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Jay remembers the sexual affair he had with his mother.

"YEAH BABY" Jerry howled, grabbing handfuls of Raina's hips and pounding into her snug butthole as Bill did the same with Claire. Less than a minute later both men unleashed a torrent of semen into the two girls' bungholes. Raina deployed her 'secret weapon' and began convulsing her rectal sheath around Jerry's reaming shaft. Claire didn't know about that; but her asshole was still a hot receptacle for Bill's seed, and his balls bouncing off of her clit sent her into a frenzy just as Raina's rectal spasms did the same for her. The guys looked at each again and grinned as they sodomized the two receptive girls splayed across the table. Each was splashing his sticky jizm into a smooth, tight asshole, and the ladies attached were both screaming in their own orgasms. It took several minutes; but the four friends finally found their bearings.

"Hey man, I wanna see Claire's gape when you pull out." Jerry said, his hips still gently stroking in Raina's butt.

"Okay; but I wanna see Raina's too." Bill replied.

"You first." Jerry suggested. "Real slow..." he added, leaning over to watch as his buddy pulled his cock out of his girlfriend's butthole. "ohh man... that looks so fuckin' hot..." he said hoarsely, watching Claire's sphincter slowly close between her lush cheeks. "Okay... here goes..." he said, easing his dick gently out of Raina's rear. Both men watched as Raina's bottom gaped - and just seemed to remain open. The pink inner channel was clearly visible, splattered with white jizm and flecks of brown. "ohhhhmannnn..." Jerry howled, his thumbs spreading Raina's firm cheeks as they watched.

Raina and Claire had heard the whole 'gape' discussion, and Raina winked at her new friend as Jerry pulled out his dick. When the guys began their amazed leering the both giggled quietly. Then Raina mouthed the words 'watch this.., and she clenched her sphincter tight, then opened it again.

"What the..." Jerry yelped as they watched Raina's bunghole slam shut, squirting sticky white ooze , then open wide again. "Holy crap! Raina has a magic butthole!" Jerry laughed, giving her a playful slap on the rear.

Raina broke out laughing, letting her anus close naturally now that she'd had her fun. "Yeah baby... magic butthole" she laughed, pushing herself up. She took Jerry's hand to help her down, then walked over to the board. "One more each... that's still only nine total. We need two more to tie and three more to beat the last party." Raina told them.

"So... let's see what we get." Claire said, grabbing the dice. She rolled an eleven, taking her out of the 'everybody play' path, and landed on a 'Break' space. "Whew!" she said. "Take five, everybody."

Five minutes later, after the girls had again adjourned to the bathroom to clean up, the roll was back to Bill. He landed on a 'Demand/Decline' space and drew the top card. He smiled. "Okay guys, this could work out well. The card says 'Choose any three players for a 3-way, roll dice for time'" he told them. "I guess that means either two girls and a guy, or two guys and a girl, and somebody gets to sit this one out."

"MeMeMe" Claire said, laughing at the idea. "And I don't care if it's two cocks or one cock and a pussy." she added.

Jerry chimed in. "I think the best bet for the record is probably two cocks. I know I can go again, how about you Bill?" he asked.

"No problem here" Bill replied. "Raina, you okay with sittin' out this round?" he asked his girlfriend.

"Um... sure" Raina answered. "I can watch and drink."

"Okay then..." Bill said, rolling the dice. "Only six minutes... can we do it?" he chuckled.

"Fuck the timer." Jerry said with a laugh. "We go until all three of us have hit it again." he added.

Claire made the call. "Um... you guys up for a DP?" she queried, rubbing her pussy. Jerry and Bill looked at each other and grinned. "Who wants pussy?" she asked. Bill raised his hand. "Okay man, lay on your back on the floor and let's get this train rollin'!" she giggled.

Raina went to the living room, grabbing an exercise mat from the

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