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Finding the right fit in life.

He pushed his fingers inside her, she was so wet that she thought she might even come before he had chance to get his tongue in her.

"Lick me?" she said urgently.

Jason immediately rubbed his tongue along her slit and she panted heavily, it felt so amazingly intense and she clenched her body, it was hardly bearable, he licked her hard and she clung to the sheets as he thrust his tongue inside her and then brought it back up and lapped at her clit. It was too much and she held his head hard against her as she called out his name as she came. They were intoxicated by each other.

...The following few days passed happily, Jason had even managed to get Ella tickets for her favourite band. Athough he did worry that Ella was a little too fond of Tyler, the lead singer, it didn't matter, he'd do anything to make her smile. The love was growing between them and they both wanted the dream to never end. Ella has found a new job and after a wonderful evening out celebrating, they reinforced their love for one another...

It was a cold walk back from the pub and when they got inside, they jumped straight into bed. Both giddy from the alcohol they giggly rubbed each other to get warm. Jason then put his hands around the back of her neck and they snogged. She slowly put her leg over the top of him and sat up on his stomach. He reached up and touched her breasts, his hands still felt cold and it sent shivers down her body and she got goose bumps all over.

Jason ran his fingers all over her body and she rubbed her hands up and down her own legs as he did so. She closed her eyes and laid back against his legs while he felt his way down her body and then managed to tease his finger inside her lips and rub her clit, she was so wet already. He kept rubbing and she laid still and let him carry on, it felt so nice and she didn't want him to stop. She tensed her pussy hard as he rubbed faster; she gradually pushed back and forward against him and rubbed her breasts as she did so, making Jason want to fuck her hard. She enjoyed him watching her as she teased her nipples. It all became too much and she gasped loudly as she felt herself come. She wanted more.

"I want you to lick me like you did before," she said.

"Do you like that, babe?"

"Mmmm..." she nodded.

"Why don't you move up here then?" he said quietly.

Ella worked her way up and gently lowered herself towards Jason as he reached for her and pulled her down onto his face and tasted her wet pussy. She sighed deeply as he pushed his tongue against her clit. She leaned against the headboard moving her hips to and fro as he did it, moaning louder and louder as she got close to coming again.

He reached up and played with her nipples and she rubbed her wet cunt harder against his face. She rocked back and forth as he lapped at her, his face covered in her juice. His cock was so hard as he licked, he wanted to put it right up into that wet cunt, which made him lick even faster until she screamed out as she came.

"Ella, I'm so hard for you, sit on my cock," he begged.

She moved down, reached for him and slowly pushed his cock inside herself and slid down on it. It felt bigger in this position and she gently started to slide up and down on it, her breasts gently bouncing as she did so. He wrapped his hands around her waist and held her down on his cock as he pumped it hard into her. She watched his face as he did it; he bit the left side of his bottom lip and looked back at her. She could tell he was going to come and she tried to look into his eyes but he closed them and gasped heavily as he came.

She lay down on top of him and he held his arms tightly around her. She loved Jason with all her heart.

...The day finally arrives and Ella is off to watch her favourite band. Just to make sure Ella doesn't get too carried away swooning over Tyler, he accompanies her to the shower, to give her a little something to keep him in her mind...

Jason massaged Ella as the hot water from the shower splashed over their naked bodies.

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