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The day following the events described in "The Break-Up."

I bring my knees up onto the bed and look down into her face. "Anna," I say calmly. "I know you're stronger than this. Crying isn't going to make this situation change. Get yourself under control and deal with it." I step off of the bed and sit in the chair at her vanity. I lean forward, resting my elbows on my knees, watching her. She takes a deep breath, her chest rising, her stomach sucking in, and then exhales slowly, calming herself, getting control. I'm very impressed. She's even stronger than I thought.

"Please, sir, let me go," Anna says, her voice composed. "I won't tell anyone, just let me go."

"Anna," I say. "I will let you go soon and you won't tell anyone. For now lie still." I stare at her naked body, tied to the bed. She has crossed her legs at the ankles, trying to protect her modesty. I smile to myself. I stand from the chair and approach the bed. I appraise her body. She has a light tan and must tan in the nude because she has no tan lines. Her bound arms are slender, but well-toned. I can see the biceps and triceps flexing beneath the skin as she pulls against the ropes. Her shoulders are broad for a woman. Her neck is long and sensuous. Her breasts are round and firm, sloping nicely down to her chest, her ribs visible slightly through the skin as she inhales. Her waist is slender curving into her flat stomach, and then back out to her round hips. Her legs are impressively toned. The quadriceps in her thighs flex nicely as she holds her legs together.

"Your body is in excellent shape," I say to her. "I've seen you run. I've seen you perform yoga. I've wondered what your body looked like under the clothes. It is admirable. So many people mistreat their bodies, use them for instant gratification, and never give the body the respect it deserves." I stare at her, admiring her. "I want you to see my body. I think you will appreciate it."

I pull my shirt over my head and fold it neatly on the nightstand. I remove my shoes and socks, setting them by the bed. I take off my pants and underwear and lay them neatly on top of my shirt. I get the ski mask from the bag and pull it over my head. I check the mirror to make sure my hair is completely tucked inside of the mask.

"I'm going to remove your blindfold now," I say to her, "But only for a minute." I lean over the bed and push the blindfold up from her eyes. She blinks as the light in the room strikes her eyes. I step to the foot of the bed, standing before her naked. I set my shoulders back and tense my body, letting every muscle flex subtly. She lifts her head from the pillow and stares at me. I watch as her gaze moves across my body, sliding along my chest and abdomen, hesitating at my groin, and then moving slowly down my legs.

"So?" I ask and turn around to let her see my back.

"You're very...You're in very good shape," she says shyly.

"Good shape?" I say and turn back facing her. "I'm in excellent shape. You can admit it."

"Yes, you're in excellent shape,, very sexy," she says, her eyes now probing my masked face.

"Sexy?" I say and walk slowly towards the bed. "Do I turn you on Anna?" I kneel on the foot of the bed and straighten my back, looking down at her.

"No," she says. "Under different circumstances, yes you would. But I'm too afraid right now to be turned on," she adds sarcastically. I smile at her. I hear no fear in her voice now. She is a strong woman. That is one reason I chose her. She will be an excellent mother for my child.
"I don't think you are afraid anymore Anna," I say, now admiring her nude body.

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