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A couple climaxes with the storm

Kyle could see the real fear, the terror, in my eyes as Adolphus ('Al') approached me with the knife. He saw Al slash me, opening up a large wound that immediately gushed blood from my body onto the bed's mattress below.

I did not scream, but remained silent. He saw me involuntarily pee, too, my urine cascading down to the mattress to join the pooling blood, giving the combined mess a sickly pink color. The camera panned to Alex, sitting calmly and painting a portrait of my torture. I called up a picture of the portrait on my computer and showed it to him.

I also showed him Billie Jean's portrait from her torture and near death, which preceded me by two weeks. Chloe had escaped before they tried to bleed her to death, but I did show Kyle a video of her being raped by Harry and Alex. Now Kyle had seen pictures and videos of all three of us women, all naked, and either being raped or tortured or both.

Kyle was horrified beyond belief and he hugged me. He was also ashamed, I could see, because he tried to hide his erection, caused no doubt (at least in part) by seeing Billie Jean, Chloe, and his own sister me, all naked, boobs hanging down, and legs spread.

Making it harder for Kyle, Billie Jean removed her top to show off her scar. Not to be outdone, I removed mine, too. We both had on bras, but Kyle, horny as hell no doubt, was now seeing two gorgeous and sexy women dressed in only their bras, at least above the waist.

I had suspicions, and Kyle reluctantly much later confirmed them, seeing us women being tortured and seeing Chloe being raped had turned him on. I always suspected Kyle was kinky, but this was way beyond the norm. After all, it's perhaps okay to be turned on when porn actors pretend to be tortured, but this was his own sister here who truly was tortured, raped, and only narrowly escaped death. Not to mention Billie Jean and Chloe, two wonderful women he now knew.

At this point my suspicions were just that: only suspicions, and I dismissed them. But Kyle's hard on was not going away. I knew Billie Jean had figured out Kyle and I lusted for each other, and doubtless she was going to tell that to her sister Chloe, so I said to them, "Kyle and I have some catching up to do. You two girls can have some fun with him tomorrow, but for the next 24 hours he is mine. All mine." Then I got up, took Kyle's hand, and led him to the bedroom.

I closed the door and looked at him. He looked at me. I was dressed below the waist, and in a bra above the waist. I slowly undressed, locking eyes with Kyle as I did so. Kyle undressed himself. God help me, I wanted him. His cock made it quite obvious he wanted me, as well. We each walked slowly towards the other. Neither of us noticed the bedroom door slowly open.

Kyle put his arms around me, pulling me into him. We kissed. We held the kiss for a long time; maybe ten minutes? Kyle ran his calloused, rough, large hands all over the smooth, soft skin of my back. My nipples rested against the dark hair of his chest. His hair tickled them, and I moved my boobs around a bit to enjoy the sensation. Kyle's strong hands tenderly squeezed the two cheeks of my ass, and he ran a finger along the crack of my ass.

"Let me take in the sight of you a little more," he said. "I have dreamed of this for eight long years. Every time I had sex with a woman far from these shores, I imagined she was you."

"Were there many women?" I asked.

"Oh, yes. Many," he said.

"Were any of them not whores?" I asked.

Kyle laughed uproariously. "Yeah," he said, "Some of them were just nice girls, having some fun."

"Any one of them special for you?" I probed further.

"Two of them. Twice I thought I was in love."

"What happened?" I asked.

"I was indeed in love. They were not. They were just using me. Each had her own agenda. Both relationships ended badly. Now shut up, Nancy. Lie down and spread your sexy legs for your brother," Kyle said, reinscribing the incest angle of our relationship.

I did as I was told.

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