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Autistic sisters find help and love.

" James thought for a minute and couldn't recall meeting her.

Kim didn't give up. "We met at Max's and we were going to get together, but it didn't work out," she exhaled, glancing at Toni. "So, are you still dating?" she asked, fully aware of their relationship.

"Actually, no, we got married a couple of years ago," James replied, squeezing Toni's hand. "So are you my nurse tonight?" he asked.

"Looks like it, I'm here all night so call if you need anything," Kim smiled as she took her stethoscope from around her neck. "I just want to take a listen to your heart and lungs, if that's alright."

Toni watched Kim as she assessed James and decided that, while she seemed like a competent nurse, she didn't trust her. She was definitely staying the night, and the next night if James wasn't released. James was right in telling her that she would be really grouchy, but she didn't care. Besides, if the positions were reversed, he would never go home and leave her alone.

"You're heart rate is a little high," Kim commented. "What do you usually run?"

"Around sixty, what was it?" James asked.

"I clocked you around one-ten and irregular. It might be a result of the infection, but I'll let the doctor know."

The nursing assistant came in with the cot and linens to set Toni up for the night.

"Hi, I'm Sandy your nursing assistant for the night. I'll be around every four hours to do your vital signs. If you need help just call me," she said as she quickly made up the cot.

Finally they were alone.

"Toni, let's talk about a baby."

Toni closed her eyes. She had promised him that they would talk if he came and he had kept up his end of the bargain.

James held his arms open and waited for her to lay her head on his chest as they talked.

"Um James, as much as I love you, and as much as I love hearing your heart beat, I'm not getting close to you without a mask so hold that thought."

Toni stepped outside of the room and came back a few minutes later with a gown and mask. James raised his eyebrows at her.

"We don't know if you're contagious or not and one of us needs to be healthy. And, seeing as you're flat on your back, that leaves me," she said as she put on the gown and mask.

James shrugged and grinned at her. "I always wondered what it would feel like to kiss someone wearing one of those things."

Toni rolled her eyes at him and lay down, putting her head on his chest.

James gave her a squeeze with one arm while stroking her arm with his free hand. "Now about those babies..." he started.

Toni listened to his heart beat and then frowned. It was usually slow and steady, but now it was irregular and fast. Kim had been right. She sat up and looked at him. His color was a tad off and she wondered if he wasn't experiencing heart failure. She stood up, went to the end of the bed and lifted the blankets to look at his feet; his ankles were normal.

"Toni, what are you doing?"

"Just checking, I think you should have a cardiology consult," she replied.

"Toni, I'm fine really!" James protested as Toni pushed the call light.

Kim came in a minute later. "Can I help you?" she asked.

"I want him on telemetry and page Dr. Jensen, I want him up here ASAP," Toni instructed. "And send Sandy in here to check James' vital signs now, and call for a stat EKG," she added, ignoring the glare that Kim was giving her.

James watched Toni giving orders. She was focused and professional, not once using the term 'my husband.'

"What are you thinking?" he asked.

"I'm wondering if you're experiencing heart failure," she replied worriedly. "Your heart is beating too fast and it's irregular, you're not gaining weight and your ankles aren't swollen, though we both know that doesn't mean anything."

James sat up. "Toni, I know that you're worried, but-"

"Have you been feeling more fatigued than you should have been, even with the flu?" she asked, cutting him off.

"Yes but Toni, you said yourself that I'm sicker than I look. The labs support that as well as the chest X-ray. I have bronchitis and pneumonia," James replied.

"True but

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