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A young man's attempt to please his Mistress falls short.

As the first drops of rain splashed, he heard a car horn and saw someone pull over to the side of the road just ahead of him. They had to be from school, so he made his way hesitantly but hopefully toward the open passenger door and peered inside the car. Oh fuck no! Of course it was Sam. Who else in his fucked-up life could it possibly be? He was just about to decline politely and shut the door when the bottom fell out of the sky.

"Don't be a douche, Jamie. Just get in," Sam ordered gruffly.

"Thanks," Jamie muttered, slinging his book bag into the back seat and buckling up. Even though he was only out in the deluge a matter of seconds, he was drenched. He shivered and huddled in on himself. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Sam lean over and turn the heat up, then reach in the back. Sam tossed a small white towel into his lap.

"It's clean. I keep a couple around for after practice." Jamie smiled at Sam since the prick was being courteous enough to bail his ass out. As usual he was getting the glare. He was grateful the vast bench seat separated them as he turned to look out the window, running the towel over his face and hair. He conscientiously mopped up the water he couldn't help dripping everywhere.

"Sorry about the mess. I don't know much about cars, but this one is real cool." He didn't know why he kept trying to be nice to the man when his efforts were so obviously unappreciated.

"Thanks," Sam replied. Jamie was surprised when Sam kept talking. "My father and I restored it together. It had been sitting in a barn of my grandad's gathering dust and mouse shit." He looked over after he pulled back out onto the road and grinned. "Lots and lots of mouse shit. Where am I going?"

Jamie laughed. "Turn left onto Pine, then right on Maple. Mine is the third house on the left. It's not a bad walk usually, but with this rain..." He let the sentence trail off and shrugged. Sam nodded, then his face fell back into his customary scowl. Jamie was still thinking about that grin. Damn, the guy was fucking fine.

"Why didn't Trey give you a ride home?" Sam asked as he peered into the rain. It was coming down so hard it was almost impossible to see the road right in front of them, and the gigantic old car moved at a snail's pace. Jamie wondered how Sam knew he and Trey were that close as friends until he remembered seeing Sam across from them at lunch. He blushed and smiled, thinking of their conversation. He still could not get over how cool Trey had been about it. He subconsciously put his hand to his chest, feeling the warm glow created by a true friend's easy and complete acceptance.

Mother-fuck! Sam seethed, reacting to the dopey grin Jamie had on his face just from Sam saying the freak's name. He only mentioned the other man to remind himself why it was a bad idea to be thinking about how appealing Jamie looked with his shaggy blond hair all wet and clinging to his head. The raindrops on his eyelashes sparkled when he smiled at Sam and thanked him for the ride, his translucent wet T-shirt plastered to his small frame. Sam used the red light to peek over and check Jamie out while the boy's arms were extended, his hands behind him as he tried to dry the back of his head. Surprisingly, though built small, the kid had a well-defined musculature including a sweet little six-pack. Sam shifted uncomfortably as he pulled away from the light. He twisted in the seat, trying to make room for his rapidly growing erection. He realized the kid still hadn't answered his question.

"Well?" Sam barked. Goddamn but he wanted that blissed-out look off the kid's face.

"Oh!" Jamie squeaked as he startled from his daze.

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