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Two women from Arabia fall in love.

Her fingers then rubbed her clit.

The figures on the screen were no longer two random people having sex, but her and Thomas. Thomas was the other intern at the law firm Alisha was interning during the summer. In the beginning, Alisha thought he totally wasn't her type. First, he was white. While he may have been good looking, that all diminished when he spoke. He was overly confident. He was about 6'3, with short dark brown hair, and one dimple that made all the ladies in the firm fall over him. He looked like he was built on his shirt, but his best feature were his eyes. His eyes were blue and when he looked at Alisa sometimes she thought she saw them darken to deep dark blue.

Now, Alisha saw them together on the screen. Thomas was in between her legs devouring he pussy. He was running his tongue up and down her clit. All the while biting it softly. He had three fingers in her pussy. He pulled them out an licked her juices off of them. Alisha found herself moaning louder than expected. Her fingers were ramming into her sloppy wet pussy. Thomas then kissed his way up her body. Sucking and licking her breast and neck. He tongue kissed her and then slammed his large cock into her pussy. Pounding her pussy hard. He lifted Alisha's legs in the air and slammed her pussy harder. Alisha felt her orgasm coming for real.

"Oooooh my gosh ... OOOhhh...Thomas." Then she collapsed on the couch with her legs sprawled open unable to move.

Alisha woke up the next morning in the same position she fell asleep the night before. She rushed into the shower and off to the firm. The internship at the firm was a big deal. A good job interning would mean a permanent job position once law school was complete. She rushed into the elevator and bumped into the guy inside.

"Oh, I am so sorry," she said.

She looked up and saw that it was Thomas smiling down at her. Her mind quickly flashed back to her daydream the night before and she blushed.

"No problem Alisha. How have you been?" He said all the while showing that perfect smile.

" Good. How about you?"

"You know me I am always good. I went out last night can you tell?"

He leaned down so she could get a better look at his face. She smelled his cologne. He smelled great. His face was perfect. Gosh, he was gorgeous.

"No, you look good no sign."

"Good I don't want to make a bad impression .What did you do last night? Did you go out?"

"Yeah you know me, the party animal. I went some places with some friends of mine."She lied of course.

"Oh, ok sounds fun."

They reached there floor. She walked ahead and waved bye to Thomas.

Thomas watched her butt as she walked away. It jiggled at little with each step she made. He then looked down at her legs as she walked. They looked so strong. He pictured himself bending her over and wrapping those strong legs around him while he pounded her pussy. Willpower thought Thomas, just have willpower. He wanted Alisha and he wanted her bad. Just the thought of her maybe going out with another guy the night before had him jealous. Every time he saw her he just wanted to grab her and kiss her. She tortured him. In meetings with their supervisor she would smile at him or lightly touch his arm. Everything she did was sexy to him. He sometimes had to stay sitting at his desk after meetings just to talk his hard on down. The way she wore her skirts and the little chain she wore around her neck that he just knew fell down to her lovely cleavage made him want to bust one just thinking about it. He had to cool his head. He was not expecting to see her this morning on the elevator. He already had a plan for the day. His plan was to go to work , do all he had to do that day, dodge her, and be out before she left that evening so she would not have to pass his desk. The elevator ride ruined his plan. He wanted to kiss her on the elevator but, he knew she did not have the same feelings he had.

Thomas and Alisha went through their day doing their normal work and dodging each other.

There supervisor called them in at the end of t

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