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Perhaps the male clung to his coin too fiercely.

William swallowed hard, traitorous eyes roaming her body, bare from head to toe. She only wore a small silver necklace clasped tightly around her throat, metal jumping with every pulse in her throat.

"Ruth..." He said lowly, pleading with his eyes. "This is not right. We are not married. I am not certain I even want to be married yet! We cannot do this."

Halfway through the process of drawing the bed sheets from his still clothed body - that would have to rectified and swiftly too - she paused, tilting her head to one side.

"Why not?"

He had her attention. Seizing his chance, he leaned forward earnestly, ropes tugging.

"I would never wish to sully your family name, Ruth," he said. "You have stolen your way into my heart and I do not wish to bring you shame. We cannot lay together as male and female until we are married."

Ruth snorted, throwing a paw in the air in derision.

"Until marriage?" She scoffed. "What jest do you make? And why should one such as I wait until marriage to have what I desire, what my body craves?"

"What are you?"

William shook his head, flinching as her paw landed on his chest, claws digging into his night clothes but not breaking his skin. Her eyes bored into his, intense in the light from the gas lamps outside, lining the street.

"I say we can."

Sitting up, she ran her paws over her body, groping her breasts with a needy thrust of her hips to accompany. He watched her, suppressing a groan. The bulge rising through the sheets covering his crotch could not be so easily concealed, however. Ruth giggled, lovingly cupping her sizeable breasts.

"Look at me. Look at me. You cannot pretend that your lust does not suitably rise for me, Will."

She ripped the sheets from his body with a flourish, giving his bulge a squeeze. The wolf quailed. Lowering her muzzle to his neck, she nipped and kissed, careless of her sharp fangs, as she used her claws to slowly and sensually tear the night clothes from his body. Limb by limb, part by part, she uncovered her love in all his glory, knotted canine cock standing up proudly for her attention. William turned away, crimson beneath his fur. It had been a long while since he had been naked in front of a female and that last female had been his nanny when he was but a cub.

Ruth bit her lip, drawing forth a bead of blood. Wonderingly, she trailed a paw down his body from his chest to his cock, wrapping it around the red length and giving it an experimental stroke. The fur between her thighs was soaked with her feminine moisture, body responding as it had been groomed to over the ages, and she whimpered softly, wriggling her hips. She needed him so badly but needed relief in addition to the need she had for him. What was she to do?

Torn, she crawled over William's body in a flash decision, hips above his head, and turned to face down the length of his body. So positioned, she lowered her dripping sex to his lips, whining out her need as she stroked his length. He hesitated and she wondered if she would have to force him but he was pretty to male need as much as heat rendered her desperate and quickly lapped over her pussy, tasting her. Licks becoming bolder with every lap, the male pushed up more eagerly, tongue swiping over the lips of her pussy and the tight pucker of her tail hole, making her arch and grind down.

"Oh, William..."

She moaned, using his full name in an oddly formal fashion. Each stroke of her paw brought a drool of pre cum from the tip of his cock, smearing over the shaft and her grey paw, length growing slick. Curious, she lifted her paw to her lips tongue dipping out to scoop up a creamy white drop from the pad of her finger. She started at the salty taste, the musk from William's body stirring a greater base need in her.

He was hers and she had to have him. Now.

She dove on top, hind paws scrambling against the wolf in her haste.

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