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Two lovers meet at a get-away for a hot night of sex.

"I surrender," she playfully and lustfully shouted. "I can't take anymore. I'm gonna c...." He shut her up with a kiss as his free hand moved from her breast, to the inside of her thighs and began massaging. A long, powerful moan burst from her lips as her back arched up and her body contracted, sending orgasmic pleasure throughout her entire body.

She somehow got one of her hands free, and after she stopped yelling, she traced his jaw line with her soft finger tips and brought her lips to his in a passionate, deep kiss. She rolled on top of him and sat on his pelvis, feeling his arousal pressing hard against her.

She sat straight up as her fingers danced over the fastenings of his pants. Her slim hands moved over his erection. He watched in astonished wonder as she moved down and...

"Oh god, ..." The warmth of her breath over his skin sent shivers through his body. And the silky feel of her lips on the head of his member... He groaned and closed his eyes.

That silk now pursed against his skin as she planted a delicate kiss on the tip of his length. Then the warm heat of her tongue touched down and the groan turned into a soft moan. Goosebumps crawled across his arms and legs as his spine quaked and his breath caught.

Oh god... This time his oath was silent.

Her tongue moved, leaving coolness in its wake as it traced along the edge of his head. He gripped the covers as pleasure raced through him, struggling not to move, not to intervene. He had to let her set the pace; her wondrous explorations of his body, maddening as they were, were the most beautiful tortures he'd endured.

She let out a low, hissing exhalation and he groaned again as the heat of her breath spread over his moistened flesh and skimmed over the dry skin. Her fingertips were stroking his shaft now, light touches that only increased the growing hunger within him. He wanted to reach down and lace his fingers through her hair, drawing her onto him--

He kept his eyes closed and his body still, waiting.

"Do you like this?" Her voice was soft, an intoxicating mixture of innocent curiosity and adult sensuality.

"Oh god yes, I love it..." He swallowed, trying to restrain the impulse to take over, to accelerate the pace. As her lips began to envelop the head of his erection, he groaned again, amazed by the vivid intensity of the sensations. She drew him in, just a bit, concentrating on only the head for the moment. He groaned again as he felt the tips of her teeth graze his skin subtly, and then groaned again as her warm tongue undulated against his flesh and she began to suckle.

"Oh... " His fists clenched the covers still, the knuckles white as he restrained his impulses and let her control the pace. When she drew him in even deeper all that emerged from his throat was a low, ecstatic rumble.

Shocks of intense pleasure were already moving through him, every time her lips clashed against the edge of his head, building upward toward a level of mindless carnality.

"Oh shit, baby, you'd better stop, I'm gonna--" Instead she drew him in deeper and began sucking even harder. He opened his eyes in astonishment and managed to catch one brief look at her before...

His nervous system felt like it was exploding. Spears of pleasure lanced through his body while he shuddered and gasped against the sheets like a man holding a live wire. Reality fragmented around him and was gone.

She was nestling against him, resting her head on his shoulder and letting her fingers trace his neck and collar bone, as his awareness returned. He chuckled, knowing without being told exactly what she'd done. She'd swallowed. Her first time doing so. He knew he had to repay the favor.

He rolled her onto her back and kissed her neck. Then slowly moved down to her collar bone, then chest. He slowly pulled her shirt off, kissing her smooth, flat belly. Sweet, gentle moans slipped from her lips and he continued.

Kissing her belly button, he wrapped his fingers under the top of her skirt and pulled it down past her knees, then ankles and

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