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Andy finds out what Sarah does for a living.

Crandall didn't appear convinced, but that didn't stop Jack from taking a long drink.

"We know that the radiation's effect can't travel very far, otherwise he wouldn't have mentioned putting one in every city-" Jack wiped his mouth on his sleeve and began.

"What radiation?" Anna Lee persisted.

"Hold on, Jack. We need to have this discussion in private." Crandall waved him towards the tree line.

"But-" Anna Lee started, but Jack shushed her with a wave of his good arm.

"It's too late for that. We've put her in danger-she deserves to know what it is."

"Danger?" The girl looked more excited than scared.

"Dr. Easterly, that wasn't what we-"

"Yes, well crashing on an uncharted island wasn't part of the plan either." He reminded the other man with unexpected firmness. Crandall looked unhappy, but he didn't try to stop Jack as he explained the situation to the co-ed, finishing with what he'd seen in the cockpit.

"That's why my panties were down." She exclaimed when he was done.

Jack nodded grimly. He took another drink, hoping it would help with the guilt.

"And I'm your canary!"

"What?" Crandall looked confused.

"Uncle Loye done work in the mines, before he went on disability." The girl explained. "They kept a canary at the face, to check for dangerous gases."

"Smart cookie." Jack nodded at the analogy. "I'm sorry, Anna Lee, but-"

"I said I wanted to come." She reminded him. "It's already happened once and I don't feel any different now. And I don't even remember it happening. You will take care of me, right? I mean, you know, when it happens?"

"Hold on." Crandall interrupted. "What do you mean it's already happened?"

"That's why we crashed." Jack looked surprised the agent hadn't figured it out. "We must be close Hayanishi's secret lab."

"How do you know?" Crandall asked suspiciously.

"Normally that pilot wouldn't have, you know..."

"Wouldn't have joined the Mile-High Club." Anna Lee smirked.

"I don't see how you can be so sure." Crandall ignored the girl.

"Something he said about colored girls before we took off. Whatever happened in that cockpit, it wouldn't have happened normally."

"Hm." Crandall didn't look convinced, but he didn't object as Jack continued.

We'll have to head towards the center of the island."

"And then what?" Crandall asked.

"And then we'll use this." Opening his valise he pulled out something that looked like the bastard child of a Geiger counter and a walkie-talkie. "That tape recording got me thinking about his machine. He must have discovered a previously unknown form of radiation, one that stimulates female arousal."

"Only female?" Anna Lee asked.

"Apparently so." Jack frowned. "I'm not sure how, exactly, but I suspect it might hinge on the different resonance structures in male and female hormone molecules. If I had my lab equipment here I might-"

"You can work the details out later, doc." Crandall interrupted. "How is this going to help us?"

"Oh, right. Well, before I left the lab, I modified this to scan for unidentified radioactive frequencies." He explained. "The next time Hayanishi turns the device on I'll track its heading. It may take a couple of tries to triangulate, but we'll find it."

"A couple of tries?" Anna Lee parroted, thinking about what that implied.

"Sorry, Honey, but-" Jack shrugged, focused on further adjustments he was making in the scanner's wiring.

"Just don't do anything we wouldn't do in your office, okay?" She glanced sidelong at the other man, looking nervous.

Crandall looked back and forth between the two, finally understanding their relationship. He frowned, but realized there was little he could do about it now. And maybe Jack did have a point-this kind of expertise was why he approached the professor in the first place.

Taking what they needed from their bags, the three headed towards what they figured was the center of the island. Moving through the jungle was slow, but thankfully the bright moon gave enough illumination to make their way through the dense undergrowth.

They hadn't gone more than quarter a mile, t

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