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Maureen's desires become reality; Will's future is at risk.

I looked at Molly who just ignored me and said, "Lets get started I can't wait to experience being taken by two black cocks any longer."

So I sat in a chair giving me a close up view of my wife on her knees waiting to suck two black cocks before they penetrated her. As I watched her take Monty's cock in her mouth I had a mental picture of her on her hands and knees with one cock fucking her face and the other up her cunt. Soon the sound of sucking and slobbering filled the room as Molly alternated between Monty and Leroy's cocks sucking them to full erection while they both talked dirty to her as they continued the fantasy of being two black men who had broken into the shop.

Leroy moved away and said to Monty, "Fuck the sluts face that should make her fuck hole nice and wet."

As Monty withdrew his cock from Molly's mouth she shouted out to them both, "Please don't do this, not in front of my husband."

"Shut the fuck up," said Monty as he grabbed her hair and forced his cock head into her mouth. Then he pulled her head towards him as his hips thrust forward forcefully filling her mouth as his cock head went right into her throat, Molly gagged on it as he pulled his cock back and thrust if forward again and again as he enjoyed using her mouth for his own pleasure.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled his cock out of her mouth and said to Leroy, "Help me get her mounted on my cock, then while I fuck her cunt you can give her face another hard fucking."

"No, NO! Please don't rape me," Molly cried out, she was such a convincing bitch for anyone walking in to the room would have thought that she was truly being forced to perform oral sex on Monty and Leroy as a prelude to being raped by them.

Leroy grabbed hold of Molly who began struggling as Monty lay on the floor, Leroy made Molly stand astride him and then get down on her knees. As she was forced to kneel Monty guided his big hard cock to Molly's hole, once he was positioned he said to Molly, "Push your hot cunt down and take my cock up your fuck hole."

"NO, Please don't do this to me, PLEASE."

Monty grabbed her hips as Leroy put his hands on her shoulders; both applied a strong downward pressure thus forcefully impaling her onto Monty's welcoming cock, Molly cried out as her sheath was forcefully stretched and opened to accommodate his big black tool and she sat on him filled to the hilt.

"Crying out and moaning won't stop us having our way with you, you lovely white cunt just relax and enjoy it bitch," Leroy said to her.

Monty pulled her forward easing her off his crotch as he began to fuck her, meanwhile Leroy had now walked in front of Molly and presented his big engorged cock head to her saying, "Open you mouth bitch, suck my cock."

"Molly now in a show of defiance said, "NO, its to big it wont fit in my mouth."

"Oh yeah, well baby your lips can be stretched wider because I am I going to use your slut mouth just like it was your cunt." He then grabbed her head and forced her lips to stretch wide until I thought the corners might tear as her lips were now stretched tightly around his tip which was only part the way inside her mouth. He suddenly thrust his hips forward and I saw his big cock head suddenly enter her mouth and her lips at last were able to relax a little as they now encompassed his fat shaft.

"Told ya didn't I bitch you could get it in you cunt mouth."

Molly of course was unable to reply as he now began to fuck her face as Monty continued his reaming of her tight fuck hole.

The lewd erotic sight of Molly being double dipped and used in such a forceful way had my cock hard.

After a short while Monty called out to Leroy, "Time to really give the bitch the real double dipping she wants."

As I wondered what he meant I saw Leroy pull his cock from Molly's mouth, once more her lips we

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