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Couple gets caught in midst of public lust.

"Sorry to interrupt. We bought Chinese!" Lucas held the bag up and patted Sebastian on the back. "How about getting us some plates, little leprechaun?"

"I hate you." Sebastian grumbled but headed to the over-head cupboards and pulled four mismatched plates from there. Michael pouted when Thomas sat up and hauled him up too.

"Later, darlin'." Thomas winked at him and grasped the box full of spring rolls, vegetarian because of him. An omelet and fries was handed to him and he smiled gratefully at Sebastian.

"What did you actually major in then? I'm pretty sure there isn't a course called 'how to become a BDSM instructor'." Michael asked as he stabbed a fork into a fry.

"No, I majored in physiology. I realized it wasn't for me in the second year."

"So, Thomas. You're in the club business?" the conversation started as easy as that.


"I did not just hear that!" Michael held his hands over his ears and shook his head. Lucas was grinning and Sebastian was flushing a deep crimson while Thomas was smirking at all of them.

"Don't worry, little leprechaun. You'll love it."

"I don't want to hear that you have a cum shot fetish!" Michael was close to stomping his foot as he glared at Lucas from the sofa.

"Why? I'm sure Thomas has shot all over your face...and elsewhere." Michael opened his mouth to protest when Thomas beat him with a wink in his direction.

"Not intentionally..." Thomas blew a kiss at Michael who glared at him.

"What about that time when you were at my house?" Michael grinned as Thomas nodded.

"I must have forgotten. I was angry at you."

"So? You still shot it over my face. On purpose."

"Now, now, darlin'. We don't want little Sebastian and Lucas getting jealous of our bedroom activities." Thomas kissed his neck and Michael tilted his head to the side and allowed Thomas to suck up a mark. His cock stiffened and Michael grasped Thomas' hand and placed it over his groin.

"Uh..." Sebastian stood but Lucas pulled him back onto the chair next to him. Lucas then leant over and kissed Sebastian. "W...What is going on?"

"I'll sit on the sofa, next to Thomas. You two can suck us off? I'm not pressuring you if you don't want to then say." Lucas kissed Sebastian cheek and watched as he shyly nodded. Michael crawled onto the floor and watched as Thomas slowly unzipped his pants. Sebastian reached his shaky hands out and unzipped Lucas'.

"You sure you want to do this, Mikey?"

"Oh yeah, if Sebastian wants to." Michael turned and Sebastian knelt on the floor next to him with a shy smile.

"I've never..."

"Copy me." Michael winked and leant over to lap at the head of Thomas' weeping cock.

"Hand them over," Lucas held his hand out for Sebastian's glasses as the rims dug into his cock. Sebastian frowned up at him before handing the small wire frames over to the larger man. Lucas reached down and ran his hand through Sebastian's red hair with a wink. "Don't want imprints on my cock, leprechaun."

Michael watched as Sebastian slowly licked the head of Lucas' thick cock and satisfied he would work it out on his own he turned his full attention to working his lover.

"Damn, I've wanted to show you off again for days..." Thomas grunted and threaded his fingers through his hair. He was pulled up and pushed down; he knew Thomas loved it when he gave over control so he allowed it. "Drop your pants."

Michael whimpered quietly and reached down to unzip his jeans. He wasn't worried about the size of his cock anymore. He knew Thomas loved it and him and made him hard like stone. Saliva pooled in his mouth as he washed Thomas' cock in it.

"Suck a little harder, love." Thomas instructed and wove his fingers through Michael's almost blonde hair. Michael sucked so hard that his cheeks hollowed out and Thomas made a grunting noise.

Sebastian was going to town on Lucas. Saliva was dripping down the man's cock but Lucas seemed to be enjoying it by the way his fingers were curled tightly in Sebastian's red hair. The passion infused in Lucas' green eyes was unmistakable.

"Rub your tongue in the s

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