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How much damage did Eric do to Rex's life?

Logan and I have agreed not to say anything about it.

"But when she's alone with me or Logan, she drops these snide comments about our lives. Adam is only civil to her in front of my parents; otherwise, he doesn't talk to her at all.

"I'm telling you this, babe, because tomorrow when they arrive, she's gonna act like she's so happy about meeting you but afterwards, if she's alone with you, she'll be a total bitch."

"Sweetie, you know I can be a bitch too, but I won't make a scene in front of your parents," Meg promised.

"Thanks babe. Mom loves Brenda so much and Logan and I really don't want to cause any trouble between them."

"And what does your brother Eric say about all of this?"

"Eric? He just ignores Brenda's remarks. Logan asked him once to talk to her and he just said that it's a free country and she's free to express her opinion."

"That's it? He just hides from things and lets her insult you and Logan?"


"I'm an only child so I don't know about how brothers and sisters interact but I would think that he shouldn't allow someone else to treat his siblings like that."

"I suppose so, but that's just Eric's way."

"Well we'll see what happens tomorrow," Meg signed and hugged Kate to her.

"Yeah, but I'm not sure I want to know."

Chapter 36

Waiting for Eric and his family's arrival was nerve wracking for Kate. She had no idea how things were going to play out with Brenda where Meg was concerned.

Sabrina was her usual excited self about seeing her grandchildren. Even James was smiling more in anticipation. Logan and Adam showed no signs of being worried, but Kate was sure they were.

Every few minutes, Sabrina kept checking the driveway through the living room curtains. Finally, she leapt to her feet, signed 'they're here,' and ran out the front door to greet them. James was right behind her with Logan and Adam following and Kate and Meg bringing up the rear.

Kate missed much of what was initially said as Sabrina squealed and cooed over Emily who was six and little Bradley who was two. Eric had not changed much, being tall and dark haired like Logan and their father. There was not much of Sabrina in him at first glance but after a while you saw a little of her here and there.

Brenda was also as Kate remembered her; tall, thin, and pretty with her trademark severe bun hairstyle. Her smile was genuine where Sabrina and James were concerned but faded at seeing Logan and Adam and then disappeared completely as she set her eyes on Kate and Meg.

Eric was sweet as he hugged both Logan and Adam and wrapped Kate up in a big hug as well.

"Hey bro, this is my Meg," Kate offered.

"Yes, your assistant who you've been in love with for years. It's great to meet you, Meg. I'm glad you two are finally together," Eric said and kissed Meg's cheek lightly

Sabrina and James were too preoccupied with the children to notice Brenda's cold greeting to Logan and Adam, a quick, halfhearted hug as if she were afraid to touch them.

Kate forced herself to smile. "Hello Brenda, so good to see you again," Kate said very mechanically.

"And you Kate. You seem well," Brenda answered.

"I'd like you to meet my love, Megan Reece."

"It's nice to meet you," Meg said and offered her hand.

"Yes, wish I could say the same," Brenda replied softly. She shook Meg's hand quickly as if she might catch something and moved away from Meg and Kate, claiming to the others that she was tired and would like to rest.

As everyone else went inside the house, Emily was released from her grandparents and she ran to her auntie Katie.

"Auntie Katie, Auntie Katie," she signed hurriedly, showing off her signing skills to her favorite aunt. Kate hoisted her up and hooked her on her hip as she chatted eagerly. Kate tried her best to keep up but just couldn't.

"Emily, sweetie, I want you to meet my good friend Meg," Kate said as she turned to face Meg.

"Hi sweetie; you're very pretty. It's nice to meet you," Meg said.

"Hi. You're pretty too," Emily said and smiled.


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