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Matt tries to train Jackie with some earrings.

This youth was a whole new experience, and his willingness to comply with her whims excited her no end; she would enjoy introducing him to her circle of dominant female friends; some of whom would treat him to pleasures he could only dream of. She eased her legs apart and put both feet to the ground on tip-toe. Jack was transfixed by the cleanly shaven pussy before him; he so wanted to come.

"What foreplay did you treat your girls to, before you had sex with them?" She pulled the silk from her shoulders and placed her arms behind her, arching her back and displaying her pussy and breasts to best effect.

"Did you lick their pussies?" She began to slip a finger up and down her moist slit as she waited for the negative response she hoped upon hope she'd get from the young man.

"No Bella, I've never licked a girl's pussy." He gasped as he spoke not daring to believe that this gorgeous and mature woman would demand that he lost his oral virginity on her? Bella smiled with deep satisfaction; her pussy tingled gloriously as the erect and youthful cock before her, dribbled pre-cum visibly, she knew he was on the verge of exploding.

"Oh you poor boy, would you like to lick mine?" Jack was stunned to silence and just stared at the delectable pussy which now opened up before him as Bella spread her thighs further. He leaned forward, mesmerised, as she put her hand softly behind his head. She whispered softly and confidently as he nervously leaned toward his succulently scented goal.

"Don't worry, I shall show you how it's done; you will find it most natural after a while, and most enjoyable. I shall teach you many things now I have you." Jack could barely control the pulsing in his cock and balls as he gently probed Bella's soft and hot sticky lips for the first time. It was as much he could do to stop himself from grabbing his cock and jerking himself to oblivion there and then; the smell and taste of her moist and aroused cunt was overpowering. Bella giggled softly as she lifted his head slightly. This was so enjoyable, he was so gentle; he would serve her and her friends very well in the time to come, he was definitely hers now; there was no way he could escape from her womanly charms after this.

She lifted her thighs as he lapped deliriously at the pungent and wanting nub of her womanhood. She gasped as he licked close, but not close enough to her clitoris. She lifted his head a little more.

"There, you be a good boy and caress that little bit near the top of my crack with your tongue." Jack obliged and Bella moaned with pleasure as he found the little bud at the apex of her juicy womanhood; he stretched his tongue and rasped as hard as he could. Despite his cock wanting to spurt, he found hearing the mature woman moan as he pleased her just as pleasurable; submission and servility to women would come very naturally to him, and Bella knew this. Close to coming, she wanted him to do something else for her; as she pulled his sticky face from her pussy she knew he would now be willing to do anything for her. She panted, now impatient to come; she wanted to arrive, knowing her youthful capture knew his future position in life. She focused wickedly on him.

"There's something else I want you to lick now." She pointed a sharp finger down to her soft brown ring as she lay back on the bed; Jack was not sure at first, he had not licked pussy before and had thoroughly enjoyed that, but was not sure about licking her asshole. He thought he might gag, but the delectable orbs of her sumptuous ass beckoned him home. Bella became impatient and commanded him sternly for the first time.

"Lick my asshole now!" Her words ensured he carried out the task for the first time; she had commanded he do so.

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