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"Because my wife is addicted to sushi. Sushi is non-negotiable."

"That sounds good," said Becky. Sean wasn't big on eating sushi, but Jason reassured him that there were many other delicious items on the menu.

The babysitter arrived and the two couples departed for the sushi restaurant in an historic district of the city. The mood in the car was slightly tense but fun -- there was a frisson of energy in the air. The restaurant was full of a Friday night crowd -- lots of well-dressed couples and attractive young people out in the city.

The couples found a table for four in a corner by the window and sipped tea as they watched the passersby outside.

"You know what I love about this moment?" said Jason, in a low tone of voice. "It's that no one else in this restaurant could possibly imagine why we are meeting here tonight."

Devon raised her glass. "Here's to new friends."

Sean and Becky smiled. "To new friends."

Becky loved the dinner -- it was the first time she'd had sushi in almost a year, and she eagerly devoured every roll and piece of nigiri on her plate. She and Devon exchanged glances across the table while enjoying their sushi dinners.

"It's so romantic to take a woman out for a good meal," said Jason. "It's one of those special opportunities to put things in her mouth."

Everyone groaned. "Sorry, I have a penchant for terrible puns," said Jason.

Becky was laughing. She was feeling very comfortable with these two. Her earlier nervousness had gone away. She found herself noticing Devon's lipstick and earrings, admiring Devon's soft lips and elegant neck. Devon carried herself with a certain reserve that was very appealing, and yet she also was able to laugh about quirky, goofy things.

After paying the check, Jason said, "Why don't we go out for some Belgian beer?"

They drove across downtown to the 4th Street district, home to many popular bars and nightspots. Up the stairs on the 2nd floor of a historic building was the Golden Lion, a bar which served rare Belgian beers.

Sean chose a few beers for the table, based on what he knew about Belgian beer from spending a semester abroad in France during college. The ladies enjoyed a Raspberry Lambic, which tasted like a dessert. Becky was feeling free and easy-going. The two women sat beside each other in the booth, with their husbands on the outside. Becky found herself brushing up against Devon -- but instead of shying away, Devon returned the touch, ever so subtly.

Another round of drinks came and went. Becky was feeling the happy buzz of libations, enjoying the company, enjoying the crowded, fun scene of a Friday night in the city.

Becky noticed that Jason was gazing at her, appreciatively, with a quizzical half-smile. "What are you smiling about?" Becky said, raising an eyebrow at him.

"I was just thinking," said Jason, "that when we first started talking to you, you said that you were really nervous about this and weren't sure how to act in this situation, and now it seems that you're having a good time. You seem like a natural."

Sean laughed. "She's a natural all right -- she's a natural born lover."

Jason smiled. "She's built for sex."

Becky blushed. "Wow, you guys..." She rested her hand on the table, and suddenly gasped, silently, as Jason took her hand in his own.

"You said you needed a couple that you could trust and feel comfortable with," said Jason. "Are we making you feel comfortable?"

Under the table, Becky felt the warmth of Devon's hand on her thigh.

"Yes," Becky said. "I feel very comfortable with you. With all of us, together."

"It feels very natural, doesn't it?" Devon said, now lightly stroking Becky's thigh with her fingertips.

Jason leaned forward and kissed Becky on the hand, in a gentlemanly fashion. "We'll treat you right," he said. "We're very grateful to have found you."

Devon touched Becky on the shoulder. "You're so cute," she said. "I just want to hug you."

"That's fine," said Becky.

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