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Short story - a reunion with an ex-lover takes a sour turn...

.." Jadrik retorted, suddenly morose, irked by the utter lack of interest and respect that the innkeeper's daughter displayed toward his grandiose demonological feats.

"Well, yeah. I let guys do me in the ass a lot, but that hole doesn't really count though, does it?" Miry replied dismissively, unperturbed by the warlock's biting tone.

"As a matter of fact, yes, it does 'count'," Jadrik said, arching an eyebrow. "Otherwise, why would people pay good money to fuck you there in the first place? That's how much it counts."

"I dunno," Miry shrugged, "it's still just my butt. As long as my pussy stays virgin until I'm married, I'll still be pure. That's what pastor Ben says, and he's a priest, so he should know about virginity and purity and stuff."

"Yeah, sure, the purity thing..." Jadrik slowly said, furrowing his brow as Shayla started to stir in his embrace. "Just out of curiosity, does the good pastor talk about keeping your pussy pure and virginal while he fucks you in the ass? Because I assume he does get to buttfuck you, right?"

"Duh, of course!" Miry half-snorted and half-laughed, looking at Jadrik as if he was thick in the head despite being a magic user. "I don't make him pay though, because he's looking for a nice son of a nobleman for me to marry. He's friends with the bishop, you see, so he gets to meet important people from all over the district, rich people and Imperial vassals and stuff. The way I see it," the innkeeper's daughter concluded, smiling brightly, "it's well worth letting him have my ass for free if he can find me a good husband!"

"If you say so..." Jadrik capitulated with a sigh.

In an uncharacteristic display of altruism, the warlock chose not to press the issue so he wouldn't have to shatter that nice yet gullible country girl's dreams just yet, confident that life itself would see to it soon enough. Then again, he considered, maybe it was even crueler not to tell Miry straight away how things really stood and point out how unlikely it was that the good pastor would actually deliver on his promises. Was it better to inflict an immediate painful truth or to let the tavern girl enjoy her delusional happiness for the time being, before harsh reality asserted itself?
Grumbling and shaking those bleak moral ruminations out of his head, the warlock looked away from Miry's distressingly hopeful hazel eyes and turned to Shayla. He was right on time to meet the wizardess's unfocused blue gaze just as her heavy eyelids fluttered open.

"Mmhh... Jad?" Shayla mumbled in the cutest sleepy voice. Wiggling her juicy rump, she squeezed her asshole around him, as if to verify that the feel of his chubby shaft plugged deep inside her rectum was indeed real and not a dream.

"Hey there, my sweet slut," Jadrik smiled, hugging her tight and tweaking a fat puffy nipple between his fingers. Moaning into her chin as she kept gently tightening and loosening her anal muscles around his plump boner while she exhaled with post-orgasmic contentment, the warlock asked: "Should I pull out? Not that I want to, of course..."

"No, Jad, stay in me... You know I love feeling you deep in my ass," Shayla purred.

"I know," the warlock grinned, kissing her hot soft mouth, "and I love feeling your ass around me, Shay."

Slowly emerging from her blissful absence, relaxing in Jadrik's affectionate embrace as she kissed him back, the wizardess couldn't help but whimper with joy as he started delicately grinding his firmly wedged length inside her snug, seed-flooded rectum.

"Mmh, you filled me up really good, Jad... I can feel your cum squishing around inside my ass, and your big cock pushing all that creamy stuff deeper in me..." Shayla murmured dreamily, humming with satisfaction and already feeling tingly all over as the warlock lazily stirred her dick-crammed anus with his fat shaft. "It felt amazing when you came, you were so deep inside me... So much cum in my ass... And I came pretty hard too," she concluded with a husky chuckle, "didn't I?"

"Yes, you certainly did! You came so hard you passed out

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