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A Demon takes what he wants until stopped by a lady warrior.

She was agreeable to this, so she got off me, put her gown on and went out to get Giggett.

She came back a few minutes later with Giggett , who was very pleasant, and Anna took off her robe and got back onto the bed and Giggett started to take off her leggings and swim suit. Giggett had a very attractive body, firm and rounded, good breasts and perhaps a better figure than her mother, but not by very much. I was at last about to have my first threesome or menge a trios.

I lay in the middle of the bed and I had Anna on my right and Giggett on my left. I had an arm around both of them and started by kissing first Anna and the Giggett. I could tell straight away that Giggett was not as experience or as enthusiastic about this as her mother was but she had youth on her side. We kissed and cuddled for a few minutes then Anna reached foursome cream which she was going to apply to Giggett's vagina, to make sure that she was moist and lubricated when the time came for me to enter her. I was not going to have any of this and said that I was going to get her ready myself.

I asked Giggett to come and sit on my face and said that I would get her ready and her juices flowing. She moved up and straddled my face so that a leg was on either side of my head. I pulled her pelvis down on to my face so that her vagina was right on my tongue, and I began to eat her in earnest. I would guess that she had not been fucked that day, because, she was very fresh and very sweet to taste, but she did not move anywhere near as well as her mother had done. I was able to reach up and play and stroke with a breast in each hand. Giggett had beautiful breasts, very firm, large, with beautiful nipples in each one. These became erect and stood out like little crowns on top of a hill.

While I was doing this, Anna was in no way passive, because she went down and started to give me another excellent head, so good in fact, that I had to stop her several times to stop myself from coming, as I wanted to save that for one or other of the vaginas that I had close to me but preferably, I wanted to come inside both of them.

While I was attacking Giggett's vagina, it started to become very wet and became more open but I do not think that she was enjoying this a much as her mother was, or at least gave the impression that she was. I must have been eating Giggett and been eaten for at least ten minutes before Anna suggested a change.

What I had wanted was to be inside two women at once and in another way, I was. My tongue was inside Giggett's vagina, and my cock was inside Anna's mouth. What I had really wanted was for Anna to mount my erection and ride me, while I ate out Giggett and then they could change positions. I had even thought that it might have been nice that while Anna was riding me, she might have played with her daughters breasts and visa versa.

However, Anna suggested that she get down in the doggie position and I approach her from behind while at the same time playing with Giggett. I should have taken the lead her and said what I had wanted but instead I went along with Anna's suggestion.

Anna got down on all fours and I approached her from behind while Giggett came up on my left side. I entered Anna's warm cavity and thrust in deeply and firmly and once I was located properly I turned to Giggett and started to kiss and caress her. In this position, my hands are usually on the woman's hips or reaching round to her breasts, but this time because I had another attraction, my hands went all over Giggett. I stroked her breasts,kissed her breasts, and played with her vagina. She was also stroking me all over as well as playing with my balls and at the same time Anna was also playing with my balls and cock as it was going in and out of her vagina.

I was almost in heaven .

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