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A hot young reporter takes an unusual swim.

"So much tension, give it all to me, Master." Even with an enormous presence pounding away at her rear, her voice remained even.

Still greased from their previous activity, their exploits were like butter, slipping over each other with effortless enjoyment. Sonico felt her pussy swell as she was reamed, could feel the edge of his meaty arrow rub along her insides.

Already Jon was on the brink. He had become a docile servant to the commands of his body. The warm ring rocketed down the tip, and set his balls ablaze.

"Just a little more." He set Sonico on her head and threw her legs up.

With renewed leverage he railed into her with all his might. She winced and squealed, her arms held tight to her tits as they lurched back and forth. The bed was a mess as pillows fell left and right, and sheets were clawed and wrinkled.

Sonico milked him as he released his second load, clenching and riding as her pussy drooled. Despite her efforts his load bubbled out and seeped down her legs and stomach. All that worry, all that stress...gone in an instant.

Her ass gaped open. She could not help but fondle and finger herself. The world needed to know her master loved her. His precious semen was proof. Gathering what she could she slurped her hands dry. "More please. I must have all of it!"

Jon presented his cock for cleaning, to which she obliged. Her uvula danced over his thick vein as she removed the membrane. Her mouth a receptacle for seed, she gargled what she had collected and laughed.

Giggling consumed her, only stopping when her Master laid her out on his lap and held her close.

"You're so dirty, Sonico. Just look at you!" He stared at the innocent cum-coated girl in front of him.

"I tried to clean it up, it's too much!" she chuckled and peeled her sticky pigtail out of her mouth.

"I think you need a bath."

"I get to try one of your wonderful tubs?"

"That's right. You've earned it."

"Eeee! Let's go!" taking Jon by the hand she marched from the bed and made a beeline to the bathroom.

Sonico watched as steam rose from the faucet and painted the fiberglass below with liquid. Saddled on Jon's knee she bounced up and down. "Can I get in now?"

"Let's wait until it fills up first. Then we can lay down some towels so you can play."

"You'll play with me, right?" she pinched his penis thoughtfully.

"You really are insatiable, aren't you? Just give me a little time to recover. Here, feel how warm the water is."

She traced her hand over the small lake and yanked back her fingers. "It's very hot."

"Don't worry, it'll cool down once it settles. I'm glad you're waterproof."

"Master, it's so bright in here. Can we turn out the lights?"

"I think I might have some candles around here somewhere. You really like your atmosphere, huh?"

"Is it too much? I don't want to be a bother."

"No, it's a great idea. Just sit tight."

Rummaging beneath the marble cabinet, Jon fetched an armful of tall candles, behind him he heard a noisy splash.

"I...I fell in."

"You are a little liar."

Sonico beamed and ducked beneath the water. Scattering the candles around the tub, Jon lit them and dimmed the lights.

With a washcloth he attended to her back and neck. Her eyes were barely open now, it was clear she was hypnotized by the majesty of the water. "Mmm, Yoko was right. You just needed some encouragement."

"Yoko put you up to this?" he ran over her collarbone.

"Well, yes and no. I love having sex, but I wanted to give you some time to adjust. Yoko figured that ten minutes had been long enough."

"I see. She's quite the troublemaker, isn't she?"

"I'm sorry. We were just a bit impatient. Don't you feel better now though?"

"I do." He suckled on her neck, and fondled her breasts; such wonderful peaks needed to be played with.

"Did you want to fuck my tits more? We got so busy earlier, you didn't have much time to try them."

"Uh, sure.

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