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I meet a couple for what blossoms into a wonderful relations.

The feelings were new to her, not that other women had not expressed an interest in her. She had just never thought about it before today when she shook Lisa's hand.

Faith allowed her hands to caress her body, her long slender fingers moving from her hard nipples towards her throbbing clit. Between the warmth of the water, the soft lather of the soap and her fingers touching her body, Faith soon found herself cumming, the intensity of it catching her by surprise. Thankfully, there was a seat built into the shower, otherwise she knew that her legs would not have held her up. Slowly Faith recovered, but vowed to discover if she was correct about the two new neighbors. She so wanted to be right. Forcing herself to shut off the water, Faith stepped out of the shower and grabbed a thick towel to pat her flushed body dry. Finishing her bath, Faith walked naked into her bedroom. Thinking about the evening to come, she pulled out a pair of skintight black cotton pants, so tight you could see she wore no underwear under them. She picked out a low-scooped neck gold and black silk top, and pulled it over her head. The feel of the material brushing against her nipples as she moved around was a constant reminder of her arousal and needs.

She spent the early afternoon preparing dinner for Lisa and Tim, wanting it to be just right. Just as the meal was finished, the doorbell rang. Nervously, she walked across the spotless living room and opened the door. It was Lisa, who was carrying a bottle of wine, but no Tim. Seeing the puzzled look on Faith's face, Lisa laughed and told her that Tim sent his apologize but his office had called and needed him to come into work. Blushing furiously at the thoughts that popped into her mind, Faith took her hand and lead Lisa into the house. She could feel the pressure of her warm hand in hers as the two of them walked towards the kitchen. Lisa was wearing the opposite of Faith, white instead of black, but very expensive as well. Somehow, Faith felt like she was on a first date, as she chatted on and on, knowing she was sounding like an idiot, but unable to help herself. Seeing how nervous she was, Lisa reached across the table and took her hand. Faith found herself growing wet just from the touch of this woman's hand, not believing what she was feeling, wondering if it was just a dream or real. Faith saw the warmth in Lisa's eyes and relaxed as the two women enjoyed themselves over dinner and several glasses of wine. The sun was just starting its decent as Faith once more filled their glasses, and offered to show Lisa what she had done with the huge backyard. Opening the patio doors and stepping outdoors, Faith heard Lisa's gasp of surprise. It was like stepping out into a tropical paradise, with a pool nestled among the plants, bushes and trees. A free-flowing waterfall cascaded into the water, allowing one to shower, surrounded by complete privacy. Mesmerized by the setting, Lisa could only dream about having such a back yard. Enjoying the look in her eyes, Faith told her that she and Tim could use her pool anytime.

"Well, I don't know about Tim," Lisa said with a smile, "but after today, I could sure use a swim.

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