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Pregnant sis dumped on brother's doorstep; he saves day.

I grabbed the extension from Barbara and tried to put it over my already swollen cock.

Barbara said, "Here let me help"

I thought I was going to drop my load right then and there I was so excited.

Then Barbara said, "Wait I think we need something to help make your cock slippery. I know..." With that said, she dropped down on her knees and stuffed my dick into her mouth. She was slobbering and spitting on my cock making it very slippery.

She said, "There let's try to slip it on now."

I said, "No fucking way, I'm about to cummmm."

Barbara said, "Good!" She grabbed my cock again and stuffed it in her mouth and began to suck and hum. Back and forth, in and out she sucked, hummed, and slobbered, stuffing my entire shaft into he mouth.

"Ooohhhhhh! Fuck!" I couldn't hold on any longer and my semen spewed down Barbara's throat, on her face and on the floor.

"Damn Barbara, you give great head." I said exhaustedly.

Barbara stood up and undressed. "OK" she said, "Now we can try the penis extension on a not so hard dick, right?"

She rubbed the excess semen on my dick and slipped the extension on with almost no effort at all. It fit snug and didn't feel like it would slip off even without having an erection.

"OK you big fucking cock, fuck me." Barbara said with such determination and confidence. Almost as if we had been having sex all our lives.

Barbara got down on the floor in a doggie stile, and said, "Put that big cock in my pussy."

I said, "No hun, go lean over my chair. Grab on the armrest and hang on."

Barbara hurried over and did as I asked. I came up from behind her and pushed the rubbery penis into her vagina.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh! Yes! Fuck me baby; fuck me with that huge cock of yours. Barbara said as I pushed it in further, until the entire penis was deep inside that wet pussy.

Both my hands were all over her. I was rubbing her tits and squeezing her nipples, then I was rubbing her ass cheeks then I reached around and was playing with her clit. She was so fucking hot, and so was I. This is what wet dreams are made of I thought as I continued to pump that 12" dick into her pussy.

My dick was getting hard again the sensation was wild. It felt so good to know I had a 12" dick and fucking this beautiful woman and satisfying her as well as myself. I was doing the type of thing my wife would never ever entertain, even the thought of it.

Barbara was having orgasm after orgasm. She finally slowed down and said, "Oh baby, this is so fucking good. I want more of that big cock sweetheart, but can we talk for a while, you know take a little break?"

I said, "Sure hun."

I sat down in my chair and Barbara sat on my lap. While we talked I nibbled on her breasts and nipples. At one point she reached between her legs and mine and pulled the penis extension off and tossed it on the coffee table.

Barbara said, "Did you like using that extension? Or was it not real enough for you?"

I said, "It was great. I've had that thing for about a year now and that is the first time I have ever used it. I took it out of the box and had showed Pam, but she just looked at me and rolled her eyes and insisted I could use it on myself, but not on her, and I wasn't getting anywhere near her with that thing."

Barbara said, "Well did you use it on your self?"

I said, "What this thing? No. Why?"

Then Barbara said, "Would you like to try having your ass fucked?"

I said, "With another guy... no, I don't think so.

Barbara responded, "What if I would get a strap on? Would you try that, I mean would you let me fuck you in your ass with a strap on dick?"

My response was, "Do you have one?"

Barbara jumped up and began dressing and said on her way to the front door, "I'll be right back baby, don't go anywhere."

Barb and Bart lived a few houses down the block. I knew she'd be gone for a little while so I jumped into the down stairs shower and washed down real quick. I was toweling off when I heard Barbara say, "I'm back sweetie, you ready to get that nice ass of yours fucked?"

I could not help but la

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