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Two lovers that can never be.

Julie got an evil grin on her face and Tom's ears perked up at the "us" part. Julie said, "Well, I don't know. What did you have in mind"? I told her I wasn't exactly sure, but I thought Tom and I would be willing to do whatever would be helpful. I explained to Tom that Julie gets pretty uncomfortable when she gets "overfull". He just had a stupid look on his face and was grinning from ear to ear as he mindlessly nodded his head up and down like he even cared what I said.

Julie said "Well, I guess it is either the pump or you guys. And you guys seem to have a lot more personality than that thing." Julie unbuttoned the rest of her blouse, shrugged it off her shoulders and tossed it over by the bedroom door. She stood in front of us with those huge milk swollen jugs sticking out proudly in front of her, not a hint of embarrassment on her face.

She walked to her chair and sat down, saying "Honey. Go get a glass out of the cupboard." I was in the kitchen in a flash, grabbed a glass, and sped back into the living room. When I got there, Julie had her head on the back of her chair, and was using her hand to gently guide Tom's hand across her chest. She saw me and said "Have to get my nipples relaxed to get the milk flowing again."

I guess they were relaxed all right because milk was seeping from both her nipples and running down her breasts to her stomach. Tom started to use the milk as a lubricant as he continued to massage her breasts.

Julie took the glass from me and said "I want both of you to watch, because this is how you get the milk out without hurting me." Then she held the glass up to the overfull breast and with her thumb and forefinger, started to "milk" herself. The milk flowed pretty easily and made an impressive stream into the glass. She stopped and told Tom to stand behind her. When he did she had him reach over her shoulder and put his hand on her tit. "Now do it the way I showed you" she said. Tom was a little hesitant at first, but in a couple of minutes he was filling the glass with each caressing pinch.

I just stood there watching as my friend quite literally milked my wife. The milk was getting on his fingers that made them slick and slide easier on Julie's tit and nipple. As he did that she lay her head back on the chair, closed her eyes, and moaned softly with each stroke.

I was transfixed by the scene in front of me. As I watched Tom filling the glass, I saw Julie's hand stray down to the crotch of her jeans. She began to rub her pussy through the denim, moving her hips and moaning as her excitement built. My cock felt like it was going to bust right out of my pants. I have no doubt that Tom's cock probably felt the same way, since he was also playing with her slick tit.

As Tom worked Julie's tit, and Julie worked her hand down into the front of her pants, the moans increased and the milk flow decreased. It finally stopped altogether, although neither Julie's moans nor Tom's nipple manipulation let up. But Julie finally broke the trance and said, "I think that side is empty." She looked over at me and said "I think the other one is yours."

I replaced Tom behind her chair. I felt sorry for the poor guy because he could barely walk as he tried to adjust and straighten his cock in his jeans. As he struggled Julie said "Poor guy. Do you need some help?" Tom said "sure" and walked over beside Julie. I kept caressing Julie's right nipple as Tom stood beside her chair. Julie told me to hold the glass, which I did. Then she reached over and undid Tom's belt and zipper, pulling the front of his jeans and underwear down. She grabbed his cock and pulled it out, taking some of the milk from her tit and stomach to lube up his shaft. Then, as I worked her right tit, Julie gave Tom a hand-job.

I think he liked it.

I was having trouble getting much, if any, milk out of Julie's tit.

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