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Alone with my nephew.

I have repeatedly told her that most women do not worry about that and that the doctor probably sees more without hair than with hair. She does not relent in spite of her preference to have it shaved.

She got home and right away said that I could now get to my barbering duties. While I went for the clippers, warm water, shave cream and razors she stripped down and laid out on the edge of an oversized chair and waited.

I came back and used the clippers to get the majority of the hair and then washed her entire public area with a hot washcloth and moistened the remaining stubble before applying a coat of shave gel all over the stubble. I really enjoy rubbing it onto her and touching all over to make sure that it is covering the entire area to be shaved. I think she really enjoys this process as well, but doesn't say much about it.

I then began to shave the uppermost portion of her pubic area, frequently rinsing and changing razors to avoid pull and irritation. I continue my journey and work down the insides of her legs and then directly onto her lips, opening them and pulling them taught for smooth shaving area. She moved about to open her legs as far as possible and to raise them so that I could shave down closer to her anus, where there is only a very thin and wispy amount of hair.

I am nearly finished but run my fingers all over her lips to check for anything that may have been missed or need a little closer touch. I really enjoy being so close to her pussy and touching and stretching her lips this way and that.

I have intentionally left a small tuft of air at the very top of her slit which we have found helps to avoid irritation of that area as the hair begins to grow and the lips touch together. We also find it aesthetically pleasing to leave that small tuft of hair.

I again use a warm washcloth to bathe the area I have shaved, removing any remnants of the shave gel. When I am satisfied that she is free of hairs and gel, I dry her gently with a fluffy towel and then massage the entire shaved area with a gentle aloe gel to calm the tender skin.

When I have finished and she is still lying there looking very relaxed and happy, I tell her how beautiful she is and what a gorgeous and sexy pussy she has. She thanks me a squeezes me gently with her legs, as I am still between them. I tell her that she should really let me take some pictures of her.

She amazes me with the answer. "You can take some as long as no one could ever tell it was of me". I give her assurances, although I am wishing I could put all of her on display. I run for the camera and return to find that she has not moved. As I get ready she tells me that I should just take pictures of her pussy and not anything else. I am still surprised to get this far, so I do nothing to push for more.

As I get back between her legs, I notice that her clit has started to poke out from her hood. It had not been that way when I left to get the camera. I focus and take a picture and she asks if I am satisfied now. I convinced her to stay for a few more and she agreed.

Her slit stays out like it begging for attention as I take the remaining pictures and she tells me that I have enough. She says that she has some things to do and that I have to wait for any more fun until later.

I take the camera and transfer the pictures to my computer. As I looked at the pictures and cropped them a bit and resized them, I was amazed at how sexy they were and that even though I have seen her pussy repeatedly for over 20 years, the sight of it on the screen turns me on immeasurably. I am awestruck and horny as well as so proud that she finally was brave enough to pose for me, even if it was very limited.

I decide that I really need to post the pictures on the internet, which I reluctantly admit I knew I would do if she ever let me take any. I bring up the site and download some of the pictures of her pussy.

As soon as they are loaded I look at them there and the excitement of seeing her beautiful pussy, where I know millions of other people can se

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