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A guy working at a bar meets the new girl and things build.

Shall we move on, Jack?"

"Move on?"

"This party will be going on for a while. I don't think we'll be missed too badly. What do you say?"

"It would be the perfect end to a less than perfect day. Let's go."

We didn't even make an effort to say our goodbyes, we just slipped out the entrance, finding Carlos waiting for us in the car. We had barely pulled away from the entrance when she broke out the champagne. She poured us each a glass, then offered a toast.

"Shall we drink to a successful project?"

I raised my glass to hers, "Best project of my life."

After sipping from our glasses she leaned over and kissed me. "I'd also like to drink to one of the most interesting weeks of my life," she said softly.

"I hope I had some small part in that."

She smiled beautifully. "Maybe. Just a tiny bit."

"I'm glad."

"I thought, if you don't mind, we might go back to my place and finish our celebration there."

"Are you sure that's wise? I'll be leaving tomorrow, but you still have to deal with the fallout from Don Reinaldo."

"As far as I'm concerned there is no more Reinaldo. I made that clear to both him and my family today. For four years I went along with their plans, but no more. I'm not sure who the right man is for me, but I know it's not him. No matter how much our families might wish otherwise."

"I can't say that I'm sorry to hear that. I don't know the man except indirectly, through his actions. I believe you deserve better."

"As do I, Jack. As do I."

I finished my champagne, and pulled her close. She slipped into my arms, and I kissed her, deeply, fantasizing for the moment what it could be like if things were different. If we weren't from such different social classes. If I weren't leaving the following day. If I didn't have my soul-mate waiting for me at home.

I rarely thought about Debbie, or Beth, when I was with another woman. I recognized my own fallibility when it came to being with other women, never thinking it more than an act I performed, in between being with the women I loved. It wasn't something intentional, but my mind usually just blocked them out. And I pursued my amorous perfidy without a thought for the consequences. Either at home, or with the object of my short term obsession.
But Ana Isabel was more. More than a casual lustful passing. She was an incredible woman who deserved more than I could offer. An amazing woman, with a tangled life, waiting for the man who was worthy of her.

I knew I wasn't that man.

And yet. Here I was, after what we'd been through with each other, openly going to her home, suspecting that perhaps tonight, the rules might not be as stringent. For once, I pondered the consequences, and my own intentions.

If I had any doubts about her intentions, they were somewhat mollified when her hand reached between my legs, stroking my burgeoning hardness. Damn. What was I doing there? With her, of all people? Her hand kept up its teasing, and I just leaned back and closed my eyes, enjoying her attention.

I felt the car slow in front of her house, pulling into the driveway. We were at the edge of town, but the houses were still closely packed together. They looked old, but then again, so did so much of this beautiful country. I entered the building behind her, wondering what I'd find.

The house reeked of old wealth. The furniture all looked to be antique, and dozens of paintings were plastered across the walls. It was spacious, with high ceilings, and open rooms, but I didn't have much opportunity to observe more. Ana Isabel took me by the hand and led me down a hall, directly to her bedroom. She closed the door behind us.

She turned, but any words she might have had for me were interrupted when my lips hungrily met hers.

She fell into my arms eagerly, letting me kiss her, nearly devouring her.

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