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Mason Page's first adventure.

" I looked at him and nodded. "Sorry Jenny, I need to hear you say it."

"Yes Sir, I do touch myself," I stammered still bright red with shame and embarrassment.

"Ok that's fine. It's quite normal, nothing to be ashamed of." He smiled at me making me feel all gooey inside. "So how do you do it?" He asked looking up from the questionnaire. "Do you touch your clitoris? Or do you put your fingers inside yourself, or do you use something else? Do you achieve an orgasm?"

"I touch my clitoris and sometimes I put my fingers in my hole." I could feel my face burning red as I answered his question.

"How many fingers do you put in your vagina?"

"Sometimes three, Sir." He nodded as I answered and wrote it down on the form.

"Do you put anything else in your vagina?" I shook my head and he wrote that down too. "Do you orgasm?"

"Yes Sir, I do."

"Ok that's that. Now the physical examination. Unbutton your blouse, please." I looked at him and I blushed even more. He smiled at me kindly, "It's for your own good Jenny, and the school needs to know you're developing correctly." I obeyed him and started to undo the buttons. He slipped his hand inside my blouse and cupped my left breast, his strong manly hand felt wonderful on my tender virgin flesh. He soon found my nipple with his thumb and forefinger. It was already hard as he pinched it between his fingers. Then his hand was on my right breast and he did the same, my nipples were as hard as when I masturbated. He withdrew his hand and made a couple of short notes on the form. "That's all fine, if you'll just remove your panties and bend over the desk please." I stood up and pulled my panties down I didn't think I could get any redder, but I did, as I bent over the desk. He moved round behind me and I felt him lift my short skirt up, exposing my ass and pussy for his examination. "Just move your feet apart please Jenny and relax." I shuffled my feet apart exposing myself further for him. I felt his hands on my buttocks as he spread them apart. I could feel his breath on my soft blond pubic hair as he squatted down to examine me; his hands remained on my ass. "Jenny I don't want to hurt you so rather than me do it could you reach back and spread your vaginal lips for me please?" I slid my hand down my body and using my first two fingers spread my pussy lips apart for him. "Can you open yourself wider please?" I obeyed, stretching my hot little pussy as wide open as I could. I could feel his breath on my most delicate parts. I was so extremely embarrassed, to be so exposed to him and yet somehow it was making me feel extremely horny. "That's fine, just one more thing. Put your knee on the desk." I did as I was told and placed my knee on his desk, I was desperately hoping he wouldn't notice how horny I was becoming, I could feel my own wetness as I lay there bent across his desk with my ass and pussy wide open for him. "I just have to run this probe over you, but don't worry it won't hurt a bit, I have got it lubricated and it's quite warm." I felt the tip of the probe on my asshole, I twitched but he held me still. "Just relax Jenny, this won't take long." He ran the probe down to my pussy then slid it along my inner lips. "Tell me when it touches your clitoris."

"Yes Sir, that's it." I said when the tip of it touched my clit. I was so aroused a small moan escaped my throat as he slid the tool backwards towards my asshole, I couldn't help myself as I pushed back towards him. He ran the tool several more times from my asshole to my clit and each time I kept pushing back, almost trying to get him to slip the probe inside me. Before I could help myself, I came, hard and fast, right there on his desk as he slid the tool backwards and forwards over my hot wet pussy. Then suddenly he gripped my waist hard and I felt what must have been more warm lube all over my ass and pussy.

"Jenny, I'm sorry I spilled some lube.

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