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An exchange student is about to have the time of his life.

She nodded, gathering her own thoughts. Then she finally spoke as Blade handed her a $10 bill.

"Listen, Blade. You look like such a handsome, polite young man. I hope that you're truthful with your words about your friend. I can tell she's a bit nervous about sex, because she wants to be married. But, if you want to satisfy her for the rest of her days, then go for it. Marry her first."

"Sadly, it can't be that simple. There's something I must share with her before she can make that decision."

It was a quarter of ten as Blade and I walked into the dark. Blade was surprisingly quiet while he swung his bag of condoms and candy bars. We walked along the shoulder of the road, a few blocks from the beach. The street was lit with boardwalk and water park lights, filled with laughter of families and kids.

"Vanessa," Blade confronted. "May I ask you something?"

"Yeah, baby," I replied. "What is it?"

"If I..." he began. "If I were a monster, would you love me?"

I glared into the distance, thinking about his question.

"Yes, I would love you no matter what."

"What if your life was put into danger, but I'd attempt to protect you?"

"I would still stick by you, Blade. What are you trying to say?"

"I love you so much, Vanessa," Blade sighed as we walked through the opening onto the beach. "I want you for the rest of my life. I want to make love with you and you to be my first. I want to feel our bodies become one."

Swiftly, Blade wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close. I looked into his eyes, almost in tears. Our lips touched, so warm as our endorphins rushed. His tongue tied with mine while Blade growled with satisfaction.

"I want you too, Blade," I blushed. "Want to do it right here?"

Based on his size of his member, I should've guessed the icebreaker with his quietness. Without contest, Blade and I shook off our clothes and slipped a condom over his twitching cock. Hand in hand, we sprawled onto the beach, naked. It was 10:15 PM and it was abandoned.

The sand was moist as the waves continued to crash to the shore. Blade found a beach towel forlorn in the sand.

"You want to be on top?" His cock pointed at me, hard as a rock. "You need a comfortable position."

"I want that stiff thing inside me," I drooled, throwing myself onto the towel. "Mount me."

Blade found the hole rather quickly and began to thrust hard and quick. When he first entered, it felt like something was trying to tear me in half. After thirty seconds, the pleasure began to swell. For virgins, we seemed very experienced at this. Blade kept eye contact with me as he moaned. Our only light was the moon shining down on the ocean.

"Ooo!" I whimpered. "Fuck me harder!"

"I only hope no one catches us!" he laughed.

As Blade moaned, I noticed a change in his pitch. It sounded like he was a Bassett hound. Surprisingly, he bucked his hips harder. The orgasm growing inside of him appeared huge. If someone caught us, they would be too mesmerized to reprimand our indecency.

"Vanessa!" Blade snarled, his voice turning raspy. "My knot is swelling!"

His WHAT was swelling? "His knot?" I thought. Only canines knot to their mates. Is that why he was asking those questions? Seconds later, I felt his knot banging against my cervix, swelling inside of my opening. I wanted to cry, it was like a softball inside!

"Ouch! You're tearing me apart!" I snarled back at him. "Blade! No!"

I was horrified when Blade tipped his head back and let out a long, booming howl from his chest as he continued thrusting. We were in missionary position, a perfect position for biting. Now I knew exactly what he was.

All of the sudden, I felt a huge wave of hot goo inside of me. My eyes widened as the river of cum oozed in my canal. As he shifted his hips, the squelching of our fluids with his knot could be heard over the calming of the ocean. With my endorphins running amok, it was hard for me to comprehend what happened.


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