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Having met the love his life, he dreams of Heaven.

I feel a soft strap going around my ankle and hear the Velcro seal it tight. I let she lifts my leg and places my heel right up against my hips. She then slides a strap through the belt around my waist and cinches my foot up tight. I only slightly resist as she does the same with my other leg.

I am now really helpless, hog tied with my knees in the air. Again, I am left alone. This time I hear her leave the room and she is gone for what feels like a very long time. I am left to feel totally alone with my bound and throbbing cock. I can feel my excitement lessen but my constricted cock remains hard as a rock. Finally, I hear her return and I can tell from the sounds that she has filled the ice bucket. She surprises me when she asks if I had missed her. I have to clear my throat before I can answer that I had. Of course, she says that is good.

I am surprised when the cold water drips on my stomach. Even more so when she places a handful of ice on my chest and stomach. The cold water rolls down my sides and pools under me. Now I feel something cold being smeared on my cock, but it is not ice, because her hands are soon pumping up and down my shaft. I feel her slide something over my cock and then I hear her pumping something. It doesn't take long before I feel the suction on my dick. She continues pumping the air out of the tube, making my cock grow bigger still, until she sees me flinch from pain as my cock swells even larger. I can tell that she has pumped me up to enormous size as it feels like my cock is going to explode. She lets just a little air back in to take the pressure off a little. Now her hands are on my legs, toying with my spread ass. Again, the cold sensation, this time on my exposed ass hole. Her fingers spread the grease over my puckered asshole until she suddenly presses her slick finger into me. I squirm as her finger slides in and out, making me open up.

One finger now becomes two as I relax. I get used to my ass being fingered just in time for her to switch to a small dildo. I now know just what it feels like when I want to do that to her. She works the dildo in and out, making sure that she finds my prostrate and has me humping to meet her thrusts. Without missing a stroke, she removes the dildo and replace it with a much bigger one. My ass has little time to react as she fills me with the fake cock. I start to really get into getting fucked in the ass. The dildo feels like it is at least 10 inches as she forces its full length into my wide stretched ass hole. When she manages to get it all the way in, she stops and tells me to hold it. My muscles close tight around the rubber dick in my ass as she reaches up to untie my ankles. She tells me to move up on the bed and I squirm to obey, working myself up with my elbows. Reaching under me to make sure that the dildo it in place, she ties my legs together.

The pump is now released and removed from my dick. It has swollen so large that she are not sure that it is even mine. The strap around the base has done its job and I stay swollen to a huge size. Her hands play along the sides of my huge dick and she starts to slowly run her tongue up and down it. The thought of being fucked by such a large dick begins to excite her and she reaches down to make sure that her pussy is ready to take me.

Her mouth can barely take my swollen cock as she tries to lubricate me with her spit.

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