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sure Marty is not going to come home soon"?

Now I got it, he was playing the part of Sam.

After slipping my little blue panties off, I positioned myself above him so that I knelt with my knees either side of him and moaned, "Mmmmmm, we have lots of time before he gets home".

Now we were both into this little game playing role. I lined his hard cock up to my wet little pussy and sat right down upon it.

Marty moaned, "Ohhhhh Jackie, your pussy is so hot, God it feels so good. Does my cock feel better than your husband's?" Then, gripping my hips in both of his hands, he began humping me up and down upon his cock.

I was really into this game by this time. I moaned "Ohhhhh yes, yes Sam... your cock feels so good. It feels so much better than Marty's". I was now riding him like a cowgirl on speed. I had my eyes closed, and I again started thinking just how good Sam's cock felt rubbing on my mound, and how much I enjoyed him playing with my ass as we danced.

Marty kept his dirty talk going, and this really got to me.

"Mmmmm Jackie, you sure know how to fuck. I may come over every day while Marty's at work and fuck you. Would you like to get fucked every day by me"?

"Oh God yes, yes oh God I'm cumming, yes, yesssssssssssssss". All this talk got me off super fast. And Marty kept it going.

I was in the throes of the most amazing orgasm, brought about by my thoughts of Sam, when Marty brought me out of my trance...,"That's my girl, cum all over my cock, mmmmm yes!

Then, after just a few more seconds of frantic fucking, he pressed himself hard against me, and moaned, "Mmmmmm here it cums baby" Then suddenly, his hard cock exploded deep inside me.

Once I'd recovered, from what was probably the most amazing orgasm I'd ever known, I fell on top of Marty and started kissing him.

He was the first to speak, "Wow that was hot wasn't it?"

"Oh my, yes it sure was" I replied softly, as I kissed him again

"Did it really feel like you were fucking Sam"?

"I don't know, maybe, I don't know, all I know is that you just made me cum really good".

We started kissing again, and eventually both of us must have passed out, exhausted, but totally satisfied.

The next thing I knew, it was morning, and I was still wearing my wide open open baby doll, and no panties. Marty was nude, and we both were on top of the covers. My head was killing me, and I needed to pee really badly.

After using the bathroom and cleaning up, again I slipped on a little pair of red lace panties and my robe. I went to the kitchen and made coffee.

As I was sitting there alone, I started to replay last night over and over in my head. God what are we turning into here. My husband's friend had seen me in my sexy panties and bra. And I never told him about it. His friend had played with my ass on the dance floor. And again I said nothing about it. He even asked me to put on a sexy leg show for him. And again I didn't say a thing about it, and I even went so far as letting him see the crotch of my little panties. What the hell is going on here? We play acted that his friend was screwing me last night. It has to be the alcohol making us like this. We were never like this before we started drinking with Sam. Well that's it, no more for me. That's it; I'm not going to drink any more alcohol.

Marty came in the kitchen an hour later, and not a word was said about our fun and games last night. I'm sure he was feeling the same way that I was.

The upcoming weekend was Marty's Birthday. He asked if I would like to go celebrate with Sam and his girl friend at the same dance club.

I wanted to say no, but then I said to myself, ya don't have to drink. "Sure why not, sounds like fun" was my reply.

"Good, I'll call Sam and tell him. Now ya know you're going to have to wear something really sexy for me"?

Laughing, I said, "Don't I always"?

Smiling, Marty then said, "I'm thinking of a garter belt, or or even a corset with the little garter things hooked to the stockings. How would that be"?

Laughing, I said, "God you never stop do ya? Sure I'll wear something like that for

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