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Secrets come out, plans get discovered, and rules get broken.

I sat the glasses on the table and open the wine bottle, but when I turned around, I saw that they were already standing next to the bed, locked in a passionate kiss.

I leaned back against the table, poured a glass of wine for myself and enjoyed the show. Darin pulled Tuyen close to him, his hands on her back, kissing her deeply. As they made out, he moved his hands down her red dress to her nice round ass. She had her arms up around his neck, lost in the kiss, soft and deep. Her dress rode up as she stretched to kiss him, and as he squeezed her ass, I saw more and more of her nice legs, her smooth, tanned thighs.

I decided to settle into the chair, my cock stirring a bit already, as Darin reached up the back of her dress, unhooking the clasp and finding the zipper. As he unzipped, I saw the strap of Tuyen's black bra, and her little butterfly tattoo was exposed as he pulled the zipper all the way down to her ass. He kept kissing her and put his hands on her shoulders, slowly pushing the dress off her shoulders and down her arms until finally gravity won out and the dress fell into a pile at her feet. Tuyen's black cotton cheekie panties matched her bra, and her ass looked even better in them than in her bikini bottoms. From the back, her body had a perfect, narrow hour-glass shape, with her small waist and slightly curvy hips.

Having been a silent onlooker so far, I decided to say something to express my appreciation: "You have a beautiful body, Tuyen. Darin is a lucky man." She got goose bumps on her arms and legs, and she put her head on Darin's chest, her eyes closed, a nervous smile on her face. Darin was clearly proud of his sexy wife and wanted to show me more. He reached behind her and unclasped her bra, sliding it off and tossing it on the floor, too. Tuyen still had her back to me, but even just the bare bronze skin of her naked shoulders and back was incredibly erotic.

With Tuyen's bra off, Darin turned her slightly to the side, bending down to kiss her breasts. From my angle, her right breast came into view first. As I expected, it was smallish and quick perky, with a nice little teardrop shape. But I was struck by her thick, dark nipple, as big around as the tip of my pinky finger and was almost black in the dark light of the room. Darin put his lips around it, sucking on it, which made it even more swollen and engorged. Turning her a little more, so I could see both of her breasts, Darin went back and forth between her two magnificent nipples, sucking them harder as she whimpered a bit.

When both of her nipples were thick and swollen and hard, Darin stood up and silently encouraged Tuyen to get down on her knees. She went willingly, and reached for his pants, unbuckling and unzipping him, then reaching in to pull out his cock. His dick was similar to mine, maybe a little over six inches long and proportional in thickness, and like mine, his was fully hard. Tuyen's hands reached up to hold it, his white cock looking even bigger in her small, tanned hands, and she pulled the head to her mouth, kissing it softly, then taking it inside. Darin had his hands at his side, as Tuyen slowly bobbed on the head of his dick, her big, soft lips wrapped around him, her eyes closed, and her hand stroking his shaft as she moved just the head in and out of her mouth.

At one point, she took her mouth off his dick, pushed it up, and leaned in to kiss his balls, taking time to kiss them both softly, before pulling his cock head back inside her mouth. Gradually, she took more of his dick inside, sucking him with her tongue working the underside of his cock. My cock was getting uncomfortable straining against my pants, so I leaned back and unbuckled and unzipped, too, freeing my hard on and giving me access to stroke it a bit, as I witnessed Tuyen working on her husband.

About ten minutes in the blowjob, Darin helped Tuyen to her feet, then lifted her and put her face up on the bed.

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