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Older couple dominates a young woman.

She lowered herself down on to her and me and peg started to masturbate me.

They both slipped their hands inside my pants and started to rhythmically move their hands up and down up and down. Peg then lent forward pushed her breast near to my mouth don't your dare bite it or well never let you go she said. And then proceeded to push it into my mouth whilst shouting at me to suck it. I was still being masturbated and I started to feel pegs nipple harden in my sucking mouth, involuntarily I started to get a massive erection, that's a good boy this is all were after aunt Sally said. I looked around to see Sara masturbating and peg just gleaming at my erect cock. Suddenly Aunt Sally began to move again. Slowly I watched as Aunt Sally used her powerful legs to place herself over my erect cock. Her Pussy was dripping wet, I knew show was extremely horny and eager for her first cock in 5 years (since my uncle had died). Placing the tip of my cock against her slit, she easily slid me in and sat all the way down my shaft.! she panted. Violently, she bounced up and down on my rock hard cock, riding me as hard as she could. Her heavy breasts bouncing in rhythm to her movements. Her nipples were completely extended, she was so horny! Up down, up down. The wetness of her crotch was amazing, as it firmly but gently grasped my cock even while she was riding me so hard. I`ve wanted to fuck something for so long this is the best sex I've ever had, she was dripping cum all over my groin. UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!! She screamed as she came all over me.

Aunt Sally fell back in a heap of exaughstion, then as quick as aunt Sally had initially been Sara climbed on, my member was still hard as I hadn't been able to cum yet. Sara slid my cum soaked cock up inside herself and then removed my right hand from its bindings although still keeping a strong grip on it. I tried to resist again in vain and it would be my last attempt as I was now too tired. She forced my hand just up the inside of her pleated skirt and slowly slid it up the inside of her thigh passed the base of my penis (as I was already in her, but that wasn't enough) she placed my hand on her clit and instructed me rub it whilst she was raping me.

I laid flat on back rubbing this old lady's clit as she slowly moved up and down on me, with my cock fully entering her cunt. Screaming with pleasure Sara was also Cumming all over me. I laid back thinking I should just let them get on with it, they were so horny, cumming so much, my aunt hadn't had it in over 5 years and she needed fucking so much that she was gang raping me her 18 year old nephew.

I then saw her out of the corner of my eye fucking peg with a strap on, it turned me on so much seeing the pleasure in there faces and cum dripping onto those skirts. I watched on and felt like I was in a fantasy watching them fucking and with every movement aunt Sally arse clearly in view. I was suddenly aware I was having sex, I couldn't hold it in any longer I was about to cum. Still screaming with pleasure Sara came at the same time as me, leaving me exuaghsted and covered in come. I felt like passing out but I couldn't. I watched they each cleared themselves up and all came over to me at once, don't worry Eddie this will be the last time we pleasure you while your still awake. (Pleasure me I though, its not unpleasant by any means but think you're getting a powerful seeing to yourselves!)

They continued over to me and where obviously planning to use me all at once. Aunt Sally lifted up her skirt and squatted over my face, I now couldn't see anything as I was inside her skirt. As Aunt Sally told me to start licking her out I felt a hand on my cock masturbating me until I got hard again and then she slid my cock into her. I think it was Peg now raping me as she felt different and peg hadn't fucked me yet.

Finally so I knew they were all abusing me at once I felt aunt Sally pass my hand over to Sara who again placed it just under the p

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