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I try to forget my past in the arms of a beautiful girl.

Teasing, rubbing, pinching. Her eyes were closed and moans escaped her mouth. It felt so good.

Christine's eyes opened, she picked up the letter and continued reading. She knew the rest of the letter would contain an erotic story for her to masturbate to and was looking forward to it.

Please pull down your panties Kitten.

The statement was direct. She lifted her hips off the bed and reached under her skirt. Her hips wiggled back and forth as she squirmed out of the red satin thong and peeled it down her legs all the way to her ankles. The red contrasted the black nylons and blatantly advertised the fact that her panties were not where they belonged. Or, Christine thought, as far as Daddy was concerned, maybe they were exactly where they belonged.

Spread your legs for me as wide as you can. Pull up your skirt and spread for me. Be a good little girl, Kitten, and do as daddy tells you.

She again lifted her hips to pull the skirt higher, out of the way. She then pulled the panties from her ankles and dropped them on the bed. There was no way she could open as wide as he expected with them still binding her ankles. She spread her thighs wide, doing exactly as she was told, exposing her pussy. She would be a good girl and do as she was told.

Christine looked down, along her body. All of her was on display, her legs, her tits, her pussy. Everything. Since she was completely shaved, it was all visible. There wasn't even hair for her pussy to hide behind. She looked across the bed and into the mirror. She felt like a little slut and liked it. At least when looked like this for Daddy.

Spread your pussy open for me. Spread those pretty shaved lips wide open.

Christine's put the letter down beside her and put both hands between her splayed thighs. She spread her pussy lips open and again looked into the mirror. Her bright red nails contrasted the pink skin. She loved seeing herself that way, her pussy open and waiting to be stuffed.

I wish I could see you, Kitten. We both know how much you enjoy spreading your legs

for me. I'm imagining you, open so wide and, I'm sure, wet. Very, very wet.

"Oh, God, yes I am." Christine spoke out loud, even though there was no one else in the room. She wished her could see her too. She wished he would open the door right now and come in. If that happened, it would only be seconds until she was stuffed full and being fucked senseless.

Stroke your pussy, Kitten. Run a finger between those delicious lips.

Christine did so, using a single finger to play with herself, quietly moaning as her pussy enjoyed the sensations. The lips easily parted as the finger slipped inside. She moved it deep into her pussy and soon another finger joined it. Her pussy gripped the fingers tightly, enjoying the sensation of them sliding in and out

Christine turned to the next page of the letter and replaced her fingers where they had been, spreading her soft lips open. She was so aroused, just dripping wet. She needed to cum soon. A short story, or maybe a reminder of a particularly hot time they'd had awaited her, she just knew it. The next page of the letter would have some of Daddy's erotic words to get her off.

My sweet little Kitten, are you nice and wet for Daddy? Are you aroused? Does that nice little pussy of yours want some attention? Does it need to be played with? I think you've been a naughty little girl lately. You have been playing with yourself every night.

Christine smiled at that. Of course she had been and she knew "Daddy" liked to think about it. He enjoyed thinking of her masturbating, getting herself uncontrollably aroused and bringing herself to an incredible climax.

Tonight you will be a good girl, Kitten. Masturbating is forbidden until morning.

Christine stopped reading.

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