggest anything else. One moment he was stroking my pussy, which I will admit was feeling hot, wet and somewhat excited, and the next his cock was pushing its way into me. I opened my mouth to protest, but what could I say? The blasted thing was already sliding in.

At the same time his hands had hold of my breasts, pulling me towards him, sort of helping to push me onto his cock.

He was taking me slowly, too. His cock was just easing into position. I was so wet it was like a greased flagpole being pushed into me, and it felt that size, too. I was effectively struck dumb by his sheer audacity, sticking me like that without a single word of warning. He just parted my lips and in he came.

It's amazing how conscious you become of a cock when it's inside you. You may be aware that a man has one, especially if you've been playing handies with it, but once that thing sneaks past your lips you are AWARE of it. It shouts I AM A COCK AND I'M TAKING YOU, letting you know in no uncertain terms that you're a woman.

Be they gentle or be they rough, when that cock slots home you know it.

This guy was gentle.

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