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He was awake but in sort of a trance. He had not drawn the curtains to his bedroom windows, so his room was bathed in moonlight. He did not even notice that he had not donned pajamas that night, but had been sleeping in the nude. He wrapped himself only in his mid weight house coat and prepared to leave the house. His lovely ivy covered brick home was in a London suburb, adjacent to the small manor park of a friendly neighboring viscount. It was at the spacious lodge house on the edge of the manor property, adjacent to his father's house, that the birthday celebration had been held for him two months earlier. It was across the moon lit lawn of his father's home to the lodging house that the mesmerized student was sauntering to. His father glanced at his son out the window headed toward the neighboring shelter. His first impulse was to sprint and catch up with him, but he feared his intervention would eventually be met with harmful reprisals for the both of them. The moonlight was bright enough that he could see that under the house coat, his son was wearing no pajamas. He felt powerless to prevent his own flesh and blood from reducing himself to a Faustian arrangement of great perversity.

The French doors from the side terrace were unlocked and the hypnotized youth let himself in easily enough. The large parlor was poorly lit but for the fireplace which crackled with a hearty blaze. He could make out a vague animal apparition to one side of the mantle by the light of the fire, mostly a furry midsection and that thick dark serpentine phallus that the light of flames danced against in an unworldly entertainment, the sight of which only deepened the spell over the mentally captive youth. "Master!"

"Yes, my beauty. You have come face-to-face with your master at last. I am the beast from that race of incubus that you will love and worship for the rest of your days." The creature spoke in a low-pitched raspy voice with a strange accent of flattened vowels, almost American. "I need not tell you. You know what to do to reward my hospitality."

The spell bound young man untied his house coat belt and raised it so that it would slide off his shoulders and slip to the floor, revealing all the unconcealed well-formed young masculine charms that the beast had longed and lusted for so patiently for so many months.

The beast responded with a slow approving guttural snarl. "Oh my beauty, there is nothing about you that disappoints me. You are mine now and must do everything I say. Come here to the sofa and stretch yourself out on it facing up, so I can inspect all about you that is treasure for my kind that seeks out delicious human flesh."

The defenseless young neophyte did as he was told, his heart pounding all the while. What did this hideous creature mean by "delicious"? He was afraid as he never had been before but was ambiguously enervated by a potent sense of life affirmation. He took delight in all the intense scrutiny by dark bright eyes hungrily ogling all his exposed flesh. He craved to get tactile with that sinuous animal phallus. He didn't care that his own gender organ thickened and lengthened by a stimulus that was more intensely sexual than he had ever known. He shifted himself on the elegant antique "Empire" French style settee so that he was supine, available, and utterly defenseless to the advances and possible physical assaults of an inestimable power-house of furry hovering monster.

By the light of the fire, he could make out a drooling dog's snout with sharp teeth.

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