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After getting everything settled, he got his beer and sat down to watch some TV. Sussie had gone to her room to call her best friend and that was fine with him. He could hear her giggling and she sounded really excited. Curious, he got up and quietly went to her closed door. He pressed his ear to the door and listened.

"Oh my God Sarina! His cock is so big.......yeah I know...I was so friggin scared he was going to wake up. ....yeah oh he is sooooo sexy. There was a pause and she began answering questions from her friend. "Yeah I tasted it. It was tangy sort of salty. I really like it..........yes you were right.....he came in buckets. he didn't wake up ...oh wait and he talked really dirty to me" she laughed excitedly....."God I can't explain it all right now. I am still so excited by it all. I am going to see if he is drinking again tonight." Another long pause, "I'll be careful. I don't want to get caught either. I want to suck him again before he finds out. ..................well I hope that doesn't happen. I think the worst he would do is cut the vacation short and take me back home. He wouldn't tell my parents. That could get him into trouble..........hell no I wouldn't say anything. Even if he didn't want to do anything I would never get my uncle in trouble.......okay we'll talk more tomorrow okay. Good night Sarina"

Jake hurried back over to the bench and sat down. His heart was racing with excitement. His niece had paid him a very sexy visit the night before. And she also thought she had gotten away with her little secret. Tonight she was planning on sucking him off again and he wasn't going to disappoint her. He just had to be convincing that he was dreaming again. Tomorrow he would deal with his niece's horny little pussy. For now, he was going to be totally awake as she sucked his raging hard on into an eruption of sticky cum.

He pushed his sweat pants half way down his hips, revealing only half of his swollen member. Laying back and closing his eyes, he laid his hand on his cock and slowly rubbed it as he heard her open her door.

Sussie stopped dead in her tracks. She thought she was going to have to wait again like she had last night for him to be drunk enough for her to approach. She noticed that there were a few beer cans sitting on the side table. Hmmm perhaps with Uncle Jake being so tired from driving and the beer, it just knocked him out. She must really be driving him crazy with lust she thought as she looked down at his already hard cock sticking half way out of his pants. She snuck up to him and saw there was pre cum seeping from the tip. She lightly ran her finger over it and brought her index finger to her lips. She licked and then sucked it into her mouth enjoying the taste of him. He moved a little and she quickly but quietly ran back to her room.

He had startled her. He moaned stretching his legs and pushing the loose sweat pants further down until his whole cock and balls were revealed. He began stroking and talking lowly.

Sussie couldn't make out what he was saying. Heart hammering against her ribs, she took a chance and snuck back over to her Uncle Jake. She loved watching him stroke his stiff pole. It was so sexy. "I want to feel your mouth on my cock, MMmm yeah like that" he moaned low, stroking his hand over the fat head.

Was he dreaming about her or not she wondered. There was no mention of babygirl, his favorite nickname for her. She bent over and lick on one side of his heavy sac. "Mmmm you want to lick my balls babygirl?" he questioned, cupping them and offering then up. She smiled as she ran her tongue all over the smooth surface. It was then that she realized that Uncle Jake had shaved balls. She hadn't paid much attention the night before, so caught up in the lust filled excitement.

"Oh yeah. That feels wonderful. Suck it into your mouth lightly." He voice guided as she sank down to her knees. She licked and sucked on his sac as he continued to stroke his hard cock.

He tilted the stiff member

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