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Having my way with her again.

The drivers side smashed against another tree, this caused the air bag to deploy and Bec's window to shatter in on her. The car came to rest in a snow filled ditch, the engine died.

The accident had happened so quickly but I'd seen every detail as if in slow motion. I think we were both in a state of shock as we sat there still for a few moments but the cold air entering through Rebecca's window brought us to our senses. Rebecca was quick to ask if I was OK and from what I could tell we both were extremely fortunate to have survived unscathed. The air bag hadn't been necessary to stop Bec colliding with the wheel and it was more annoying than anything as it had coated both her and the front of the car with a fine rubbery dust.

Rebecca wasn't dressed adequately enough to survey the damage outside of the car so I told her to stay put while I exited the vehicle. From what I could see that wasn't covered in snow, the car was a right-off. I thought of my extra clothes in the trunk but after getting Rebecca to release the lock and trying to open the buckled rear I realized it was futile. The metal had bent over and effectively sealed the trunk closed. Trying to call 911 I found I could get no coverage either at the car or up on the road, the same with Rebecca's phone and she wasn't surprised when I informed her. After some debate we came to the decision that trying to walk to either the house or back to town in this weather was suicidal and our best bet was to stay in the car until the morning.

I was quite proud of how I was handling the situation. The broken window was an issue but I solved it by using a floor mat to plug the gap and piling up the snow behind, to secure it in place. By the time I'd completed the task the car was now airtight and my hands were nearly frozen. I jumped into the backseat with Rebecca and she immediately noticed my blue hands. "Oh fuck Chris, your hands! Here, give them to me." She took hold of my wrists and pulled them towards her. My initial thought was she was going to place them on her breasts but she lifted her arms and wedged them under each of her armpits. The warmth and softness was pleasing and my wrists were essentially pressing against her breasts. I couldn't believe it but even in the situation we were in, my cock began to harden.

After a while, the blood began to flow freely back into my hands and I reluctantly released them from my sister's body. We assessed the situation we were in and although uncomfortable, it could've been worse. I used the remaining floor mats to insulate the side windows and pulled back the front seats to provide us with a cocoon like area on the back seat. As Rebecca was only wearing one layer, I insisted she have my jacket and beanie and she agreed but only if we cuddled together to stay warm. I was in no state to decline the offer. It was actually quite cozy, of course it was cold but when we discovered the bourbon had survived the accident as well, our spirits improved.

As the afternoon turned to night we used our phones intermittently for illumination and passed the bottle freely between us. Rebecca had decided the best way for us to keep warm was for me to sit with my back to the door and she with her back to me, between my legs. She'd removed the jacket and had it over her legs which were up on the seat before her. In this position, my cock was pressed against her lower back, my left arm wrapped around her stomach under her breasts. With the smell of her perfume and her hair in my face, I was in heaven.

The night stretched on.

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