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A secret causes heartbreak.

Jeff started to panic as he realized the possibilities possessed by the two attachments.

"There, there," Trish said in a motherly tone, "I'm almost done with the gag. As you've no doubt figured out, it inflates to completely fill your mouth. Once that happens, the tube is pushed to the back of your throat ensuring that you will swallow anything that comes down it...or choke. But don't worry," she said as she grabbed the inflation bulb and gave it three quick pumps, "I'm not going to inflate it all the way. Where would the fun be in your just swallowing without tasting?"

Jeff was now sweating heavily and his fear was obvious as he tried to acclimate himself to the intruder filling his mouth. He was forced to suck air in through his nose as the gag was air tight. The plastic shield was also causing him a bit of discomfort as the pressure from the strap caused it to push against his gums. Trish however, seemed not to notice his difficulty as she busied herself with his next restraint.

"I have to go get you something to drink so we can test your gag, but first I want to make sure you don't hurt yourself while I'm gone." She took out a 2' spreader bar from the trunk and quickly locked the leather cuffs around Jeff's ankles. "There, now don't go away, I'll be right back."

Unable to rise from his knees due to the spreader bar, Jeff squirmed trying to loosen his restraints in any possible way. Unfortunately for him, Trish had taken great care to ensure his immobility. He was perspiring heavily now, the ache in his arms rapidly becoming muscle cramps as they rebelled against the unyielding straps and material that held them. Jaw aching from the pressure of the gag, he wondered what she had meant by "test the gag." From his point of view, it worked too well as he was unable to utter more than a low moan. His arrogance and self-confidence diminishing by the second, he wondered just what his beautiful captor planned on doing with him. It was obvious she was trying to prove a point, and Jeff would gladly give in if he were able to relate his defeat to her.

The clicking of her heels on the steps brought him out of his daydreams. His head held up by the color, he had to wait until she stood in front of him before he could actually see her. She was grinning evilly as she held up the item she had brought back with her. She had what looked like a half full red rubber hot water bottle with a clamped off tube coming out from it's cap. He watched nervously as she rolled over a tall wooden coat stand and hung the bottle upside down from one of it's hooks. She quickly attached the end of the tube to the one coming out from his gag. Realizing that she intended to make him drink whatever she had put in the bag, he started to struggle once again, this time attempting to shake loose the tube.

"Now Jeff, I suggest you relax and try to concentrate on what's about to happen. When I release the clip, this...ah...lemon soda is going to flow pretty quickly into your mouth. I'm reasonably sure the gag has your mouth totally sealed, so you're going to have to swallow pretty fast to keep from choking. Understand that you don't have a choice in this as with all the locks and different keys, it would take me a while to get you out of that headpiece, and I certainly wouldn't be able to get you out before you drowned. Pretty extreme, wouldn't you say?" She smiled at him smugly and unclipped the tube.

He fought back a wave of panic as the fluid hit the back of his throat making him wretch involuntarily.

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