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The Morrisons host a back yard party and everyone has fun.


"Ah, you must be my stalker," I joked and she laughed, her high cheek bones and lovely smile on display.

"I am woman who is frustrated sexually, tired of using a dildo and you fit the bill. I noticed you eyeing up my legs and feet when I answered the door earlier-do you like what you see?"

"Yes, very much so."

"Here, taste a piece of my fruit, life's too short", she slowly fed the cream coated strawberry into my mouth.

"Very nice" I said as I picked up another, dipped it into the cream and placed it down on her stomach, which was visible through a gap in the gown.

"Oh, so you would like to devour the strawberries from me?"

"Of course, a woman as desirable as you and strawberries to match..." I carefully opened the front of her gown revealing the cerise bikini covering her trim fifty-something body. I leaned forward and slowly moved the strawberry around and ate it.

She sighed, "I like that so much." She picked another, dipped it in the cream and placed it between her ample breasts. I leant forward and nibbled again and delivered some velvet kisses around her cleavage. Her breathing quickened and she pulled the bikini top to the side revealing a delicious-looking hard nipple.

Another strawberry and more cream had her revealing the other breast, her hand behind my head as I painted those hard nubs with more cream. I continued to tease her with the small perfect fruits; her right leg was now raised and I kissed a smooth left thigh, continuing down to her knee, then calf, then ankle, I was soon at the arch of her foot, I gave it a little massage then kissed it, then down to her toes. I took the big one right into my mouth, "Oooh..." she shuddered. "That's so good, nobody ever did that to me before." I played with them all, taking all 5 inside one at a time. I looked up for eye contact, but her eyes were closed, her head falling back and her left hand playing with a rock-hard nipple.

I reached for another berry, dipped it in the cream and placed it just above the top of her bikini bottoms. I leaned forward to play with it, her hips now slowly, gently moving, I kissed her pubic mound through the cerise material, her breath getting heavy. I worked my way down, kissing the garment, which was now damp with her love juices. I pushed my tongue into the dampness and she shuddered. I took another strawberry, dipped in into the cream and pulling the delicate costume aside, slid it into her warm, wet pussy. I then pulled the cerise coloured material tight against her crotch, looked up at her eyes, "You are so hot, you sure know how to eat strawberries."

I went to retrieve the berry, now coated with her cream, took it in my mouth, moved up to her lips, kissing her and passing the fruit to her mouth. "Wow that was hot, you certainly know how to turn a woman on. What have we here?" Her hands now stroking my erection through my shorts,

"There are two ways to a woman's heart, cooking and great oral sex, not sure in what order though," I joked.

"You are so cute. My husband probably thinks cunninglingus is the name of a shrub," she replied.

She placed her hands on my arms and ran them around to my chest, and rubbing me through my sweat soaked top, she tweaked one of my nipples. I returned to concentrate on her nipples, kissing them slowly, rolling those hard buds in my tongue. I fed her another strawberry, put some more cream on her nipples then rubbed more fresh fruit in it for me to eat. She giggled and sighed, clearly very aroused.

I went back down to her cerise bottoms, pulled them aside and devoured her clitoris, sucking on it hard, teasing it, taking it all in my mouth like a ripe piece of fruit, her hand increasing the pressure against the back of my head. My tongue continued to run a figure of eight over her hard bud; she tasted so sweet.

She bucked and writhed, pulling my hair as I tongue fucked her opening, Her thighs become tight against my head and she groaned as she shuddered with org

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