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Sarah shows Matt her toy.


"Ugh ugh, saa awwwwwww." Their attention drop down to the baby in Jolenna's arms.

"See. Even Little Ezekiel thinks it's a bad idea. Don't ya, baby? Come on let's get you cleaned up." She watched as her friend went over to her bedside table and pulled out baby wipes, a diaper. She laid the baby gently down on the bed.

"If you feel uncomfortable staying by yourself, you can always sleep in the guest room, Sal, and I have some extra clothes you can wear."

"Uh, yeah that would be fine. Thanks for everything Jo."

"You are welcome, Sal, but please reframe from doing anything stupid or dangerous, ok?"

Putting her hands behind her back, Sallie crossed her two fingers, and put a big smile on her face. "Ok, I promise. Now where do you keep your towels, I need to bath badly."

"They are in the hallway closet; take your time in there."

"I will."


Xavier woke up the next morning with a newfound energy. Although his mate was not what he expected and had thrown a hissy fit when he told her about their would be relationship, he woke with confidence this morning knowing his loyal cousin will find a way to retrieve his disrespectful little concubine. "Concubine, that has a nice ring to it." he said at loud.

"Yes it does. I cannot wait to chain her up in our dungeon, and give her the spanking she deserves." his wolf chimed in. Xavier grinned at the thought. His little chocolate mate would be the perfect sub for his Dom, and just the thoughts of her screaming and shaking in pleasurable pain gave him instant morning wood.

He reached down to his straining cock, to relieve some pain, when there was a sudden knock at the door. "Come In."

In peered a lovely pale-skinned, dark haired vampire. "Hello Mr. Xavier. I was order, to come in service all of your needs. Is there anything in particular you need me to do?"

"Yes there is." He said releasing his eleven-inch cock, standing proud and tall. He looked up at the vampire and could tell that the mere sight of his penis aroused something inside of him. "Come on get to work, and use your fangs for a nibbling."

"Will do sir." The vampire came with a big fangy grin on his face and seven-inch cock swinging mildly between his legs. He ease himself on the bed above Xavier and he slowly leaned down for a kiss. "No kissing. Save that for pleasing my cock. Now get down and get to work. And make sure you get my cock nice and wet. I am planning on taking your ass nice and hard."

He felt the young vampire cool tongue tickle his cock head, slowly easing his mouth around his cock.

It didn't take long for the vampire starting to pleasure Xavier.

"Ohhh yeah, just like that mmmmmm." Xavier stated moving his hips at the up and down rhythm. He could feel the using his fangs to nibble at his ball sac, jerking his cock up and down. "MMM oh boy you are good at this. Come here, keep your mouth open wide."

Grabbing the young man around the neck with one hand, and grabbing a fistful of hair in the other, Xavier forced his cock into the vamps mouth, and started moving the young man's head at an extra fast pace.

"UGHhchkk." was the only sound the young man could make while being gagged.

"MMMM. That's good. I am so glad you vamps don't have gag reflexes, mmmm. Stop moving so damn much, boy." The young man listened and relaxed. He could feel his arousal growing as Xavier gave his mouth a good work out.

Placing his arms behind his back, he just finally let the wolf do his bidding. What felt like forever finally ended and Xavier came at last. Jet after jet shot into his mouth as he tried to swallow some of it down in the position he was in.

"You better swallow it all, boy." Heeding his command, the vampire swallowed every last bit of what Xavier had to offer gladly. Letting go Xavier leaned back in the bed feeling the tension going away, but was still hard.

"My name is Marco by the way." He said feeling the sweet sensation of soreness in his jaw.


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