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The story continues.

She had already humiliated Britney enough and all she needed to do was finish it off by making Britney cum and then make her swallow her own cum. Maybe this rough, fast fucking approach wasn't working, maybe Britney responds to the softer touch.

Melissa pushed the strap-on half way in and went down on top of Britney, she wrapped her arms around Britney, under her arms. She reached around Britney's shoulders and wiped her tears away. She kissed Britney tenderly and Britney kissed her back to Melissa's surprise, Britney wrapped her arms around her too.

They both started to kiss each other passionately, working their tongues in and out of each other's mouth. Melissa started to pull her hips back and slowly thrust forward, Britney let out a low moan and Melissa knew what her weakness was.

Britney could feel Melissa start to work the strap-on in and out of her moist cunt very slowly. She thought she was gonna have to resort to trying to finger herself to make herself cum, but luckily for her, Melissa slowed the pace down. She liked to start off slow and build up to it.

Melissa started to gradually build the pace up, her arms going under Britney and holding her shoulders. She held onto Britney's shoulder's as she thrust into her hard, causing Britney's body to bounce up.

She watched Britney's tits bounce up and down in front of her. She positioned her head so she could suck those round tits. She took a boob into her mouth and started to suck, using a little force and milk spurt into her mouth.

Melissa was a little surprised, but remembered that Britney had her son about two months ago and was still breast feeding. She stopped sucking to stop the milk spurting out. She was about to spit it the milk back out until the taste hit her. She couldn't quite put her finger on what it tasted, she swallowed. She started to suck Britney's tits some more, trying to figure out what the taste reminded her of, her focus on revenge disappearing momentarily.

Britney looked down and watched Melissa sucking away at her boobs. She started to wonder if Melissa despised her because she was gay and secretly had a crush on her. She was starting to find that she liked this tender side of Melissa and the fact that Melissa wasn't turned off by the fact that she had a child.

The first time Britney's husband sucked her breasts and milk came out, he instantly spat it back out on her boobs and went and rinsed his mouth out. Melissa reacted differently, she swallowed and carried on sucking for more.

Melissa took her mouth off Britney's boob and went up to kiss her. Melissa opened her mouth and let Britney's breast milk flowed out of her mouth and into Britney's. Britney swallowed her own breast milk and carried on sucking at Melissa's tongue.

Britney started to grind her body underneath Melissa's body, trying to match her thrusts. Melissa knew that she had Britney reeled in and wanting more. She got up on to her knees, with the strap-on still in Britney and started to thrust into Britney hard, holding her legs by the back of her knees. She admired Britney's legs, her toned calves.

"You like that Britney?" Melissa asked. "You like the way my huge dick fills the whole of your wide cunt?" Britney thought it was strange that Melissa was insulting her vagina's grip again, but she replied anyway.

"Yeah!" Britney moaned as her breasts bounced up and down, her wet nipples hitting her on her chin. She was starting to really get into it, gripping the pillow under her head with both hands, moaning every time Melissa thrust deep into her moist hole. Melissa was still holding her legs by the back of her knees. She placed the soles of Britney's feet on her own breasts, one foot on each breast.

Melissa looked down at Britney small feet on her breasts, she liked the feeling of having Britney's soft soles on her breasts and as she pounded into Britney, Britney's feet gently rubbing her tits up and down.

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