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e legally old enough?"

"No, they can't, and that's what your father said. They couldn't stop us, but they could cut us off from the rest of the family. I'm not sure I cared, but your father had that trait inside him where he had to struggle to live with not being able to fuck you, Christine, his mother, or any of the other relations that I knew he was attracted to."

"But why didn't you just agree, Mom? From the way you let Tony and me fuck you, it can't have just been you weren't interested in sex."

"Well, partly it was my upbringing. As you know, my parents were extremely strict churchgoers, and I'd always been taught that incest was wrong: a sin. Actually, I still think it's wrong, even though I'm beginning to see the attraction of it. But probably it was more fear, I think. Henry was the only boy I'd ever let touch me. He was my first love, and until my grandson fucked me earlier, he was the only man I've ever had, and no one else had ever seen me naked.

"I don't know how much that blabbermouth Elizabeth told you about the family meetings where a new member is inducted, but I was told that all of the older generations of men would fuck me in front of the whole family, one after another. Remember that Henry's father was one of seven brothers, so that must have meant I was going to be used by at least ten or a dozen men. The thought just terrified me, not just getting fucked by that many men, but having everyone one watch me, and seeing all of those private bits of my body and my behaviour that I kept to myself.

"And, once I'd been initiated that way, the women would get their hands on me, and I had really no idea what women did to each other. You know, Susan, I'd never touched another woman's pussy, let alone eat her out, until I did you just now, except of course when I looked after you and Christine. Touching, I mean, when you were just babies."

"I can't believe it, Mom, the way you got me off just now was amazing. But why did you suddenly change and let Tony fuck you?"

"It suddenly hit me that I sick of it all, Susan. I guess I thought that Henry would eventually forget about fucking his mother, and that even if he felt that way about his daughters when he had them, it would pass when they left home, especially if he'd never had them at all. But he hasn't. Virtually every time Henry's fucked me since you and Chrissy matured, I knew he was imagining his cock in one of you rather than me. And after you've been messed about by doctors, especially when you are pregnant, you stop worrying so much about showing your body strangers, I suppose. Anyway, I think I've kept myself in reasonable shape, even though I'm old enough that my body wouldn't turn anyone on, and I'm way past having children.
"Most of all, though, I think it must have been the surprise that my grandson actually wanted to fuck me, and then you all ordering me to do it. I suppose I've always bossed Henry around - I've probably been a bit of a bitch, as you called me earlier - and it was so good to have someone else taking control. I think I like being ordered around. Maybe I'm a submissive, or whatever they are called, and maybe if Henry had just been strict with me at the start, things would have turned out differently. Anyway, darling, tell me more about how you and Christine came to enjoy incest."

I told Mom the story of the blackmail, the realisation I enjoyed it, and then the story of Charlie and Chrissy's family.

The funny thing was that we were enjoying mother daughter bonding so much, something we'd missed on for years, that we hadn't realised we were still naked, laid on the couch with our arms around each other. Mom's pubes were a mess from my mouth and Tony's spunk, and our faces were still covered with the drying layer of each other's cum. It was only when we heard the door open that we knew we probably should have cleaned up and got dressed before the men came back.

"Hi, you must be Susan, one of the lost generation? Cousin Elizabeth said you had discovered your true self, and were wanting to rejoin the family circle.

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