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Thw two of you connect during business trip.

I guess an erection arise out of such thinking."
"God I was expecting you to duck for cover."

"I'd thought about it," he grinned, he hoped boyishly, and noticed her gaze was on his smile.

He poured the wine and handed her a glass and their clinked glasses and said, "Cheers."

"I'm sad it's raining otherwise we could have lunched in the garden."

She smiled and said, "It's fine in here although a little warm."

"Then remove your dress."

She looked slightly rattled, he thought. But after a slight delay she said, "Do you really mean that?"

"Only if it means you being more comfortable. The wind is sweeping the rain against the windows of this room so I can't open them."

"Very well then. Would you like to remove my dress and that will tell me you really approve of such behavior."

"You make take my word for it that I approve."

"Don't be a spoilsport darling."

He began unbuttoning the dress tentatively.

"I'm surprised we are doing this."

Pushing a hand through his thick thatch of hair she said, "I am too. I had thought about it but really didn't come here expecting to be seduced."

"Will that happen?"

She smiled and said yes and she was very pleased because she wasn't getting much sex these days and that was rather a shame.

He removed the dress and she eyed him fearlessly. "I hope I don't took too bad for a 48-year old."

"You look great."

"Thanks for not saying great for my age. You are expected to think it of course."

"Just relax Jocelyn. I believe older women deserved to be fucked by younger guys. Someone has to teach young guys some of the finer points. You may guide me."

"I'd like it up the butt Harry. I'm a virgin in that department."

Rather than reply, Harry picked up their glasses and went to the sofa, she following, dressed in a white lace bra with silk inserts, a similar style suspender belt and white panties and the stockings where darker blue than the blue patterned dress Harry had just removed.

They sipped wine, put down their glass and kissed long and with growing intensity.

As for the sex, it was a little disappointing, leaving Harry thinking both her daughters fucked much better because they really got into it. Twice Jocelyn asked him to slow down and three times he was told to be a little less vigorous. So they went at it like two people on a rowboat going downstream. The butt fuck didn't progress far because she yelled he was impossibly big and was hurting her. However when he was fingering the anus to work it wider he had her scream into her third climax and that really was something to watch because she gushed over her fingers. Harry learned only then she'd been fingering while he was attempting to re-engineer the other opening.

They ate totally nude, both feeling very comfortable about that and then went at it a couple of more times at the languid pace she appeared to prefer. The last one had been doggy and she was apprehensive about that saying neither of them would be in great contact and that meant their emotions would not be unleashed. With her tits being squeezed she got off into an impressive release and as she left, kissing him, Jocelyn said, "If we ever have sex again please remember I like doggy."

Had it been a waste of time?

No Harry decided. She was not sexually in tune with him as a sex partner but she'd kissed well and loved having her tits receive plenty of attention and had even told him to squeeze them harder when she'd been about to come. The only negatives were she didn't like being pounded and she didn't put a lot of energy into fucking. He was satisfied she'd enjoyed their time-out for sex and had left tired and very happy.

Harry had given her his phone number in case she visited Wellington again. Jocelyn called him that night and said, "I still feel as if your cock is in me. I really enjoyed the attention you gave to me and never in my life have I had so many climaxes in a sex session. I love it and you're a lovely man. Please Harry look us up when you visit Rutherford."

The following week a fellow univer

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