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Jody surprises Scott with work, fantasies & more.

My hands tightened on His shoulders and His hands left my ass to grasp my legs, one of which was placed around His hip, the other bent at the knee and hooked by the heel of my sandal on the handrail.

His lips nibbled against my throat and up along the side of my ear. He began to sing softly, punctuating certain words with hard quick thrusts.

'Workin' like a dog for the boss man
Workin' for the company
I'm bettin' on the dice I'm tossin'
I'm gonna have a fantasy
But where am I gonna look
They tell me love is blind
I really need a girl like an open book
To read between the lines'

"Are you my fantasy, baby girl?" He asked. His hips pumped into me hard and piston like.

My eyes darted around the mirrors, my breath fogging the glass when my head turned to the side. I turned my head again, but this time to look at the control panel. Steadily, the car was climbing upwards. We were on the seventh floor...eighth...ninth...

'Love In An Elevator
Livin' it up when I'm goin' down
Love In an Elevator
Livin' it up till I hit the ground

"Look over to the wall and look down, My cock fuck you."

I did as He bade me, mesmerized by the way His cock glistened with wetness each time He pulled out. We used mirrors often, or video cameras. He loved how I squirmed when I watched us either by reflection or by play back. There was something wicked about watching oneself having sex, hearing the moans, the words, the grunts, and the screams. In the mirror, eyes glazed and unfocused, as if watching from outside the body. Seeing the change in facial expressions, the sweat glinting on the bodies, the reaction of nipples, cock, and cunt all at the moment of touch, of hardening, of penetration.

It was decadent.

And I watched the buttons light up as we passed the floors; eighteenth, nineteenth, twenty.

'Jackie's in the elevator
Lingerie second floor
She said 'can I see you later
And love you just a little more'
I kinda hope we get stuck
Nobody gets out alive
She said 'I'll show you how to fax
In the mailroom, honey
And have you home by five'

"What if we got stuck, My sweet, here in this elevator? Would you panic? Or would you beg for Me to keep fucking you until they found us?"

My breath lodged in my throat at the thought of the small car stopping between floors. I hated heights and I hated being in small confined spaces for longer than five minutes. Panic gripped me briefly and I dug my fingers into His shirt. He was a cruel man sometimes, using my fears to get a rise out of me, only to heighten His pleasure. Yes, I would beg Him to fuck me. I would promise Him anything so long as He kept the fear at bay.

"If I crooned in your ear to be a good girl and let the rescuers watch you get off, you'd do it, wouldn't you, pet? You'd let Me do whatever I wanted so long as I'd get you out."

I nodded against the glass of the wall and my grip on His shoulders never let up. His dark laugh in my ear only convinced me of how much He enjoyed my nervousness.

The car passed floors twenty-six, twenty-seven, and twenty-eight.

'Love In An Elevator
Livin' it up when I'm goin' down
Love In An Elevator
Livin' it up till I hit the ground'

"We're almost there, almost to the top. We might get there before I'm done here. The doors might slide open while I'm still buried inside of your slick, dripping pussy. What a first impression that would make on my boss for you, huh, girl?"

My heart kicked a beat faster. What if the elevator got to the roof before my Master was done? A nightmare, for sure. But then, He loved putting me in uncomfortable places and positions and I couldn't deny the sexual high I got when He displayed me as such, daring others to watch and then daring them to look away.

His hips pumped me harder. My eyes moving back and forth between the mirrored wall and the elevator control panel. My nipples rubbed against His silk shirt, hardening to aching points each time I moved just the slightest bit. The tingling between my legs was white hot and juice ran over my thigh.

The roof

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