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Rachel and Jim open up new possibilities.

Focus, focus, focus. But it was so hard, when she could now smell him. She hadn't realized he was that close. Clean, sweat, musk. It was an olfactory overload. The stirring between her thighs intensified and her mind wandered again to this morning.

"Oh, shit! Ooowww!" Gabby went down. Within seconds, Steve was by her side.

"What happened?"

"I guess I wasn't paying attention," Gabby replied, embarrassed. This was the exact reason she had tried to get her mind off of her husband.

"Are you all right?"

"Yeah, I think I just twisted my ankle. It'll be okay in a few."

"Well, let's get you a little more comfortable. We might as well take a quick break."

Steve helped her to a nearby fallen tree. It looked like a good place to rest, and the thick green moss offered a cushioned seat.

As Gabby limped along, her embarrassment faded. With Steve this close to her, she lost awareness of everything but him. His scent. His touch. His warmth. Oh, God. I've got to stop, she chastised herself.

Steve was experiencing something pretty similar himself. With Gabby's arm around his neck, he could think of only one thing. He felt his cock begin to get stiff. He wanted her so BAD! Later, later, later. It'll be better later. Besides, she's hurt right now. The self-berating wasn't helping much.

It seemed an eternity before they made it to the tree that was only a couple of yards away. As Steve helped her sit down and was removing her arm from around his neck, their eyes met and locked. With their faces just inches apart, it was too much for either to take. They met in a hasty and passionate kiss. Both her arms were now wrapped around his neck, and his fingers were lost in her hair. Their tongues dueled as they explored each other's mouth. Greedy and hungry, they quickly decided that kissing was not enough.

Steve's mouth quickly found the tender spot on Gabby's neck, and began to kiss, lick, and suck. His hands found the bottom of her shirt and hastily pulled it over her head and off her back. Her nearly transparent bra was basically demolished as he ripped it off in his mad haste. He needed to taste her, and the sooner the better.

As he began to ravage her breasts, Gabby found his throbbing member. It was making a rather large tent in his shorts. She wanted to touch it. She needed it bare. Her shaking fingers didn't want to cooperate, but she finally got his shorts open. As she pulled the front of his shorts and underwear down, she was eagerly greeted with a slap from his throbbing rod.

Steve was a large man with a very large tool. Gabby loved it and really wanted it in her.

She wrapped her fingers around it and began pumping up and down.

Steve quickly decided to return the favor. He made quick work of the button and zipper of her shorts and managed to get them and her boots off without compromising her fragile position.

Now she was naked except for her thick white hiking socks. Steve had to step back and admire his wife's beautiful body glowing in the sunlight. With her legs spread open before him, he had an unobstructed view of her nearly shaved cunt. The neatly trimmed golden brown triangle just above her labia was gorgeous. He liked this look and made a mental note to see her like this more often.

Gabby had leaned back on the fallen tree to accommodate her husband's view. Legs spread open; heels resting on the log, Gabby began to feel a soft breeze play across her now naked bottom. It felt so good, she reached down and began to play with herself. With her finger making slow circles on her clit, Gabby's breath began to quicken. The mixture of rough bark, and soft moss on her ass almost put her over the edge. She needed more.

Her small pout brought Steve back to the task at hand. He stepped forward and kissed her again. The taste of her mouth was intoxicating. She grabbed his cock and began to fuck him with her hand.

Gabby was panting heavily now and small moans escaped her lips.

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