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Mom accidentally drinks spiked wine.

Again, as Bev blushed, I removed her panties. Under the living room light, I saw she had dense, blonde-gray, pubic hair. She had a beautiful pussy with thick, pink, labia. I put my nose in her bush and smelled her aroused fragrance. I wet my middle finger and slowly rubbed it on the labia and then her clit; Bev whimpered with pleasure. Gently, I inserted my middle finger and slowly pushed it in to her pussy; and said:
"It's wet; time to lick it."

Smiling, Bev nudged me to lie on my back on the rug, and holding on to the covered frame of the sofa, Bev had her crotch near my mouth. After I started licking her labia and clit, I heard Bev moaning with pleasure; I clamped my mouth around her enlarged clit and gently sucked on it. Soon, Bev's pussy spasmed on my mouth and her crotch convulsed:

"Biiiiiilly. Suckkkkk. Suckkk. Ahhhhhhh. Oooooh."

After Bev recovered from her orgasm, she cooed:

"I want you in me," and slid backwards, brought her crotch above mine, and slowly snaked my precum-covered cock in to her pussy.

After a few moments, Bev said, "Let me see if I can shift my weight from my knees to my feet."

After slowly pulling out my cock, she stood up and squatted over my crotch; slowly, she pushed my erect cock deep in to her wide open, stretched, pussy.

I mumbled, "It's incredible feeling; my cock is deep," and, after I lifted myself on my elbows, I saw Bev's widely exposed crotch and my cock plugged her love channel.

Bev smiled and began to slide my cock deep in to her snug pussy and slowly slide it back. The pleasure was too much. My climax rolled:

"Ahhhhhh. Aaaaaah. Ohhhhhhh. Ahhhhhh."

As my cock still pulsed, I mumbled:

"That was incredible; I love that squat," making Bev blush.

Bev and I snuggled for several minutes, and fell asleep for about 20 minutes. I kissed Bev good night and left, before Aunt Myrtle returned.


On Friday, after work, I stopped at a flower shop and bought dozen roses, almost as red as Bev's lipstick. I took a shower, and dressed in a white dress shirt, beige pants, and a blue sweater. When I went to Bev's home, I parked in the back of her house; she was dressed in a beige silk robe; after letting me in to the house, she hugged me passionately, French kissed me, and said:

"I'm not ready yet; I've to put on jewelry and perfume. How's work?"

I said, "Fine, busy. I'm applying for a permanent job at the labs."

Bev said, "That's great."

"Did you have a good week with Aunt Myrtle?"

Bev said, "Yes, thanks."

When I handed her the red roses, Bev's face lit up with a big smile. She hugged me and said:

"It's so thoughtful and romantic"

I managed to mumble, "Thanks; you're a beautiful lady."

Smiling, she said, "I'll tell you about an invitation from May; come upstairs."

In her bedroom, after she removed her robe, I saw Bev was in a bra, girdle, stockings, and panties; her hair was nearly all blonde and wavy; she sat on a large padded stool in front of a dresser mirror and began to put on jewelry and spray perfume.

She said: "Nick and May are hosting a party tonight at her home; sorry, I didn't tell you earlier, but we have plenty of time. May asked us to bring a six-pack of beer; she assured me there will be lots of snacks and to come about nine."

While admiring Bev standing in front of the well-lit mirror clad in underwear, I asked

"What are they celebrating?"

Bev said: "It's the 2nd anniversary of Nick and May together; they still like each other very much. Nick and another woman invited other couples like us."

I said, "I suspected Nick and May were lovers; I'm glad there are other young guys like me."

Bev smiled and cooed, "You mean other young guys who date older women."

I blushed and said, "Yes."

Bev said, "I'm glad you like older women," and stuck her chest out.

I walked to Bev and looking at her lovely cleavage in the mirror, rubbed her shoulders gently. Smiling at me, Bev reached with her right hand and touched my crotch, and whispered:

"Billy, I know you want me now; let's go to May's party; I'm sure we will hav

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