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Married to a jock, turned on by BBW

"You think it's funny, fucking me into a coma?" she giggled, blowing bedraggled, sweaty hair out of her face. "This is how you treat someone you love? How do you treat enemies?"

"Oh, I fuck them too, just not so literally," I smiled, resuming my previous pace of insertion. Ro grunted, and grabbed my head with both hands.

"Then I'm glad you love me," she whispered, and pulled me down for another kiss, "because I like it when you fuck me, literally!"

I pulled out of her snug orifice, and she whimpered her dislike of the empty feeling my departure left... until she realized what I wanted. Yelping like a happy puppy, she took a position on her hands and knees in seconds, then dropped her torso flat, wiggling her sexy ass in the air. Her gaping, drooling cunt begged to be stuffed full again, so I did, sliding into her warm sheath in one motion.

"Ooooooooooh fuck! I do so looooove doggie! So thick, and deep!" she hissed, flexing her firm glutes under my grasp.

I started slow, but she wasn't the only one who loved to fuck this way, and for most of the same reasons, or at least their male equivalent. Tight, smooth, and deep, her pussy gripped my thrusting cock in an embrace that was guaranteed to make me cum soon. Additionally, I was able to watch her cunt, stretching open when I pushed in, and with her lips being tugged out around my withdrawing stroke. Quite the secondary stimulus, it had me pounding her furiously, slamming into her cushioning ass. Ro was squealing with each collision, cumming repeatedly, and I was about to join her.

"Gonna cum baby!" I grunted, and detonated. I held her hips tight while I ground my cock into her hard, spraying the contents of my balls into my sister's cunt with a gasp at each spasm. Funny how cumming totally screws up a man's coordination, as I twitched, convulsed, and jerked behind her, using my grip on her to keep from falling over, at least for as long as I could.

I lost my hold on her ass, and crashed down beside her on the bed, on my side, facing her. Her hair was over her face, with a few strands fluttering in Ro's gasping breaths. We laid there, recovering, for a few minutes, before she suddenly giggled.

"What?" I asked, laughing back at her.

"Cum dripping, tickling my pussy... " she whispered. "Oh my god."

We never did have dinner that night. Our 'quickie', nearly an hour long, had wrecked us both for the evening, and we resigned ourselves to a few bites of leftovers before finally just collapsing in each other's arms, and sleeping with the deep satisfaction of committed lovers.


The next day, I was determined to solve the issue of Isabella.

"Isabella, I need to talk to you, please," I said as I walked into my office. She was sitting there, pecking at her keyboard, and looking every bit as yummy as any other day. She picked up her pad, and followed me in. "Sit, please."

"Bene, David. How is your sister enjoying Roma? " she asked, smiling sarcastically.

"She's having a great time," I replied, "and I think I should confess something to you. We weren't exactly honest when you met her...." I continued, hoping this next bit would work, and that she was sufficiently surprised when Ro burst in on us that she didn't hear her call me 'bro'. "Carolyn isn't my sister ; she's my girlfriend. We had a fight, and I was kind of, um, using you to make her, um... jealous. But now we're back together. I apologize for misleading you." She was glaring at me.

"If she is your girlfriend, why did you not sleep with her? And why did she say she was your sister? " she asked, suspiciously.

"Well, like I said, we had a fight.

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