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Karen's first major steps into her dreams.

And then you're cumming. Shit, I can feel it bouncing off my juicy ass walls. Oh fuck, it feels so good. The humiliation, the pain I went through to get that cum out of your dick, it was soooo worth it. Nothing, nothing can feel better than that. Your cum just spraying the inside of my shit-hole, just coating it with that sweet white film. Oooohhhhh yyeeeaaahhhhh. Gotta love that ass-rape, baby.

I'm still panting from the exertion. You're still locked inside me. Your dick still feels hard. Like you could go again, right now. That makes me feel good. That I turned you on so much you can't stop nailing my ass. I think I'm getting to you now. I think the tables might be turning. I think the power might be shifting. Maybe you can't wait to fuck me again. Maybe I should start to deny you something. See how you like it. What about that, baby? What would you do? Would you slap me, bite me, take me anyway? Or would you succumb, and turn into a pussy-whipped little wimp? What switch would I need to flick to make that happen, huh?

Oh God, I was soooo wrong to think that was possible.

Because suddenly I'm aware that I'm lying with my head in the toilet, and your hand on my throat. I'm an ass-gaped, fucked out little teen whore at your total disposal. Just waiting for your next sick idea. And needing it. I'm aware because you're leaning forward, telling me this.

"Nice effort, little whore. Nice to see your ass can still give a tight little fuck, even after I raped it with my fist. And you're soooo totally anal, aren't you honey? You so want it in your ass, all the fucking time. It's hardly worth you having a cunt, is it baby? It's just the hole that's next to your ass, is all. Look at you, lying there with your head in the bowl, begging me to choke you and assfuck you again. Such a slut. And yet... so much to learn."

You leave this last comment hanging. Just to let me consider it. Just to mind-fuck me some more. While you flush the toilet. Pinning my head in there, as the sound and the water rush past. My hair is soaking. And yet, the odd thing is, the only thing in my mind is how fucking hot I'll look when you pull me out. My ass gaping, my nipples on fire, my hair soaking wet. Oh yeah, I'll look fucking hot. I'm getting more confident that you can't keep your hands off me. More confident you'll want to screw the shit out of my ass every time you see me. The balance IS changing. It's changing inside of me.

Your hand on my throat reaches around my neck, and yanks me out of the toilet. Immediately, your other hand grabs my throat, and we're moving again. Dragged out of the bathroom by the throat. This is such a fucking sexy way to travel! My eyes are locked on yours, as you back your way down the corridor towards the front door. I can feel your cum starting to ooze down the inside of my thighs. You tell me to open the door and suddenly we're outside. I can feel the warm air on my naked body. I want to look to see if anyone has noticed us - this nasty guy dragging a naked little slut by her throat across the driveway. But I don't look. I don't fucking care. Because I'm looking straight into your eyes. Looking for a window onto the inside. Looking for the answer to that question. Lust, or love?

You step to one side and I get hurled into the back of a van.

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