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Kimberly relishes her punishment; Mark treasures her.

He keeps himself in very good shape and has the cutest ass that I have seen on a man in years. Especially when he wears bibbed overalls. His eyes are very blue and twinkle when he is happy. He has those bedroom eyes that we have all heard about.

He has a talent. One that he has honed to a art form over the years. He can kiss me and stop me dead in my tracks. But only because I know what is coming next. He takes my hand and leads me to that queen-sized bed that is our favorite place to be. Slowly he undresses me and himself at the same time. I haven't quite figured out how he does that but he manages.

He will lay me out on the bed and begin with a slow steady massage starting with my neck and working his way down the front of my body. I have yet to meet anyone that can do this like he does. His hands are like silk against my skin. But firm, as they work the kinks out of my muscles. When he reaches my hips, he motions for me to flip over. Very few words are spoken between he and I..there just doesn't seem to be a need for them.

As he works his way down my back, I can feel him move on the bed. He lulls me almost to the point of sleep. Sometimes I think that I am dreaming, or being in that half-sleeping, half-dreaming state where I am not sure which is reality and which is dream. I can feel as he slowly starts to gently kiss where his hands have been. That soft beard barely seeming to brush my skin.

He knows that I have a very sensitive skin on my back, and he makes the most of it. It is a very intimate form of foreplay between us. He can see the goosebumps of pure pleasure popping up on my skin. He can hear my low moans as my body heats up. I am doing my best to be still and not squirm, but we both know that eventually I will lose that battle.

The lower he goes on my back, the harder it is to be still. Eventually he will stop at a line that is even with the dimples on my lower back just above my butt. Then he will slide a hand in under me and raise me up so my shoulders are on the bed and my ass is in the air. I can feel him tug the pillows underneath my stomach. Then he slowly and lightly puts pressure on the inside of my legs to part them.

I shift my position just a little so that I can rest my stomach on those pillows and that I am comfortable. He will wait for me to get myself adjusted to a new position before he starts tenderly caressing my ass and down the inside of my thighs. I can feel his warm breath and that lovely beard lightly on my skin.

His fingers are like feathers as they glide across the sensitive skin of the back of my thighs. Then I feel them slowly move towards my outer lips to slide smoothly up and down. Each down stroke taking him a little deeper between the lips. Moving very slowly and him talking softly to me all the while. He will say things to get a verbal response to keep my mind off of what he is doing to my body for the moment.

His fingers brush against my clit so tenderly at first that I don't know for sure if he actually touched it or not. With each stroke his fingers get more insistent. My legs spread themselves further apart. I can feel his breath now gently on my slit. I can also feel my own wetness. Then it starts, then he starts.

I next feel his tongue lapping up my slit, starting at the bottom and moving up. Then blowing out his breath on his way back down. I think to myself that one day I will see how it is exactly that he manages to do this. I feel his tongue on my clit and the first orgasm hits hard. I move back against his face. He pulls back and lets me go. The next thing that I feel, is his one arm across my back, I know what is coming next.

I feel his finger slide inside.

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