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If only they focused on what matters.

Also, her butt is thick and bubbly. It shakes so nicely when I am slamming into it. Her asshole is so warm and tight it's not even funny. It has a way of squeezing and caressing my long and thick shaft as I thrust in and out of it. We've been having anal sex regularly these past few months. How it all happened is really funny.

Karen is a teaser. All women are teasers, actually. Early on in the relationship, she told me that she was down with anything sexually except anal sex. She had done it with women and considered herself an expert on lesbian threesomes. She had also done it with many men at the same time. However, she considered her asshole to be off-limits. Must be why I dreamt of fucking her in the ass nonstop since that time when we first discussed it. She has a really fine, plump ass. A thick bubble butt is what the folks from the hood would call it. It would be a shame not to fuck an ass like this. Such a fine ass deserves to be spread, licked, lubricated and penetrated till kingdom come. And then some! However, she said it was not meant to be. She was always teasing me.

We'd be in the shower doing it and she'd rub her plump ass all over my dick. I'd be dying to fuck her ass and she'd smirk and refuse. I grimaced. Two can play that game, missy! You're going down! I thought long and hard about it. How do I get my pretty-faced, big-bottomed, plump girlfriend to give up the booty and take it up the ass? What a dilemma. I then came up with a solution. I knew that Karen had a severe weakness. She loves me. I found a way to use it against her. I told her that I was having sexual dreams about men, and was fearing what it could mean. Karen hit the panic button. She practically lost it. I succeeded in making her calm down and told her that even though I might turn out to be bisexual, I still loved her. She told me that she loved me, even if I became bisexual at some point in the future. I told her that us having more sex might help suppress my latent bisexual urges. That was my logic. She was okay with it and we began having sex more often.

One time, I decided to push things. I started a journal, and wrote stuff in it. I wrote that I loved her, but felt my bisexual feelings and emerging desires for men taking over. I also wrote down that I wanted some new kind of sex that she couldn't provide. I emphasized that I wanted masculinity and energy in my bedroom, something she could not give. Then, I casually put the journal under the mattress. A place where she would be sure to discover it. Surely enough, she did. Karen has always been a proactive gal who believes in going to great lengths to please the man she loves. She didn't want to lose me to a man. So, she decided to spice things up in the bedroom. Unfortunately, my wickedly manipulative plan almost backfired. Things almost took an unexpected turn. Yeah, that's what I thought when she brought a strap-on dildo to the bedroom. I quickly refused. She looked at me, confused.

Apparently, she'd been watching too many bisexual videos online. She thought all bisexual men loved getting fucked in the ass by women wearing strap on dildos. I told her that even though I was bisexual, I was a top, not a bottom. Meaning, I was interested in fucking someone in the ass, not the other way around. Karen looked at me, surprised. She sighed, saying something about bisexual men being far more complicated than she previously thought. I smiled, and nodded understandingly. I looked at her lovingly. Yeah, I knew which looks she always fell for. suddenly, a light went off on her head. She knew exactly how to "cure" me of my desire to have sex with men. I told her I was all ears. She told me that since gay guys loved anal sex, maybe bisexual men felt the same way. All she had to go was take it up the ass. I smiled. I am good, aren't I? I manipulated her completely, making her do what I want and letting her think it was all her idea. I deserve an Oscar, but I'll take her booty as my prize, thank you very much.

Karen took me by the hand and rushed me into

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