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How could you forget the time, when you walked in at the perfect moment, when she was changing out of her bathing suit and you saw her naked? You can't even remember how many times you accidentally on purpose exposed your cock to her, with the hope that she'd take your exposed prick in her hand, her mouth, or her pussy, can you?

What if incest is not your best sex but taboo sex is more for you? What if it's your sexy sister-in-law, Maureen, who lights your fire? What if she's the one blindfolded and so tied? What would you do, then? If only for comparison sake to your wife, wouldn't you like to know how much alike they really are beneath their clothes, especially if your sexy sister-in-law, Maureen, is your wife, Colleen's identical twin sister? What would you do then, if that was her over there? Ah, if only your wife still looked like her twin sister. If only your wife didn't let herself McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Domino's Pizza, Dunkin' Donuts, and Foo Wong's takeout Chinese, you'd have no desire to see her twin sister, your sexy sister-in-law, naked...or would you?

All through literature, incest has played a major role with a mother's love for her son and vice versa. Just to name a select few classics, Thackeray's Pendennis, with the lust that Helen had for her son Arthur, Shakespeare denotes Dane's lustful fondness of his mother, Gertrude, in Hamlet, and in George Eliot's Adam Bede, Mrs. Bede is happy that her husband died for her to pursue a romantic relationship with her son. With the aforementioned in mind, imagine if it was your incestuous, slutty mother, Stella, that you found in such a vulnerable position?

"Oh, yeah, now we're talking."

What would you do, then, huh, big guy? Would you touch her? Would you feel her? Would you undress her? Would you force your mother to have sex with you? Can you just feel yourself putting your cock in her tied hand or wiping your erect prick across Mommy's mouth.


Just as she spied on you masturbating and you spied on her undressing, now it's your turn to take the next step in your incestuous relationship and inappropriately touch her, while stripping her naked. Would your first impulse be to untie your mother or to touch your mother? She's blindfolded, she'd never know it was you feeling her tits through her blouse and her pussy through her panty, or would she? If she did suspect that it was you, just deny, deny, deny. Surely, you'd never have another groping opportunity like this for the rest of your miserable life. What would you do, if that was your mother over there?

Last but not least, what if it's not your mother but your bodacious mother-in-law, Beverly, that you stumbled upon in such a perilous predicament? Oh, yeah, what would you do, then, huh? Tell me, unable to mind her own damn business, unable to stop talking, how many times has she butted in on your business and interfered in a private argument you were having with your wife? Too many times. Now that she's tied and blindfolded, now that she's so helpless, she still continues to put her foot in her big mouth by screaming her head off. This is your chance to shut her up. This is your golden opportunity to have you way with your sexy mother-in-law and fill her mouth with your cock.

"C'mon, no balls. Chicken. Go ahead, I dare you. I double dare you. At least feel her big tits, while taking a peek under her short skirt."

No? Not into incest and/or sexual relationships of taboo, then, don't allow me to make your choice that may or may not influence your decision, pick one of the women you've always fantasized about seeing naked? Imagine her bound and blindfolded.

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