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What happened when the Norsemen discovered America.

Claire soon followed to help, also naked, and grabbed a bag. Melody was back at the door when Cindy was coming back out for the last of it.

"Claire! You still have pussy juice all over your face!" Cindy called out.

Claire dropped the bag and turned beet red instantly. Melody watched as Cindy walked up to Claire, grabbed her face and kissed her. She slowly backed off: "Love how your pussy tastes, Mel."

Melody watched for a moment, enjoying the sight of her two sisters, till she heard a loud thump behind her. Turning around she saw James trying to get up off the floor.

"You okay?"


She could hear the embarrassment in his voice: "You know, you're going to have to get used to all that from now on."

James' eyebrows came together and his head tilted to one side, but he didn't say anything. Melody just smiled then said: "You have three women who you have to take care of now. We can't always be taking care of each other."


Tess was sitting on her bed listening to her sister, Mariah, tell her about getting to talk to James.

"You stopped him without just cause?"

"I had 'just cause'," Mariah smiled, "it was just a little weak."

"What was he like?"

"Nervous, like most people are when they get pulled over. Really cute, that's for sure. He volunteered to help get that piece of shit I was driving running again, so at least I could get home. And when he got out of his truck, I made him turn around so I could get a good look at his ass."

"OH, MY, GOD! You shameless hussy!" Tess laughed. "So, how did it look?"

"High, tight and very sexy!" Mariah purred.

"So, what happened then?"

"He started working on it."

"His ass?"

"No, my vehicle, idiot."

"That's all?"

"Well, we talked, too. Mostly about my duty vehicle's problems at first."

"At first?"

"Well, yeah, at first. Then I asked him about where he lived and what he did for work."


"And he said he was camping and that he was working on the road construction crew for the Park."

"The construction crew?"


"Hmm, could you tell your captain that he works for the road crew? You know, to get out of the weeklong stints at the watchtowers?"

"I don't think that would work, but nice try."

"Well, damn. So, what else did you talk about?"

"Well, I found out that he is single."

"Anything else?"

"Mm, not much else, really."

"So, all you know about him is that he works on the road crew and he's single?"

"Well, I know more than that. Just not from talking to him."

"Come on, I'm dying here. Tell me everything!"

"Fine! He's eighteen, five-foot-ten, been camping here since he moved from Savannah, Georgia. Hmm, blue eyes and brown hair."

Tess noticed that Mariah had a dreamy look on her face ever since she walked in the door. As Mariah talked more about her encounter, her look turned more towards one of want and desire. Tess then leaned forward and softly kissed her twin on the lips.


The two young beauties pleasing each other filled Geraldine's view, well, at least what she could see of them through the gap in the door. She was happy just knowing that her grand-babies were safe and keeping to the promise that they had made to her. To stay pure and to wait until the sign showed itself.

She knew that they both thought she was crazy. She, however, knew that history was about to repeat itself. All the signs were there. She had made all the moves that her great-grandmother told her about. Now all she could do was wait out the clock. She just hoped that her time didn't run out before the last pieces fell into place. She closed the door and walked back to her room. As she passed through the living room her hand gently caressed an old blanket that was hanging on the wall.

She sat on the bed once back in her room and looked at her wheelchair: 'Glad they didn't catch me up and about without it,' she thought to herself. She laid back and closed her eyes, recalling her youth before she finally drifted off to sleep.


Claire couldn't help but smile when she noticed James was asleep, propped up against the back wall of the log cab

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