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Young married couple tries a painful way to conceive.

I jumped in surprise. Two men chased after the Frisbee, laughing and splashing in the surf.

My breath caught.

The faces had changed but their long cocks had not.

The golden brown skin and slightly wrinkled faces had aged but I was sure that the cocks belonged to my missing fuckers.

The taller of the two stopped and stared. He slowly began to smile.

I could see his mind racing in thought. His face lit up when he finally recognized me.

"Jane?" he said as a question.

"Don?" I responded.

His eyes ran over my body. His smile increased.

"You are as beautiful as I remember!" he blurted.

Henry came running. "Am I dreaming or are you Jane?" he said, his eyes also taking in my naked body.

I smiled at their admiration. "I hoped I would find you!" I exclaimed. "I have never forgotten that day here on Little Beach," I finished with a flourish.

They picked me up between them and both kissed me hotly.

I laughed as they carried me away from the ocean.

"Where is-They stopped and looked up and down the beach. "His name was Jim, wasn't it?" Don asked.

I explained about the accident.

They nodded and frowned.

"Where is Kalani?" I countered.

They grinned.

Kalani is married and has a beautiful baby boy," Henry supplied. "He was born just nine months after your last visit," he added smiling widely. "He looks just as I remember your husband."

I smiled knowingly.

"Are they OK? Do they need anything? Can I see them?" I asked, my heart beating rapidly in my chest.

"They are great!" Henry replied. "She married into a very well to do family and I hear she keeps them all well fucked."

I laughed at his candor. "I can imagine she can," I grinned.

I believe you might see them but you will have to be very discrete. They are a very tight nit family and if they find out that the boy is from your husband they might get nasty," Don said brusquely.

I nodded.

"The beach is quite full," I said. "I see the cops are still out there," I added, pointing at the launch.

"They have really cracked down. No more fucking here," Don said with a wide grin.

"Damn!" I groaned.

"Yea!" the both said in unison.

The cool breeze washed over my flushed body.

I grinned at their exclamation.

I turned toward the path to the car. "If you want, I have a condo just down the road?"

They both shouted in Hawaiian.

"Our car is broken," they said as they followed me down the path.

"I have one right up here," I said, my voice getting husky.

They had retrieved their clothes. Well, just shorts!

I pulled a beach cover up over my naked body and slid in under the wheel.

"You will have to let us out a block before you get there. The managers are very strict about natives visiting in the condos," Don exclaimed. "We will have to slip in later."

"Fuck!" I breathed aloud.

"Yes!" Don said laughing.

Chapter 2

The door flew open.

Don and Henry quickly entered.

I was standing by the sliding doors leading to the balcony.

They stopped dead in their tracks.

"You are so beautiful," Don blurted.

"Wonderful!" Henry added.

I had taken my cover up off and was standing in the light of the sliding doors, framed by the sun setting in the ocean.

I was sandwiched between them. Their huge cocks were rasping against my naked body.

I grasped Henry's cock and guided it into my mouth.

Don pressed his stiff, long cock into my blonde covered cunt.

I was in paradise. My cunt was filled with Don's cock and my hot mouth was full of Henry's thick, throbbing cock.

I felt Don's fingers on my tits.

Henry was massaging my ass globes menacingly.

I could feel Don's cock spewing deep inside me.

Henry was filling my mouth and throat with his tasty cum.

I moaned my satisfaction and released a tremendous orgasm of my own.

I fought the instinct to pass out when they both filled me with another load of their cum.

They mumbled something in Hawaiian and exchanged places.

I was being delightfully fucked. I could feel their cock heads probing deep inside my hot cunt. I had one orgasm after another.

I felt the overwhelming desire to all

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