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He returns after many years; how can she turn him away?

It completely disappeared between his lips.

Bobby suckled heartily, making small gulping sounds as he swallowed Debbie's milk. His cock was pressing against the crotch of his pants. Debbie moved her hand down to run her fingers along the length of it. Her other hand reached out to touch Ray in the same way.

Ray moaned as he struggled to get the zipper down. He was not wearing any underwear which made it easy for Debbie to slip her hand inside and pull his rock hard cock out of his pants.

Debbie was in seventh heaven, Bobby sucking on her nipple and a cock in each hand. She slowly stroked them in rhythm, up and down the length of their shafts. She spread her legs invitingly, hoping one of them would touch her there.

Bobby slid his hand down to cup her pussy, as he continued sucking. Two fingers slipped inside with ease because Debbie was so wet, he started working them in and out. As soon as he moved his fingers up to rub her swollen clit, Ray pushed two of his fingers inside Debbie's wet cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhhh fuck me!" Debbie whispered hoarsely, as her ass rose up off the couch to get Ray's fingers deeper inside her, "finger fuck me harder!"

Bobby sucked harder on her nipples and rubbed her clit with a firm touch. With Ray finger fucking her fast and furious, Bobby knew she was going to cum soon.

The two men worked harder on the horny woman between them. Debbie had long stopped stroking their cocks and was intent on her own orgasm.

"Ohhhhhh fuck! I'm cummmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnggggggg!" Debbie cried out, "oooooooooooooooohhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Debbie's body stiffened as her orgasm overtook her. Her breath came in small gasps as she rode the wave of pleasure. Her hands tightened around both cocks. Bobby and Ray kept up their playing with Debbie's pussy as mulitple orgasms engulfed her.

Debbie lay back against the couch, catching her breath. Bobby pulled his mouth off her nipple, milk dripping off his chin. He gathered Debbie into his arms and kissed her. Ray's fingers were still planted inside her pussy.

Bobby pulled away from Debbie and slid her robe off her shoulders. Ray stood up to remove his clothes and Bobby did the same. As they stood, Debbie knelt down between them to take a cock in each hand. She slowly stroked both of them and leaned in to take Bobby's cock in her mouth. Ray watched as Bobby's rock hard cock disappeared between her lips. Her hand continued to stroke Ray's cock, back and forth.

Debbie loved how Bobby's cock hit the back of her throat, choking her a bit. She wrapped her hand around the base of it and slowly backed away to move to the other side and take Ray's cock into her mouth. Back and forth she sucked the two hard cocks in front of her.

Gently she pulled both cocks toward her to take them both in her mouth at the same time. The heads of their cocks met between her lips as she did her best to take in as much of them as she could. Both the fellas were anxious to have their cocks buried inside this wanton woman.

Bobby, as if reading Ray's mind, pulled Debbie up to a standing position and the three made their way into the bedroom. Bobby lay on the king sized bed and pulled Debbie on top of him. She straddled his body and lowered her wet warm pussy over his cock.

Debbie sighed as his cock filled her. Bobby pulled her down, resting her tits on his chest.

Ray moved around to straddle Debbie's ass and rubbed the head of his cock on her asshole, pushing it in gently. As the knob pushed its way past her tight ass rim, Debbie moaned softly. Bobby's cock was buried deep in Debbie's cunt. She was so full of cock and wanted to be fucked so hard.

"Fuck me Bobby, " Debbie whispered in his ear,"fuck me now!"

Bobby started pushing his cock upwards into Debbie's hot pussy.

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