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The two of you visit an adult store & make a friend.

She tells him she's got a question for him. She wants to know if he has the keys to the upstairs storage room. He replies yes, wondering why. She says she wants him to take her upstairs and fuck her. He's already halfway to the gate when he motions her to follow. They are no sooner up the stairs and in the door when she peels off her halter top and faces him. He reaches to her asking if she's sure, she answers by walking out of her shorts.

Finding a clean drop cloth she readies the floor, as he opens the windows to give them some light and air. When he turns she is fingering herself on the floor and asks him if he's going to join her, or if he'd rather watch? He undresses quickly to join her on the floor. Immediately he enters her. She begins twisting her hips fucking him even though she's underneath him. He tells her this is something he's always fantasized about but never thought would happen. Arching her back she growls as he catches her nipple in his mouth. Finally controlling himself he gets on his knees and pulls her up to his body to control the pace. He lifts her legs straight in the air and uses his grasp on them to thrust her on his shaft. She tells him she's going to cum and he releases her and drops down to suck her pussy till she floods on his face. He rolls over ad keeps her on top of him. Straddling his thighs she slides him into her and licks her juice off his face. Then she begins to ride him hard.

That's when they realized they were not alone. One of the other workers is standing watching them. He is hard behind his jeans and asks if he can stay and watch. At first her partner tries to cover her and tells him to leave, but she grabs his hands and tells him it's ok. He can watch for now. The worker rubs himself thru his pants and she tells him to take it out so he can stroke himself while they fuck. She goes back to riding hard and places her lovers hand thumb down on her belly and leans back. He is circling her nub while she's kneading his balls. They don't lose eye contact. She tells him she wants it doggy style. They change positions. After he slams into her a few times he pulls out and splatters sticky gobs on her round ass. Finding a towel he wipes her off. She then crawls to the other man...He's much younger; as soon as she places her lips around his cock he blows his wad in her mouth. She licks and sucks it all down moaning.

Her original partner laughs at him and asks if he's a virgin or something. He blushes and responds that in fact that's his first time other than by himself. She gasps and stands in front of him. She places his hands on her tits and kisses him hotly. Opening his mouth with hers she finds his tongue and sucks on it rhythmically as she pulls on his semi erect cock. Stepping back she tells him to undress. Now her other man comes behind her nuzzling her neck and stroking her nipples. She tells the young one to kneel and lick her cunt. He licks and sucks like a starving child. With the man behind her, stimulating her, and the one eating at her pussy she soon releases again. From behind her he picks her up by her knees spreading her body wide open for the newbie to see. He directs him in fingering her. He has him finger her asshole as well. She is begging for a cock inside her. He puts her down on the floor. She asks the young buck which way he wants it. He says he wants her on top. She stands over him and gets down on her haunches. Slowly she slides down on his thick member. When she is completely in possession of his rod she starts thrusting and riding grinding her hips deep on his. She leans forward over him so he can suck her nipples while she rotates her hips on his cock. She feels his pace change and knows what's next. She quickly slips off his cock and slides him into her asshole. He jerks like a puppet as he shoots hot virgin cum into her bowels while he grunts in satisfaction.

Lying next to them is her man stroking his tool.

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